Doctor's Love 2 by Takada Rie and My Goddess by Arai Cherry (3L josei and seinen manga out now)

Yes, 3L licenses seinen manga (and a 4-koma one, at that). Here's proof.

3L 30 March 2011: Doctor's Love 2 and My Goddess

Oshiri Ai - Shinsatsu chuu - © Takada Rie/Shogakukan
Itsuka Mata Kaeru © Arai Cherry/Ichijinsha
Published in Indonesia by Tiga Lancar Semesta/3L as
Doctor's Love ~ during a medical examination and My Goddess

But before the newbie, Takada Rie's Doctor's Love 2 first. The second Oshiri Ai - Shinsatsu chuu comes as so much welcome news, having just finished and lurved, lurved, lurved! the prequel Futari wa Oshiri Ai, two volumes of which have been released here under the Pfft! title Couple Who Love Buttocks. Actually, I wanted 3L to liberate the third CWLB, but will settle for DL 2 in the interim.

In Doctor's Love 2, thirty-something Ujou Asako-sensei is still assisting wunderkind colorectal surgeon Kuraku Budou at the clinic he owns and operates. Kuraku-sensei hasn't changed much (or so goes the back cover blurb); he persists at displaying May I faint? bedside manner and mirabile visu surgical precision whilst on the clock, but subjects Asako to prankish whimsies after closing time. (They live together.)

Childishness aside, Asako remains besotted with My Prince!, leading her to all sorts of shenanigans when she and Kuraku-sensei go to the beach. But who would've thought that she would... Yup, the blurb over at Angelzon stops there. Now, go and fill in your prescription of this unique (hemorrhoidal) love comedy.

☆ I talk about My Goddess, originally the Itsuka Mata Kaeru four-cell manga ex Ichijinsha's Manga 4-Koma KINGS Palette, After the Cut.

3L manga (2011.03.30)

  1. Doctor's Love ~ during a medical examination (Oshiri Ai - Shinsatsu chuu -) 2 of 2+ by Takada Rie
  2. Oshiri Ai - Shinsatsu chuu -おしり愛-診察中-」 by Takada Rie
    Shogakukan Anekei Petit Comic and Petit Comic Zoukan, josei
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2010.05

    Related series
    Couple Who Love Buttocks (Futari wa Oshiri Ai; prequel; 3 of 3 volumes)

  3. [Premiere] My Goddess (Itsuka Mata Kaeru) by Arai Cherry

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Source: Advisory by Lina-chan via Angelzon.com

My Goddess by Arai Cherry

When Kanmori Mizuki turns 16, he is supposed to be sacrificed to the water goddess. But the ritual schedule is thrown out of whack when sed water goddess manifests a desire to live in the human world, specifically, in Kanmori Mizuki's house.

And the kicker? That goddess? She's actually a frog. So we lexically get The Frog's Prince instead of The Frog Prince?

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