Yet Another Discovery of Sunny Side Up

Just like Baka-girl's previous post, I'm also here to celebrate teh party though I did arrive a few hours late *throws more confetti anyway*

Discovering the blog? Rolling back to where it started last year. Whilst searching for weekly manga releases, the search engine lead me to Sunny-side Up which was and still number one on the list. I started off as your typical lurker but then later graduate and become yet another regular blog comment person. And I'm really thankful that my endless amount of questions were nicely answered <3

What makes me stay? Instead of only having manga titles in form of lists, Sunny-side up offers short summaries, useful links and manga recommendations which help me to pick up new titles. As I dig in further into the endless amount of almost six years worth of posts, my "stay duration" becomes longer and checking the site became my daily basis for my internet dose.

That's it folks! Please enjoy the rest of the day as I kindly passing delicious [virtual] cupcakes throughout the day :P *Spreading the love*

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