Idol Shopping 5, Song of Love 7, Dawn Aria 7 (m&c! 1 December 2010 manhwa and manga) [UPDATED]

Edited to correct the initially reversed Goodbye but I Love You summary (sawry for the mislead)

Idol Shopping 5 (m&c!)

[Idol Shopping] © Hwang MiRee/Samyang
Published in Indonesia by PT Gramedia/m&c!

I never expected Hwang SeRyun to headline my 1,000th blog post, but that's serendipity for you. In the latest Idol Shopping, m&c!'s “stepchild” manhwa (it shares its translator and editor with the speedier Female Wolf's Boy), SeRyun goes jjang and vows to protect Kang Ahul from Seo GaYoon — after learning of Ahul's love confession to the megane bishie/bully.

If you're a SeRyun fangirl, I endorse an Idol Shopping 5 GET!
(Rated 7.75 of 10 ♥)

Jealous-green fireworks explode when SeRyun finds out that not only has GaYoon played Ahul, but—more egregiously—is plotting to visit the same fate on Ahul's twin. (See whether you should root for SeRyun or give GaYoon the benefit of the doubt by getting Idol Shopping 5.)

My 1,000th post also top-bills the penultimate Song of Love/Eden no Trill

Song of Love 7 of 8 by Fujita Maki

After finally making peace with her new family, Ritsu discovers a new passion for her vocal arts detour. But her enthusiasm deflates in the face of the girl who successfully extinguished tensai Takamura Eiri's musical fire.

As if contending with a blast from her roommate's past weren't enough, Ritsu also encounters a ghost from her own—a couple, actually—her beloved twin and biological father.

How will Ritsu's sib and dad take to their reunion with Ritsu? Consult Song of Love 7 for the answer.


All shoujo manga omnibuses: 1/6 Jump by Satsuki Mikiko, Goodbye but I Love You by Yagami Rina and Love Blooms by Kayoru. I had trouble choosing between the second Bullying, Student-Teacher Sayonara demo Aishiteru and third Childhood Friends Yukisaki ♥ Koisaki to feature Above The Cut. (Despite being similarly friends-troped, Satsuki Mikiko's 1/6 Ja~npu!, an ex-Cherry serial, wasn't even in the running, largely because the Goodbye but I Love You cover promises breathless romance, if not moar angst). So, going with Goodbye... (You can still read my other newbies blah-blah if you scroll down.)

Goodbye but I Love You (m&c!)

Sayonara demo Aishiteru
© Yagami Rina/Shogakukan
(Original story:
Nicola-Dokusha Yurita-Chan)
Published in Indonesia as
Goodbye but I Love You
by PT Gramedia/m&c!

How would you feel if the person you like suddenly sez she wants to break up with you? Do you start hating her or...?

Yutaka chooses the Or... alternative because breaking up out of the blue doesn't make sense. Sure, he was the one who proposed to Mariya, and even if that was originally because she helped him out of an entrance exams pinch, lately, they'd been getting closer.

So, really, what gives with her I like someone else bit??

[Additions from Midnight Scans' Sayonara demo Aishiteru summary, excerpted by Baka-Updates Manga]

Goodbye but I Love You compiles four stories, the first two: Goodbye but I Love You ~ Yutaka's Side and Goodbye but I Love You ~ Mariya's Side telling of Yutaka and Mariya's It's complicated relationship from their respective viewpoints. I was attracted to this manga because its twin POV title christeners evoke Fujiwara Yoshiko's I Hate You But I Love You, up to and including the one-third Big Misunderstanding. So if you lurved the former, you prolly will enjoy the latter. Of Mariya and Yutaka's versions, I prefer Yutaka's Side. (Also favorite Yuuya's take over Mao's in I Hate You But I Love You.)

If I rate IHYBILY - Hatori (Yuuya)'s Version a 9 to 10 of 10, then GBILY ~ Yutaka's Side gets a 7. Mao's IHYBILY was around 7.75-8.25; in comparison, GBILY ~ Mariya's Side gets a 5 (both ratings dropped because of that 30-40% Big Mis). In terms of cover art though, I rate GBILY's a 9 of 10, while IHYBILY's scores a 7.75.

The remaining GBILY stories, 1% Miracle, the Student-Teacher story I would've rated 5 of 10 (and 3 of that was for the Biseinen Sensei's chara design), had it not been for the last five pages which bumped the eventual grade up to 6.25, and Love Me Sweet and Cold, a classic shoujo set-up proficiently executed thereby obtaining it a 6 of 10 for story and a 7 of 10 for the characterization.

