QED 34, New Sexy Simpleton 5, Juvenile Remix 4, Coz We're not Children 1 by Seta Haruhi (Elex 21 July 2010 manga and manhwa)

Q.E.D.証明終了 34

Q.E.D. Shomei Shuryo © Katou Motohiro/Kodansha (Serialized in Magazine E-no)
Published in Indonesia as Q.E.D. Quod Erat Demonstrandum by Elex Media Komputindo

Remember Allan Brad (or Allan Blades), the thinly-veiled Bill Gates/software billionaire first introduced in Q.E.D. volume 13's Disaster Man? Well, Allan and his secretary Elly Francis are back — and they're getting M—A—R—R—I—E—D in Q.E.D. volume 34, streeting this 21st.

Of course, Touma and Mizuhara scored invites, but with math geek/shounen tantei Touma catching yet another Busman's Holiday, something goes wrong with the charity (the world's largest) that Allan and Elly founded as a prenupt prerequisite in Story 67 Man's Wedding Disaster.

The other story in the 2009 Kodansha Manga awardee is Mother that apparently has Touma and Mizuhara investigating a friend's “suicide” — if I read the Japanese Wiki synopsis right. Allan and Elly's story first appeared in Magazine E-no's July 2009 issue, while Story 68 was included in the September 2009 edition of the mangazine (previously known as Magazine GREAT).

Now the next question is: When is volume 12 of C.M.B.Q.E.D.'s side story starring Touma's cousin Shinra — going to release? (I won't apologize for being a greedy Katou Motohiro manga fangirl.)

Real 9 of 9+ by Inoue Takehiko

Blurbs nashi for the next most popular manga and manhwa GET! (Juvenile Remix 4, (the speed-released) New Sexy Simpleton (volume 5), Sanzoku Ou: King of Bandits 2 — and Hell Girl 5's remains a generic series intro), but there IS one for the newest in Inoue Takehiko-sensei's more serious, seinen take on basketball, the 2001 Japan Media Arts Fest Excellence Prize winner, Real:

Slowly, Takahashi Hisanobu grows to accept his paralysis. The former basketball captain and ex-bully even becomes close to Hanasaki, his hospital roommate also undergoing rehabilitation. Meanwhile, Nomiya Tomomi continues to battle the odds and refuses to give up the dream of returning to basketball.

こどもじゃないから! 1

Kodomo ja Nai kara! © Seta Haruhi
Kodansha (Nakayoshi)
Published in Indonesia as
Coz We're not Children
by Elex Media

NEW TITLES: Coz We're not Children 1 by Seta Haruhi

The sole Elex manga tankou premiere is Seta Haruhi's Coz We're not Children or Kodomo ja Nai kara! that finished(?) its Indonesian serialization in Nakayoshi Gress!.

Coz We're not Children stars Suzuna Otohime, whose halcyon school days come under “attack” when the popular Kiritani Yuga transfers into the central Tokyo high school she attends. The Idol Superstar insists on becoming Otohime's new “friend,” much to our heroine's annoyance.

(If you're intrigued by this shoujo romance, rejoice. There's only two volumes to the series.)

MANGAZINES: Shonen Magz 74/2010

Shonen Magz 74/2010 - BECK front cover

BECK © Harold Sakuishi

The second Shonen Magz for the month, Issue 74, features BECK's Koyuki on the front cover, but doesn't add any new preview to Harold Sakuishi's (also Kodansha Manga award-winning) series.

Other shounen (and seinen) titles serialized in the Absolutely kewl ShoMagz: Code:Breaker by Kamijyo Akimine · Fairy Tail by Mashima Hiro · Ghost Doctor (Youkai no Oisha-san) by Satou Yuuki · Kindaichi Case Files by Amagi Seimaru & Sato Fumiya · Kungfu Boy Legends (Tekken Chinmi Legends) by Maekawa Takeshi · Sanzoku Ou: King of Bandits by Sawada Hirofumi (whose volume 2 also streets on 7.21) · School Rumble by Kobayashi Jin · Tokkyu!! by Komori Yoichi, Kubo Mitsurou · Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE by CLAMP · Vinland Saga by Yukimura Makoto. (Of these, Code:Breaker and Vinland Saga have yet to transition to tankou.)

