Eyeshield 21 v37 of 37, The Fifth Columnist 2 of 2, K-ON! 1 (Elex Media 12 May 2010 manga)

アイシールド21 37

Eyeshield 21 © Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yusuke/Shueisha
(First serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump)
Published in Indonesia by Elex Media Komputindo

May contain [SPOILERS]

Also streeting: Pangeran Kacamata (Megane Ouji) volume 3 and Tokkyu! 11

Before we get to the new bids for attention (light music da yo!), let's first let the curtain fall on a couple of emotional investments: Eyeshield 21 (yours) and The Fifth Columnist (mine). Both finales ship on the 12th.

The title of the last Eyeshield tankou, Ready Set Hut, seems to indicate to me less of an end than a beginning — and perhaps it does. Mark a start for Sena, I mean. But before moving on to bigger and brighter things, Sena first has to prove his supremacy over Team USA's Patrick “Panther” Spencer. Who will emerge the MVP of the American Football Youth World Cup and go on to a lucrative NFL pro career?

(Sorry if the blurb doesn't do justice to what is prolly a most thrilling climax (what with me omitting Dragon Fly Hiruma and Agon from Elex's summary and all). But I DID hint that I don't follow this series, didn't I? Deal kudasai.)

The Fifth Columnist 2 of 2

I do marginally better in this synopsis for the second and last volume of Andrea Tezumo's espionage thriller:

In a world where the Chinese and Neo Soviet Republic alliance ‘Concil’ challenges Western supremacy, MI-6 dispatches a special investigative unit to probe into the deaths of four British spies in Hong Kong. Agent Luna Patrick AKA Bishop is partnered with the mysterious alpha agent code-named “Helix.”

Events during the investigation conspire to up Bishop's suspicions about her partner, but exposing the enigma that is Helix will have to wait as a Soviet assault team peppers their apartment with bullets...

I has Fifth Columnist goodies from Andie-sensei, including that volume 2 scene in which a politically-incorrect Helix (Silly girl...) patronizes a frustrated Bishop. There's a Fujo Fun with Fifth geek Snatch paper dolly as well (here).

NEW TITLES: K-ON!, V.B. Rose, Kuro Memanggul Peti Mati, Burning Pen, and Vitamin Cat

I was right. The April SC– (Serial Cantik, Elex's standalone shoujo/josei line) advised Burning Pen IS Shimamoto Kazuhiko's Moeyo Pen, the one-volume seinen manga distinguished by its publication by not just one but three Japanese publishers: Takeshobo in July 1991 (ISBN: 978-4-88475-522-5); Media Factory in November 1999 (978-4-88991-967-7); and Shogakukan (978-4-09-157191-5) in November 2002. Moeyo Pen launched fictional manga-ka Hono Moyuru-sensei into 13+11 volumes of Hoero Pen (Comic Bomber) and Shin Hoero Pen (New Comic Bomber) sequels. From the cover, I infer that Elex is publishing the most recent version.

The debuting series include the much-anticipated K-ON!; the intriguingly titled Kuro Memanggul Peti Mati (Kuro Totes a Coffin or Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro, Yen Press's rechristening of Kiyuduki Satoko's Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro); Hidaka Banri's V.B. Rose (the latest ongoing HanaLaLa title to join Ouran High School Host Club, La Corda D'Oro, and With My Brothers in tankou release); and the short doubutsu manga series Vitamin Cat or Neko Vitamin. I'm only blurbing Kakifly's yon-koma (four-panel) hit above the line, i.e., here; the remaining synopses have been shunted below the line, or after the manga list. (Don't worry about the seeming preferential treatment; I blurble [blurb + babble]—even more rambling formidable—in the other premieres.)