So all in all, I deem Goodbye but I Love You a competent take on shoujo conventions and recommend it as a Rent if you're not that convinced to Buy.

Yagami Rina-sensei also created the vampire-troped Bloody Kiss, ongoing serialization in Sho-Comi; the shoujo smut Kareshi Toshishitakei; and the bishounen-strong Kimi o Omou Toki (the latter two are standalones).

MANGAZINES: Cherry 49/2010

Cherry 49/2010 - Front cover: Color of Sky, Color of Love

Sorairo Koiiro
© Ichikawa Show
Shogakukan [Sho-Comi]

Color of Sky, Color of Love lands the Cherry 49 cover. Apparently, Ichikawa Show's reverse harem Sorairo Koiiro空色恋色」 debuted when I wasn't looking because Episode 2 is on page 31 of the latest Indonesian Sho-Comi / ChuChu / Ciao / Flower Comics mangazine. Color of Sky, Color of Love's heroine Sora is the only girl in a science class comprising all boys, a predicament similar to Ah, dear Banchou!'s Souka.

Ichikawa Show-sensei is also the manga-ka of Let's Go Home—one of my all-time fave recurrent reread manga (with a megane bishie hero)—so I will be looking out for the eventual tankou release of Color of Sky, Color of Love (that reportedly includes the otaku-troped Sore demo Yappari Kimi ga Suki oneshot).

But I'm jumping the gun. Here are the rest of Cherry's ongoing Shogakukan serials (with a Beauty Pop extra Hysteric Heart slipped in on page 290 now that Stage 2 has wrapped): Love ♥ Deco by Jinna Mai (this issue: Episode 4); My Lovely Class Leader by Nishimura Tomoko (Episode 24); The Ring of God by Obara Shou (Episode 2); Dawn Aria by Akaishi Michiyo (Episode 26; volume 7 also streets on the 1st); and 7 Centi! by Nanajima Kana (Memory 6).

It seems that Kiss & Harmony (likely Takamiya Satoru's Koyoi Oto Furu Sora no Shita romance, starring Miyabi who has lost her voice and Yue who tries to bring her back to the world of sound) also premiered unbeknownst to me because its Lesson 2 can be found on page 138. Two more oneshots complete Cherry 49: Princess Yuki's Birth (page 234) and The Prince and The Poor (page 330), the latter bearing the same title as komikus Lily Zhai's romance comedy The Prince and The Poor, a KOLONI local comic. (Could they be one and same?)

m&c! manga, manhwa and manhua (2010.12.01)

Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details and cover scans.

  1. [Premiere] 1/6 Jump (1/6 Ja~npu!) by Satsuki Mikiko
  2. 1/6 Jump (m&c!)

    1/6 Ja~npu!1/6じゃーんぷっ!
    by Satsuki Mikiko
    Shogakukan ChuChu, shoujo
    This anthology (three stories) first published in Japan 2008.10

    Cherry (concluded)

  3. Dawn Aria (Akatsuki no ARIA) 7 of 10+ by Akaishi Michiyo
  4. Dawn Aria 7 (m&c!)

    Akatsuki no ARIA暁のARIA
    by Akaishi Michiyo
    Shogakukan Flowers, josei
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2009.05

    Cherry (ongoing)

  5. [Premiere] Goodbye but I Love You (Sayonara demo Aishiteru) by Yagami Rina
  6. Goodbye but I Love You (m&c!)

    Sayonara demo Aishiteruさよならでも愛してる
    by Yagami Rina
    (Original story: Nicola - Dokusha Yurita - Chan)
    Shogakukan Flower Comics, shoujo
    This anthology (four stories) first published in Japan 2009.10

  7. Idol Shopping 5 of 12 by Hwang MiRee
  8. Idol Shopping 5 (m&c!)

    Idol Shopping아이돌 쇼핑
    by Hwang MiRee
    Samyang (Kkonnim), soonjung
    Volume 5 first published in Korea 2008.12

  9. [Premiere] Love Blooms (Yukisaki ♥ Koisaki) by Kayoru
  10. Love Blooms (m&c!)

