Idol Shopping 8, Female Wolf's Boy 16, Ugly Duckling Become Swan 12 (m&c! 11 May 2011 manhwa) [UPDATED]

Also, manga including Pudding in Love 1 by Shinozuka Hiromu and the restocked original Miiko series—Namaku Miiko!

Idol Shopping 8 (m&c!)

Idol Shopping © Hwang MiRee/Samyang
Published in Indonesia by Gramedia/m&c!

That biatch teacher's obsession with Seo GaYoon spirals into madness, leading her to plot Kang SongYie's demise. Her insanity ratchets another notch when GaYoon manages to thwart her plans, leading her to take that last step...

Oh noes! Will SongYie and GaYoon survive the terminal Jealous Hag attack?Considering Idol Shopping has three more volumes to hurdle before the finale, what do you think? :P

Now for the two doki-doki inspiring penultimates —

Female Wolf's Boy 16 of 17 by Han YuRang ♡

Cha EunSoo still hasn't gone home, throwing cousin No GyuHyeon, boyfriend Sin HoWon and pals into total panic. Ex-BF Gang JaeHee also joins the search for the tomboy who has stolen his heart, but his enemies capitalize on the rumpus to wreak revenge on JaeHee.

I believe JaeHee will be able to track down EunSoo and rout those goons as an afterthought. After all, not only is he the ult jjang, he has to live up to the previous Female Wolf's Boy and his promise to keep her by my side and protect her!, a line that continues to resonate and weaken this fangirl's knees, three weeks after the fact.

Edit » GOT!, read and am giving Female Wolf's Boy 16 a grade of 8 of 10. Would've been higher if not for Why choose that story path?? and weird cliffie.

Ugly Duckling Become Swan 12 of 13 by Hwang MiRee ♡

This kiss... Let this kiss determine everything. Open your eyes and look at me. Then choose, DoJin...

How will DoJin react when he receives incontrovertible proof that the Future Mother of His Children Mio is the fat Ugly Duckling! Mio he professes to hate? Well, according to the Ugly Duckling Become Swan 12 cover, he sweeps her up in his arms, so his reax can't be all that bad :D

Edit » GOT!, read and am giving Ugly Duckling Become Swan 12 a grade of 7 of 10 for Habits Die Hard obstinacy. (Yes, I allude to the both of them.)

☆ I mumble about the debuting Pudding in Love from Shinozuka Hiromu After The Cut. Above is reserved for —

Restocked: Namaku Miiko!

Namaku Miiko! 1-4 (m&c!)

Miiko desu! © Ono Eriko/Shogakukan
[First seralized in Ciao]
Published in Indonesia by as Namaku Miiko! by Gramedia/m&c!

This ☂, VI [RE-STO] includes the first Miiko! series by Ono Eriko, Namaku Miiko!. I'm amazed that the original only spans four volumes, when the sequel Hai, Miiko! has logged over 20 volumes and won the 1996 Shogakukan Manga Award for children's manga. (The most recent Kocchi Muite! Miiko 23—the 20th anniversary tankou?—streeted 2011.03 in Japan.)

Also among the 14 titles restocked are m&c! AMERO comics, including volumes 1 to 3 of Mike Mignola's 10-volume Hellboy series—(1) Seed of Destruction, (2) Wake the Devil and (3) The Chained Coffin and Others—all still priced at IDR 45,000/volume.

m&c! manga (2011.05.11)

  1. Meet the Banchou (Kongoh Bancho) 5 of 12 by Suzuki Nakaba
  2. Meet the Banchou 5 (m&c!)

    Kongoh Bancho金剛番長」 by Suzuki Nakaba
    AKA Diamond Delinquent
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 5 (chapters 37-45) first published in Japan 2009.02

  3. Out Code 2 of 3 by Suzuragi Karin & Himenogi Haruhiko
  4. Out Code 2 (m&c!)

    Out Code - Choujou Hanzai Tokumu Sousakan
    アウトコード 超常犯罪特務捜査官
    by Suzuragi Karin & Himenogi Haruhiko
    Kodansha Shonen Rival, shounen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2009.05

  5. Prince X Princess (Puri x Puri - Himegimi wa Oujisama) 2 of 2 by Kiritani Miki [Finale]
  6. [Series Premiere] Pudding in Love (Koi suru Purin!) 1 of 5 by Shinozuka Hiromu
  7. Pudding in Love 1 (m&c!)

