Shortcutting Six Degrees of Separation, the possibility of a new particle and sunny side up manga + anime blog's hexaversary

sunny side up manga + anime blog turns six this 11th of April. What's the connect with sociology and particle physics? Flimsy. (NikOvershare© incoming.)

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(I didn't want to give in to self-indulgence, but as I really needed to thank readers and the other team members greenlit this excess, I ended up posting this hexaversary message in its current cringe-worthy state. I apologize.)

Six years ago, I confirmed for myself that the Human Web—that anyone is at most six steps away from anyone else via the “friend of a friend (of a friend)” chain—works. Six years ago, online friend Peace led me to another online friend Titaanzink, a finding immortalized in this blog post, with some manga rambling.

What I didn't realize at that time was that repurposing this into (yet another) manga and anime blog would allow me to shortcut those Six Degrees, intermediary Gugel notwithstanding. It would lead to connections and even further connections that not only surprise but enrich. From the bloggers aggregated at Anime Nano to the Japanator team to the Level Comics' team, headed by Editor in Chief Aryaguna Setiadi, manga-ka Andrea Tezumo, Gunpla enthusiast Cyan and a host of Elex Media editors and LXO forum mods and habitués, including current blog team members and advisors Lina-chan, baka-girl and angelina_chan. Kia, too, found me via this blog affectionately known as Telor Ceplok (Indonesian for eggs sunny side up).

But equally important, you, readers and followers, found me through this blog. So, allow me thank you, all of you, for your comments and encouragements — whether over years or days. *bows* Runesque-san, Jasmine-san, Kirai-san, Junya-san, Ayu-chan, Alien-san immediately come to mind , but if I didn't manage to mention you by name, please know that the omission is unintentional and that I remain thankful for your support. And for those just now stumbling onto here, welcome. Douzo yoroshiku. I hope you enjoy your stopover.

Six years. Six, the number of quark and lepton types in the Standard Model of particle physics describing subatomic particles, including the still unconfirmed Higgs boson. Although recent Tevatron particle accelerator findings hint at a new particle that cannot be the much sought-after Higgs boson. If indeed this unexpected discovery is NOT the elusive God particle, then we might be looking at the most radical change in physics for decades.

Can we look forward to a similar revolution in Telor Ceplok or TC? For now, I don't plan to alter the blog's focus. So you will still get your manga release schedules. You will still get reviews and discount advisories. Bishies and seiyuu. Anything revolving around Japan's GNA—Gross National Awesome—in fact, remains fair game.

But just in case that Tevatron discovery does produce a new fundamental force of nature, then... all bets are off. ^^

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