"A boy's story ends" and Busou Renkin begins 28 April 2011 on Animax Asia

Airs weekdays at 830PM WIB (UTC+07)
Japanese audio with subtitles

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The Busou Renkin anime premieres this tonight, 28 April 2011, at 830PM WIB on Animax Asia, replacing Kekkaishi.

Find it a little hard working up enthusiasm for the Busou Renkin premiere—especially as I always feel like going "If a boy's story ends," why should I bother to watch? whenever I see the ad. Not only does Animax actually answer the question (Because A hero's saga begins), I remember being so invested in this anime back in the 2006/2007 day. Perhaps I just need to sit myself down in front of the screen to dispel the meh.

When Kazuki Muto discovers he can wield the powerful weapon Busou Renkin, he decides to use it to eliminate the evil monsters plaguing his hometown.
Animax synopsis

The anime adapts Watsuki Nobuhiro's Busou Renkin manga first serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga from the same mind that gave us Rurouni Kenshin ended April 2006, six months before the anime's Japan premiere. The Busou Renkin manga licensed for Indonesia by Elex Media concluded last October.

XEBEC's 26-episode anime adaptation first aired on TV Tokyo between October 2006 and March 2007, with seiyuu Fukuyama Jun and Yuzuki Ryoka as protagonists Kazuki and Tokiko. The TV series has one OP, Makka Na Chikai by Fukuyama Yoshiki, but two ending songs, Hoshiakari by Jyukai and Itoshiki Sekai by Kagami Aya.

Busou Renkin on Animax Asia: Airdates/airtimes (partial)

Episode Day/Date Air time
Episode 1 THU/2011.04.28 830PM WIB
Episode 2 FRI/2011.04.29 830PM WIB
Episode 3 TUE/2011.05.03 830PM WIB
Episode 4 WED/2011.05.04 830PM WIB
Episode 5 THU/2011.05.05 830PM WIB
Episode 6 FRI/2011.05.06 830PM WIB

Source: Animax Asia

Episode 3 doesn't air on Monday, 2 May, because that slot's reserved for the Bleach - Memories of Nobody movie premiere.

For further schedules, check the Animax Asia website.

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