Tsubasa 26, MIXIM 11 vol. 3, Black Lagoon 2, Bloody Monday 5 (Chuang Yi 19 January 2010 English manga)

Also, simplified Chinese manga: Vampire Knight 11 (DO WANT!), One Piece 56, Fairy Tail 18 and... (scroll down, please).

ツバサ 26

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle © CLAMP/Kodansha
(Serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine)
Published in Singapore by Chuang Yi

Syaoran discovers the tragic folly of rewriting the past in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 26, while Ichimatsu prepares for a showdown with the Big Bang Zero assassins in Mixim 11 volume 3, fully half of Chuang Yi's English manga out now.

(Chuang Yi adds that Mixim 11 is also available in 7-Elevens, in addition to bookstores.)

Elsewhere, fights also break out in Black Lagoon 2 as Rock, Revy, and the Black Lagoon crew face the prospect of an all-out gang war in Roanapur. Meanwhile, Fujimaru lays a risky trap for the terrorists in Bloody Monday 5. (You can read the full summaries after the list below.)

Chuang Yi English manga (2010.01.19)

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  1. Black Lagoon 2 of 9+ by Hiroe Rei
  2. Black LagoonBLACK LAGOON」 by Hiroe Rei
    Shogakukan Sunday GX, seinen
    Volume 2 (chapters 6-12) first published in Japan 2003.07

    Other languages
    Alternative English Black Lagoon (VIZ Media; volume 8 released 2009.10.13), Indonesian (Level Comics)

    A 12-episode anime by Madhouse aired in Japan from April to June 2006, followed by sequels Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (October to December 2006) and Black Lagoon: The Third Barrage OAV (2010).

    A light novel by Urobuchi Gen was published under Shogakukan's Gagaga Bunko imprint in July 2008.

  3. Bloody Monday 5 of 11 + Ver. 0 by Ryuumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji
  4. Bloody MondayBLOODY MONDAY
    by Ryuumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 5 first published in 2008.04

    Bloody Monday Season 2 - Zetsubou no Kou (sequel)

    Other languages
    Simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi; concluded 2010.01.06)

  5. Mixim 11 volume 3 of 5+ by Anzai Nobuyuki
  6. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 26 of 28 by CLAMP
  7. Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLEツバサ」 by CLAMP
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 26 (chapters 201 -210) first published in Japan 2009.03

    Other languages
    Alternative English Tsubasa (Del Rey; volume 25 street date: 2010.01.26), Indonesian (Elex Media; serialized in Shonen Magz)

¹ Source: Chuang Yi (per 18 January 2010)
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Chuang Yi synopses

Black Lagoon 2 of 9+ by Hiroe Rei

ISBN: 978-981-276-720-2
SRP: SGD 8.90

Black Lagoon 2 (Chuang Yi)

As the newest crewmember of the Black Lagoon, Rock is learning that life as a pirate is a lot more than just fun in the sun. After a salvage job on a sunken German U-Boat turns into a full-auto blowout with a gang of neo-Nazis, the crew of the Black Lagoon realizes they have more than a few issues with Revy's hair-trigger temper. But when the arrival of a pair of psychotic assassin twins in Roanapur nearly starts an all-out gang war, Rock is going to need all the friends he can get!

Volume 2 contains chapters:
5-8: Das Wieder Erstehen Des Adlers, Parts 1-4
9-10: Calm down, two men, Parts 1-2
11-12: Bloodsport Fairy tale, Parts 1-2

Bloody Monday 5 of 11 by Ryuumon Ryou and Megumi Kouji

ISBN: 978-981-276-913-8
SRP: SGD 8.90

Bloody Monday 5 (Chuang Yi)

Experience has never been Fujimaru's strong suit, and nothing could have brought that point closer to home than his failure to open fire at Hosho. This single act of hesitation thus set off a whole series of crises...

THIRD-i is down one sharpshooter, and Fujimaru is once again at the receiving end of a hostage threat; only this time, it's not only his sister's life at stake but Otoya's as well. Like an obedient puppet, he complies with their demands only to discover that they have been toying with him the whole time. Finally sobered by his own naivety, Fujimaru decides to take a risky gamble and spring a trap for the organisation. And the first step is to ask the head honcho of the terrorists out on a little tête-à-tête...

MIXIM 11 volume 3 of 5+ by Anzai Nobuyuki

ISBN: 978-981-4297-37-0
SRP: SGD 8.90

MIXIM 11 volume 3 (Chuang Yi)

BB0, the alien group that aims to destroy Polaris and take over its light, strikes again!! After a failed attempt at Sagittarius’ Yumi Kamiya, their next target turns to none other than the maiden of Aquarius – Mao Kujou! But the assassins from Big Bang Zero are more badass than previous opponents, and Ichimatsu is going to need to awaken all of his powers to take on the big baddies!

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 26 of 28 by CLAMP

ISBN: 978-981-276-846-9
SRP: SGD 8.50

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 26 (Chuang Yi)

By making his wish to turn back time, Syaoran has unwittingly helped Fei Wong Reed advance another step towards his impossible goal, while at the same time sealing the tragic fates of Kurogane, Fye and even Watanuki. Guilt-stricken, and now even more desperate to save Sakura, he seizes the opportunity when Fei Wong finally shows up with his minions. But nothing could prepare Syaoran for the staggering power that his clone now wields, as well as the shocking decision he will make...

Volume 26: To grasp the princess' hand again! contains chapters:
201. The Truth within the Ruins
202. Distorted Wish
203. Those By My Side
204. Wishes Upon Wishes
205. Crumbled Providence
206. The Current Future
207. Evolving Incarnation
208. Unreaching Blade
209. The Demon King and the Puppet
210. The Wanted Words

Chuang Yi simplified Chinese manga (2010.01.19)

吸血鬼骑士 #11 (Chuang Yi)

Vampire Knight
© Hino Matsuri
Hakusensha (LaLa)

Also streeting with the English manga are:

(That CY is releasing this volume is a good indicator that the English version can't be too far behind.)

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)


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