Sugar Family 6 of 6, Gunslinger Girl 12, Ugly Duckling Become Swan 10 (m&c! 13 April 2011 manga and manhwa) [UPDATED]

Top DO WANT!s of this seriously manhwa m&c! release are both manga. Go figure. (Keeping my promise to Kia-chan and Cyan-san to not just list releases.)

Sugar Family 6 (m&c!)

Sugar☆Family © Hagio Akira/Hakusensha
[First serialized in LaLa DX]
Published in Indonesia by Gramedia/m&c!

“I can't always be your little sister.”

Yuka's heart wavers over Taichi's closeness to his “new little sister,” even as Arata presses Yuka to choose between him and her step-brother. Yuka picks...

Yup, the last volume 6 of the sibcestuous Sugar Family #loveComplexity streets this week. Don't imitate me, forgetting to GET! because of drooling over the new Hwang MiRee manhwa. (More on this below.)

But before the fluffy manhwa attack (that prompted tweep freakenari-san to tell m&c!: Just run your sword through me now!), let's detour to a manga rife with vengeance, blood and other dark things:

Gunslinger Girl 12 of 13+ by Aida Yu

The Croce Incident continues to haunt Gian and Giose. The brothers' hatred peaks when the affair's mastermind returns and obliterates two SWA cyborgs. Revenge takes a temporary back seat as Giose faces a nodus of clashing interests: save cyborg assassin Henrietta, bleeding to death on the battlefront, or allow her to rest in peace... forever.

Gunslinger Girl 12 compiles chapters 67 through 73: A New Family, The Croce Affair (Parts 1-4), Fantasma (Part 2) and Addio. [*NOT m&c!'s titles] Let's hope m&c! doesn't take the same amount of time the Japanese publisher did to release volume 13 (one full year).

I double feature ♥ Ugly Duckling Become Swan 10 and the ♥ penultimate Sandwich Girl (volume 7) Below the Cut to intro the promised debuts, the culprits of the Sugar Family sin of omission.

m&c! new manhwa

Crab Kiss 1 and Say Say Say 1 (m&c!)

Crab Kiss and Say Say Say © Hwang MiRee/Samyang

NOT (yet) Crazy Girl Shin Bia series from Hwang MiRee (that's still upcoming). For now we get the Secret Kiss Crab Kiss and Radio Love Triangle Say Say Say—plus the Elite School Romance Idol's Love Story, the latter from Han YuRang, who, like HMR, can crank out 72 series (and counting) because of a gaggle of assistants.

Say Say Say is the story of Yun Say, a high school girl who streams radio broadcasts from home, and her true-blue listener, Timeless. Yun Say is convinced she will someday meet Timeless face to face, but fate messes up her plans — throwing at Yun Say two bishies who exemplify polarity: cute and sweet En Jun Hwi × handsome and arrogant Seo Young Won. (I already know who I favorite.)

The Say Say Say romance promises complexity as only HMR can craft it, if the Radio Show, Friends Become Lovers, Friends Betrayal, Cool Male Lead, Boy Band tags Baka-Updates users append to this soonjung manhwa are any indication. [Moar previews and NikBabble© after the release list.]

☂, II Similar to last week, the restocked [RE-STO] shoujo manga overwhelm the STO/Standing Order, a trend that maintains till the 20 April release as m&c! apparently spring-cleans. But unlike last or next week, the 4.13 holdovers count Psychic Detective Yakumo (Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - Akai Hitomi wa Shitteiru) 1 and 2 by Miyako Ritsu & Kaminaga Manabu among the escapees.

m&c! manhwa and manga (2011.04.13)

  1. [Series Premiere] Crab Kiss 1 of 10 by Hwang MiRee
  2. Crab Kiss 1 (m&c!)

    Crab KissCrab Kiss 크랩키스
    by Hwang MiRee
    Samyang (Kkonnim), soonjung
    Volume 1 first published in Korea 2005.12

  3. Gunslinger Girl 12 of 13+ by Aida Yu
  4. Gunslinger Girl 12 (m&c!)

    Gunslinger Girl by Aida Yu
    MediaWorks Dengeki Daioh, shounen
    Volume 12 (chapters 67-73) first published in Japan 2010.04

    Other languages
    English Gunslinger Girl (ADV Manga, dropped; last volume 6 per 2007.11 and Seven Seas: volume 7 street date: 2011.08.02), French (Kazé Editions: Tome 12 per 2010.11), Italian (Shin Vision), German (EMA/Egmont Manga & Anime), Russian (Sakura-Press), traditional Chinese 神槍少女 (Kadokawa Media Taiwan: volume 10 released 2010.10)

    Madhouse's 13-episode anime adaptation aired in Japan from October 2003 to February 2004 on Fuji TV and Animax, followed by the Artland-produced sequel, Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-, also 13 episodes, telecast on Tokyo MX TV from January to March 2008. Two episodes of the Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- OAV were released in October 2008.

