RINNE 5 by Takahashi Rumiko (Chuang Yi 5 April 2011 English manga)

Also, simplified Chinese mangaDN Angel #12, can you believe? (Scroll down for DARK × Daisuke's testosteroney companions.)

Also, don't know why The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya manga volume 8 went from Coming soon at 2011-04-05 to dateless between 2 and 4 April. I woulda thunk Chuang Yi woulda pushed it, seeing as Season 2 of the Haruhi Suzumiya anime premieres on the 6th on Animax. In any case —

RINNE 5 (Chuang Yi)

Kyoukai no RINNE
© Takahashi Rumiko
Shogakukan [Shonen Sunday]
Published in Singapore as
RINNE by Chuang Yi

In RINNE 5 (ISBN: 978-981-4323-74-1), can Rinne help a totally smitten female Shinigami find a misplaced sib, when all he can think about is Sakura? Wouldn't be a Takahashi Rumiko manga without the odd rabu triangle or two, but this ghostbustin' threesome's gotta be one of the oddest.

RINNE 5 compiles chapters:
39. The Hot Secretary's True Identity
40. Rich Girl
41. Just a Simple Thanks
42. Soul Eater King
43. The Unopenable Bookshelves
44. Roses and Soy Sauce
45. The Cursed Track Star
46. I Don't Want Him to Know
47. The Haunted Cedar
48. Yo-Yo Memories
*NOT Chuang Yi's chapter titles

Chuang Yi English manga (2011.04.05)

  1. RINNE (Kyoukai no RINNE) 5 of 7+ by Takahashi Rumiko
  2. Kyoukai no RINNE境界のRINNE」 by Takahashi Rumiko
    AKA Circle of Reincarnation Rinne
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 5 (chapters 39-48) first published in Japan 2010.09

    Other languages
    Alternative English RIN-NE (five volumes released as at 2011.03 • volume 6 street date: 2011.07.12; serialized in ShonenSunday.com: latest chapter 89 A Black Cat's Life live per 2011.03.17), French (Asuka éditions tome 6 ships 2011.06.23), German (EMA Band 4 ships 2011.04), traditional Chinese (Sharp Point Press 境界之輪迴 (06) per 2011.03.11) and Indonesian (Elex Media: volume 4 released 2010.02)

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Chuang Yi simplified Chinese manga (2011.04.05)

  1. DN Angel #12 of 15+ by Sugisaki Yukiru
  2. 结界师 (Kekkaishi) #33 of 33+ by Tanabe Yellow
  3. 史上最强之弟子兼一 (Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi) #41 of 42+ by Matsuena Syun
  4. 名侦探柯南 (Meitantei Conan) #71 of 71+ by Aoyama Gosho

¹ Source: Chuang Yi per 4 April 2011
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Simplified Chinese manga

DN Angel #12 (Chuang Yi)

DN Angel
© Sugisaki Yukiru
Kadokawa Shoten

Hai, hai. Chuang Yi's simplified Chinese DN Angel #12 is here — after four years and seven months. (To put that wait in perspective, babies have gone from the maternity ward to preschool in the time it took to get from #11, released 2006.08.14, to this #12.) Comfort yourself with D・N・ANGEL 12 (shipped 2008.06.17 in Japan) taking under three years to reach you, if it helps any. ('Course you won't find solace when you realize that Sugisaki Yukiru's magic kaitou shoujo series is a-gain on hiatus (most recent tankou: volume 15).

Good thing, the shounen manga streeting this Tuesday—Tanabe Yellow's Kekkaishi, Matsuena Syun's Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi and Aoyama Gosho's Meitantei Conan—count a wait time of at most two months from the Japanese original (not to mention, are healthily current):

Next Chuang Yi release: 19 April 2011 (Tuesday)

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