Skip Beat 19, Defense Devil 3, Ciuman Dewa 4 (Elex Media 13 April 2011 manga and manhwa)

Also, Ghost's Doctor 3, actually the GET! 2nd Runner-up, after Defense Devil 3 and Ciuman Dewa 4 (Kamisama Hajimemashita) tied for 1st Runner-up

Now for the top DO WANT!

Skip Beat! 19 (Elex Media)

Skip Beat! © Nakamura Yoshiki/Hakusensha [Serialized in Hana to Yume]
Published in Indonesia by Elex Media

His objective in Japan achieved, Hizuri Kuu decides to return earlier to the United States. Kyoko, having gotten her first taste of a mentor-slash-father, feels saddened at the thought of no more Kuu.

To the “rescue” comes Ren who encourages Kyoko to call Kuu Daddy! (again) — within earshot of everyone AND while wearing her hot-pink Love Me uniform.

If you've been sniffling because of No more Kuu/Kyoko/Ren/Shou because no more HanaLaLa, rejoice in Elex's release of Skip Beat! 19, which picks up the father and daughter bonding with Act 109, And Then Someone Stirs. (The other compiled chapters that wrap the Kuu arc are Acts 110-114: Clearing Up the Matter, Unfading Feelings, Parent and Child Memorial Day, The Depth of the 5th Year and Kuon's Oath [*NOT Elex's titles]). And much as I miss monthly Skip Beat! doses via HanaLaLa, the mangazine folding does promise faster tankou release. (Look at it this way: if we were still on a one Act per issue sked, we'd finish volume 19 in June, and will prolly have to wait an equivalent number of months, if not more, for the actual tank.)

Before I move to the next manga preview, two words: Blond. Ren. (Kyaaa~)

Ciuman Dewa 4 of 9+ by Suzuki Julietta

Nanami acts on her feelings for Tomoe, asking her aloof familiar out on a date. Around the deafening doki-doki and oblivious aquarium fish, Nanami resolves to tell Tomoe she likes him. But as fate would have it, Tomoe's reaction leaves much to be desired.

Elex promises that aside from flowers of love wilting, we also get dark secrets—Tomoe's, of course—exposed. Find out what our smexy Tomoe-sama hides somewhere in between chapters 19 and 24 of Ciuman Dewa 4.

(The third Hana to Yume shoujo manga, Hidaka Banri's I Hate You More Than Anyone 6, is previewed Behind The Cut.)

Defense Devil 3 of 8+ by Youn In-wan & Yang Kyung-il

May contain   [SPOILERS!]

He's one hell of a defense attorney is Kucabara, the demon prince evicted from his kingdom for crimes of unacceptable kindness. Now he delivers human “sinners” from eternal damnation. Little does Kucabara expect to have to gate-crash his former home, to save it from his own brother, the architect of escalating entropy and the one who plotted Kucabara's exile in the first place.

Can Kucabara take on Legato who assumed Kucabara's not inconsiderable powers upon the the former's banishment? Before that, Kucabara must circumvent the barrier between worlds, and for that, he will need female exorcist Idamaria's help. But Idamaria's mission is to slay Kucabara... [Additions from Wikipedia]

Defense Devil 3 collects Judgments 4 through 6: Judgment 4: Mysterious Woman (Parts 4-5), Judgment 5: Kucabara's Wisdom (Parts 1-6) and Judgment 6: The Key to the Demon World (Parts 1-2). (In conventional numbers, that translates to chapters 18-27).

If you want to know how the Youkai Doctor diagnoses and treats his patients, scroll down. But if you're looking for Vinland Saga 2's preview, it's up here; the back cover blurb simply reiterates the manga's THORZ's death leaves lasting scars on his son (and prompts Thorfinn to pursue vengeance at any cost) raison d'être.

