Black Butler 11, 07-GHOST 1 by Amemiya Yuki & Ichihara Yukino, Hero Tales 3 (Elex Media 6 July 2011 manga)

Also, Miuchi Suzue's Topeng Kaca 14 Deluxe that was postponed from 28 June.

Black Butler XI nabs the lead because at least thirty-two LX regulars indicated it as a GET!, the total DO WANT! outstripping 07-GHOST's, even past the 22 votes the josei manga received when it was first advised on 22 June. 07-GHOST shoulda stayed where it was if it wanted the headline pix.

黒執事 11 (JP cover)

Kuroshitsuji © Toboso Yana/Square Enix
[Serialized in GFantasy]
Published in Indonesia as Black Butler by Elex Media

To investigate the Aurora Society, the secret association of doctors who claim to revive the dead, Sebastian and Ciel attend its research presentation on board a luxury ship. The blue ocean roils as people assemble in the name of Phoenix.

The Black Butler 11 synop alludes to That Butler, Setting Sail (chapter 51). Four other chapters comprise this tank — chapters 48-50 and 52: That Butler, Solution, That Butler, Eccentric, That Butler, Burial and That Butler, Sailing.) [*NOT Elex Media's chapter titles]

New Elex manga: 07-Ghost

07-GHOST 1 Deluxe (Elex Media)

07-GHOST © Amemiya Yuki,

Ichihara Yukino/Ichijinsha
[Serialized in Comic Zero-Sum]
Published in Indonesia
by Elex Media

Did Elex postpone 07-GHOST to the 6th because the anime airs on the 12th (on Animax)? One thing prolly has nuthin' to do with the other. At any rate, Amemiya Yuki & Ichihara Yukino's Zero-Sum series streets this Wednesday.

Teito Klein goes from elite imperial military cadet to fugitive after attacking the Balsburg military brass. The only sanctuary willing to succor the Zaiphon user and keep the army at bay is the Balsburg Church, where dwell the legendary empire guardians 07 Ghosts.

What awaits Teito in the ongoing conflict between the 07 Ghosts and their sworn enemy Verloren?

Three words: the Eye of Mikhail (and the fate that goes with it).

Baka-Updates Manga tags 07-Ghost Friendship as the amnesiac Teito has only one homey in the academy, Mikage. (The other tropes are Special Abilities, Secret Identity, Orphans, Military, Church, Amnesia, Deities, Guardian Relationship, Religion.)

The first five 07-GHOST chapters are: Escape, The Seventh District, Darkness, Kor and Violation. [*NOT Elex Media's titles]

Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino are more known for their doujinshi (primarily of Naruto and their own 07-GHOST creation).

Crayon Shinchan: Jalan-Jalan Keliling Dunia or Around the World with Crayon Shinchan finally premieres (after having been shunted from the 15th and then to the 22nd). Traipse around cultural heritage gems like Bali, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal mausoleum in Agra. The ‘one-way ticket’ will set you back only IDR 25,800.

Shonen Star 12/2011 ☆ Appearance of the Yellow Dragon

Shonen Star 12/2011 - Front cover Appearance of the Yellow Dragon

Yellow Dragon ga Arawareta!
© Tamura Mitsuhisa
[Shonen Sunday]

Tamura Mitsuhisa's Appearance of the Yellow Dragon—about mad genius Anji who summons the feared Yellow Dragon and gets...something else—wrests the cover and Shonen Star 12's Featured Series spotlight:

Anji's daily life and world domination scheme fall apart with the appearance of Lucola, now Kimidori's disciple. And to think that just facing Kimidori and prankster Suzu already requires super-human powers.

One surprising incident, however, changes Lucola's opinion of Anji.

The other ShoStars (and their latest tankou released): ARAGO by Arai Takahiro; Defense Devil by Youn InWan & Yang KyungIl (volume 4 per 8 June); Detektif Conan by Aoyama Gosho (volume 62 scheduled 13 July); D-LIVE!! by Minagawa Ryouji; Dr. Koto by Yamada Takatoshi (volume 5 per 4 May); Inuyasha by Takahashi Rumiko (volume 53 scheduled 13 July); Kekkaishi by Tanabe Yellow (volume 7 scheduled 13 July); Magi by Ohtaka Shinobu; My First Mr. Akuno by Fujiki Syun (volume 4 per 20 April); Wild Life by Fujisaki Masato (volume 18 streets 6 July) and The World God Only Knows by Wakaki Tamiki.

