Durarara!! 1 emerges the top DO WANT! across the (Gramedia) board

Okay, so who doesn't know DRRR!! or Durarara!! or Dulalala!!? Obviously not the peeps who frequent the LXO forum because it snapped up the most DO WANT! votes out of all the 25 May 2011 releases. (Yes, that tally includes Level and m&c! titles.)

Durarara!! 1 (Elex Media)

Durarara!! © Satorigi Akiyo, Narita Ryohgo/Square Enix
[Serialized in GFantasy]
Published in Indonesia by Elex Media

The series is about a dullahan working as an underworld courier in Ikebukuro, Japan, an internet-based anonymous gang called Dollars, and the chaos that unfolds around the most dangerous people in Ikebukuro.

Ready to ditch his mundane life, Mikado Ryugamine accepts childhood buddy Masaomi Kida's invite to move to Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Around an enthusiastic welcome, Kida warns Mikado about the unusual people he's likely to meet—from a violent man in a bartender's suit, an information dealer, gang members of the mysterious “Dollars” to the “Black Biker” urban legend, starring a supposedly headless rider of a black motorbike. How will Mikado cope in dangerous Ikebukuro?

The Durarara!! manga adapts Narita Ryohgo-sensei's light novel series, also the basis of the 2010-vintage anime.

Durarara!! is not the only 5.25 Elex debut. There's also the not unknown, Yeah, yeah, you know who Habaek is

Bride of the Water God 1 of 14+ by Yun Mi-kyung

Bride of the Water God 1 (Elex Media)

Habaek-eui Shinbu
© Yun MiKyung/
Seoul Munhwasa [Wink]
Published in Indonesia
as Bride of the Water God
by Elex Media

To save her village, Soah is sacrificed to the Water God Habaek. Not only does Soah survive, she is taken to the Water God's kingdom as his bride. There, she is plunged into intrigues surrounding Habaek and falls in love with the mysterious Mui.

So Arranged Marriage, Deities, Magic, Mythology, Secret Identity, Royal Family, Married to a God, Unorthodox Male Love Interest await.

Elex also published Yun Mi-kyung's slice of life Railroad in the last quarter of 2009.

The #2 and 3 GET! are both bunko releases—

Kungfu Boy Premium 2 of 18 by Maekawa Takeshi

Chinmi hurdles through his grueling training under Master Tendo, and now armed with martial arts science, is confident of facing anything and anyone. Along comes Dairin Temple's strongest disciple, Ryukai, “The Man of Steel,” who easily defeats Chinmi.

Topeng Kaca Deluxe 12 of 24+ by Miuchi Suzue

After the successful theatrical run of “Lady Pirate Bianca,” doors are thrown wide open once again for Maya. But she can't rest complacent as rival Ayumi—also acting in the solo play “Juliet”—wins an award for her performance. Ayumi's success so disheartens Maya, she yearns to drop out of the “Crimson Angel” running. Tsukikage-sensei then offers to give Maya two years with which to catch up with Ayumi, or at least cop a comparable award.

Mangazines: Nakayoshi 5/2011 and Shonen Star 9/2011

Shonen Star 9 has Hashiguchi Takashi's Yakitate!! Japan, in its final stretch, headlining the latest Indonesian Shonen Sunday. Meanwhile, Nakayoshi 5/2011 features a PEACH-PIT bishie—can you guess who it is?

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2011.05.25)

  1. [Series Premiere] Bride of the Water God (Habaek-eui Shinbu) 1 of 14+ by Yun MiKyung
  2. Bride of the Water God 1 (Elex)

    Habaek-eui Shinbu하백의 신부
    by Yun MiKyung (also Yoon MiKyung)
    Seoul Cultural Publishers Wink, soonjung
    Volume 1 first published in Korea 2006.06

    Other languages/serializations
    English Bride of the Water God (Dark Horse: seven volumes per 2011.02 • volume 8 street date: 2011.05.31), French L'épouse du dieu de l'eau (Editions Clair de Lune tome 3 shipped 2010.11 • tome 4 street date: 2011.06.16)

  3. Culdcept 4 of 6+ by Kaneko Shinya and OMIYA Soft
  4. Culdcept 4 (Elex)

    by Kaneko Shinya and OMIYA Soft
    Kodansha Magazine Z, seinen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2004.04
    (On hiatus at volume 6)