K-ON! 1 by Kakifly

A handful of Sakuragaoka High students attempts to save the school's keiongaku or light music club from oblivion: Tainaka Ritsu, mood-maker and drummer, as well as the club's self-proclaimed president; Akiyama Mio, the shy bassist who originally wanted to join the literary club but was coerced instead into the light music club by Ritsu; Kotobuki Tsumugi or Mugi, the keyboardist who keeps the club supplied with cake; and finally, Hirasawa Yui, the guitarist who joins in the mistaken belief that light music equals easy music.

Efon r

And in what looks like ii timing, KyoAni's K-ON! anime is still showing on Animax Asia. The series restarts beginning this Tuesday, 11 May, at 6PM WIB (UTC+07), and airs weekdays thereafter. By the time you GET! the first K-ON! volume (and have cake and tea ready), it's prolly time for episode 2.

MANGAZINES: Nakayoshi 80 premieres Million Girl by Momoyuki Kotori

Nakayoshi Gress 80/2010 front cover

The poor girl/debt-troped Million Girl by Momoyuki Kotori (Pink Innocent, How to Make a Prince) is the new Nakayoshi transfer student, enrollment approved as of Issue 80.

Million Girl stars Sachi of the shining golden hair, a crowning glory handed down the genetic line by her mother who has already passed away. Sachi keeps her mother's death a secret and so is shocked to learn that a classmate has the deets on her family. What's more, this sinister fellow railroads her into playing his so-called “Money Game.” [Adapted from Nagareboshi Manga's description, excerpted by Baka-Updates Manga]

Teh rest of teh Naka Gress! pals: Arisa by Ando Natsumi · Boy Friend by Yamada Daisy · The Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu (Meitantei Yumemizu Kiyoshirou Jiken Note) by Enue Kei & Hayamine Kaoru · New Hell Girl (Shin Jigoku Shoujo) by Etoo Miyuki & the Jigoku Shojo Project · Navi Runa (Youkai Navi Runa) by Kikuta Michiyo & Ikeda Miyoko · Ogawa & Team Saito (Ogawa to Yukai na Saitoutachi) by Sakyo · Shugo Chara! by PEACH-PIT · Sweet Tamatan (Dokidoki! Tama-tan) by Koge-Donbo · Tsuba Kiyo by Hara Asumi · XX Me! (Watashi ni xx Shinasai!) by Toyama Ema

Elex Media manga and manhua (2010.05.12)

Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details and cover scans.

  1. [New] Burning Pen (Moeyo Pen) by Shimamoto Kazuhiko
  2. 燃えよペン

    Moeyo Pen燃えよペン 」 by Shimamoto Kazuhiko
    Shogakukan (also Takeshobo and Media Factory), seinen
    This volume first published in Japan 1991.07 by Takeshobo; re-released by Media Factory in 1999.11 and by Shogakukan in 2002.11

    Related: Comic Bomber (Hoero Pen, sequel, 13 volumes) and New Comic Bomber (Shin Hoero Pen, sequel, 11 volumes)

    This volume contains:

    • 1 漫画家死闘熱涙編
    • 2 弱肉強食激闘編
    • 3 漫画家悲恋号泣編
    • 4 アシスタント無情激涙編
    • 5 偶像憧憬敗北編
    • 6 熱血指南炎上編
    • 7 起承転結激情編
    • 8 忘年会特攻参加編
    • 9 オリジナルアニメ制作接触編
    • 10 オリジナルアニメ制作発動編
    • 11 完全無欠計画編
    • 12 世界放浪充電編
    • 特別付録
    • 炎尾燃の熱血マンガ講座
    • あとがき

    Translations N/A (copy pasta'ed only)

  3. Cross Game 16 of 17 by Adachi Mitsuru
  4. クロスゲーム 16

    Cross Gameクロスゲーム 」 by Adachi Mitsuru
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 16 first published in Japan 2009.11

    Volume 16 contains chapters:

