Love So Life 4, Ugly Duckling Become Swan 13 of 13, Crazy Girl Shin Bia 2 (m&c! 8 June 2011 manga and manhwa) [UPDATED]

Teh promised NikBabble™. Don't think there's any analysis, banal or otherwise :D Look for Lina-chan's snap reviews of Love So Life 4, Shiumi Saki's School Idol My Devilish Love and Bullying Again?! S.O.S. After School by Kohaku Naoto (in a separate post).

Love So Life 4 (m&c!)

Love So Life © Kouchi Kaede/Hakusensha
[Serialized in Hana to Yume]
Published in Indonesia by Gramedia/m&c!

Orphan school girl Shiharu plays nanny to the Matsunaga Angel Twins™. Even though they treat her like their mom, I mean, family, she feels nervous around the twins' Still Single and Available uncle Seiji. Shiharu's anxiety rockets off the charts when one day, Sei-tan gets the flu and...grabs her from behind?!

Kyaaa~ \^^/

Love So Life 4, the top DO WANT! m&c! manga this release, compiles chapters 17 through 22. Lina-chan gives this tankou a 9 out of 10 ♥ in her review.

Ugly Duckling Become Swan 13 of 13 by Hwang MiRee

Ugly Duckling Become Swan 13 (m&c!)

Miunohri to Swan
© Hwang MiRee/Samyang
Published in Indonesia as
Ugly Duckling Become Swan
by Gramedia/m&c!

Listen to me... This might sound painful, but I'm being honest here. Your appearance doesn't matter. Pretty or ugly, fairy or monster, I don't care. What is important is — you're Go Mio.

Follow DoJin × Mio's separation and reunion in the last Ugly Duckling Become Swan. The finale review also (hopefully) Coming Soon, but sneak peek grade is 7 of 10, two ♥s down from teh rating I gave the series back in February.

New m&c! titles

Already mentioned My Devilish Love by A-lister Shiumi Saki and S.O.S. After School by ChuChu manga-ka Kohaku Naoto, but the 6.08 bounty also includes a pair of Who? manhwa bios Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, both the collaboration between writer Ahn Hyeong-mo and illustrator Studio Chung Bi. There's also the Pedang Maha Dewa - fore story V - God of the Gods manhua by Tony Wong premiering and a new KOLONI local title, Petualangan Hebring: Si Jagoan Lokal Baru by Main Studios Production. I preview everything but S.O.S. After School below the release list.

S.O.S. After School (m&c!)

Houkago no SOS - Ijime Hakusho
© Kohaku Naoto/
Shogakukan [ChuChu]
Published in Indonesia as
S.O.S. After School
by Gramedia/m&c!

The friendship between junior high students Shie, Saki and Nana threatens to rend, after Shie becomes the target of bullying. Will anyone hear Shie's cry for help?

Four stories comprise Kohaku Naoto's debut comic: SOS After School, Tears After School, Melancholy After School and Girls Be Lovely!!, the Country Girl/Transfer Student one-shot that first appeared in ChuChu in 2008. Her most recent manga is the Houtai Shoujo Aiwa horror series (two volumes as at 2010.04).

See what Lina-chan has to say about S.O.S. After School in her upcoming snap review.

[RE-STO]: If you missed some of the early Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War by Sawada Hirofumi, now's your chance to GET! volumes 1 to 8. Same goes for the complete Lonely Without You by Chiba Kozue.

m&c! manga (2011.06.08)

  1. Love So Life 4 of 7+ by Kouchi Kaede
  2. Love So Life 4 (m&c!)

    Love So LifeLOVE SO LIFE
    by Kouchi Kaede
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 4 (chapters 17-22) first published in Japan 2010.05

    Marine Entertainment released a drama CD in March 2010, starring seiyuu Noto Mamiko as Nakamura Shiharu and Ono Daisuke as Matsunaga Seiji.

