Speed 4 of 4, Haruka 17 vol. 8, Yugo the Negotiator 20, Half an Apple 1 by Koyama Yukari (Level Comics manga out now)

1/2の林檎 1

1/2 no Ringo © Koyama Yukari/Kodansha (Serialized in Kiss)
Published in Indonesia as Half an Apple by Elex Media/Level Comics

I want to meet the one person destined for me. -Hikaru

Hikaru believes in soulmates being two halves of an apple and is willing to wait patiently for her destined half. She is reunited with Shindou, her senior back in high school after ten years. Could he be The One (Half)?

One of Hikaru's co-workers, Natsuko, meanwhile, believes in giving it her all to snag the one she wants. Is she eyeing the aloof Eiji who keeps his emotions under wraps? Find out how these four fare in love and life in Koyama Yukari's josei romance, Half an Apple, volume 1 available in bookstores now.

Half an Apple (some info from Baka-Updates Manga gratefully acknowledged) isn't the only new manga Level rolls out this week. We also get Miso-Com, another Kiss-serialized josei slice of life and the seinen standalone E' Dash.

Miso-Com by Yonezawa Rika stars 30-year old Noro Emi whose attempts at getting boyfriend Takahiro to marry her fail spectacularly. Undaunted, Emi scours high and low for a replacement who will meet her at the altar with a resounding I do!

We find another fateful encounter in Morimi Ashita's E'dash: Moeza Sora, heir to a public bath house, sets out for school one day, feeling that something's afoot. His premonition proves right when he espies a green-haired girl, sunning herself in one corner of the school yard. Who is this mysterious girl and why has she appeared before Sora?

SERIES FINALE: Speed 4 of 4

It's the final showdown between the Zombies and Nakagawa in the much-awaited ending of the third in the Zombies series that also includes prequels Fly, Daddy, Fly and Revolution No. 3 (also published by Level).

The rest of the summaries—for 3X3 Eyes 29, Haruka 17 volume 8, Yugo 20, and Smurf - Smurf dan Krawakakrwa (The Smurfs and the Howlibird)—follow the manga and ROMIC lists.

Level Comics manga (2010.02.10)

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  1. 3X3 Eyes (Sazan Eyes) volume 29 of 40 by Takada Yuzo
  2. 3×3EYES 29

    3X3 Eyes3×3EYES 」 by Takada Yuzo
    Kodansha Weekly Young Magazine, seinen
    Volume 29 first published in Japan 1998.08
    English version by Dark Horse Comics dropped after eight volumes

    AWARDS: Winner of the 1993 Kodansha Manga Award for the shounen category.

    Two anime OAVs based on the manga (until volume 5) were released from June 1991 to February 1992 (four episodes) and from March 1995 to March 1996 (3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu, sequel, three episodes). Seiyuu Tsujitani Kouji and Hayashibara Megumi played the roles of Fujii Yakumo and Ayanokouji Pai in both OAVs.

  3. [New] E' Dash (E') by Morimi Ashita
  4. e’ イーダッシュ

    E'e’ イーダッシュ 」 by Morimi Ashita
    Shogakukan Sunday GX Comics, seinen
    This volume first published in Japan 2002.07

  5. [Premiere] Half an Apple (1/2 no Ringo) 1 of 14 by Koyama Yukari
  6. 1/2の林檎 1

    1/2 no Ringo1/2の林檎 」 by Koyama Yukari
    Kodansha Kiss KC, josei
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2005.10

  7. Haruka 17 v8 of 19 by Yamazaki Sayaka
  8. はるか17 8

    Haruka 17はるか17 」 by Yamazaki Sayaka
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2005.08

    A 10-episode live-action drama, starring Hirayama Aya (English teacher Takano Aoi in Gokusen 3) as Miyamae Haruka, aired on TV Asahi from July to September 2005.

