Spiral: The Bonds of Reason 3, Pangeran Kacamata (Megane Ouji) 4 of 4, Summer Storm! 1 (Elex Media 19 May 2010 manga)

Edited because apparently Pangeran Kacamata (Megane Ouji) is only four volumes, and thus this release is the series finale

スパイラル 推理の絆 3

Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna © Shirodaira Kyo & Mizuno Eita/Square Enix
(First serialized in Shonen Gangan)
Published in Indonesia as Spiral: The Bonds of Reason by Elex Media Komputindo

Contains   [SPOILERS!] and much (TV) Trope Identification (Don't worry; I provide links where they're not self-explanatory.)

Eyes-sama~! *glomp* Fangirl lapse over the Bishie Badass Bookworm on the cover aside, Spiral: The Bonds of Reason 3 remains this Elex manga sked's leading DO WANT! — prolly for the no need for deduction reason that the Absurdly High Staked-clot, I mean, plot, is thickening:

Narumi Ayumu's investigation leads him to a teacher claiming to have the deets on the Blade Children, but before any file transfer can take place, the man is offed by Older Than She Looks Rio. It appears that Ayumu and Watson Hiyono are next in the Blade Child's sights.

Elex fumbled and didn't provide a synop, so an adapt of Yen Press' Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning vol.3 blurb it is. The English description adds: When her murderous plot backfires and Rio finds herself in the hospital, she challenges the visiting Ayumu to a life-and-death gamble, only to find herself face-to-face with Hiyono, who calls Rio's bet and raises her one!

メガネ王子 4

FINALES: Pangeran Kacamata (Megane Ouji) 4

Kak, Jadilah Pangeran Kacamataku! (Be my Glasses Prince!, the volume subtitle) could well be the sniveling wail, if not whiny demand of Megane Ouji heroine Sachiko, after she finds out that Not Blood Sib, Leads a Double Life Akihiko/Akira actually has an ex-girlfriend — one who is pretty and classy and whatever else Sachi is not.

Everything including the kitchen sink seems to be conspiring to make Sachi give up on her beloved four-eyed prince, doesn't it? My advice to the beleaguered megane fangirl: “ex-” is the operative word (actually, prefix) here. “Ex-”girlfriend. (I don't normally go around counseling fictional creations, but this particular protagonist is just so ridiculously unlucky (as per her creator Mizukami Wataru's design), and her four-eyed prince so much a frickin' tease that I couldn't help it.)


Summer Storm! 1 by Kobayashi Jin

Adapted to Anime, Crossdressing, Ghost heroine, Scooter, Time Travel, and World War II comprise Baka-Updates Manga's top user-voted categories for Summer Storm! (Natsu no Arashi!) — and the abecedarian laundry list does provide a pretty good (not to mention, intriguing) overview of the shounen manga from School Rumble creator Kobayashi Jin.

Here's how Elex blurbed the series that (as pointed out) was adapted into anime (Spring 2009 and Fall 2009 for the sequel):

Yasaka Hajime finds an old photograph of Arashiyama Sayoko. Arashi (for short) claims to have lived through the war 60 years ago, and the only hint that she's telling the truth lies in her ancient mode of dress. Skeptic Hajime who believes only in what science tells him tries to verify Arashi's story, and as the plot bunny coincidence would have it, meets the person who took the picture. So is Arashi a ghost? Or did a time slip occur?

Okay, so the Scooter and Crossdressing tags remain mysteries (I didn't watch the anime) compelling enough to make me want to check out volume 1.

The Moon & Lake by Ashihara Hinako

Like Ashihara Hinako's Butterfly Cloud, The Moon & Lake (Tsuki to Mizuumi) spans only one volume. Elex bills it a touching love story. The Moon & Lake follows Kazuna's quest to locate the woman her novelist grandfather wrote about in his unpublished roman à clef. The novel reveals her grandfather's love for a woman to whom he wasn't married. Despite her unease, Kazuna goes to see her grandfather's “lover.”

Shoujo slice of life romance drama, FTW.

MANGAZINES: HanaLaLa 50/2010

HanaLaLa 50/2010 - Front cover: Kin Iro no Corda

Kin Iro no Corda © Kure Yuki/

The Smurfette Principle Kaho-chan—sans her Blue Bishounen Ghetto—covers the half-century (only in number) HanaLaLa as the mangazine brings us the 49-paged Symphony 50 of Kure Yuki's La Corda D'Oro. (The previous issue had featured a Special Symphony/Kin Iro no Corda ~Tokubetsuhen~ interlude.) Hopefully we get more, more, MOAR! Tsukimori, Tsuchiura, and Shimizu (not to mention Aoi) hawt-ness in this next chapter.

