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07 Ghost 1, Tsubasa 27, La Corda D'Oro 9 (Chuang Yi English manga out now)

Also, simplified Chinese manga: Saiyuki RELOAD 8 (yes, it's still ongoing), Fairy Tail 19, Arata Kangatari 4, Bleach 43: KINGDOM OF HOLLOWS, and... (please to be scrolling down)

ツバサ 27

Tsubasa © CLAMP/Kodansha (First serialized in Shuukan Shounen Magazine)
Published in Singapore by Chuang Yi

Final showdown: In an act of supreme self-sacrifice, Syaoran's clone vanishes and our heroes go on to try stopping a resurrection in the penultimate volume of CLAMP's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle; meanwhile tempers fray and anxieties escalate as the Seiso Academy Final Selection looms in La Corda D'Oro.


CY also releases Amemiya Yuki's 07-Ghost this week. Serialized in Zero-Sum, the fantasy josei manga pits protagonist Teito Klein—one-time slave, now military academy recruit wielding a much-prized supernatural power—against the Barsburg Empire's Chief of Staff Ayanami. The day after Teito and best (and only) bud Mikage graduate, Teito finds himself imprisoned, then on the run from Ayanami and his subordinates. Little does Teito know his jailbreak will lead him to a direct confrontation with the God of Death and the so-called 07 Ghosts. [With additions from this Wiki article]

(I think I started the Studio DEEN anime adaptation but never finished it...)

Chuang Yi covers and extended summaries after the manga list.

Chuang Yi English manga (2010.03.23)

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  1. [Premiere] 07 Ghost 1 of 9+ by Amemiya Yuki
  2. 07-Ghost07‐GHOST 」 by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino
    Ichijinsha Comic Zero-Sum, josei
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2005.11
    Alternative English 07-GHOST version published by Go! Comi (volume 7 released 2010.03.01)

    A 25-episode anime adaptation by Studio DEEN aired in Japan from April through September 2009. Seiyuu Mitsuki Saiga, Namikawa Daisuke, and Hayami Sho performed the roles of Teito Klein, Mikage, and Ayanami respectively.

  3. La Corda D'Oro (Kin Iro no Corda) 9 of 14+ by Kure Yuki
  4. Kin Iro no Corda金色のコルダ 」 by Kure Yuki
    Hakusensha LaLa, LaLa DX, and LaLa Special, shoujo
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2007.10
    Alternative English La Corda D'Oro version published by VIZ Media (volume 11 released 2009.10.06)
    Serialized in Indonesian in HanaLaLa (latest Indonesian tankou published by Elex Media: 6)

    AWARDS: Outstanding Debut Award in Hakusensha Athena Newcomers' Awards (2006)

    La Corda D'Oro ~primo passo~, a 25+1-episode anime adaptation by Yumeta aired in Japan from October 2006 through March 2007, followed by a special La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~ (two episodes released 2009.03.26 and 2009.06.05). Seiyuu as follows: Takagi Reiko (Hino Kahoko), Taniyama Kishô (Tsukimori Len/Ren), Itou Kentarou (Tsuchiura Ryotaro), Morita Masakazu (Hihara Kazuki), Kishio Daisuke (Yunoki Azuma), Fukuyama Jun (Shimizu Keiichi), Satou Akemi (Fuyuumi Shoko), Ishikawa Hideo (Kanazawa Hiroto), Konishi Katsuyuki (Ousaki Shinobu), and Miyano Mamoru (Kaji Aoi, La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~).

  5. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 27 of 28 by CLAMP
  6. Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLEツバサ 」 by CLAMP
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 27 first published in Japan 2009.05
    Another English Tsubasa version published by Del Rey (volume 25 released 2010.01.26)
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Magz (latest Indonesian tankou published by Elex Media: 14)

    Volume 27: Ō no Yabō o Kudake! (王の野望を砕け! lit. Crush the king's ambitions!) contains chapters:
    211. The Scorched Smile (焼き付いた笑顔 Yakitsuita Egao)
    212. Unfrozen Time (動き出した時間 Ugokidashita Jikan)
    213. Unparalleled Power (比類なき力 Hiruinaki Chikara (3)
    214. The Last Chain (最後の鎖 Saigo no Kusari (3)
    215. The True Being (真の存在 Shin no Sonzai (3)
    216. The Space Between Life and Death (生と死の狭間 Sei to Shi no Hazama (3)
    217. Magic Words (魔法の言葉 Mahou no Kotoba)
    218. Fragments of Memories (記憶の欠片 Kioku no Kakera)
    219. Inherited Magic (継がれた魔法 Tsugareta Mahou)