  3. Meet the Banchou (Kongoh Bancho) 6 of 12 by Suzuki Nakaba
  4. Meet the Banchou 6 (m&c!)

    Kongoh Bancho金剛番長」 by Suzuki Nakaba
    AKA Diamond Delinquent
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2009.04

  5. [Premiere] My Devilish Love (Let's Akumateku Kyoushitsu) by Shiumi Saki
  6. My Devilish Love (m&c!)

    Let's Akumateku Kyoushitsu
    by Shiumi Saki
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2007.05

  7. [Premiere] S.O.S. After School (Houkago no SOS ~ Ijime Hakusho) by Kohaku Naoto
  8. S.O.S. After School (m&c!)

    Houkago no SOS ~ Ijime Hakusho
    by Kohaku Naoto
    Shogakukan ChuChu, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2009.06

m&c! manhwa (2011.06.08)

  1. Crab Kiss 3 of 10 by Hwang MiRee
  2. Crab Kiss 3 (m&c!)

    Crab KissCrab Kiss 크랩키스
    by Hwang MiRee
    Samyang (Kkonnim), soonjung
    Volume 3 first published in Korea 2006.01

  3. Crazy Girl Shin Bia 2 of 19 by Hwang MiRee
  4. Idol's Love Story (Nobles' Love Company) 3 of 15 by Han YuRang
  5. Perfect Love Project (Nae Soong 9 Dan Project) 3 of 8 by Han YuRang
  6. Perfect Love Project 3 (m&c!)

    Nae Soong 9 Dan Project내숭 9단 프로젝트
    by Han YuRang
    AKA Nae-soong 9th Grade Project
    Samyang, soonjung
    Volume 3 first published in Korea 2009.10

  7. Secret 7 of 10 by Han YuRang
  8. Secret 7 (m&c!)

    Secret비밀 SECRET
    by Han YuRang
    Samyang (Kkonnim) soonjung
    Volume 7 first published in Korea 2006.08

  9. Ugly Duckling Become Swan (Miunohri to Swan) 13 of 13 by Hwang MiRee [Finale]
  10. [Premiere] Who? Barack Obama by Ahn Hyeong-mo and Studio Chung Bi [IDR 75,000]
  11. [Premiere] Who? Oprah Winfrey by Ahn Hyeong-mo and Studio Chung Bi [IDR 75,000]

[Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details.]

Hong Kong manhua (2011.06.08)

  • [Series Premiere] Pedang Maha Dewa - fore story V - God of the Gods 1 of 4 by Tony Wong [IDR 95,000]

KOLONI Local comics (2011.06.08)

  • [Premiere] Petualangan Hebring: Si Jagoan Lokal Baru 1 of 4 by Main Studios Production

[RE-STO] Restocked (2011.06.08)

¹ Source: m&c! (covers and release advisory)

² All (including restocked) are priced at IDR 16,500, except manhwa which retail for IDR 19,900 apiece and any other title noted otherwise.

New titles continued

My Devilish Love by Shiumi Saki

Ten times she has confessed to her crush, and ten times she has been rejected. Such is Minami's fate. If this continues, she might end up boyfriend-less for life. Fortunately, there's the devilish Kouki who agrees to tutor her in the fine (sly) art of lurve!

Kouki—actually, Ichinose Kouki—is the school idol, which means fangirls flock around him, shares Aka Roze Tenshi in its Let's Akuma Tech Kyoushitsu description, excerpted by Baka-Updates Manga. Minami submits herself to his ‘love tech’ lessons and the ‘akuma love tech classroom’ kicks off its first session.

My Devilish Love collects four moar one-shots, Your Forgotten Treasure, Dear Teacher, Imitation Love and You Made Me Love You. Find out why Lina-chan rates this volume an 8 of 10 ♥ in her upcoming snap review.

m&c! has partly published Shiumi Saki-sensei's The [Blankity-Blank-Blank] of Love trilogy (When Love is Hiding: The Latency Period of Love and When Love is Growing: The Evolution of Love; Koigokoro Kyoumeichuu: The Resonance of Love still outstanding) and these other standalones: Misunderstand Girl and Angry Prince, My Rival is My Love, Pure Love Junky, Secret Hope and Secret Love.

