Love is Everywhere manga recommendation: Kiss & Regret by Nanao Mio ♥ Awww, he likes her [UPDATED]

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Kiss & Regret (m&c!)

Kiss to Koukai © Nanao Mio/Shogakukan
[First serialized in Cheese! Zoukan]
Published in Indonesia as Kiss & Regret by Gramedia/m&c!

Kiss & Regret by Nanao Mio ♥ Awww, he likes her
Review/recommendation by huamulan03

Compiles five stories:

1) Kiss and Regret
Middle-schooler Chihiro shies away just as childhood pal Daiki leans in to kiss her and lives to regret it, especially now in high school, when Daiki already has a girlfriend.

Nik sez...
Rating: 7.5/10
Okay, I admit to taking this standalone home for the art, and Daiki looking pained as Chihiro rambles on about the love and romance she will find in senior high grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go. But beyond pretty draftsmanship, Chihiro's lasting regret over her momentary cowardice resonated. It reminded me of just how precious even an instant could be, and the sobering difficulty of recognizing opportunity when it presents itself.

Second only to Daiki's pining junior high love is senior high Daiki's breaking up with the girlfriend (who mercifully doesn't rate even one panel) because she badmouthed you, Chihiro.

Thirdly, there's a Daiki - megane bishie mode On! service and a one-panel comic skit Bus Shelter and Regret.

2) My Beloved Senior
Hinako is the only girl to receive special attention from Katsuragi-senpai, the popular Kyuudo club president protected by his male club-member guards from all girls, not just fangirls. But Hinako's preferential treatment resembles nothing so much as a senior's spartan training of a junior. At first happy over how Katsuragi-senpai diligently takes time to teach her many things, Hinako later questions why her so-called enviable position saddens her.

Nik sez...
Rating: 6/10
Of course Katsuragi-senpai has an agenda. Guess what happens when he finds Hinako alone and asleep after yet another round of hard training. The word starts with K and ends with S.

3) Can't Falling (sic) in Love with You
Yui vehemently refuses to have her little brother's friend Haruka stay over at her house for the three days his parents are away. Why?

Nik sez...
Rating: 6/10
Older Woman/Younger Man, obviously. When Yui's friend tells her to get a boyfriend, the first thing out of Yui's mouth is Can he be a middle-schooler? Yup, our dear Yui lusts for pretty boy Haruka and has to fight to keep herself from jumping his bones. Is this restraint what Haruka wants? What do you think?

4) Give Me Your Button!
Yuki plays pranks on Tomoya because she likes him. Her last one before they graduate — writing Suki (I like you) on the back of his gakuran's second button. What is Yuki supposed to do when Tomoya says Yes to another girl before graduation? Why, get that incriminating button, of course.

Nik sez...
Rating: 6/10
Semi-meh hijinks as Yuki tries to sneak Tomoya's gakuran to pull off that button, subverted when Tomoya actually *gives* Yuki the jacket to wear and subverted *again* when Yuki Freudian slip returns Tomoya's jacket to him. I would've given this a lower grade as my mind wandered as I read, but the rating stayed at 6 because of three counts of Tomoya sugoi-ness: He gets mad at Yuki for telling him not worry (Does having a girlfriend negate my concern for you?); his I told you not to force yourself to smile after Yuki finally confesses to him and then runs away in tears; and what he does with that button in the end.

5) Half Gone, Love Remains
A broken school festival sign and a common love for music makes best buds out of Naru and Yamato. That is until Naru loses all hearing in her right ear and she keeps her condition from Yamato a secret.

Nik sez...
Rating: 6.5/10
I like, like, LIKE that Yamato realizes Naru's condition before she tells him. You know what that implies.

The stories didn't turn out as angsty as the title intimated (they're actually verging on twee) and the bishies are such eye-candy. If you can't persuade yourself to buy, at least borrow or rent. Actually, Lina-chan concurs on that last point, having given Kiss & Regret a grade of 6.5/10. While she agrees with me that The artwork is beautiful, she found the storyline plain to the point of no doki-doki.

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Kiss to Koukai © Nanao Mio/Shogakukan. No infringement intended.

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