Today the Love Begin 10, Boys Girl 2, He is More Than My Brother by Hattori Miki (3L shoujo manga out now) [UPDATED]

Pray for Japan

Please keep praying for Japan and/or do something to help the 3.11 quake and tsunami victims. ANN reports that all Shogakukan (and Shueisha) manga creators have checked in safe (Minami Kanan, Hattori Miki and Nagayama Ei, whose manga appear here, are all Shogakukan manga-ka).

Today the Love Begin 10 (Tiga Lancar Comic)

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu © Minami Kanan/Shogakukan [Serialized in Sho-Comi]
Published in Indonesia as Today, the Love begin by Tiga Lancar Semesta/3L

Conventional wisdom holds that DAL (Deep Abiding Love) grows deeper following the resolution of UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension), but in fic terms, the development doesn't make for gripping reading. (Why else do you think stories end just when They lived happily ever after?) Minami Kanan-sensei is obviously aware of this because the Happy Happy “honeymoon” between Tsubaki and Kyota soon founders on angst, or so promises the back cover blurb of Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu/Today, the Love begin volume 10.

The following contains   [SPOILERS!]

So even in the midst of seriously delish nookie (Tsubaki and Kyota Did It in the previous volume, remember?), Tsubaki continues to worry. Worry escalates to full-blown anxiety when Kyota's mom comes to visit him on his birthday. Kyota turns her away and refuses to accept the birthday gift she got for him. Tsubaki who wants to be Kyota's pillar of strength then decides to...

Read what's next in Today, the Love begin 10, out now.

New 3L title: He Is More Than My Brother by Hattori Miki

3L's latest shoujo anthology is He Is More Than My Brother, Hattori Miki-sensei's Sono Otoko, Oniichan Ijou, first serialized in Sho-Comi.

He Is More Than My Brother (Tiga Lancar Comic)

Sono Otoko, Oniichan Ijou
© Hattori Miki/
Shogakukan [Sho-Comi]
Published in Indonesia as
He Is More Than My Brother
by Tiga Lancar Comic

An earns the nickname Brother Complex because at sweet 16, she remains single and lives only for Big Bro. But the way An looks at it, as long as she has oniichan, she doesn't need a boyfriend. An's childhood pal Souya disagrees. Souya, the polar opposite of An's brother, then ups and confesses to An.

Herein lies the dilemma: An professes to hate Souya, but how come her heart races in his presence? Does this mean An's about to be cured of her brother complex?

Hattori Miki-sensei also created Kokoro mo Karada mo xx mo....

I preview Nagayama Ei-sensei's Boys Girl 2 after the manga list. I don't know whether Boys Girl 2 is rated for   [DEWASA] or Mature audiences, but He Is More Than My Brother and Today, the Love begin 10 definitely are.

3L shoujo manga (2011.03.14)

  1. Boys Girl 2 of 3 by Nagayama Ei
  2. [Premiere] He is More Than My Brother (Sono Otoko, Oniichan Ijou) by Hattori Miki
  3. Today, The Love Begin (Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu) 10 of 11+ by Minami Kanan
  4. Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu今日、恋をはじめます」 by Minami Kanan
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi and Sho-Comi Zoukan, shoujo
    Volume 10 (chapters 59-65) first published in Japan 2010.10

    Other languages
    German 3, 2, 1... Liebe! (Tokyopop Germany; Band 9 per 2011.01) and traditional Chinese 今天開始談戀愛 (Ever Glory Taiwan)

    A JC Staff anime OAD, starring seiyuu Itō Kanae (Hibino Tsubaki) and Namikawa Daisuke (Tsubaki Kyota). The first episode was bundled with manga volume 9 (Japan release: 2010.06.25), the second with volume 10 (2010.10.26). The third episode released as a standard and premium DVD (2011.02.25).

    A Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu: Hatsukoi no Prelude light novel was written by Takase Yunoka. Manga-ka Minami Kanan oversaw production of the novel which reprises the Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu story from Kyota's point of view. The novel streeted last February.

[Via Angelzon.com]

Boys Girl 2 of 3
By Nagayama Ei

Boys Girl 2 (Tiga Lancar Comic)

Boys Girl © Nagayama Ei/
Shogakukan [Betsucomi]
Published in Indonesia
by Tiga Lancar Comic

Any boy who dares to touch man-hater Kokona can look forward to being sent disappearing with a twinkle up into the sky, but not Misaki. He gets to date Kokona because he doesn't give her the creeps. Kokona even mistook him for a girl in the beginning.

Kokona's childhood friend Kotaro, who transfers into her school, notes the change with suspicion. It's so drastic that now, even if he, Kotaro, touches her, she doesn't react like she used to.

And as if one skeptical friend weren't enough, Kokona has to also deal with Rei, Misaki's ex, who pursues Misaki to the same school.

I bought and read volume 1 but I'm reluctant to get this next installment.

Still no word of when Nakagaki Tomoe's Teacher/Student-troped Honey Boy 1 (Hachimitsu Shounen) will street (saw it advertised at the end of I Need Job!! 2).

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