Only Black Butler 4 (Chuang Yi 22 February 2011 English manga)

Chuang Yi's manga advisory changed between the five(?) hours from when I first checked this morning till my latest afternoon reconfirm. The English Pokemon Adventures 35 and the simplified Chinese Defense Devil 6 went from Coming soon at 2011-02-22 to date-less in that interim.

Black Butler 4 (Chuang Yi)

Kuroshitsuji © Toboso Yana/
Square Enix [GFantsy]
Published in Singapore
as Black Butler
by Chuang Yi

Only one English release means I can quote CY's Black Butler 4 (ISBN 978-981-4341-13-4; SRP: SGD 8.90) preview up here:

London — the capital of the Great Empire — is once again under siege, as a string of bizarre attacks on British citizens returned from India sends rumours flying and casts a pall upon Queen Victoria's rule. Sent in by Her Majesty, young Earl Phantomhive and his most capable butler, Sebastian, follow a trail that collides head-on with an Indian youth who claims to be a prince. And this prince possesses an extraordinary butler of his own! As an intense rivalry between the two butlers begins to form, will the kitchen be the dueling duo's final battleground?

Black Butler 4 contains chapters 15 through 19: That Butler, Freeloader, That Butler, Foreigner, That Butler, Competing, That Butler, Shadow and That Butler, Different Talent (NOT Chuang Yi's titles).

Chuang Yi English manga (2011.02.22)

  1. Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) 4 of 11+ by Toboso Yana
  2. Kuroshitsuji黒執事」 by Toboso Yana
    Square Enix GFantasy, shounen
    Volume 4 (chapters 15-19) first published in Japan 2008.05

    Other languages
    Alternative English Black Butler (Yen Press: four volumes per 2011.01 • volume 5 street date: 2011.04.26), French (Kana: Black Butler tome 5 per 2010.11 • tome 6 2011.03.04), German (Carlsen Comics: Black Butler Band 6 street date: 2011.04.22), Indonesian (Elex Media: vol. 9 released 2010.11), traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 黑執事 10 per 2010.11) and simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 黑执事 #8 released 2010.02.24)

    The 24-episode A-1 Pictures anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Ono Daisuke (Sebastian Michaelis) and Sakamoto Maaya (Ciel Phantomhive), aired in Japan from October 2008 to March 2009. An unaired OAV side story, Kuroshitsuji: Sono Shitsuji, Kōgyō, shipped with DVD volume 9.

    A 12-episode second series—Kuroshitsuji II—aired between July and September 2010. The new master and butler pair designed by Toboso Yana, butler Claude Faustus and master Alois Trancy, were voiced by Sakurai Takahiro and Mizuki Nana.

    Two audio dramas preceded the anime. The first Kuroshitsuji Drama CD, released August 2007 by Geneon Entertainment, featured seiyuu Morikawa Toshiyuki, Takashiro Genki, Suzuki Chihiro, and Seki Tomokazu. The second Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Karei Naru Drama CD, released November 2008 by Sony Music Entertainment, featured the anime cast.

    A musical adaptationThat Butler, Friendship—enjoyed a theater run from May 28, 2009 to June 7, 2009. The second Musical Black Butler, The Most Beautiful Death in The World, A Thousand Soul and The Fallen Grim Reapers stage musical had Matsushita Yuya reprising his role as Sebastian Michaelis. Nishii Yukito replaced Sakamoto Shougo as Ciel Phantomhive in the second musical that ran between 3 and 23 May 2010 in Japan.

    Black Butler Character Guide “That Butler, Assembles” (2008.02) • The TV Animation Black Butler Black Record (2009.03) • Rainbow Butler official comics anthology (2009.03)

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¹ Source: Chuang Yi per 21 February 2011
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As for the simplified Chinese titles streeting Tuesday — can you identify these two?

Chuang Yi simplified Chinese manga and manhua (2011.02.22)

会长是女仆 #11 and 火凤燎原 #40 (Chuang Yi)

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! © Fujiwara Hiro/Hakusensha [LaLa]
Huo Feng Liao Yuan © Chan Mou/Tong Li [New Youth]

Of course, they are Fujiwara Hiro's Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and Chan Mou's The Ravages of Time, 会长是女仆 volume #11 on the left and 火凤燎原 #40 on the right.

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