[Review] Say Say Say 1 by Hwang MiRee: Retread but engaging for precisely that reason

m&c! street date: 13 April 2011
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Say Say Say 1 (m&c!)

Say Say Say © Hwang MiRee/Samyang
Published in Indonesia by Gramedia/m&c!

Say Say Say 1 by Hwang MiRee
Soonjung manhwa review by huamulan03 (Some rights reserved)
Rating: 6.25 of 10 ♥

The lowdown
Every night, Yun Say streams a radio program and she can count one, yes, ONE faithful follower—Timeless. Yun Say believes she's fated to meet Timeless someday, but Destiny Declares Otherwise. For now, at least. For now, Yun Say trips over the cute blackmailer in the making En Jun Hwi while on an emergency sun-dae and tok-bok-i run, gets burned by a cigarette butt flicked by idolized high school band vocalist Seo Young Won and bonds with school girl Han Ji Hyo when they pass time together on a park bench.

What ties this foursome together?

Thoughts and impressions
The characters make the read because, as Lina-chan noted in a tweet, this polygon story doesn't bring anything new to the table. Except its cast of characters. You gotta commend Yun Say for persevering with her Say Say Say program for the sake of one listener. You gotta lurve Jun Hwi for his extreme I like donuts–cats–mama–papa–grandma–li'l sis–guitars—did you know I'm a great guitar player, by the way? weirdness. You'll drool over the expected Jerk-who-knows-if-he-has-a-Heart-of-Gold this early Young Won. Also, you'll welcome The Other Girl who doesn't come across as a biatch Ji Hyo (although that Baka-Updates Manga Friends betrayal tag does trouble me, worried that it might allude to Ji Hyo).

As for Timeless? Who can resist such night after night after night...fidelity? (He claims he can't sleep before he has listened to Say Say Say.)

It's too early to tell how the red thread will twist its way through Hwang MiRee's Say Say Say dramatis personae, but they're already bound and it would be worth following its next volume twining.

All told, an engaging diversion for its no surprises (for now) and the usual HMR droolicious art, especially of the bishies. Speaking bishies and their chara design, Jun Hwi and Young Won resemble EunSoo and DoJin of Ugly Duckling Become Swan, so if you heart the latter rival pair, you might also fall in lurve with the former.

I give Say Say Say volume 1 a rating of 6.25 which translates to a No Regrets GET! Still, if you're leery of starting yet another Hwang MiRee series (considering how pricey m&c!'s manhwa are), you might want to borrow it first and then judge whether it's collectable or not (the series spans seven volumes, or requires a total IDR 139,300 outlay).

Just have to warn you. By the time you make your decision, the volumes you want might no longer be in stock.

Verdict: Borrow if not GET!

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