    The seiyuu cast changed from the first anime to the Il Teatrino sequel:

    HenriettaNanri YuukaAkutsu Kana
    RicoMitsuhashi KanakoShiono Anri
    TrielaSendai EriEnomoto Atsuko
    ClaesKoshimizu AmiMizuno Risa
    AngelicaTerakado HitomiHanazawa Kana
  5. [Series Premiere] Idol's Love Story (Nobles' Love Company) 1 of 15 by Han YuRang
  6. Idol's Love Story 1 (m&c!)

    Nobles' Love CompanyIDOL SCHOOL OF 귀족연애사」 by Han YuRang
    Samyang, soonjung
    Volume 1 first published in Korea 2006.09

  7. My Sweet Home 6 of 6 by MARU & Kim JinHee [Finale]
  8. My Sweet Home 6 (m&c!)

    My Sweet Home.
    My Sweet Home 마이 스위트 홈
    by MARU & Kim JinHee
    Daiwon C.I., soonjung
    Volume 6 first published in Korea 2007.12

  9. Sandwich Girl 7 of 8 by Han YuRang
  10. Sandwich Girl 7 (m&c!)

    Sandwich Girl샌드위치 걸」 by Han YuRang
    Samyang, soonjung
    Volume 7 first published in Korea 2006.12

  11. [Series Premiere] Say Say Say 1 of 7 by Hwang MiRee
  12. Say Say Say 1 (m&c!)

    Say Say Say세이 세이 세이 (Say Say Say)
    by Hwang MiRee
    Samyang (Kkonnim), soonjung
    Volume 1 first published in Korea 2007.09

  13. Sugar Family 6 of 6 by Hagio Akira [Finale]
  14. Ugly Duckling Become Swan (Miunohri to Swan) 10 of 13 by Hwang MiRee

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[RE-STO] Restocked (2011.04.13)

¹ Source: m&c! (covers and release advisory)
² All manga are priced at IDR 16,500, all manhwa (Crab Kiss 1, Idol's Love Story 1, My Sweet Home 6, Sandwich Girl 7, Say Say Say 1 and Ugly Duckling Become Swan 10) at IDR 19,900.
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New titles continued

Crab Kiss 1 of 10 by Hwang MiRee

Having a porn star for a mom, Hye Bin goes through a difficult childhood the butt of jokes and jeers. So is it any wonder that when a boy, Ryul, comes to her defense, Hye Bin falls for him? In the interim they share a “crab kiss” — a smooch even the kissee is unaware of.

Hye Bin and Ryul eventually part ways, but Hye Bin can't kick Ryul out of her mind (and heart). So when she's afforded the chance to enroll at the same school, she grabs it. But to Hye Bin's shock, Ryul has changed into Cool and Distant. Worse, he no longer recognizes her!

Some additions from Baka-Updates Manga's Crab Kiss description in that there blurb. Baka-Updates adds further color commentary explaining Ryul's exact transmogrification:

The warm, friendly kid she remembers had been replaced by a cold, indifferent boy who is seemingly obsessed with the beautiful president of the art club.

ACK! I already want that nuisance sidelined! Moreover, a dark sub-plot seems to be brewing: Hye-Bin realizes that she has entangled herself into something much more complex than she could imagine. Everyone wants to use Hye-Bin as their pawn in the game, but she won't have any of it!

So aside from Secret Kiss and Childhood Love, Jjang.

Idol's Love Story 1 of 15 by Han YuRang

Adopted by the wealthy Freeman family when she was three, Korean girl Lang now she goes to Idol School, an elite academy for future rocket scientists, celebs and the moneyed set. Her adoptive brother Ian attends the same school, where not only is he an idol among idols, he's also the student body president. Lang's connection to Ian soon invites intimidation — from Choe Jang Gun, Ian's rival.

“Whoever speaks to her will die!”

Lang thus ends up friend-less, but will she always remain so?

Idol's Love Story's original title is IDOL SCHOOL OF 귀족연애사, a discovery that required going through 45 titles in HYR's backlist before hitting the jackpot with Nobles' Love Company (thanks, Baka-Updates Manga).


♥ Sandwich Girl 7 of 8 by Han YuRang

Se Joon gets beaten up and Jae Kyeong can't help. Her helplessness makes Se Joon's parents call off the engagement. The unilateral decision so pains the pair, now besotted with each other but hiding it for pride's sake.

♥ Ugly Duckling Become Swan 10 of 13 by Hwang MiRee

“Let's break up. Take care of yourself.”

With these parting words, Mio disappears. She doesn't show up at school nor the agency. It's like the earth went and swallowed her.

A bewildered DoJin tracks down Mio to her home, but how will he react when he learns that the Swan and the Ugly Duckling-slash-Porky are one and same? Will this spell the end to Mio's magicked double life?

Meanwhile, Mio is not the only fugitive —

My Sweet Home 6 of 6 by MARU & Kim Jin-hee

Sion's fuse ignites at the sight of Gona and Bian dressed alike. Flustered, Gona blurts out words he shouldn't: “We're not blood siblings, are we?” Later, Gona runs away from (my sweet) home, but realizes that Bian, accompanying him is ...

How will My Sweet Home end? The answer is as close as the nearest bookstore, Kia-chan ^^.

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