Initial Impression on Yukarism by Shiomi Chika

Yukarism © Shiomi Chika/Hakusensha
[First serialized in Bessatsu Hana to Yume]

Because only 6 chapters out so far, I think it's too early to make a review for Yukarism. That's why I just make an initial impression about it. Being Shiomi Chika's fan since Yurara's Moon and Rasetsu's Flower, it's a must for me to read Yukarism. I just couldn't push myself to read it until yesterday though.


"Yukarism" is the story of a young man named "Yukari" who is born with the memories of his past life and so at the tender age of 17, he is an Edo period novelist. Yukari "meets cute" with Mahoro on the first day of the new school term and Yukari has the sense that even though he's never met Mahoro, he's knows her...and from there our story of the past and the present begins!
-Excerpted from Omari's Sister Anime and Manga Blog


Yukarism, as you can see from the summary, is a story about reincarnation. Being a Buddhist, I'm quite familiar with reincarnation-related things and this is another reason to make me interested with it. To write my impression without any spoiler would be very difficult so this post will contain a little spoiler. Don't worry though, I'll try to avoid major spoiler. Me doesn't want to ruin your fun while reading Yukarism ^^

First time I saw Yukari, I remember Yakou! Maybe because I miss him, since Yukari and Yakou were two different bishounen, in terms of both appearance and personality. Yukari was quite eccentric and Yakou was pure kewl :p

Yukarism first chapter was quite interesting, especially the last part when Shiomi-sensei revealed that Yukari was an Oiran (high class prostitute who can choose her own customers [note from Omari's Sister] or you can read more about it here) in his previous life. Mahoro, on the other hand, hinted to be Kazuma in her previous life since they have the same burned mark. Things get more interesting when Takamura and Satomi were introduced in chapter 4 (yayy for another bishie! lol). And what was revealed in chapter 6 makes me believe that this story have a very promising plot! (I really didn't expect 'that')

About the artwork, there's no need to worry. You want more bishie from Shiomi Chika? You can find it here. Even the art related to Edo period was fascinating. So far, I have no complain about the artwork ^^

In short, I find this manga very interesting and promising. The character, the story, everything looks good. This one seems like it can run for at least five volumes since I have a feeling that what was revealed was just the beginning of the main story (and looking from Shiomi-sensei record with her previous work, I think it's very possible). I wish m&c! will publish it in Indonesia, like Shiomi-sensei others work (not now, maybe next year) ^^


Yukarism images used here for reference are © Shiomi Chika/Hakusensha. No infringement intended.

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