    The manga was adapted into anime by Bee Train. Fifty-two episodes, starring seiyuu Irino Miyu as Syaoran, Makino Yui as Sakura, Namikawa Daisuke as Fay, Kikuchi Mika as Mokona, and Inada Tetsu as Kurogane aired for two seasons in 2005 (April-October) and 2006 (April to November) in Japan. One movie and five OAVs animated by Production I.G were also released: Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: The Princess of the Country of Birdcages (2005.08.20) Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (2007.11 to 2008.03, three episodes) and Tsubasa: Shunraiki (2009.03 to 2009.05, two episodes)

(1) Source: Chuang Yi as at 23 March 2010
(2) Links like this are search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.
(3) These Tsubasa chapters are not labeled with a subtitle in the normal edition (per Wiki citation).

Chuang Yi summaries

07 Ghost 1

07 Ghost07‐GHOST 」 by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino
ISBN: 978-981-276-141-5
MSRP: SGD 8.90

07 Ghost 1 (Chuang Yi)

Teito Klein is a former slave of a fallen kingdom who was recruited into the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use Zaiphon, a prized and rare ability. His background and his amnesia have made him an outcast despite his talent, save for his one and only friend and confidant, Mikage. With Teito's recurring dreams becoming more vivid by the day, his suppressed memories — and the fate taht [sic] awaits his claim — are slowly starting to unravel the life he has known, but even as he struggles to recover what he had lost, getting closer to the truth may mean losing something even more precious to him...

La Corda D'Oro 9

Kin Iro no Corda金色のコルダ 」 by Kure Yuki
ISBN: 978-981-276-355-6
MSRP: SGD 8.90

La Corda D'Oro 9 (Chuang Yi)

After discovering that she has developed a deep love for music, Kahoko makes up her mind to continue pursuing music even without the magical violin. Needless to say, she's not the only one struggling. When Tsukimori's accompanist walks out on him just before the final selection, Tsuchiura actually offers to stand in for him! Also, what can Hihara do to stabilise his feelings for Kahoko before they completely ruin his performance? The final selection is just around the corner, and everybody is on edge!

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 27

ツバサ 」 by CLAMP
ISBN: 978-981-4297-82-0
SRP: SGD 8.90

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 27 (Chuang Yi)

The final battle has begun in Clow country! Syaoran's clone sacrifices himself to save the group and vanishes. The three muster everything in their power against Fei Wong, but they discover that he has more devious tricks up his sleeve... Now, even the portal enchantress has stepped forward with the one thing she has been guarding with her life... all to stop the ambitious man who would seek to break the most immutable law of the universe — that the dead can never be brought back to life!

Original Subtitle: Ō no Yabō o Kudake! or 王の野望を砕け!, lit. Crush the king's ambitions! Contains chapters:
211. The Scorched Smile (焼き付いた笑顔 Yakitsuita Egao)
212. Unfrozen Time (動き出した時間 Ugokidashita Jikan)
213. Unparalleled Power (比類なき力 Hiruinaki Chikara (3)
214. The Last Chain (最後の鎖 Saigo no Kusari (3)
215. The True Being (真の存在 Shin no Sonzai (3)
216. The Space Between Life and Death (生と死の狭間 Sei to Shi no Hazama (3)
217. Magic Words (魔法の言葉 Mahou no Kotoba)
218. Fragments of Memories (記憶の欠片 Kioku no Kakera)
219. Inherited Magic (継がれた魔法 Tsugareta Mahou)

Chuang Yi simplified Chinese manga (2010.03.23)

最游记 RELOAD 8 (Chuang Yi)

Saiyuki RELOAD
© Minekura Kazuya/

Aside from Minekura Kazuya's 最游记 RELOAD (Saiyuki RELOAD) #8, these simplified Chinese manga also go on sale this week:

革神語 (Arata Kangatari) #4 by Watase Yuu
Bleach #43: KINGDOM OF HOLLOWS by Kubo Tite
FAIRY TAIL #19 by Mashima Hiro
钢之炼金术师 (Fullmetal Alchemist) #24 by Arakawa Hiromu
火凤燎原 (Huo Feng Liao Yuan or The Ravages of Time) #37 by Chen Mou
山贼王 (Sanzoku Ou) #13 by Sawada Hirofumi

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)


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