    Based on the Culdcept video game

    Other languages
    English Culdcept (TOKYOPOP: five volumes per 2006.06), Italian (Star Comics), Spanish (Norma Editorial Spain: volume 6 per 2009.02)

  5. Doraemon 7 of 45 by Fujiko F. Fujio (right-to-left edition)
  6. Doraemon 7 (Elex)

    Doraemonドラえもん」 by Fujiko F. Fujio
    Shogakukan Coro Coro Comics, kodomo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 1975.05
    (Premiered in Indonesia: 1994 [left-to-right format])

    Best Children's Manga, 27th Shogakukan Manga Awards, Grand Prize, the first Osamu Tezuka Culture Award (1997) and the Excellence Award, Japan Cartoonists Association Awards (1973)

    Related series
    Doraemon Plus (sequel; 5 of 5 volumes), Daichouhen Doraemon (side story; 24 of 24 volumes); Dorabase: Doraemon Chouyakyuu Gaiden (spin-off; 21 volumes, ongoing) and The Doraemon's Special (spin-off; 12 volumes)

    A 52-episode anime adaptation by Nippon TV (1973.04 - 1973.09), a 1,787-episode series by Shin-Ei Animation (broadcast on TV Asahi from 1979.04 - 2005.03), a 2005 adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation and Studio Pierrot (premiered 2005.04.15; 300+ episodes) and numerous movies

  7. [Series Premiere] DRRR!! [Durarara!!] 1 of 4+ by Satorigi Akiyo, Narita Ryohgo
  8. Durarara!! 1 (Elex)

    by Satorigi Akiyo, Narita Ryohgo
    Square Enix GFantasy, shounen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2009.12

    Related series
    Adapted from the Durarara!! light novel series by Narita Ryohgo, illustrated by Yasuda Suzuhito (nine volumes published by ASCII Media Works under the Dengeki Bunko imprint per 2011.02), the basis of Brains Base's 26-episode 2010-vintage anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Sawashiro Miyuki (Celty Sturluson) and Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Ryūgamine Mikado).

  9. Global Garden 7 of 8 by Hiwatari Saki
  10. Global Garden 7 (Elex)

    Global GardenGLOBAL GARDEN
    by Hiwatari Saki
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2004.10

  11. Hidamari Sketch 5 of 5+ by Aoki Ume
  12. Hidamari Sketch 5 (Elex)

    Hidamari Sketchひだまりスケッチ」 by Aoki Ume
    Houbunsha Manga Time Kirara Carat, seinen
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2010.03

    Other languages
    English Sunshine Sketch (Yen Press: four volumes per 2010.01 • volume 5 street date: 2011.06.28)

    SHAFT's 12-episode anime adaptation aired in Japan from January to March 29, 2007, followed by two special episodes in October 2007, a second season (Hidamari Sketch × 365; July-September 2008), another two special episodes (October 2009) and a third season (Hidamari Sketch × Hoshimittsu; January-March 2010). Seiyuu Asumi Kana (Yuno), Mizuhashi Kaori (Miyako), Goto Yuko (Hiro), and Shintani Ryoko (Sae) reprised their roles in the sequels, with the addition of Omigawa Chiaki as Nazuna and Harada Hitomi as Nori in the third season.

    Two light novels by Higurashi Chabō, illustrated by Aoki Ume, under the Houbunsha KR Bunko imprint: Hidamari Sketch Novel: Yōkoso Hidamari-sō e (2007.03) and Hidamari Sketch Novel: Hidamari School Life (2007.09).

  13. Inuyasha 52 of 56 by Takahashi Rumiko
  14. Inuyasha 52 (Elex)

    Inuyasha犬夜叉」 by Takahashi Rumiko
    Full title: Sengoku Otogizoushi Inuyasha
    (InuYasha, A Feudal Fairy Tale)
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 52 (chapters 509-518) first published in Japan 2008.01

    Indonesian Shonen Star (ongoing)

    Other languages
    English Inuyasha (VIZ Media: 56 volumes per 2011.01), French (Kana tome 43 shipped 2011.04.01 • tome 44 street date: 201.08.26), Dutch (Kana), Spanish (Glénat Spain, Grupo Editorial Vid Mexico, LARP Editores Argentina), Italian (Star Comics), German (EMA, 56 volumes), Portuguese (Editora JBC Brazil), Swedish (Egmont Kärnan), Polish (Egmont Polska), traditional Chinese (Chingwin), Vietnamese (NXB Trẻ), Korean (Haksan)