    • 141. I Think So (たぶん...な Tabun ... na)
    • 142. That Comes Next, Right? (今からだろ? Ima nara Daro?)
    • 143. They Were Spectacular? (見事でした? Migoto de Shita?)
    • 144. I Already Have (あきらめてるよ Akirameteru yo)
    • 145. In the Blink of an Eye (あっという間だよ Atto Iu Ma Da yo)
    • 146. Oh, He's Right ... (あ、本当だ... Ah, Honto Da ...)
    • 147. This Is Your Chance to Shine (見せ場だぞ Miseba Da zo)
    • 148. He Made a Promise (約束したんです Yakusoku Shitanda Desu)
    • 149. Now I Remember (思い出したぞ Omoidashita zo)
    • 150. I Can't Recall (記憶にないな Kioku ni Nai na)

    AWARDS: 54th Shogakukan Manga Award for best shounen manga.

    Cross Game is licensed for North American distribution by VIZ Media (volume 1 street date: 2010.10.12)

    Adapted to anime by Synergy SP. Fifty episodes aired in Japan from April 2009 through March 2010. Seiyuu Irino Miyu and Tomatsu Haruka starred as leads Kitamura Kou and Tsukishima Aoba.

  5. Eyeshield 21 v37 of 37 by Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yusuke [Finale]
  6. アイシールド21 37

    Eyeshield 21アイシールド21
    by Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yusuke
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    Volume 37: Ready Set Hut first published in Japan 2009.10

    Volume 37: Ready Set Hut contains chapters:

    • 325. Double Devil
    • 326. Lecture on How to Handle Cards by Hiruma Youichi and Clifford D. Lewis (ヒル魔妖一とクリフォード·D·ルイスのカード捌き講座 Hiruma Yōichi to Kurifōdo.D.Ruisu no Kādo Sabaki Kōza)
    • 327. As Long As There is a Path (途があるならば Toga Aru Naraba)
    • 328. Tag Match
    • 329. One of the Trash Stars (屑星一つ Kuzu Boshi Hitotsu)
    • 330. The Eyes of a Male (雄の眼 Yū no Me)
    • 331. My Dream (僕の夢は Boku no Yume wa)
    • 332. Do You Want to Kiss Your Sister?
    • 333.(Touch Down) Ready Set Hut

    Eyeshield 21 published in English by VIZ Media (volume 31 released 2010.04.06 • volume 32 street date: 2010.07.06)

    A 145-episode, NFL Japan-funded anime adaptation by NAS and Studio Gallop aired in Japan from April 2005 to March 2008. Seiyuu Irino Miyu starred as Kobayakawa Sena.

  7. Fantastic Tales 2 of 5 by Ihuan
  8. 星月幻境 2

    Fantastic Tales星月幻境 」 by Ihuan (also Yi Huan)
    Tong Li, shoujo

  9. The Fifth Columnist 2 of 2 by Andrea Tezumo - SL [Finale]
  10. The Fifth Columnist 2 (Elex Media)

    The Fifth Columnist by Andrea Tezumo
    Elex Media (Serial Lokal)
    Volume 2 first published in Indonesia 2010.05

  11. [Premiere] K-ON! 1 of 3+ by Kakifly
  12. けいおん! 1

    K-ON!けいおん! 」 by Kakifly
    Houbunsha Manga Time Kirara, Manga Time Kirara Carat (since 2008.10), and Manga Time Kirara Forward, seinen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2008.04

    K-ON! licensed for North American distribution by Yen Press (volume 1 street date: 2010.11.16)

    A 13-episode anime adaptation by Kyoto Animation aired in Japan from April to June 2009. An additional OVA episode released with the seventh DVD and BD volumes on January 20, 2010. A second season, K-ON!!, premiered 7 April 2010. Seiyuu Toyosaki Aki, Satou Satomi, Hikasa Yōko, Kotobuki Minako, and Taketatsu Ayana and return in their roles as Hirasawa Yui, Tainaka Ritsu, Akiyama Mio Kotobuki Tsumugi, and Nakano Azusa in the sequel.