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2011.04.13)

  1. Ciuman Dewa (Kamisama Hajimemashita) 4 of 9+ by Suzuki Julietta
  2. Ciuman Dewa 4 (Elex)

    Kamisama Hajimemashita神様はじめました
    by Suzuki Julietta
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 4 (chapters 19-24) first published in Japan 2009.09

    Other languages
    English Kamisama Kiss (VIZ Media: two volumes per 2011.03 • volume 3 street date: 2011.06.07)

  3. Culdcept 3 of 6+ by Kaneko Shinya and OMIYA Soft
  4. Culdcept 3 (Elex)

    by Kaneko Shinya and OMIYA Soft
    Kodansha Magazine Z, seinen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2002.12
    (On hiatus at volume 6)

    Based on the Culdcept video game

    Other languages
    English Culdcept (TOKYOPOP: five volumes per 2006.06), Italian (Star Comics), Spanish (Norma Editorial Spain: volume 6 per 2009.02)

  5. Defense Devil 3 of 8+ by Youn InWan & Yang KyungIl
  6. Defense Devil 3 (Elex)

    Defense DevilDEFENSE DEVIL
    by Youn InWan & Yang KyungIl
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 3 (chapters 18-27) first published in Japan 2009.12

    Adapted from the Sunday GX Akuma Bengoshi Kucabara one-shot

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Star (ongoing)
    English and simplified Chinese volumes (Chuang Yi: English volume 2 released 2010.09 • simplified Chinese #6 per 2011.03.08)

  7. Demon King (Majeh) 33 of 37+ by Ra InSoo & Kim JaeHwan
  8. Demon King 33 (Elex)

    Majeh마제(魔帝)」 by Ra InSoo & Kim JaeHwan
    Daiwon C.I. Champ Comics, sonyun
    Volume 33 first published in Korea 2009.09

    Other languages
    English King of Hell (TOKYOPOP: 25 volumes per 2009.08.04) and simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 魔帝 #34 released 2010.10)

  9. Doraemon 5 of 45 by Fujiko F. Fujio (right-to-left version)
  10. Doraemon 5 (Elex)

    Doraemonドラえもん」 by Fujiko F. Fujio
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi Comics, kodomo
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 1974.11
    (Premiered in Indonesia: 1994 [left-to-right format])

    Best Children's Manga, 27th Shogakukan Manga Awards, Grand Prize, the first Osamu Tezuka Culture Award (1997) and the Excellence Award, Japan Cartoonists Association Awards (1973)

    Related series
    Doraemon Plus (sequel; 5 of 5 volumes), Daichouhen Doraemon (side story; 24 of 24 volumes); Dorabase: Doraemon Chouyakyuu Gaiden (spin-off; 21 volumes, ongoing) and The Doraemon's Special (spin-off; 12 volumes)

    A 52-episode anime adaptation by Nippon TV (1973.04 - 1973.09), a 1,787-episode series by Shin-Ei Animation (broadcast on TV Asahi from 1979.04 - 2005.03), a 2005 adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation and Studio Pierrot (premiered 2005.04.15; 300+ episodes) and numerous movies

  11. Ghost's Doctor (Youkai no Oisha-san) 3 of 15 by Sato Yuki
  12. Ghost's Doctor 3 (Elex)

    Youkai no Oisha-san妖怪のお医者さん
    by Sato Yuki
    Kodansha Magazine Special, Shonen Sirius and Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2007.10

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Magz (ongoing)
    English Yokai Doctor (Del Rey: three volumes per 2009.08), traditional Chinese 妖怪醫生 (Tong Li Taiwan: volume 13 released 2010.10)

  13. I Hate You More Than Anyone (Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai) 6 of 13 by Hidaka Banri
  14. I Hate You More Than Anyone 6 (Elex)

    Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai
    by Hidaka Banri
    AKA Akiyoshi Family Series 5
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 1999.10

    Related series
    Akiyoshi Family Series 1-4 (Pacar 365 Hari, For Endless Love, Stay the Same, Let Me Hear the Lyric), Oki ni Mesu Mama? (one volume prequel released 2010.09) and Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki (alternate story serialized in Hana to Yume).