    Adapted into anime by Sunrise: the first season, based on volumes 1 through 36 and spanning 167 episodes, aired on Yomiuri TV from October 2000 until September 2004. The sequel, Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen, which picks up from volume 36 until series end, premiered October 2009 with seiyuu Yamaguchi Kappei, Yukino Satsuki, and Morikawa Toshiyuki reprising their roles as Inuyasha, Kagome, and Naraku. The sequel ended 2010.03.29

    At least four originally-conceived anime features have also been released: Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001.12), The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass (2002.12), Swords of an Honorable Ruler (2003.12) and Fire on the Mystic Island (2004.12). A prequel special Inuyasha Meguri Au Mae no Unmei Koiuta aired 2004.04.19 in Japan.

  15. Kekkaishi 6 of 35 by Tanabe Yellow
  16. Kekkaishi 6 (Elex)

    Kekkaishi結界師」 by Tanabe Yellow
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 6 (chapters 46-55) first published in Japan 2005.02

    Best Shounen Manga, 52nd Shogakukan Manga Awards

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Star (ongoing)
    English Kekkaishi (VIZ Media: 25 volumes per 2011.04.12 • volume 26 street date: 2011.06.14), French (PIKA Édition: tome 26 per 2011.02 • tome 27 ships 2011.06.15), German (Carlsen Comics: Band 17 ships 2011.05.27 • Band 18 per 2011.11.18), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 结界师 #33 released 2011.04.05), traditional Chinese (Rightman Publishing Limited HK and Tong Li Taiwan), Italian (Planet Manga), Malaysian (PCM Comics), Korean (Bookbox), Spanish (Editorial Ivrea Spain), Vietnamese (Kim Dong)

    Sunrise's 52-episode anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Yoshino Hiroyuki (Sumimura Yoshimori) and Saitou Rie (Yukimura Tokine), aired in Japan from October 2006 to February 2008. The anime aired on Animax Asia from 15 February to 27 April 2011.

  17. Kungfu Boy Premium (Tekken Chinmi) 2 of 18 by Maekawa Takeshi
  18. Kungfu Boy 2 Premium (Elex)

    Tekken Chinmi鉄拳チンミ (講談社漫画文庫)
    by Maekawa Takeshi
    AKA Ironfist Chinmi
    Kodansha Manga Bunko, shounen
    Bunko volume 2 first published in Japan 2002.07

    1987 Kodansha Manga Awardee for the Shounen Category

    Related series
    Sequels: New Kungfu Boy (20 volumes), Kungfu Boy Legends (11 volumes per 2011.6.17; serialized in Shonen Magz) and side story Chinmi: The Other Story (3 volumes per 2010.04; serialized in Shonen Magz)

  19. Otoboke Section Chief (Otoboke Kachou) 11 of 23+ by Ueda Masashi
  20. Otoboke Section Chief 11 (Elex)

    Otoboke Kachouおとぼけ課長
    by Ueda Masashi
    Houbunsha Manga Time, seinen
    Volume 11 first published in Japan 2000.12

  21. Princess & The 3 Beasts (Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono) 2 of 4 by Miyuki Mitsubachi
  22. 姫君と三匹の獣 2 (JP cover)

    Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono
    姫君と三匹の獣」 by Miyuki Mitsubachi
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2010.03

  23. Rakka Ryuusui 5 of 5+ by Sanada Ikki
  24. Rakka Ryuusui 5 (Elex)

    Rakka Ryuusui落花流水」 by Sanada Ikki
    AKA Falling Petals, Running Water
    Houbunsha Manga Time Kirara Max, seinen
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2010.05

    Two audio dramas starring seiyuu Nakahara Mai (Hayama Akiho) and Endo Aya (Hokaze Minatsu) were released in 2009: the first Rakka Ryuusui drama CD shipped 2009.03; the second Rakka Ryuusui Variety CD debuted at Comiket 76 (2009.08). Houbunsha published the Akizuki Hiro-penned light novel in July 2007.