  13. [Premiere] Kuro Memanggul Peti Mati (Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro) 1 of 2+ by Kiyuduki Satoko
  14. 棺担ぎのクロ。~懐中旅話~ 1

    Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro. - Kaichu Tabi no Wa
    by Kiyuduki Satoko
    Houbunsha Manga Time Kirara, seinen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2006.03

    Published in English as Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro by Yen Press (volume 2 released 2008.10.28)

  15. Pangeran Kacamata (Megane Ouji) 3 of 4+ by Mizukami Wataru
  16. メガネ王子 3

    Megane Oujiメガネ王子 」 by Mizukami Wataru
    Kodansha Nakayoshi Lovely, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2008.10

    Published in English as Four-Eyed Prince by Del Rey (Volume 2: Geek Love released 2010.01.26 • Volume 3: Four-Eyed Free-for-all street date: 2010.07.27)
    Serialized in Indonesian in Nakayoshi Gress!

  17. School Rumble 10 of 22 by Kobayashi Jin
  18. School Rumble 10

    School RumbleSchool Rumble
    by Kobayashi Jin
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2005.09

    Volume 10 contains chapters:

    • 120. Naughty Marietta
    • 121. It Could Happen to You
    • 122. Awakenings
    • 123. The Neverending Story
    • 124. Invitation to the Dance
    • 125. Heat
    • 126. Striptease
    • 127. The Rookie
    • 128. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    • 129. Small Soldiers
    • ♭27. My Girl
    • ♭28. Days of Thunder
    • ♭29. Miss Annie Rooney

    School Rumble published in English by Del Rey (Volume 13: Arranged Chaos! released 2009.09.29 • volumes 14 through 16 street date: 2010.07.27)
    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Magz

    Related series: School Rumble Z (sequel, one volume)

    A 26-episode anime adaptation by Studio Comet aired in Japan from October 2004 to March 2005; the second season School Rumble Nigakki followed in 2006. Two OAVs, School Rumble Ichigakki Hoshū and School Rumble Sangakki, were released in 2005.12 and 2008 respectively.

  19. Shugo Chara! 9 of 11 by PEACH-PIT
  20. しゅごキャラ! 9

    Shugo Chara!しゅごキャラ! 」 by PEACH-PIT
    AKA My Guardian Characters
    Kodansha Nakayoshi, shoujo
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2009.06

    AWARDS: Best children's manga in the 2008 Kodansha Manga Awards

    Shugo Chara! published in English by Del Rey (Volume 8: With a Little Help From Their Friends released 2010.01.26 • Volume 9: A Big Discovery street date: 2010.07.27)
    Serialized in Indonesian in Nakayoshi Gress!

    Related: Shugo Chara! Encore! (sequel, began serialization in April 2010) and Shugo Chara-chan! (spin-off, three volumes as at 2010.04)

    Adapted into anime by Satelight in 2007. Fifty-one episodes aired in Japan from October 2007 to September 2008 on TV Tokyo, followed by another 51 episodes of Shugo Chara!! Doki— (2008.10 to 2009.09). A third TV series, Shugo Chara Party!, aired from October 2009 to March 2010. Seiyuu Itō Kanae, Takagi Reiko, Nakamura Yuuichi, and Mizuki Nana (Hinamori Amu, Tadase Hotori, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, and Utau Hoshina respectively) star in all the anime series.

    A Shugo Chara! musical, starring Shugo Chara Egg! (the group that sang the Shugo Chara!! Doki— OPs) and S/mileage member Maeda Yuuka as Amu, enjoyed a theater run in early 2009.