  9. [Premiere] Miso-Com (30 Kon Miso-com) 1 of 9+ by Yonezawa Rika
  10. 30婚 miso‐com 1

    30 Kon Miso-com30婚 miso‐com
    by Yonezawa Rika
    Kodansha Kiss KC, josei
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2006.05

  11. Speed 4 of 4 by Kaneshiro Kazuki & Akishige Manabu [Finale]
  12. SPEED 4

    by Kaneshiro Kazuki & Akishige Manabu
    Shogakukan Young Sunday, seinen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2007.04

    Related series (prequels): Fly, Daddy, Fly (two volumes) and Revolution No. 3 (three volumes)

  13. Yugo the Negotiator 20 of 22 by Akana Shu and Makari Shinji
  14. 勇午 20

    Yugo勇午 」 by Akana Shu and Makari Shinji
    Kodansha Afternoon (later, Evening with the addition of The Negotiator to the title), seinen
    Volume 20 first published in Japan 2003.01

    Related series (side stories):
    Yugo: Shimokita Hantouhen (勇午 下北半島編, 2004.09)
    Yugo: Kitakyushu Tsushimahen (勇午 北九州・対馬編, 2005.05)
    Yugo: Tokyo Tanegashimahen (勇午 東京・種子島編, 2006.03)
    Yugo: Osakahen (勇午 大阪編, two volumes, 2006.10 and 2007.02)
    Yugo: Yokohama Yokosukahen (勇午 横浜・横須賀編, two volumes, 2008.01 and 2008.02)
    Yugo: Toyako Summit-hen (勇午 大阪編, two volumes - ongoing, 2008.09 and 2009.05)

    A 13-episode anime adaptation comprising the manga's firt two major arcs aired in Japan from February to May 2004. Produced by Artland (Russia Chapter) and G&G Direction (Pakistan Chapter), the anime starred Hagino Takashi (Kamen Rider Ohja/Asakura Takeshi in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight live-action TV) as hostage negotiator Yugo Beppu and seiyuu Chiba Susumu as Kogure Reiichi.

Level Comics European comics (2010.02.10)

  1. Smurf - Smurf dan Krawakakrwa (The Smurfs and the Howlibird) by Peyo

(1) Sources: Elex Media STO 10 February 2010 (release schedule) and Komikologi (synopses, except where noted)
(2) Manga above carry an IDR 17,000 SRP, with the exception of Yugo The Negotiator 20 (IDR 19,000) and 3X3 Eyes 29 and Haruka 17 volume 8 (IDR 18,000 each). The Smurfs comics retails for IDR 35,000/volume.

Summaries continued...

3X3 EYES 29
3×3EYES 」 by Takada Yuzo

Yakumo tries to stop the resurrection of the strongest Sanjiyan Kaiyanwan, but the demon god's faithful follower Benares renders Yakumo and his companions' efforts in vain. Ushas commits the ultimate sacrifice to save Pai even as the body of Kaiyanwan approaches perfect restoration.

はるか17 」 by Yamazaki Sayaka

Sakitani tries to tempt Haruka into joining Fine Production while Momohara is dangled a three-fold raise to transfer, along with Yu, to the Mikami Company. How will Haruka, Momohara, and Yu answer these enticing offers? And how will Fukuhara taking losing two of his best artists?

Yugo勇午 」 by Akana Shu and Makari Shinji

This time, hostage negotiator Yugo joins a Palestinian terrorist cell headed by Urji. Urji, who joined the PPFC after losing his family, is targeted by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Can Yugo save Urji and the other Palestinian citizens without resorting to a suicide bombing?

Les Schtroumpfs 5: Les Schtroumpfs et le Cracoucass

Les Schtroumpfs et le Cracoucass
© Peyo/Dupuis (1969.01)
Published in Indonesia as
Smurf dan Krawakakrwa
by Level Comics

Les Schtroumpfs 5: Les Schtroumpfs et le Cracoucass (The Smurfs and the Howlibird) by Peyo

Also contains: Smurf yang Beda Dari Smurf Lain (The Smurf Not Like the Others)

Wikipedia summarized these two stories already, so I'm quoting those partially here:

The Smurfs and the Howlibird
Papa Smurf tries to create a new fertilizer, but it transforms an ordinary flower into a smurfivore plant. After destroying the plant, two smurfs try to get rid of the fertilizer throwing it in a lonely place. However, a bird swallows it and becomes a huge, destructive monster named the Howlibird [burung krwakakrwa]....

The Smurf Not Like the Others
While all Smurfs live happily in the village, one smurf unlike the others just wants to seek new horizons....

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)


Cover images and source summaries used here for reference are © their respective intellectual rights holders. No infringement intended.

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