    Koi suru Purin!恋するプリン!
    by Shinozuka Hiromu
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2006.09

    Serialized in the Indonesian Cherry (concluded)

manhwa (2011.05.11)

  1. Female Wolf's Boy 16 of 17 by Han YuRang
  2. Female Wolf's Boy 16 (m&c!)

    [Female Wolf's BOY]
    암컷늑대의 보이 (암컷늑대의 Boy)
    by Han YuRang
    Samyang (Kkonnim), soonjung
    Volume 16 first published in Korea 2007.11

    Based on the Korean Internet novel 암컷늑대의 BOY by i쿠키i조아 (iCookieiLike).

  3. Idol Shopping 8 of 12 by Hwang MiRee
  4. Idol Shopping 8 (m&c!)

    Idol Shopping아이돌 쇼핑
    by Hwang MiRee
    Samyang (Kkonnim), soonjung
    Volume 8 first published in Korea 2009.01

  5. Ugly Duckling Become Swan (Miunohri to Swan) 12 of 13 by Hwang MiRee

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[RE-STO] Restocked (2011.05.11)

¹ Source: m&c! (covers and release advisory)
² All manga, including restocks, are priced at IDR 16,500, manhwa at IDR 19,900. Restocked AMERO comics are IDR 25,000 each unless noted otherwise.

New titles

Pudding in Love 1 of 5 by Shinozuka Hiromu

Hello, I'm Uchida Rina, 13 years old! My parents work abroad, so I live with the Yoshikawa family which includes twin sons who are the last word in cute.

I wish I could say the same for that “something” that also stays with us — something who's proving to be my greatest rival!

Pudding in Love, originally Koi suru Purin!, first serialized in Ciao around 2006. (The last tankou came out in May 2008.) It serialized in the Indonesian Cherry mangazine, concluding (if I'm not mistaken) late October last year.

In addition to Pudding in Love, m&c! has published Shinozuka Hiromu-sensei's Mirumo de Pon!, Game of Love and Love is On Air. Her current Ciao serial is the Agnostic Heroine meets Devil Baby, Chibi Devi! (five volumes as at March this year).


Prince X Princess 2 of 2 by Kiritani Miki

Kaguya Yuki's career in boy band ZAST seems to be going strong, even if s/he has to genderbend to achieve stardom.

We reviewed volume 1 of Prince X Princess, if you're thinking just now of getting this series from the creator of My Happiness in You.

The rest

  • Meet the Banchou 5 by Suzuki Nakaba: Just as Kongou Banchou defeats the Five Dark Vows, along comes a new enemy, Machine Banchou, to overturn the situation
  • Out Code 2 by Suzuragi Karin & Himenogi Haruhiko: Kirio's sister Mana is kidnapped. To save her, Kirio barges into the enemy's lair. But his adversary has laid a trap — a magnet controller. Can Mana be saved?

Still not enuf? Check out these other 11 May 2011 manga and manhwa

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  • Level Comics: Bambino! 11 · The Bride's Stories 1 by Mori Kaoru · Ice Forest 6 · Jio 15 · Half an Apple 10 · Karakuri Circus 1 by Fujita Kazuhirou · Giant Killing3 · Psychometrist Eiji 20 · Shadow Skill 3 · Homunculus 10 · Boule & Bill - Kau Ingat, Bill? · Jojo - Louis Gendut Operasi · Tanguy & Laverdure - Demi Kehormatan and Tanguy & Laverdure - Pendidikan Para Elang by Jean Michel Charlier · Yakari - Yakari & Pagar Api

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