  21. Tokkyu! 11 of 20 by Komori Yoichi & Kubo Mitsuro
  22. トッキュー!! 11

    by Komori Yoichi & Kubo Mitsuro
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 11 first published in Japan 2006.06
    Re-released beginning 2010.01 (five volumes as at 2010.05)

    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Magz

  23. [Premiere] V.B. Rose 1 of 14 by Hidaka Banri
  24. V・B・ローズ 1

    V.B. RoseV・B・ローズ 」 by Hidaka Banri
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2004.08

    V.B. Rose published in English by TOKYOPOP (volume 8 released 2010.04.27 • volume 9 street date: 2010.08.03)
    Serialized in Indonesian in HanaLaLa

    A V.B. Rose drama CD was released in Japan in 2006.12, starring seiyuu Mizuki Nana as Shiroi Ageha, Sakurai Takahiro as Arisaka Yukari, and Suwabe Junichi as Kuromine Mitsuya. The track listings* are:

    1. 待ち合わせ (Appointment)
    2. 出発! (Go!)
    3. 高速道路......? (... Highway?)
    4. お買い物 (Shopping)
    5. 前途多難な準備開始 (Preparation rocky start)
    6. バーベキュースタート♪ (Start ♪ Barbecue)
    7. 恋と花火と...... (Love, Fireworks and ... )

    *Tentative/machine translations only (c/o Google)

  25. [Premiere] Vitamin Cat (Neko Vitamin) 1 of 2 by Sugiyama Ryoko
  26. 猫ビタミン 1

    Neko Vitamin猫ビタミン 」 by Sugiyama Ryoko
    Shonen Gahosha Neko Panchi, josei (doubutsu manga)
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2009.06

  27. Wazabo 3 of 5+ by Soyama Kazutoshi
  28. わざぼー 3

    Wazabooわざぼー 」 by Soyama Kazutoshi
    Shogakukan Corocoro Dragon, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2008.12

(1) Sources: Elex Media STO 12 May 2010 (release schedule) and Komikologi (synopses, except where noted)
(2) All listed manga are priced at IDR 15,000 each, except Burning Pen (SRP: IDR 18,000) and Kuro Memanggul Peti Mati 1 (IDR 17,000)
(3) Links like this are Amazon.com (or other online merchants) search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.

Summaries continued...

Kuro Memanggul Peti Mati 1

Efon z

Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro. - Kaichu Tabi no Wa
by Kiyuduki Satoko

Like K-ON!, Kuro Memanggul Peti Mati (originally Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro) is 4-koma manga serialized in Manga Time Kirara. And similar to Kakifly's hot property, it features a terminally cute protagonist:

A surprisingly small traveler draws the attention of everyone she meets, what with her inky attire, bat companion, and the coffin she lugs around. Who knows whence she came and where she's going?

But despite her black clothes, Kuro is able to paint the lives of those she encounters in the colors of the rainbow.

English version publisher Yen Press lauds Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro both for its dark and gothic and irresistably endearing on just about every page sensibilities (not to mention hinting at why Kuro is on a quest). At any rate, all these are almost enough to make me DO WANT! the first Kuro Memanggul Peti Mati tankou.

V.B. Rose 1


V.B. RoseV・B・ローズ 」 by Hidaka Banri

HanaLaLa actually chose V.B. Rose for its maiden issue cover and no wonder. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something Velvet Blue does reify that It's All About Girls! ethos of the mangazine. Heroine Shiroi Ageha likes designing clothes and bags in her spare time; she will need all the de-stressing help her hobby can supply because —

How would you feel if the older sister you've admired all your life and hold up as paragon makes a mistake you never would've imagined she'd make? And what if this idol-toppling miss “takes away” your sister because she's so busy spending time with the most boring man alive?

So goes Ageha's plight when she discovers that nee-san Hibari is pregnant, with the wedding but a month away.

Blissful. I just lurve how TOKYOPOP's V.B. Rose 1 describes this unabashedly girly series from the creator of Tears of Sheep, I Hate You More Than Anyone, and the Akiyoshi-ke series. Ageha's own romance lauches after she joins the eponymous V.B. Rose, a bridal store run by bishies Arisaka Yukari and Kuromine Mitsuya. The shop has been commissioned to sew Hibari's wedding dress; Ageha volunteers to help finish the bridal confection after injuring the hand of Mitsuya, the store's pattern maker, in a fit of pique.

