[Review] Cynical Kanoko 1 by Tsujita Ririko

Cynical Kanoko 1 (Elex Media cover)

Cynical Kanoko 1 by Tsujita Ririko
Review by Kia (Some rights reserved)
Rating: 7.5/10

Kanoko Naedoko has one hobby a student doesn't normally have, observing others in the wild. How? Her notebook is her best friend. After leaving the first 10 pages clean for safety reasons, she would then write her daily log on classmates she finds interesting. First target lock-on: the school's most popular people love triangle! Tsubaki-Hanai-Natsukusa. Just as she gets engrossed in her lab bunnies, Kanoko who proclaims to be a loner starts to interact with her targets and builds a brand-new relationship we normally call friendship (which she never thought of having). But her “stalking” isn't quite done yet. There are still drama queens, wannabes, narcissists and other interesting classmates ready to fill her notebook. And it seems observing just one school-worth isn't enough? Plus Tsubaki has millions of reasons to show up wherever Kanoko is at?

Thoughts and impressions
One word: Interesting (and not in a dry way). Kanoko is the main character but throughout the first volume she mostly goes behind the curtain. This doesn't happen in most shoujo manga I've read, which obviously ups the intriguing factor. One of the major plots reminded me of my egotistical self and I believe most of us have experienced at least one of the stories from this manga. And I can't help but agree with Kanoko on most of her thoughts. Despite my praising, I thought the sequence of most chapters is by far, predictable, regardless of how the story goes. I hope the next volume has variety, sequence-wise, so my rating doesn't stop at 7.5/10

Copyright information

Warau Kanoko-sama © Tsujita Ririko/Hakusensha. First serialized in LaLa DX.
Published in Indonesia as Cynical Kanoko by Elex Media Komputindo

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