    A Hidaka Banri artbook, Hitsuji no Namida/Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai Hidaka Banri Gashuu, was released 2004.03.

    Other languages
    English I Hate You More Than Anyone (CMX: nine volumes per 2010.03; cancelled)

  15. Inazuma Eleven 2 of 8+ by Yabuno Tenya
  16. Inazuma Eleven 2 (Elex)

    Inazuma Elevenイナズマイレブン
    by Yabuno Tenya
    Shogakukan Corocoro Comic, shounen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2009.02

    Best Children's Manga, 34th Kodansha Manga Awards (2010)

    Based on the Nintendo DS game of the same name, from which an OLM anime, starring seiyuu Takeuchi Junko as Mark Evans (Endou Mamoru), Nojima Hirofumi as Axel Blaze (Gouenji Shuuya), Yoshino Hiroyuki as Jude Sharp (Yuuto Kidou) and Miyano Mamoru as Shawn Frost (Shirou Fubuki), was also adapted. The TV series premiered 2008.10.05 on TV Tokyo and is still ongoing; the Inazuma Eleven: Saikyō Gundan Ogre Shūrai movie sequel premiered 2010.12.23 in Japan.

  17. Masked Rider Spirits (Kamen Rider Spirits) 14 of 16 by Ishinomori Shotaro & Muraeda Kenichi
  18. Masked Rider Spirits 14 (Elex)

    Kamen Rider Spirits仮面ライダーSPIRITS
    by Muraeda Kenichi (Art), Ishinomori Shotaro (Original story)
    AKA The Legend of Masked Riders
    Kodansha Magazine Z, seinen
    Volume 14 first published in Japan 2008.04

    Volume 14 chapters:
    80. Warrior's Essence
    81. Surpassing Greed
    82. Return
    83. Fiery Giant
    84. With the Soul
    85. Setup
    86. Father
    *NOT Elex Media titles

    Related series
    Kamen Riders (main story) · Shin Kamen Rider Spirits (sequel) · Kamen Rider Spirits - Uketsugareru Tamashii (adapted from)

  19. Mystery Bride 2 of 5 by Huh KookHwa & Kim SuJin
  20. Mystery Bride 1 (Elex)

    Unknown New Bride정체불명새색시
    by Huh KookHwa & Kim SuJin
    AKA Pig Bride
    Haksan Party, soonjung
    Volume 2 first published in Korea 2007.09

    Other languages/serializations
    English Pig Bride (Yen Press: five volumes per 2010.07; serialized in Yen Plus)

  21. Skip Beat! 19 of 27+ by Nakamura Yoshiki
  22. Skip Beat! 19 (Elex)

    Skip Beat!スキップ・ビート!
    by Nakamura Yoshiki
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 19 (Acts 109-114) first published in Japan 2008.07

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian HanaLaLa (discontinued).
    English Skip Beat! (VIZ Media: 23 volumes per 2011.04.05 • volume 24 street date: 2011.07.05), French (Casterman: tome 14 released 2011.03 • tome 15 per 2011.05.04), German (Carlsen Comics: Band 18 ships 2011.04.22; serialized in Daisuki) and traditional Chinese (Tong Li: SKIP. BEAT!華麗的挑戰 26 per 2010.12)

    A 25-episode anime adaptation by Hal Film Maker aired in Japan from October 2008 through March 2009. Seiyuu Inoue Marina, Konishi Katsuyuki and Miyano Mamoru replaced the 2002 drama CD cast comprising Nagasawa Miki, Narita Ken and Kanna Nobutoshi as Mogami Kyoko, Tsuruga Ren, and Fuwa Shou respectively.

    After being plagued by internal problems, the Taiwanese live-action drama adaptation, Extravagant Challenge, resumes filming in April, with a change in the acting line-up: Ivy Chen as Kyoko (instead of Ariel Lin), Choi Siwon as Ren (in place of Jerry Yan) and and Lee Donghae as Shou.