A V.B. Rose drama CD was released in December 2006. The drama (something about a barbeque) starred seiyuu Mizuki Nana as Shiroi Ageha, Sakurai Takahiro as Arisaka Yukari, and Suwabe Junichi as Kuromine Mitsuya.

Vitamin Cat 1

Tombats 7 i

Neko Vitamin猫ビタミン 」 by Sugiyama Ryoko

Yup, it's true that cats can sometimes be annoying, filching food and generally displacing you as the monarch of the household. But with their unique personalities, cats are (10:1) capable of inciting the Kee-YOOT~! Hug~! reflex. Just stroking them after a hard day at work makes stress disappear in a Purr~y Poof!

As pointed out in Jason Thompson's Manga: The Complete Guide, pets and animals actually have their own doubutsu manga genre. Cute and crafty cats outnumber all other domestic pets in Japan, so it's not strange to come across a manga dedicated to feline friends. (Come to think of it, the West also has Garfield.) In any case, I suppose doubutsu manga stems from the same reason that cat cafés (that I first encountered in the Ohitorisama TBS drama starring Mizuki Alisa and Koike Teppei) are a burgeoning business — specially in über metropolis Tokyo which has professional pets like Rora (Lola), a primadonna Persian, hired out in rent-a-friend schemes at the Ja La La Café in Akiba district: they provide much needed stress-relieving companionship.

So, as Elex suggests, do yourself (and your mental health) a favor and add Vitamin Cat to your daily A, B, C, and E doses.

The rest of the 12 May 2010 highlights:

Cross Game 16 of 17

In their ultimate bid to reach high school baseball mecca, Koshien, the Seishu team attempts to trounce Ryuou High in the North Tokyo regionals. Kou and teammates can almost taste the dirt of Koshien, the stadium filled with fans just like Wakaba envisaged in her last dream. But Kou's attention just might drift as Wakaba dead ringer Takigawa Akane's operation is scheduled on the day of the finals.

Poignant is how Elex describes the penultimate volume of Adachi Mitsuru's high school baseball drama.

Cross Game is licensed for North American distribution by VIZ Media, which schedules volume 1 for a 2010.10.12 debut.

Fantastic Tales 2

Against a backdrop of chaos engineered by Emperor Hei, warriors Xin Moyi and Xu Xuan leave the Huayuan sword school to pit their martial arts skills against other swordsmen of the land. They meet Moyue sword school charmer Yue Linglong at the contest.

Emperor Hei's general Yan Wulu, however, threatens Linglong's life, which prompts Xin Moyi into rushing to her defense. But Linglong holds the secret of the Moyue school as the ace up her sleeve.

Pangeran Kacamata (Megane Ouji) 3

Subtitled: Kak, bolehkah kacamata itu dilepas?
(Senpai, mind taking off your glasses?)

Sachi's love for her stepbrother Akihiko/Akira appears well nigh incurable. She's even willing to take on a ghost in Karuizawa, one also languishing from megane moe.

English publisher Del Rey's blurb for Four-Eyed Prince 3: Four-Eyed Free-for-all adds that Sachi must also defeat a guy rival for the honor of becoming Akira's assistant.

School Rumble 10

Birthday cake disaster! The cake Tenma baked with all her might heart lies in so many pieces and even more crumbs because of Harima. The only part of the recipient's name that remains is “MA.” For which “MA” was the cake intended??

Meanwhile, Del Rey lets slip (in a blurb for the same School Rumble: Sleeping Bruiser volume) that Harima is also about to make his inadvertent debut as the princess to Tenma's prince in the school's version of Sleeping Beauty.

Shugo Chara! 9

Amu and the Guardians continue whittling away at the might of the Easter Corporation, eventually reaching the the top of the tower. Will they find Ikuto there?

Part III of the Del Rey additions (from the Shugo Chara!: A Big Discovery synopsis): Ikuto's past is revealed and the Embryo, the granter of wishes, appears.