  25. Reborn Kumiho (Shin Gumiho) 21 of 21 by Han HyunDong [Finale]
  26. Reborn Kumiho 21 (Elex)

    Shin Gumiho신 구미호」 by Han HyunDong
    Daiwon C.I., Pang Pang and Super Champ, sonyun
    Volume 21 first published in Korea 2007.10

  27. Topeng Kaca Deluxe (Glass no Kamen) 12 of 24+ by Miuchi Suzue
  28. Topeng Kaca 12 Deluxe (Elex)

    Glass no Kamenガラスの仮面 白泉社文庫
    by Miuchi Suzue
    Hakusensha Bessatsu Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Bunko volume 12 first published in Japan 1994.09

    Glass no Kamen tankoubon

    Three anime and two seasons of a live-action drama

  29. Vinland Saga 3 of 10+ by Yukimura Makoto
  30. Vinland Saga 3 (Elex)

    Vinland Sagaヴィンランド・サガ
    by Yukimura Makoto
    Kodansha Afternoon (initially in Weekly Shonen Magazine), shounen/seinen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2006.10

    Volume 3 chapters:
    17. England, 1008
    18. England, 1013
    19. Battle on London Bridge
    20. Ragnarok
    21. Valhalla
    Extra. Yfla at Work
    *NOT the Indonesian Shonen Magz chapter titles

    Nominee, 2008 Manga Taisho award and Grand Prize winner, Manga division, Japan Media Arts awards

    Other languages/serializations
    Indonesian Shonen Magz (ongoing serialization)
    French (Kurokawa: Tome 9 shipped 2011.03.10), Italian (Star Comics), traditional Chinese 海盜戰記 (Tong Li)

  31. Welcome to Host Detective Agency (Host-tan e Youkoso) 3 of 5 by Tateno Makoto
  32. Witch Hunter 2 of 11+ by Cho JungMan
  33. Witch Hunter 2 (Elex)

    Witch Hunter위치헌터
    by Cho JungMan
    Daiwon C.I., Super Champ, sonyun
    Volume 2 first published in Korea 2006.05

    Other languages
    French (Ki-oon: Witch Hunter tome 11 per 2011.02.10)

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Mangazines (2011.05.25)

  1. Nakayoshi Gress! 5/2011 (Kodansha shoujo)
  2. Shonen Star 9/2011 (Shogakukan shounen)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 25 May 2011 (release schedule) and Komikologi and/or Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All GN retail for IDR 16,500 except Culdcept 4 (IDR 18,500); Hidamari Sketch 5 and Otoboke Section Chief 11 (IDR 15,000); and Kungfu Boy 2 Premium and Topeng Kaca 12 Deluxe (IDR 24,000). Nakayoshi Gress! 5/2011 and Shonen Star 9/2011 retail for IDR 30,000/issue.
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).


Kekkaishi 6 of 35 by Tanabe Yellow

A young warrior presents himself at Karasumori, the sacred land that attracts all manner of ayakashi. His name: Gen Shishio, an Urakai member sent to aid Karasumori's kekkaishi by troop leader Masamori. Gen greatly admires Masamori and disapproves of Yoshimori, leading to brawls between the two at every opportunity.

Kekkaishi 6 compiles chapters:
46. Observer
47. Research
48. Claw Marks
49. Gen Shishio
50. Birthplace
51. Uninvited Guest
52. Masamori and Gen
53. Big-Headed Wheel
54. Legitimate Heir
55. Reward
*NOT Elex/Shonen Star chapter titles

Inuyasha 52 of 56 by Takahashi Rumiko

The powerful Magatsuhi attacks Sesshomaru who has lost his weapon Meidou Zangetsuha. What is the actual form of the creature allegedly born from the Shikon no Tama?

Inuyasha 52 collates chapters:
509. The Bow's Spiritual Power
510. Hell
511. Kagome's Spiritual Power
512. The Right Wish
513. The Jewel's Dark Will
514. Crisis
515. Borrowed Body
516. Magatsuhi
517. Magatsuhi's Main Body
518. Bakusaiga
*NOT Elex/Shonen Star's chapter titles

Welcome to Host Detective Agency 3 of 5 by Tateno Makoto

Kobayashi's place of work, the Aketomo Detective Agency, turns into the Lady Killer host club at night, but that doesn't mean detecting stops when the sun goes down. The case this time: finding a missing person. The investigation begins, but soon dead-ends. Could the client's real background have anything to do with the stoppage?