    Hakusensha released the Skip Beat! Fan Book ~ LOVE ME in March 2009.

  23. Vinland Saga 2 of 10+ by Yukimura Makoto
  24. Vinland Saga 2 (Elex)

    Vinland Sagaヴィンランド・サガ
    by Yukimura Makoto
    Kodansha Afternoon (initially in Weekly Shonen Magazine), shounen/seinen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2006.09

    Volume 2 chapters:
    5. Troll
    6. Messenger from the Battlefield
    7. Sword
    8. Beginning of the Journey
    9. A Trap in Distant Seas
    10. Night Wake
    11. Cage
    12. Greater Than Any Monster
    13. Smell
    14. The Sword of Thors
    15. A True Warrior
    16. The Death of Thors
    Extra. Special Report: I Went to the Land of Aurora Borealis
    *NOT the Indonesian Shonen Magz chapter titles; Thors rendered as THORZ in the Indonesian version

    Nominee, 2008 Manga Taisho award and Grand Prize winner, Manga division, Japan Media Arts awards

    Other languages/serializations
    Indonesian Shonen Magz (ongoing serialization)
    French (Kurokawa: Tome 9 shipped 2011.03.10), Italian (Star Comics), traditional Chinese 海盜戰記 (Tong Li)

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¹ Sources: Elex STO 13 April 2011 (release schedule) and Komikologi and/or Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All GN retail for IDR 16,500 except Culdcept 3 (IDR 18,500).
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).


Culdcept 3 of 6+ by Shinya Kaneko & OMIYA Soft

Elf, a nation of wind fairies. Long ago, these masters of old magicks and archery accepted a mortal fate and fought in the War of the Gods, their valiant participation key to achieving air combat superiority.

The Elf legend is but a story now, with the heroes' descendants withdrawing into the solitude of the forest deeps. It is said that they shut themselves away for a millennium to await the coming of...

Ghost's Doctor 3 of 15 by Sato Yuki

(1) I work as a Ghost Doctor.
(2) The first stage of treatment is a laying on hands.
(3) That is, touching that ailing part of the patient's body
(4) And allowing heat to course through the patient, which in turn, warms my heart.

Del Rey sums up the procedure in its English Yokai Doctor, Vol. 3 subtitle: First Do No Harm. It adds that the fundamental precept of medical ethics, also rendered as Primum non nocere, doesn't mean Ghost MD Kuro (and friend Kotoko) escapes the threat of evil because someone in the spirit world places a curse on Kuro's head and wants him dead.

The rest of the ongoing series

  • Demon King 33 by Ra InSoo & Kim JaeHwan: Demon King duels with Murin, but the King of Darkness immobilizes Demon King with a spell.
  • I Hate You More Than Anyone 6 by Hidaka Banri: Arata's love declaration so shocks Kazuha that she tries to be honest about her feelings for Maki. But just as she firms up her resolve, a new (bishie) teacher puts the moves on her. What's worse, Maki's reaction to Kazuha's gift totally floors her.
  • Inazuma Eleven 2 by Yabuno Tenya: After vanquishing the Royal Academy, Mark and his teammates must face the Occult Junior High and its magic moves and spells.
  • Masked Rider Spirits 14 by Ishinomori Shotaro & Muraeda Kenichi: I am X — Rider X from the depths of the earth and sea. Leaping thirty thousand meters, I reach for the heavens, a white bullet cruiser with fiery propellers of rage. GOD, prepare for your defeat at the hands of X, Rider X!
  • Mystery Bride 2 by Huh KookHwa & Kim SuJin: Danger continues to stalk SiJun, his life threatened even by Dodo, the girl he likes. SiJun is rescued by MuYeon, but MuYeon's mysterious presence triggers Dodo's suspicions.

Just a note on Doraemon 5: You know, don't you, that this is the same Doraemon, except reissued in the original right-to-left format? Good. But it's still worth collecting because the contents have been reedited and the art retouched and generally prettified. Or so promises Elex.

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