Team Medical Dragon 14, Red River 3, Rainbow 20 (Level Comics 2 February 2011 manga)

Team Medical Dragon 14 (Level Comics)

Iryuu -Team Medical Dragon- © Nogizaka Taro & Nagai Akira/Shogakukan
[Serialized in Big Comic Superior]
Published in Indonesia as Team Medical Dragon by Elex Media/Level Comics

In his quest to become the ideal physician, Noboru opts out of Team Batista and joins the surgical team of Kirishima Gunji as second assistant. Problems arise when Noboru finds anomalies in the decision to take a graft in the operation. Professor Takeo then capitalizes on Noboru's “findings” to discredit Gunji.

Can Gunji acquit himself of the allegations against him? More importantly, can they save the patient? Find out in Team Medical Dragon 14, out now.

Red River 3 of 28 by Shinohara Chie

Yuri regains consciousness after having been poisoned and manages to evade the pursuit of Zuwa. But Talos blocks her way and demands that Yuri stand and fight against Zuwa. What is Talos' intention? And can Yuri win against Zuwa?

Rainbow 20 of 22 by Abe George & Kakizaki Masasumi

Mario, trying to save Setsuko from the criminals of M Loan, suffers severe beating at the hands of the boss. Bob, too, fails to eliminate the other juvies in Building 2 Cell 6 and Mario himself refuses to yield. Mario threatens to counter with a grenade, but in their escape, Mario and Setsuko are checked by the flames enveloping the hangar, prompting Mario to tell Setsuko, Save yourself...

Level Comics manga and manhwa (2011.02.02)

  1. [RESKED] Brave Story (Brave Story - Shinsetsu) 4 of 20 by Miyabe Miyuki
  2. LC: Brave Story 4

    Brave Story - Shinsetsu
    by Miyabe Miyuki and Ono Yoichiro
    AKA Brave Story: A Retelling of a Classic
    Shinchosha Comic Bunch, seinen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2004.09

    Volume 4 chapters:
    29. Ashikawa of the Shigdra
    30. The Five Orbs
    31. The Mirror of Enternal Darkness
    32. Not Alone
    33. The Unluckiest Assassin
    34. The Act
    35. The Girl Who Hungered for Love
    36. Beserker
    37. Answer
    38. Demon

    Adapted from Miyabe Miyuki-sensei's Brave Story light novel, post its winning the Batchelder Award (for Most Outstanding children's book originally published in a foreign language in a foreign country and subsequently published in English).

    Other languages
    English Brave Story (TOKYOPOP: five volumes; the Brave Story novel was published by VIZ Media 2009.11), French (Kurokawa: Tome 19 shipped 2010.12) and traditional Chinese (Tong Li)

    The novel was adapted into an anime feature by Gonzo, which premiered in Japan on 2006.07.08. Actress/singer Matsu Takako was cast as Mitani Wataru, Wentz Eiji as Ashikawa Mitsuru, Oizumi Yo as Ki-kima, and Imai Miki as the Goddess of Destiny. The film was nominated for Animation of the Year at the 2007 Japanese Academy Awards.

  3. Go Go Hanasaki Detective Office (Go-Go Kochira Shiritsu Hanasaki Tantei Jimusho) 3 of 4 by Watanabe Wataru
  4. Priest 14 of 16+ by Hyung MinWoo
  5. LC: Priest 14

    Priest프리스트」 by Hyung MinWoo
    Daiwon C.I. Champ Comics, seinen
    Volume 14 first published in Korea 2003.11
    Series on hiatus from volume 16

    Other languages
    English Priest (TOKYOPOP: 16 volumes), French (Tokebi; 16 volumes), German (Tokyopop Germany), Polish (Kasen Comics), Italian (J POP), Portuguese (Lumus Brazil) and Japanese (Enterbrain Beam comix)

    A film adaptation starring Cam Gigandet, Paul Bettany and Maggie Q is expected to premiere on 13 May 2011 in the U.S. (Indonesian screening is slated to begin 12 May 2011.)

