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Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
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Shout, Apprivoise! | Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
Review/recommendation by baka-girl (Some rights reserved)
Rating: 8.7 of 10 ♥

Some of you already know that the Star Driver finale aired a few days ago. Because I'm deeply in love with this series, I decided to review it. This is my first anime review in English so if you have suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section.


On the remote Southern Cross island, a secret organization named The Glittering Crux plans to reactivate giant mobile suits that have been sealed for ages. Known as cybodies, they can only be controlled by pilots known as star drivers. To unleash their full power, the mysterious group must brake the seals of the four shrine maidens that reside in the isle. Recently arrived outsider, Tsunashi Takuto vows to stop the Glittering Crux in order to protect Agemaki Wako, girl who saved his life and one of the four maidens. Wako is a lively young lady who has already been betrothed to Shindou Sugata, a rich and talented childhood friend. Despite being very close to Wako, Sugata quietly disapproves this engagement since it was forced on to them due to a family tradition. The melancholic couple becomes a radiant trio as Takuto becomes not only their friend, but protector of the seals since he is none other than the Galactic Pretty Boy, gifted star driver of Tauburn, the 22nd cybody.
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The story starts a little slow, but picks up pace from Mizuno's arc (around ep 9). One of its plus points is its perfect balance of school life and mecha battles. Also, the comedy never bored me and always made me want to rewatch. The only problem is that it left lots of unanswered questions.

Characters: Characters: Takuto Tsunashi, Sugata Shindou, Wako Agemaki

Star Driver did a good job with the character development, especially of the main characters. It's true that some of the characters were left largely untouched (Professor Green, Sarina etc.) but they did manage to develop some side-characters like Kanako, Benio and Keito. As for the leads, I really lurve Takuto and Sugata. Takuto's character was kinda steady throughout the series but I like his resolve to protect Wako. Sugata become more loveable after apprivoised Samekh, though I still can't understand the reason for his actions, especially near the end of the series.

Lots of popular seiyuu in this series, one of the many reasons that made me love Star Driver. Miyano Mamoru did a very good job voicing Takuto. If it weren't for him, I don't think I would've loved Takuto as much. Hearing him shout 'Apprivoise!' in almost every episode never bored me. I also thought that Fukuyama Jun as Sugata was perfectly cast. Well, I admit that I didn't really enjoy his voice in the beginning, but that only lasted until episode 6. From episode 7 (after apprivoised Samekh) onwards, FukuJun started using his smexy voice and I couldn't stop loving him after that :p As for the females, I like Kanako's voice the most. Actually, I'm not familiar with Niina Ayano, Kanako's seiyuu, but I think she did a good job as Kanoko.

Production Values:
The animation between cybody battles was so smooth. I don't have a single complaint. Thumbs up for BONES! (To begin with, I'm easily satisfied when it comes to production values :p)

There isn't a single song that I hate in Star Driver. Both OPs and EDs were really good, I love them very much and they fit well with the story. "Gravity Ø" was good but I prefer "Shining Star". As for the ED, I love both "Cross Over" and "Pride". Those decent OPs and EDs kept me hooked and made me never skip the anime. Aside from that, Star Driver also offers four maiden songs. I know there are a lot of people who love "Monochrome" but my favorite is "Akiiro no Aria," blame it to Keito karaoke scene :)) These maiden songs really make the cybody battles more colorful so I like them.

Final Rating:

Star Driver is one of not so many anime that can keep me hooked. There are lots of reasons for that: decent mecha battles, interesting storyline, awesome character design, catchy OPs & EDs and well-balanced comedy. For these reasons, I'm giving this series 8.7 of 10 ♥. Watch it! (marathoning it would be good too :D). Trust me, it's worth it. I wouldn't write a review if it weren't good!

Final word: KIRABOSHI!! xD

Additional Information

Genre: Mecha, Action, Shounen, Science fiction, Comedy
Type: TV Series
Episodes: 25 [end]
Studio: BONES
Opening Theme: "Gravity Ø" by Aqua Timez (OP01) and "Shining Star" by 9nine (OP02)
Ending Theme: "Cross Over" by 9nine (ED01) and "Pride" by Scandal (ED02)

Obligatory Star Driver Pics Spam

Never imagined that I would say 'gorgeous outfit!' xD
Never imagined that I would say 'gorgeous outfit!' xD
Kawaiii~ lol
Kawaiii~ lol
Takuto x Sugata FTW!
Takuto x Sugata FTW!
Mechafist! :))
Mechafist! :))
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Huh-hoh-huh-hoh -- for half a minute. Awesome~
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It's a PUNCH!! :p


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