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2010.07.21)

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  1. [Premiere] Coz We're not Children (Kodomo ja Nai kara!) 1 of 2 by Seta Haruhi
  2. Coz We're not Children 1 (Elex Media)

    Kodomo ja Nai kara!こどもじゃないから!
    by Seta Haruhi
    Kodansha Nakayoshi, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2009.02

    Concluded Indonesian serialization in Nakayoshi Gress!

  3. Crows 10 of 26 by Takahashi Hiroshi
  4. Crows 10 (Elex Media)

    Crowsクローズ 」 by Takahashi Hiroshi
    AKA Crows: Busou Sensen Reimeihen
    Akita Shoten Monthly Shounen Champion, shounen
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 1993.08


    Worst, the sequel (24 volumes as at 2010.06), with its related series: the Worst Gaiden side story (one volume, complete), the Harumichi side story (two volumes as at 2010.04) and the We are the Worst! character book/side stories (two books).

    Crows Zero (spin-off; nine volumes as at 2010.08)

    Two live-action prequel movies for Crows have been produced: Crows ZERO (Japan theatrical release: October 2007) and Crows ZERO II (April 2009). Miike Takashi directed both films starring Oguri Shun as GPS leader Takiya Genji and Yamada Takayuki as Serizawa Tamao.

  5. Geobreeders 13 of 15+ by Ito Akihiro
  6. Geobreeders 13 (Elex Media)

    Geobreedersジオブリーダーズ 」 by Ito Akihiro
    Shonen Gahosha Young King Ours, seinen
    Volume 13 first published in Japan 2007.07

    Geobreeders was partially translated into English by CPM but the series was later dropped. The French version is published by Bamboo and Doki-Doki.

    Geobreeders AA (Geobreeders Atomic Attack, Spin-off by Ito Akihiro and Imakake Isamu, one volume)

    Three Geobreeders: [File-X] Get Back The Kitty anime OAV episodes by Chaos Project were released from May through October 1998. The OAV sequel, Geobreeders II: [File-XX] Breakthrough, added one more episode, releasing from July 2000 to March 2001. Seiyuu Koorogi Satomi voiced Kagura Security CEO Kikushima Yuka, with Miki Shinichiro as Taba Yoichi and Hisakawa Aya, Imai Yuka, Yajima Akiko, Hidaka Narumi portraying team members Umezaki Maki, Randou Eiko, Sakuragi Takami and Himehagi Yuu. Iizuka Mayumi voiced the phantom cat Maya.

  7. Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) 5 of 9 by Eto Miyuki
  8. Hell Girl 5 (Elex Media)

    Jigoku Shoujo地獄少女
    by Eto Miyuki · Jigoku Shojo Project
    Kodansha Nakayoshi, shoujo
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2007.07

    Concluded Indonesian serialization in Nakayoshi Gress!.
    Hell Girl is published in English by Del Rey (Volume 6: His Time Has Come released 2009.11.24 • volumes 7-9 street date: 2010.10.26); in French by Pika Édition; and in German by Tokyopop Germany (volumes 1-4) and EMA (volume 5 onwards).

    Adapted from the anime produced by Aniplex and Studio DEEN. Twenty-six episodes aired in Japan from October 2005 through April 2006 (the Animax Asia Girl from Hell telecast premiered on 24 October 2006), followed by a second and third season: Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (2006.10 to 2007.04) and Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (2008.10 to 2009.04), both also 26 episodes long. Seiyuu Noto Mamiko, Sugo Takayuki, Matsukaze Masaya, and Honda Takako starred as Enma Ai, Wanyuudou, Ichimoku Ren, and Hone-Onna respectively.

    A 12-epsiode live-action renzoku aired on NTV between November 2007 and January 2008, with Iwata Sayuri as Enma Ai, Ogura Hisahiro (the Narrator in the anime series) as Wanyuudou, Kato Kazuki as Ichimoku Ren, and Sugimoto Aya as Hone-Onna.

    Shin Jigoku Shoujo (New Hell Girl, sequel; three volumes; ongoing Indonesian serialization in NakaGress) · Jigoku Shoujo R (sequel; one volume as at 2010.03)

  9. Juvenile Remix (Maou - Juvenile Remix) 4 of 10 by Isaka Kotaro and Osuga Megumi
  10. Juvenile Remix 4 (Elex Media)

    Maou - Juvenile Remix
    by Isaka Kotaro and Osuga Megumi
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2008.05

    Volume 4 contains chapters:

    • 28 結束の灯
    • 29 標的
    • 30 犬養の灯と安藤の孤独
    • 31 一夜の爪跡
    • 32 遭遇
    • 33 傍観者の叫び
    • 34 諦念と密謀
    • 35 臨界点
    • 36 デッドエンド
    • 37 目の前の未来

    Published in English as Maoh: Juvenile Remix by VIZ Media (volume 1 released 2010.05.11 • volume 2 street date: 2010.08.10). Ching Win translates Maou - Juvenile Remix in traditional Chinese for Taiwan.

