Soul Eater 7, Dawn of the Arcana 1 by Toma Rei, Blade of Immortal 16 (Level Comics 1 June 2011 manga)

Kicking off with the Level manga generating the most buzz from my tweeps — Dawn of the Arcana by Toma Rei, debuting this Wednesday.

Dawn of The Arcana 1 (Level Comics)

Reimei no Arcana © Toma Rei/Shogakukan [Serialized in Cheese!]
Published in Indonesia as Dawn of The Arcana by Elex Media/Level Comics

The southern and northern kingdoms of Senan and Belquat have long been at war. To end the conflict, Senan's Princess Nakaba is married off to Belquat's Prince Caesar. Nakaba already has two other obvious strikes against her going in — her “commoner” red hair, a slap to the face of the exclusively black-haired royal family, and her “sub-human” (half-beast) bodyguard Loki.

How will Nakaba fare, trapped behind enemy lines? Can the visions she sees stave off death threatening at every turn?

So, Arranged Marriage, Prince, Princess, War — sound familiar? You guessed it: Ogura Akane's Absolute Peace Strategy (published by Elex). The two differ, however, in the not even hidden hostility/contempt/ridicule Strong Female Lead Nakaba faces, and that's just from her husband. Also, there's her Special Power (prescience), to which the Arcana in the title alludes. Doesn't make sense? Just GET! to see what I mean. I guarantee you'll enjoy the ride.

If you're still not convinced, may I tell you that Dawn of The Arcana 3 has already entered the editing phase? Volume 3, peeps! (By contrast, North American readers only get Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 1 in December 2011.)

Toma Rei-sensei is also the manga-ka of the game-based Star Color Present (Hoshiiro no Okurimono), the two-volume Stolen Kiss, Reverse Harem Boku wa Kiss de Uso wo Tsuku and the Maid In Love Tsukushite Agemasu, all serialized first in Cheese! like Dawn of The Arcana.

I preview the other manga premiere—the Zombie School! Dark Edge by Aikawa Yu—after the release list.

Soul Eater 7 of 19+ by Ohkubo Atsushi

To preclude the first Kishin's madness claiming more victims, Shinigami-sama assembles the world's most powerful death scythes. While the weapons discuss battle plans, the DWMA slowly reverts to its quotidian routine. But one new student has trouble adjusting to normal school life.

Yup, it's Crona, now a DWMA student and handed her/his first mission with Maka and Soul.

Soul Eater 7 compiles chapter 23 through 27: Daily Life, Experimenting School (Parts 1-3) and Bodyguard (Part 1). [*NOT Level's chapter titles]

Blade of Immortal 16 of 27+ by Samura Hiroaki

A prisoner of the Mugai-ryū, Manji serves as the guinea pig for Ayame Burando's immortality experiments. Burando has been ordered by Kagimura Habaki to graft Manji's limbs onto another—the first subject being death row inmate Dewanosuke—to replicate Manji's regenerative powers. The experiment fails, claiming the lives of many prisoners. But with Habaki egging Burando on, will the doctor persevere and eventually succeed?

[Additions from Casterman's L'habitant de l'infini, Tome 16 description and Mecha Mecha Media's Blade of the Immortal 16 review]

Level Comics manga (2011.06.01)

  1. A Spirit of The Sun (Taiyou no Mokushiroku) 11 of 17 by Kawaguchi Kaiji
  2. 太陽の黙示録 11 (JP cover)

    Taiyou no Mokushiroku太陽の黙示録
    by Kawaguchi Kaiji
    Shogakukan Big Comic, seinen
    Volume 11 (chapters 73-79) first published in Japan 2006.03

    Best Seinen/General Manga, 51st Shogakukan Manga Awards
    Grand Prize winner for the comic category, 10th Japan Media Arts Festival

    Other languages
    French (Tonkam Spirit of The Sun, tome 17: Le troisième pays per 2009.12)

    Adapted into an anime special by Madhouse (two episodes)

  3. Attack!! 7 of 11+ by Oshima Tsukasa
  4. LC: Attack!! 7

    Attack!!アタック!!」 by Oshima Tsukasa
    Shinchosha Comic Bunch, seinen
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2008.07

  5. Blade of Immortal (Mugen no Juunin) 16 of 27+ by Samura Hiroaki
  6. 無限の住人 16 (JP cover)

    Mugen no Juunin無限の住人」 by Samura Hiroaki
    Kodansha Afternoon, seinen
    Volume 16 first published in Japan 2004.05

    1997 Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Prize

    Other languages
    English Blade of the Immortal (Dark Horse Comics: 23 volumes per 2011.02 • Volume 24: Massacre street date: 2011.11.08), French (Casterman: L'habitant de l'infini tome 25 per 2010.10 • Tome 26 ships 2011.06.29), Italian (Planet Manga), German and Polish (Egmont), Portuguese (Conrad Brazil) and Swedish (Schibsted Förlagen Sverige AB; serialized in Manga Mania)

    A 13-episode anime starring seiyuu Seki Tomokazu (Manji) and Satou Rina (Rin) aired in Japan on AT-X from July to December 2008.