    Yukisaki ♥ Koisaki雪咲・恋咲」 by Kayoru
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    This anthology (four stories) first published in Japan 2009.05

  11. Song of Love (Eden no Trill) 7 of 8 by Fujita Maki
  12. Song of Love 7 (m&c!)

    Eden no Trill楽園のトリル」 by Fujita Maki
    Akita Shoten Princess, shoujo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2009.10

    Other languages
    English Trill on Eden (Go! Comi; cancelled), French (Asuka Trill on Eden tome 8 ships 2010.12.02)

  13. The Impeccable Twins Final Chapters 13 of 20: Dalang Iblis (bagian kedua) by Khu Lung, Cai Jing Dong

m&c! KOLONI local comics (2010.12.01)

  1. [Premiere] Dharmaputra by Alex Izraqi
  2. [Premiere] Sejejak Mimpi by S Y S, Cosmic Afro, Kat
  3. [Premiere] Sketsa Purnama by Andry Permana

[RE-STO] Reissues (2010.12.01)

¹ Source: m&c! (artwork and release advisory)
² GN are priced at IDR 16,500 each, except the reissued Miiko Fan Book and Watase Yuu's Manga Manual Manga Yuugi (SRP: IDR 18,500). Soonjung manhwa Idol Shopping 5 carries the same price tag. The Impeccable Twins Final Chapters 13 manhua and KOLONI's Dharmaputra retail for IDR 17,500/volume, while Cherry 49 is priced at IDR 22,500.

Previews continued...

New Titles

1/6 Jump by Satsuki Mikiko

Kanna, Sosuke, Hisashi, Megumi, Masumi and Misono live in one apartment complex. Kanna is the most cheerful of the lot, more interested in fun than romance.

So how come Kanna admits she's fallen in love with Sosuke? Is it because she's got a rival?

[Additions from Intercross's 1/6 Ja~npu! synopsis, excerpted by Baka-Updates Manga]

Aside from antho christener 1/6 Jump, this volume also contains Love, speed and P*M (NOT m&c! titles).

Previously, m&c! published Satsuki Mikiko-sensei's Love Puzzle and Naze Nani Honey?. S/he also contributed to the First Kiss anthology (released by Level the same day Love Puzzle and Naze Nani Honey? streeted), along with Miyasaka Kaho (Love Affair), Minami Kanan (Today, The Love Begin), Nakamura Sayumi (5PM I Fall in Love), Yuina Haga, Fukami Sakana (Ira×Ira) and Ibuki Kaede (Vampire Crisis).

Love Blooms by Kayoru

Love Blooms (m&c!)

Yukisaki ♥ Koisaki © Kayoru
Published in Indonesia as
Love Blooms by m&c!

I am NOT discriminating against 1/6 Jump; the Love Blooms front cover is here because m&c!'s differs from the Yukisaki ♥ Koisaki tankou's. (The original 雪咲・恋咲 front cover art appears on the back of m&c!'s edition.)

From the beginning, my place has been beside you...

Yuki has long loved Dai-chan, but her childhood friend continues to treat her like a kid. It is only when Yuki has a major falling out with him that the older guardian realizes his feelings...

[Additions from Midnight Scans' Yukisaki Koisaki description, excerpted by Baka-Updates Manga]

Also contains shorts Dream Love, Dangerous Lesson and His Secret. Baka-Updates Manga collates synopses for the first two: Dream Love is the story of shy Chiho who is confessed to by crush Tomohiro while he's under hypnosis; Dangerous Lesson's Toudou Natsu is about to find out that there's more to the trainee teacher at school than just thick glasses.

Kayoru-sensei's other shoujo drama include the Student-Teacher troped Zutto Suki Datta Kuse ni and a love triangle twist Kare wa, Ano Ko no Mono, which takes the side of “the other girl.”


KOLONI: Sketsa Purnama (m&c!)

Sketsa Purnama
© Andry Permana

Three more titles swell KOLONI's comic trove: Alex Izraqi's Dharmaputra, an action adventure featuring Ra Kuti, Ra Semi and five other elite warriors sworn to protect the Majapahit monarch; Sejejak Mimpi from S Y S, Cosmic Afro and Kat, about a magical book that has the power to solve the problems of whomever peruses it; and Sketsa Purnama by Andry Permana, a Death Note-esque story of an artist whose brush strokes deal death.

Ongoing series

Dawn Aria 7 of 10+ by Akaishi Michiyo

Aria receives a disturbing letter from Tsukio-san, currently in France. What makes the missive unsettling are the drops of blood spattered on it. What could have happened to Tsukio-san?

Meanwhile, Beniko refuses to let Natsuo go and tries all sorts of ploys to prevent Natsuo from leaving.

UP NEXT: 8 December 2010 manga, manhua and bande dessinée

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