  11. Katsu! 6 of 16 by Adachi Mitsuru
  12. Katsu! 6 (Elex Media)

    Katsu!KATSU! 」 by Adachi Mitsuru
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2003.01

    Volume 6 contains chapters:

    • 49 あんたじゃない!?
    • 50 遊んでた...
    • 51 倒れたボクサー
    • 52 ムチャなお願い!?
    • 53 約束が...
    • 54 戦いの準備
    • 55 カラスと...
    • 56 勝利のルール
    • 57 幻影
    • 58 時は満ちた!?

    Re-released in 8 volumes in Japan from 2009.07 to 2010.02.
    Ongoing Indonesian serialization in Shonen Star.
    Katsu! is published in French by Pika Édition.

  13. Kurozakuro 4 of 7 by Natsume Yoshinori
  14. Kurozakuro 4 (Elex Media)

    Kurozakuroクロザクロ 」 by Natsume Yoshinori
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2005.07

    Volume 4 contains chapters:

    • 28 末席
    • 29 頂上
    • 30 潜伏
    • 31 白爪(しろつめ)
    • 32 覚悟
    • 33 試練
    • 34 意味
    • 35 黒棘(くろとげ)
    • 36 打つ手
    • 37 本気

    Concluded Indonesian serialization in Shonen Star.
    The Kurozakuro series is licensed for North America by VIZ Media (volume 1 street date: 2010.11.02). The manga is published in French by Akata/Delcourt.

  15. New Sexy Simpleton 5 of 9 by Hwang MiRee
  16. New Sexy Simpleton 5 (Elex Media)

    New Sexy Simpleton新신 섹시한 못난이
    by Hwang MiRee
    Samyang, soonjung
    Volume 5 first published in Korea 2004.11

    Sexy Simpleton (prequel, eight volumes)

  17. Q.E.D. Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D. Shomei Shuryo) 34 of 36+ by Katou Motohiro
  18. Q.E.D. 34 (Elex Media)

    Q.E.D. Shomei ShuryoQ.E.D.証明終了
    by Katou Motohiro
    Kodansha Magazine E-no (formerly Magazine GREAT), shounen
    Volume 34 first published in Japan 2009.10

    Volume 34 contains chapters:

    Recipient, Best Shounen Manga at the 2009 Kodansha Manga Awards (along with Mashima Hiro's Fairy Tail)

    Published in traditional Chinese as Wonder Little Detective by Tong Li (Taiwan and Hong Kong)

    C.M.B. (side story, ongoing, 14 volumes as at 2010.06)

    A 10-episode live action renzoku starring Nakamura Aoi as Touma Sou and Takahashi Ai as Mizuhara Kana aired in Japan from January to March 2009 on NHK.

  19. Real 9 of 9+ by Inoue Takehiko
  20. Real 9 (Elex Media)

    Realリアル 」 by Inoue Takehiko
    Shueisha Young Jump, seinen
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2009.11

    Recipient, Excellence Prize at the 2001 Japan Media Arts Festival.

    Real is published in English by VIZ Media (volume 8 released 2010.04.20); in French by Kana; in Spanish by Editorial Ivréa; and in Italian by Panini.

  21. Sanzoku Ou: King of Bandits 2 of 13 by Sawada Hirofumi
  22. Sanzoku Ou: King of Bandits 2 (Elex Media)

    Sanzoku Ou山賊王 」 by Sawada Hirofumi
    Kodansha Magazine Great, shounen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2001.12

    Ongoing Indonesian serialization in Shonen Magz

¹ Sources: Elex Media STO 21 July 2010 (release schedule) and Komikologi (synopsis, except where indicated)
² All manga and manhwa are priced at IDR 16,500 each. Shonen Magz 74/2010 remains at IDR 27,000/volume.
³ Links like this are Amazon.com search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.

Iamque opus exegi,
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