  7. [Series Premiere] Dark Edge 1 of 15 by Aikawa Yu
  8. DARK EDGE 1 (JP cover)

    Dark EdgeDARK EDGE」 by Aikawa Yu
    Media Works Dengeki Comic Gao!, shounen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 1999.02

    Other languages
    English Dark Edge (ComicsOne then DrMaster: 10 volumes per 2009.03.03)

  9. [Series Premiere] Dawn of The Arcana (Reimei no Arcana) 1 of 7+ by Toma Rei
  10. LC: Dawn of The Arcana 1

    Reimei no Arcana黎明のアルカナ」 by Toma Rei
    Shogakukan Cheese!, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2009.05

    Other languages
    English Dawn of the Arcana (VIZ Media: Volume 1 street date: 2011.12.06)

  11. Ghost Mum Investigator (Ghost Mama Sousasen) 3 of 3+ by Sato Tomokazu
  12. Soul Eater 7 of 19+ by Ohkubo Atsushi
  13. ソウルイーター 7 (JP cover)

    Soul Eaterソウルイーター」 by Ohkubo Atsushi
    Square Enix Shonen Gangan, shounen
    Volume 7 (chapters 23-27) first published in Japan 2006.09

    Related series
    First appeared as one-shots in two Gangan Powered special editions (Summer and Fall 2003) and Gangan Wing's 26 November 2003 issue. (Regular Monthly Shonen Gangan serialization commenced May 2004.)

    Other languages
    English Soul Eater (Yen Press: five volumes per 2011.02 • volume 6 street date: 2011.06.28), French (Kurokawa tome 15 shipped 2011.05.12 • Tome 16 street date: 2011.07.07), German (Carlsen Comics Band 11 street date: 2011.06.24) and traditional Chinese 噬魂者 (Sharp Point Press Taiwan)

    Related series
    Soul Eater Not! (side story; began serialization in Shonen Gangan 2011.01.12)

    Manga volumes 1 to 12 adapted to anime by BONES. Fifty-one episodes starring seiyuu Omigawa Chiaki (Maka Alban) and Uchiyama Kouki (Soul Eater) aired in Japan from April 2008 to March 2009.

    Square Enix bundled an audio drama, Soul Eater (Vol. 1): Special Social Studies Field Trip, with an artbook in August 2005. The drama CD featured different actors (Takeuchi Junko as Maka; Hoshi Souichirou as Soul Eater); only Kobayashi Yumiko reprised her Black☆Star role in the TV series.

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European comics/BDs (2011.06.01)

  1. Rantanplan - Biang Masalah by Morris (Lucky Comics)
  2. Rantanplan - Natal Bersama by Morris (Lucky Comics)
  3. Spirou dan Fantasio - Jamur dan Sang Diktator (Spirou et Fantasio, tome 7: Le Dictateur et le champignon) by Franquin (Dupuis)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 1 June 2011 (release schedule) and Komikologi and/or Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² Manga retails for IDR 18,500/volume except Blade of Immortal 16 (IDR 19,500). ROMICs are priced at IDR 30,000 each except Spirou dan Fantasio - Jamur dan Sang Diktator (IDR 38,000).
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).

New titles continued

Dark Edge 1 of 15 by Aikawa Yu

After his mother's death, Takagi Kuro transfers to Yotsuji High, a school that forbids students from remaining on campus after sundown. On his first day, Takagi and his classmates inadvertently break the rule, little realizing the “punishment” that awaits.

What kind of school of Yotsuji High anyway? A High School of the Dead, one established some seven years before this more famous one. For their rule violation, Takagi and pals are attacked by zombies, faculty members who possess an evil gene, as ComicsOne's Dark Edge, Vol. 1 synopsis shares.

Aikawa Yu-sensei is also responsible for the five-volume Exorcism- and Debt-troped Butterfly, the seinen manga first serialized in Comic Birz.

The rest of the continuing series

  • A Spirit of The Sun 11 by Kawaguchi Kaiji: Under Buichi Suguro's leadership, the North Self Defense forces stage a fake coup, killing not only Takuma Ryu and Keitaro Mabuchi but also installing Takuya Todo as the North Area prime minister. Genichiro, grief-stricken over the assassination of his grandfather, joins forces with the Alliance to fight against Todo. With the South Area's freedom threatened, Misao Munakata opposes Todo's desire to unify Japan, leading to heightened tension between the South and North.
  • Attack!! 7 by Oshima Tsukasa: Kakegawa faces off against Ikezato in the semi-finals. Ikezato has made winning the nationals a tradition; can Kakegawa counter the lightning attacks and the giant wall of defense aimed at sealing Kengo Kobayashi?
  • Ghost Mum Investigator 3 by Sato Tomokazu: Tonbo and his ghost mum continue to help spirits with unresolved issues. This time they aid a fortune-teller worried about the fate of her customer; a magician in search of a successor, the ghost of a monkey that appears only when it rains and... Tonbo's first love.

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