Goong [Palace Story] 22: Is there a baby on the way? (m&c! street date: 19 January 2011)

No, no baby. Yet. We just wanted to get your attention.

Goong [Palace Story] (m&c!)

Goong © Park SoHee/Seoul Cultural Publishers [Serialized in Wink]
Published in Indonesia as Goong [Palace Story] by Gramedia/m&c!

Goong 22 soonjung manhwa: Thoughts and Impressions

By Lina-chan (Some rights reserved)
Rated: 9/10

Finally, we see some significant development this volume. Shin asks Chae Kyeong to go on a vacation and even dares to propose to her: Would you marry me (again)? Aw... that's so sweet but Chae Kyeong, only stunned couldn't give Shin his answer. Poor Shin.

Meanwhile, King Lee (finally) takes the initiative to encourage The Crown Prince to improve his relationship with Chae Kyeong to, in his words, a higher level. We can take this to mean a journey to smut but we must wait for volume 23 to be released by m&c! to be sure.

As usual there's no essential silliness involving retainers Kasim Gong, Dayang Han and Yul and Mi-Ru.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the development of the plot. A message to this Royal Couple: please make a cute baby.

Rated 9/10

Goong [Palace Story] 22 released by m&c! 2011.01.19

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