The rest of the ongoing (and one ending) series

  • Culdcept 4 by Kaneko Shinya and OMIYA Soft: On the old continent dwell three wise men. They possess knowledge of the past and future technology, as well as commanding creatures in the hundreds. When signs of the world's end manifest, they arise to dispel evil.
  • Doraemon 7 by Fujiko F. Fujio: Lazy Nobita asks Doraemon to pull something out of his fourth-dimensional pocket to help with homework. Nobita produces a dwarf as Nobita sleeps. Isn't that great, Nobita, that when you wake up, your homework is all done? But...
  • Global Garden 7 by Hiwatari Saki: Ruika's mom surprisingly asks Ruika to accompany her back to Hiroshima. Apparently, her mother had dreamt of meeting an Einstein-esque old man, pointing in the direction of the Atomic-bomb Dome, the night before. Ruika harbors mixed feelings about her mother's request; what causes her ambivalence?
  • Hidamari Sketch 5 by Aoki Ume: Yoshinoya-sensei is preparing a wedding dress? And a man shows up carrying a small child? Whatever the reason, the sunshiney life at Hidamari continues.
  • Princess & The 3 Beasts 2 by Miyuki Mitsubachi: After having lived together with the “3 Beasts,” Violet gets used to regular city life. Even Shido, her former guardian at the Alba Forest palace, no longer forces her to return home. But here comes another threat — who or what is it?
  • Rakka Ryuusui 5 by Sanada Ikki: What's going to happen to Minatsu and Akiho's relationship? After graduation, they will be parting ways. So will Akatsuki and Yuu. It's time to look to the future, but are they ready?
  • Reborn Kumiho 21 of 21 by Han HyunDong: Maru sacrifices his human life to protect Kumiho. He also manages to beat Black Kumiho. But after successfully acquiring Black Kumiho's heart, Kumiho chooses to return Maru to humanity. What will happen to Maru and Kumiho now?
  • Vinland Saga 3 by Yukimura Makoto: When asked about strength, a Viking will reply: “We believe in our own strength and naught else.”
  • Witch Hunter 2 by Cho JungMan: Tasha Godspell is a witch hunter, a fighter tasked to eliminate witches sowing terror everywhere. He, Xing and Tarras are assigned to investigate a strange village. Villagers are dying from sudden aging. For sure, witches lurk in the village.

And of course there's Ueda Masashi's 4-koma Otoboke Section Chief 11. At home or in the office, ripples of laughter follow the optimistic Otoboke.


Nakayoshi Gress! 5/2011

© PEACH-PIT/Kodansha

Nakayoshi Gress! 5/2011: Ikuto Encore! ♡

Amu waits in the city park while thinking of Ikuto. Albeit unsure she will meet him, Amu wants to keep fresh her memories of Ikuto. Who should come along but... Ikuto.

Other Nakayoshi pals appearing on Issue 5's cover, aside from Shugo Chara! Encore!, are:

Shonen Star 9/2011

Yakitate!! Japan
© Hashiguchi Takashi/
[Shonen Sunday]

Shonen Star 9/2011 ☆ Yakitate!! Japan by Hashiguchi Takashi

Working closely with Pierrot and Kuroyanagi, Kawachi tries to save the earth from global warming brought about by their reaction to Azuma's Ja-pan. Can they make it?

Yakitate!! Japan volume 21 released early May, btw. Two other ShoStars, Tanabe Yellow's Kekkaishi and Takahashi Rumiko's Inuyasha, have their tankou 6 and 52 streeting the same day as their latest chapter installments. Also keeping company are these other Shonen Sunday manga:

Still not enuf? Here are the other 25 May 2011 manga and manhua

Level Comics: Until Death Do Us Part 6 · Bronze Angel 2 · GTO Shonan 14 Days 1 by Fujisawa Tohru · Red River 7 · The Drops of God 4 · Angel Heart 8 · Sky of Love 5 · Cherry 4 of 4 · Iliad 3 · Over Rev 19 · Spirou dan Fantasio - Si Sial Vito · Spirou dan Fantasio di Moskow · Jojo - Misteri Violaine · Jojo - Petir di Musim Panas

m&c!: Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 12 · Beauty Pop 10 of 10 · Jun x Ai Sensation 5 of 5 · Neon Genesis Evangelion Ironmaiden the 2nd 5 · Himegirl Attack by Wao Akira · The Impeccable Twins Final Chapters 17 · Catwalk Romance by Shiraishi Yuki · Love Tricks by Ibuki Kaede, CHOCHO · Moriko in The Wonder Forest by Notoyama Keiko · My Boyfriend in 16 by Yoshinaga Yuu · To Love a Cool Boy by Sugishippo · Amazing Weapons - The Lost Blade 2 · Long Hu Men - Next Level 3 by · Pedang MahaDewa - Future 1 by Tony Wong

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