Tokkyu! 11

Seas of ice very easily yank motoric ability away; despite any remaining consciousness, the body refuses to obey. People can only last 600 seconds in icy winter seas, and within this short rescue window, the Tokkyu team races against a merciless clock to save the victim.

Wazabo 3

Wazawaza Mimimi frees Wazakaze Mumu from the prison that is nightmare, and the pair go on to fight Wazabo. But can Wazabo be beaten? And why is there still someone pulling the strings to wrest away “the treasure”?

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)

UP NEXT: More 12 May 2010 manga

LEVEL COMICS: Diamond Life 2 · Go Go Hanasaki Detective Office 2 · Nanase Fire Investigator 3 · Ole! 4 · Officer Monju 5 · Priest 5 · The Ravages of Time 2 · Tomo'o 8 · Under The Rose 4 · Spirou: Air Keabadian · Spirou: Penyihir di Champignac

M&C!: Beauty Pop 6 · Bleach 24 · Blizzard Axel 9 · Goong [Palace Story] 20 · Innocent Revenge by Hazuki Rei · Nekomachi Shop Guide 1 by Sakamoto Miku · Princess Bouquet 1 by Aomata Pink · Shanimuni GO 29 · Shanaou Yoshitsune volumes 18-22 box set


Cover images and source summaries used here for reference are © their respective intellectual rights holders. No infringement intended.

manga currently available (5 May 2010 street date)

  • Elex Media: Artist Acro 1 by Sakurai Ato · Caramel Boy 1 by Morio Masami · Crows 7 · Demon King 30 · Hyde & Closer 2 · Katsu! 3 · Kekkaishi 3 · Kumpulan Cerita Berwarna Doraemon 2 · LUM, The Invader Girl 22 · Otoboke Section Chief 1 by Ueda Masashi · Pandora Hearts 9 · Raiders 4 · The Real Fake Princess 3 · Spiral: The Bonds of Reason 2 · Treasure Gaust 6 · Wild Life 4
  • Level Comics: Akihabara@DEEP 4 · Gun Smith Cats 4 · Jormungand 1 by Takahashi Keitarou · Rumiko Takahashi's Best Short Story Collection 2 · Second Engage by Aikawa Momoko · A Spirit of the Sun 4 · Subaru 5 · Tokyo Juliet 13 of 13 · Astrosmurf
  • m&c!: Another Kingdom 1 by Fujita Maki · Battle Brawlers Bakugan 4 · Bleach 23 · Meet the Banchou 1 by Suzuki Nakaba · Sinful Love by Yoshinaga Yuu · Shanaou Yoshitsune volumes 13-17 (box set)

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Elex May 2010 manga
Premiering Animal Doctor by Sasaki Noriko, Artist Acro by Sakurai Ato, Blooming Youth by Itsuki Natsumi, Dr. Koto by Yamada Takatoshi, Hell Girl by Eto Miyuki & Jigoku Shojo Project, Hero Tales by Arakawa Hiromu, A Kiss for My Prince by Kim HeeEun, Kuro Memanggul Peti Mati by Kiyuduki Satoko, New Sexy Simpleton by Hwang MiRee, Princess Story by Ebira Hiromi, Shinagawa Cat Story by Nishida Kana, Summer Storm! by Kobayashi Jin, Vitamin Cat by Sugiyama Ryoko, and The Moon & Lake by Ashihara Hinako (standalone)

Elex April 2010 manga
Premiering K-ON! by Kakifly, Spiral: The Bonds of Reason by Shirodaira Kyo & Mizuno Eita, Kumpulan Cerita Berwarna Doraemon by Fujiko F. Fujio, Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro by Kiyuduki Satoko, Kunai Legend by Iori Tabasa, Love & Honor by Yamada Daisy (double launch with volume 2), Otoboke Section Chief by Ueda Masashi, Pangeran Kacamata by Mizukami Wataru, V.B. Rose by Hidaka Banri · Standalones: Butterfly Cloud by Ashihara Hinako and Miracle Blue by Mitsuki Miko

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