I'm still waiting for Elite-sama Koi Shiyou, the 2005-vintage Sho-Comi tank AKA Love Progression of an Honours Student (did it ever release?) and her more recent romances Koi ni Ochita Kanpeki-kun (Perfect Boy Fell in Love) and the Shy Girl/Love Triangle Rival mo Raku ja nai (both released in 2010).

Petualangan Hebring: Si Jagoan Lokal Baru by Main Studios Production

Introducing a new, proudly home-grown superhero — Hebring, motorcycle taxi driver by day, who keeps the metropolis safe from evil villains Gutter Rat and his Gotters gang, Super Thug Jorgos Tarbodog and the mysterious Cat Grandma. (Original Indonesian blurb excerpted below.)

Penjahat super mengacaukan Indonesia! Tak hanya satu, namun banyak! Ada Tikus Got dan Gank Gotters-nya, Jorgos Tarbodog si preman super, sampai Nenek 'Kucing Garong' yang misterius! Melawan yang begini , Pak Polisi dibuat tak berkutik!

Untung Indonesia kedapatan jagoan baru! Inilah dia: HEBRING. Hebring adalah identitas rahasia dari Heru, si tukang ojek dengan baju supernya. Hebring selalu siap melawan para penjahat super, ditemani Bang Hoky sang juragan bakso dan Mimin dengan laptop ajaibnya.

Featured: Smooches ♡

Crab Kiss 3 of 10 by Hwang MiRee

Hye Bin gives up her party invitation to Art Club head Choe Gang, but Choe Gang insists on dragging her to the party anyway. Paint Your Crush is one of the party's highlights, and Hye Bin draws Ryul.

Later, Choe Gang announces another game—“Crab Kiss”—and guess who kisses Hye Bin?

Hint: His name starts with ‘R,’ ends with ‘L’ and has four letters total :P

Crazy Girl Shin Bia 2 of 19 by Hwang MiRee

Princess (Shin) Bia rouses in a luxurious room to the faint music of a flute. The flutist turns out to be a bishie, Prince Yoo Hui, the son of the royal concubine Mae Yoo. Just as Shin Bia is getting to know Prince Yoo Hui, the “King of Hell” shows up. Prince Yoo Hui hides Bia under a convenient table, but the crown prince Yoo Baek discovers her anyway and carries her off to his room. Of course, Bia rebels, only to shut up after the crown prince kisses her.

The rest of the ongoing series

  • Idol's Love Story 3 by Han YuRang: Lang Land takes a header off some stairs and crashes into Ian, landing the pair in hospital. Lang Land is sure someone pushed her, and Ian agrees, having caught a glimpse of the culprit.
  • Meet the Banchou 6 by Suzuki Nakaba: After defeating Kongou Banchou, Machine Banchou cuts a swath through Tokyo and the other Banchou. Does this mean he's now head honcho of the 23 District Project?
  • Perfect Love Project 3 by Han YuRang: Jung Daum tries desperately to become a model to honor the deal she made with Ha Dong Gun who turned her into a Dream Girl. Seeing Lee Junki's familiarity with In Young, however, makes Jung Daum's hackles rise. Can Jung Daum get at the truth when Lee Junki virtually avoids her and even appears to hate her?
  • Secret 7 by Han YuRang: Mu Hyul arrives in time to save Bo Eun from her abductor, and after returning to Korea, Bo Eun lives with Mu Hyul's family. One day, Mu Hyul discovers the DNA test results of the SS president and Bo Eun.

Still not enuf? Here are the other 8 June 2011 manga and manhwa

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Level Comics: GTO 3 · Perfect Girl Evolution 24 · Gurren Lagann 1 by Mori Kotaro · Giant Killing 4 · Dolls of God 3 · Smurf - Dokter Smurf · Johan & Pirlouit - Serangan Pasukan Gagak

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