  6. Rainbow 20 of 22 by Abe George & Kakizaki Masasumi
  7. LC: Rainbow 20

    Rainbow - Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin
    RAINBOW 二舎六房の七人
    by Abe George & Kakizaki Masasumi
    Shogakukan Big Comic Spirits, seinen
    Volume 20 first published in Japan 2008.05

    Volume 20 chapters:
    205. You are the one
    206. Zoom
    207. A new religion
    208. Breakdown
    209. Children of the dawn
    210. Drifting
    211. End of all hope
    212. Firestorm
    213. Gate of heaven
    214. Home sweet home
    215. I can

    Best Seinen/General Manga, 51st Shogakukan Manga Awards (2005), tied with Kawaguchi Kaiji's A Spirit of the Sun

    Other languages
    French (Kazé: Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin tome 16 shipped 2011.01.13) and traditional Chinese (Sharp Point Press Taiwan RAINBOW少年犯罪檔案 21 per 2010.12)

    A 26-episode anime adaptation by Madhouse, starring Oguri Shun (Minakami Mario), Kanjiya Shihori (Setsuko), Koyama Rikiya (Sakuragi Rokurouta/An-chan), Park Romi (Maeda Noboru AKA Suppon/Turtle), Fujiwara Keiji (Nomoto Ryuuji/Baremoto or Scam), Waki Tomohiro (Matsuura Mansaku/Cabbage), Kuroda Takaya (Tooyama Tadayoshi/Heitai or Soldier) and Hasome Tatsuya (Yokosuka Jou/Joe), aired in Japan between April and September 2010.

  8. Red River (Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori) 3 of 28 by Shinohara Chie
  9. LC: Red River 3

    Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori
    by Shinohara Chie
    AKA Anatolia Story
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    Volume 3 (chapters 8-10) first published in Japan 1995.11

    Best Shoujo Manga, 46th Shogakukan Manga Awards (2000)

    Other languages
    English Red River (VIZ Media; 28 volumes), Italian Anatolia Story (Editions Star Comics; 28 volumes), German (EMA/Egmont Manga and Anime), Vietnamese Dòng Sông Huyền Bí (Tre Publishing House) and traditional Chinese 赤河戀影 (Tong Li Taiwan)

    Eight drama CDs were released between 1997 and 2003.

    An artbook (Japan release: 1999.02.24), fanbook (2002.07.26) and a two-volume novel adaptation 天は赤い河のほとり 外伝 魔が時代の黎明 written and illustrated by Shinohara Chie-sensei (2007.05 and 2007.09)

  10. Team Medical Dragon 14 of 25+ by Nogizaka Taro & Nagai Akira
  11. LC: Team Medical Dragon 14

    Iryuu -Team Medical Dragon-医龍
    by Nogizaka Taro, Nagai Akira, Yoshinuma Mie (Medical Supervisor)
    Shogakukan Big Comic Superior, seinen
    Volume 14 first published in Japan 2007.07

    Volume 14 chapters:
    107. 最強の鎧
    108. お返し
    109. 意見
    110. 口止め
    111. ミルク
    112. 欲しいもの
    113. 弔い
    114. 特権

    Winner, Best Seinen/General Manga, 50th Shogakukan Manga Awards

    Other languages
    French (Glénat: tome 14 per 2010.11 • tome 15 street date: 2011.02.16)

    Two seasons of the live-action adaptation, starring Sakaguchi Kenji (Asada Ryutaro), aired on Fuji TV (Season 1: April to June 2006; Season 2: October to December 2007). The series won the Best Drama award at the 49th Television Drama Academy Awards.

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  • Priest 14 by Hyung MinWoo: Ivan finally comes face to face with Armand, but is powerless against the strength of the right-hand man of fallen angel Temozarela. But his defeat only causes Ivan's determination to burn all the hotter, and he vows to slaughter anyone who gets in his way.

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