The key highlight, however, is another double round (Stories 78-79) of fan favorite Alice Academy by Higuchi Tachibana:

Badass Adorable (in the Hana Hime arc) Mikan makes a new friend, Koizumi. Appearing to be a weakling, Koizumi keeps Alice powers under wraps and constantly tries to get close to Jerk with a Heart of Gold Natsume. A day before the sports festival, the Academy of Adventure is thrown into chaos, with stuff flying everywhere — ending up in Mikan's imprisonment with Koizumi.

Oh, please. If Mikan has to be stuck with anybody, that body oughta be Natsume! (Like what happened when Natsume x Mikan were “glued” together by Tsubasa's mocchi mocchi-adulterated mochi.)

The other installments to look out for are the 40-paged chapter 2 of Twinkle Stars (Hoshi wa Utau), Takaya Natsuki's latest addition to the HanaLaLa currents roster, and the final chapter (File 10) of Uno Ayumi's Darling (that came and now goes without me ever having read it).

Other regular Hana to Yume and LaLa goodies: Arakure: The Wild Ones by Fujiwara Kiyo (this issue: chapter 30) · Dragon's Fiancé (Ryuu no Hanawazurai) by Kusakawa Nari (Chapter 21) · Natsume Yujincho by Midorikawa Yuki (Chapter 4) · Ouran High School Host Club by Hatori Bisco (Chapter 56) · Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki (Act 101: Encounter!! A Dynamite Star) · Sugar Princess by Nakajo Hisaya (Chapter 10) · Vampire Knight by Hino Matsuri (28th Night: The Kuran Family) · V.B. Rose by Hidaka Banri (Chapter 50) · With My Brothers (Oniichan to Issho) by Tokeino Hari (Chapter 49).

Elex Media manga (2010.05.19)

Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details and cover scans.

  1. BECK 17 of 34 by Harold Sakuishi
  2. BECK 17

    BECKBECK 」 by Harold Sakuishi
    Kodansha Monthly Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 17 first published in Japan 2003.12

    Winner of best shounen manga in the 2002 Kodansha Manga Awards (tied with Nonaka Eiji's Cromartie High School)

    BECK:Mongolian Chop Squad is published in English by TOKYOPOP (dropped after volume 12). The manga is translated into French by Akata/Delcourt; in Italian by Dynit; in German by Tokyopop Germany; and in traditional Chinese by Tong Li.

    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Magz

    Adapted into anime (covering until manga volume 11) by Madhouse, starring seiyuu Namikawa Daisuke as Tanaka Yukio/Koyuki, Ueno Yuuma as Minami Ryuusuke, and Saiki Miho as Minami Maho. Twenty-six episodes aired in Japan from October 2004 to March 2005 on TV Tokyo.

    A BECK live-action film directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko (20th Century Boys live-action film) is slated to premiere in Japan on 4 September 2010. The movie stars actors Satoh Takeru (Princess Princess D, Kamen Rider Den-O) as Koyuki and Mizushima Hiro (Zettai Kareshi, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise) as Ryuusuke.

  3. Godhand Teru 23 of 52+ by Yamamoto Kazuki
  4. ゴッドハンド輝 23

    GodHand Teruゴッドハンド輝
    by Yamamoto Kazuki
    Kodansha Weekly Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 23 first published in Japan 2005.05

    Godhand Teru novel by Yamamoto Kazuki (15 volumes as at 2009.01)

    ADAPTATIONS A live-action adaptation starring Hiraoka Yuta (Endo Shoji, NANA live-action movie; Yano Haruka, Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru) as Teru aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from 11 April to 16 May 2009.

  5. Katsu! 4 of 16 by Adachi Mitsuru
  6. KATSU! 4

    Katsu!KATSU! 」 by Adachi Mitsuru
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2002.08
    Re-released in 8 volumes from 2009.07 to 2010.02

    Volume 4 contains chapters¹

    • 29 いいから誓え...
    • 30 二人に闘ってもらう。
    • 31 すげえ!
    • 32 すげえことなんだよ。
    • 33 ...みたいだな。
    • 34 パンチ力はあるわけだ。
    • 35 気を失うまで...
    • 36 めでたい野郎だぜ。
    • 37 変わらない夢...
    • 38 せませんよ...

