Perfect Girl Evolution 22, Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy 3, Aflame Inferno 4 (Level Comics 16 February 2011 manga and manhwa)

Over Rev 17 also shows up in the 23rd February STO, aside from the 16th's, so omitting it from this sked and lobbing into next week's.

Perfect Girl Evolution 22 (Level Comics)

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge © Hayakawa Tomoko/Kodansha
[Serialized in Betsufure]
Published in Indonesia as Perfect Girl Evolution by Elex Media/Level Comics

Dark Princess Sunako draws the eye of a mystery man at a Halloween costume party in Perfect Girl Evolution 22, Manten's profits dive into the red after new prexy Tominaga takes the helm in Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy 3 and the battle between Gehenna and Pandemonium looms inevitable in Aflame Inferno 4. Just some compelling stuff to expect from this Wednesday's Level manga and manhwa release.

Level Comics manga and manhwa (2011.02.16)

  1. A Spirit of The Sun (Taiyou no Mokushiroku) 8 of 17 by Kawaguchi Kaiji
  2. LC: A Spirit of The Sun 8

    Taiyou no Mokushiroku太陽の黙示録
    by Kawaguchi Kaiji
    Shogakukan Big Comic, seinen
    Volume 8 (chapters 52-58) first published in Japan 2005.04

    Best Seinen/General Manga, 51st Shogakukan Manga Awards
    Grand Prize winner for the comic category, 10th Japan Media Arts Festival

    Adapted into an anime special by Madhouse (two episodes)

  3. Aflame Inferno 4 of 6+ by Lim DallYoung & Kim KwangHyun
  4. LC: Aflame Inferno 4

    Aflame Inferno불꽃의 인페르노
    by Lim DallYoung & Kim KwangHyun
    Haksan, seinen
    Volume 4 first published in Korea 2007.08

  5. Air Gear 19 of 31+ by Oh! great
  6. LC: Air Gear 19

    AirGearエア・ギア」 by Oh! great
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 19 first published in Japan 2007.11

    Best Shounen Manga, 2006 Kodansha Manga Awards

    Other languages/serializations
    English Air Gear (Del Rey: Volume 15-17 released 2010.08.31), Korean (Haksan), traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi Singapore: volume 28 per 2010.08), French (Pika Édition tome 25 shipped 2011.01.05), Italy (Planet Manga), Germany (Heyne) and Sweden (Schibsted Förlagen Sverige AB/serialized in Manga Mania)

    A 25-episode anime by Toei Animation, starring Kamakari Kenta as Ikki, a series of Satelight-animated OADs shipped with the manga tankoubon (Air Gear: Kuro no Hane to Nemuri no Mori -Break on the Sky- OAD streeted with volume 29 in July 2010 with seiyuu Okamoto Nobuhiko as Ikki; the second OAD is expected to street with volume 31 on 2011.03.17), and a series of musicals

  7. Bambino! 9 of 15 by Sekiya Tetsuji
  8. LC: Bambino! 9

    Bambino!バンビ~ノ!」 by Sekiya Tetsuji
    Shogakukan Big Comic Spirits, seinen
    Volume 9 (chapters 88-98) first published in Japan 2007.07

    Best Seinen/General Manga, 53rd Shogakukan Manga Awards (tied with Kuromaru- & Natsuhara Takeshi's The Black Swindler/Kurosagi)

    Related series
    Bambino! Secondo (sequel; six volumes per 2011.02.26)

    An 11-episode live-action adaptation starring Matsumoto Jun (Shogo Ban) and Kitamura Kazuki (Yonamine Tsukasa/Yona-san) aired on NTV from April to June 2007. The TV series reaped four awards at the 53rd Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor (Matsumoto Jun), Supporting Actor (Kazuki Kitamura), Best Director and a Special Award.

  9. Gun Smith Cats Burst 2 of 5 by Sonoda Kenichi
  10. LC: Gun Smith Cats Burst 2

    Gun Smith Cats Burst
    by Sonoda Kenichi
    Kodansha Afternoon, seinen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2005.01

    Related series
    Gun Smith Cats (prequel, 9 of 9 volumes)

    Other languages
    English Gunsmith Cats Burst (Dark Horse Comics; 5 volumes) and French (Glenat tome 5 released 2010.03)

  11. Historie 5 of 6+ by Iwaaki Hitoshi
  12. LC: Historie 5

    Historieヒストリエ」 by Iwaaki Hitoshi
    Kodansha Afternoon, seinen
    Volume 5 (chapters 39-48) first published in Japan 2009.02

    Finalist, 10th Osamu Tezuka Culture Award

    Other languages
    Traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan)

  13. Last Inning 8 of 29+ by Nakahara Yu, Kamio Ryu
  14. LC: Last Inning 8

    Last Inningラストイニング
    by Nakahara Yu, Kamio Ryu, Katou Kiyoshi
    Shogakukan Big Comic Spirits, seinen
    Volume 8 (chapters 66-77) first published in Japan 2006.01

  15. Perfect Girl Evolution (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge) 22 of 27+ by Hayakawa Tomoko
  16. LC: Perfect Girl Evolution 22

    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
    by Hayakawa Tomoko
    Kodansha Betsufure, shoujo
    Volume 22 first published in Japan 2008.12

    Volume 22 chapters:
    88. Dark Girl on the Beach!
    89. Hotel's Serenade
    90. Sunako Becomes a Star
    91. The Path to Becoming a Dark Lady (Pt. 1)
    *NOT Level's chapter titles

    Other languages
    English The Wallflower (Del Rey: volumes 22-24 per 2010.10; Kodansha Comics by volume 25 [2011.06.21 street date] and Chuang Yi (as My Fair Lady; volume 26 per 2011.02.09), French (Pika Édition: Yamato Nadeshiko tome 13 shipped 2010.12 • tome 14 street date: 2011.04.20), German (EMA/Egmont Manga & Anime from volume 21 onwards)

    Anime by Nippon Animation featuring seiyuu Takaguchi Yukiko (Nakahara Sunako), Morikubo Showtaro (Takano Kyohei), Yamauchi Yuuya (Toyama Yukinojo), Sugita Tomokazu (Takenaga Oda) and Nojima Hirofumi (Mori Ranmaru) aired from October 2006 to March 2007 on Japan's TV Aichi. A live-action renzoku starring Kamenashi Kazuya (Kyohei), Oomasa Aya (Sunako), Tegoshi Yuya (Yukinojo), Uchi Hiroki (Takenaga) and Miyao Shuntaro (Ranmaru) was telecast on TBS from January to March 2010.

  17. Shattered Knife (Oboreru Knife) 7 of 11+ by George Asakura
  18. LC: Shattered Knife 7

    Oboreru Knife溺れるナイフ
    by George Asakura
    Kodansha Betsufure, shoujo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2007.12

  19. Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy (Kachuu Hana) 3 of 12+ by Nishi Yuuji & Hikino Shinji
  20. Kachuu Hana華中華」 by Nishi Yuuji & Hikino Shinji
    AKA Central China Blossom
    Shogakukan Big Comic, seinen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2007.07

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Level Comics European comics/BDs (2011.02.16)

  1. Boule & Bill - Cepat Besar, Bill! by Roba
  2. Cubitus - Teman Siapa Saja by Dupa
  3. Smurf - Bayi Smurf (Le bébé Schtroumpf, tome 12) by Peyo
  4. Yakari - Yakari & Beruang Grizzly (Yakari, Tome 5: Yakari et le grizzly) by Derib, Job

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