Female Wolf's Boy 9, Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 8, Kimi ga Suki ~ I Love You ~ 3 of 3 (m&c! 24 November 2010 manhwa and manga)

Female Wolf's Boy 9 (m&c!)

[Female Wolf's BOY] © Han YuRang/Samyang
Published in Indonesia as Female Wolf's Boy by Gramedia/m&c!

If she's a girl?
If she's a girl, what then?

That's the thorny question Mister Gang alias JaeHee poses to his best bud who warns him off “He's a boy!” EunSoo in the latest Female Wolf's Boy 9. And not to [SPOIL!] or anything but I really, really want to point out that FWB 9 represents even more of a watershed than volume 8 in plot development terms and strongly urge you to GET!. As I tweeted to m&c! (@mnccomics), volume 9 makes the emotional (and considerable financial) investment in the soonjung manhwa—and JaeHee × EunSoo—worth it. (Not to mention confirming my Conspiracy Theory about JaeHee's knowledge or lack thereof of EunSoo's true gender.)

For Sin HoWon fangirls (fanboys?), don't despair. HoWon here is the ult jjang. (Tweep @dalina02 of the Typical Shoujo Triad confirms.)

Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 8 of 13+ by Sawada Hirofumi

Hyota/Yoshitsune finds you really can't escape destiny in Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 8, this m&c! sked's top DO WANT!

Kiyomori falls ill and trouble in the capital escalates, with everyone on a hair trigger reacting to the slightest provocation. Despite his illness, Kiyomori decides to leave his residence and news of his departure reaches Hyota.

What upheaval will the impending reunion between Genji's Chosen Hyota and Heike Clan head Kiyomori bring to the already beleaguered city?

Kimi ga Suki ~ I Love You ~ 3 of 3 by Watanabe Ayu

Kimi ga Suki ~ I Love You ~ 3 (m&c!)

I haven't forgotten him.
I still haven't forgotten Mase.

Aki blurts these words out to Hojo, wounding not only her boyfriend but also good friend Natsumi.

What will happen to this guilt-ridden relationship now that Aki has given in to her “selfishness”?

Despite m&c! maintaining that Inilah buku terakhir dari serial Kimi ga Suki ~ I Love You ~!!!, there's actually a sequel: Kimi ga Suki Plus, which was later followed by Kimi ga Suki Plus Pink Passion Version, a side story enclosed in the Genshoku Tsundere Danshi Semekare anthology. (Guess who's teh couple in both.)

If you lurve Watanabe Ayu-sensei's Kleenex alert! Betsufure manga, you might want to request m&c! for キミがスキPLUS. But hopefully not before you finish Kimi ga Suki chapters 9-12: Conflict, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Proof and I Love You. (These are NOT m&c! titles; they're JShojo's scanlation chapter titles.)

KOLONI local comics

Proudly Indonesian GNs streeting on the 24th include a Ramayana-inspired shounen romp exploding with action, ultimate weapons and... a bunch of bananas. Less fruity but no less intriguing is a cat's quest to transform back into a human before the ninth full moon permanently traps him in feline anatomy. (The first refers to Pancanaka by Ino Septian and the second to Purnama Kesembilan by Hira Habibi.)

m&c! manga, manhwa and manhua (2010.11.24)

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  1. Be a Naughty Girl (Delinquent Lesson) 2 of 5 by Yeon Doo, Kim YeVin
  2. Be a Naughty Girl 2 (m&c!)

    Delinquent Lesson날라리수업
    by Yeon Doo, Kim YeVin
    Daiwon C.I. Issue, soonjung
    Volume 2 first published in Korea 2006.09

  3. Female Wolf's Boy 9 of 17 by Han YuRang
  4. Female Wolf's Boy 9 (m&c!)

    [Female Wolf's BOY]
    암컷늑대의 보이 (암컷늑대의 Boy)
    by Han YuRang
    Samyang (Kkonnim), soonjung
    Volume 9 first published in Korea 2007.10

    Based on the Korean Internet novel 암컷늑대의 BOY by i쿠키i조아 (iCookieiLike).

  5. How to be a Man (Otona ni Naru Houhou) 4 of 8 by Yamada Nanpei
  6. How to be a Man 4 (m&c!)

    Otona ni Naru Houhouオトナになる方法
    by Yamada Nanpei
    Hakusensha, shoujo
    Volume 4 (bunko) first published in Japan 2001.06

    Related series
    Part of Yamada Nanpei's Kumiko & Shingo series (Series 6).

  7. Kimi ga Suki ~ I Love You ~ (Kimi ga Suki) 3 of 3 by Watanabe Ayu [Finale]
  8. Kimi ga Suki ~ I Love You ~ 3 (m&c!)

    Kimi ga Sukiキミがスキ」 by Watanabe Ayu
    Kodansha Betsufure, shoujo
    Volume 3 (chapters 9-12) first published in Japan 2007.11

    Related series
    Kimi ga Suki Plus (sequel; one volume) and Kimi ga Suki Plus Pink Passion Version (side story included in the fourth Genshoku Tsundere Danshi anthology, Genshoku Tsundere Danshi Semekare)

  9. Long Hu Men (Oriental Heroes) 173: Malapetaka Mayat Hidup! by Tony Wong
  10. Secret 3 of 10 by Han YuRang
  11. Secret 3 (m&c!)

    Secret비밀 SECRET」 by Han YuRang
    Samyang (Kkonnim) soonjung
    Volume 3 first published in Korea 2006.08

  12. Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War (Shanaou Yoshitsune: Genpei no Kassen) 8 of 13+ by Sawada Hirofumi
  13. The Story of Wang Fenglei Book Seven by Tony Wong & Dick Kwong

m&c! KOLONI local comics (2010.11.24)

  1. [Premiere] Pancanaka by Ino Septian
  2. [Premiere] Purnama Kesembilan by Hira Habibi

¹ Source: m&c! (artwork and release advisory)
² Manga are priced at IDR 16,500 each, except How to be a Man 4 (SRP: 20,000). All the soonjung manhwa—Be a Naughty Girl 2, Female Wolf's Boy 9 and Secret 3—retail for IDR 18,500/volume. Long Hu Men 173 and The Story of Wang Fenglei Book Seven carry price tags of IDR 60,000 and IDR 85,000 respectively.

Previews continued

Be a Naughty Girl 2 of 5 by Yeon Doo, Kim YeVin

A girl named Bo Ra offers to help Yeong Won and after contact lenses, make-up and hair dye, presto! Instant delinquent!

The makeover should've given Yeong Won the guts to win over Kang Ha Ru, but it seems the Naughty Girl is only naughty on the surface. Inside she remains Pure Geek!

How to be a Man 4 of 8 by Yamada Nanpei

Kumiko helps defuse Shingo's anger at Ayumu for not telling him about taking the admissions exam for a different junior high.

After grade school graduation, middle-schooler Shingo starts worrying about what people might say about his relationship with Kumiko. So much so that he makes Kumiko pretend to be his sister and forbids her from visiting his school!

How to be a Man is really an Up Down Romance in more ways than one, and volume 4 proves it.

Secret 3 of 10 by Han YuRang

For Hae Ri's sake, Bo Eun distances herself from Mu Hyul. She pretends to be playboy Ryu Jin Sol's girlfriend.

Unfazed, Mu Hyul doesn't back off from acting as Bo Eun's “knight” and continues to probe into Bo Eun's father's suicide. Unearthing baby clothes, Mu Hyul begins to suspect that Bo Eun's mother gave birth to her in his parents' hospital, the same day that Hae Rang and Hae Ri were born.

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