    ¹ Title translations N/A

    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Star

  7. [NEW] The Moon & Lake (Tsuki to Mizuumi) by Ashihara Hinako
  8. 月と湖

    Tsuki to Mizuumi月と湖 」 by Ashihara Hinako
    Shogakukan Betsucomi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2007.04

  9. Pangeran Kacamata (Megane Ouji) 4 of 4 by Mizukami Wataru [Finale]
  10. メガネ王子 4

    Megane Oujiメガネ王子 」 by Mizukami Wataru
    Kodansha Nakayoshi Lovely, shoujo
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2009.07

    Published in English as Four-Eyed Prince by Del Rey (Volume 2: Geek Love released 2010.01.26 • Volume 3: Four-Eyed Free-for-all street date: 2010.07.27)

    Serialized in Indonesian in Nakayoshi Gress! (concluded)

  11. The Puppet Master Lin (Kairaishi Lin) 7 of 10+ by Wada Shinji
  12. 傀儡師リン 7

    Kairaishi Lin傀儡師リン 」 by Wada Shinji
    Akita Shoten Mystery Bonita, shoujo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2009.01

  13. Spiral: The Bonds of Reason (Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna) 3 of 15 by Shirodaira Kyo & Mizuno Eita
  14. スパイラル 推理の絆 3

    Spiral: Suiri no Kizunaスパイラル 推理の絆
    by Shirodaira Kyo & Mizuno Eita
    Square Enix Shonen Gangan, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2000.12

    Volume 3 contains chapters:

    • 11. The Strength of Youth
    • 12. vs. Rio
    • 13. Break Through the Heavily Guarded Net
    • 14. The Choice of the Believer

    Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning published in English by Yen Press (volume 11 released 2010.04.20; volume 12 street date: 2010.07.13). The manga is translated into German by Carlsen Comics.

    Spiral Alive (prequel; five volumes)

    A 25-episode anime adaptation by J.C. Staff, based on the first six volumes of the manga but with an alternate ending aired on TV Tokyo from October 2002 to March 2003. The anime starred seiyuu Suzumura Kenichi as Narumi Ayumu, Asano Masumi as Yuizaki Hiyono, and Ishida Akira as Eyes Rutherford.

  15. [PREMIERE] Summer Storm! (Natsu no Arashi!) 1 of 7+ by Kobayashi Jin
  16. 夏のあらし! 1

    Natsu no Arashi!夏のあらし! 」 by Kobayashi Jin
    Square Enix Monthly Gangan Wing and Monthly Gangan Joker, shounen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2007.02

    A 13-episode anime adaptation by SHAFT aired in Japan from April through June 2009. Seiyuu Sanpei Yuko starred as Yasaka Hajime and Shiraishi Ryoko as Arashiyama Sayoko AKA “Arashi.” A sequel featuring the same voice actors—Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chū—ran from October to December 2009 (also 13 episodes).

  17. V.B. Rose 2 of 14 by Hidaka Banri
  18. V・B・ローズ 2

    V.B. RoseV・B・ローズ 」 by Hidaka Banri
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2004.12

    V.B. Rose is published in English by TOKYOPOP (volume 8 released 2010.04.27 • volume 9 street date: 2010.08.03) and in traditional Chinese by Ever Glory (Taiwan).

    Serialized in Indonesian in HanaLaLa

    A V.B. Rose drama CD was released in Japan in 2006.12, starring seiyuu Mizuki Nana as Shiroi Ageha, Sakurai Takahiro as Arisaka Yukari, and Suwabe Junichi as Kuromine Mitsuya.

Elex Media reissues (2010.05.19)

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  1. [RE-STO] Naughty Cute Girl by Selena Lin Qing Hui
  2. [RE-STO] Jessie's Love by I'M-C

(1) Sources: Elex Media STO 19 May 2010 (release schedule) and Komikologi (synopses, except where noted)
(2) Links like this are Amazon.com (or other online merchants) search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.

Volume previews continued...

BECK 17 by Harold Sakuishi

I never planned to live in Japan all my life.

Maho's admission shakes up Koyuki, making him fear that their relationship is nearing its end.

Godhand Teru 23 by Yamamoto Kazuki

Shieikai Hospital launches a new strategy in its bid to destroy Valhalla and force Shinomiya Kei into returning to the Shieikai fold. The target this time: a hospital on the outskirts of Ryugu.

V.B. Rose 2 by Hidaka Banri

As Hibari embarks on her new life of wedded bliss (despite a wedding day that dawned in panic and confusion), things are also looking up for Ageha who has found a new job that's perfect for her.

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)

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