Elex Media manga (2011.07.06)

  1. [Series Premiere] 07-GHOST 1 of 12+ by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino »Ex-6.22
  2. 07-GHOST 1 Deluxe (Elex)

    by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino
    Ichijinsha Comic Zero-Sum, josei
    Volume 1 (chapters 1-5) first published in Japan 2005.11

    Double-first prize, 3rd Zero-Sum Comics Grand-Prix

    Other languages
    English 07-GHOST (Go! Comi: 7 volumes [dropped] and Chuang Yi Singapore: volume 7 per 2011.04), French (Kazé Editions: Tome 4 shipped 2011.06 • Tome 5 street date: 2011.09.22)

    Related series
    07-GHOST CHILDREN (side story; one volume)

    A 07-GHOST Seal and Postcard Book was released by Gakken Marketing in 2009.09

    Anime: Studio DEEN's 25-episode adaptation, starring seiyuu Mitsuki Saiga (Teito Klein), Namikawa Daisuke (Mikage) and Hayami Sho (Ayanami), aired in Japan from April through September 2009. Since the TV series' end, limited edition genteiiban have been bundled with the DVDs.

    Audio drama: The 07-Ghost: Kamisama ni Todoku Koibumi drama CD was released in Japan in 2007. The second 07-Ghost: Seventh District shipped February 2009 and a third special drama CD streeted the same year.

  3. Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) 11 of 12+ by Toboso Yana
  4. 黒執事 11

    Kuroshitsuji黒執事」 by Toboso Yana
    Square Enix GFantasy, shounen
    Volume 11 (chapters 48-52) first published in Japan 2011.02

    Other languages
    English Black Butler (Yen Press: five volumes per 2011.04 • volume 6 street date: 2011.07.19 and Chuang Yi: volume 5 released 2011.06.21), French (Kana: Black Butler tome 7 ships 2011.07.01), German (Carlsen Comics: Black Butler Band 7 per 2011.06.24 • Band 8 street date: 2011.08.26), traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 黑執事 11 per 2011.04) and simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 黑执事 #8 released 2010.02.24)

    The 24-episode A-1 Pictures anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Ono Daisuke (Sebastian Michaelis) and Sakamoto Maaya (Ciel Phantomhive), aired in Japan from October 2008 to March 2009 (premiered 11 January 2011 on Animax Asia). An unaired OAV side story, Kuroshitsuji: Sono Shitsuji, Kōgyō, shipped with DVD volume 9.

    A 12-episode second series—Kuroshitsuji II—aired between July and September 2010. The new master and butler pair designed by Toboso Yana, butler Claude Faustus and master Alois Trancy, were voiced by Sakurai Takahiro and Mizuki Nana.

    Two audio dramas preceded the anime. The first Kuroshitsuji Drama CD, released August 2007 by Geneon Entertainment, featured seiyuu Morikawa Toshiyuki, Takashiro Genki, Suzuki Chihiro, and Seki Tomokazu. The second Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Karei Naru Drama CD, released November 2008 by Sony Music Entertainment, featured the anime cast.

    A musical adaptationThat Butler, Friendship—enjoyed a theater run from May 28, 2009 to June 7, 2009. The second Musical Black Butler, The Most Beautiful Death in The World, A Thousand Soul and The Fallen Grim Reapers stage musical had Matsushita Yuya reprising his role as Sebastian Michaelis. Nishii Yukito replaced Sakamoto Shougo as Ciel Phantomhive in the second musical that ran between 3 and 23 May 2010 in Japan.

    Black Butler Character Guide “That Butler, Assembles” (2008.02) • The TV Animation Black Butler Black Record (2009.03) • Rainbow Butler official comics anthology (2009.03) • TV Animation Kuroshitsuji II Final Record (2010.10)

  5. Crayon Shinchan 7 of 50 by Usui Yoshito
  6. クレヨンしんちゃん 7

    Crayon Shin-chanクレヨンしんちゃん
    by Usui Yoshito
    Futabasha Weekly Manga Action, seinen
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 1993.12

    Other languages
    English (partially translated by ComicsOne and CMX), French (J'ai Lu, then, Casterman), Spanish and Catalan (Planeta DeAgostini Comics Spain), German (EMA), Italian ( Panini Comics) and traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan)

    Shin'ei Doga's anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Yajima Akiko (Shin-chan), ran from April 1992 to December 2010. At least 18 movie sequels have been released between July 1993 and April 2010.

  7. [Premiere] Crayon Shinchan: Jalan-Jalan Keliling Dunia by Usui Yoshito (Futabasha) »Ex-6.15, 6.22
  8. Dodge Fighters (Ganbare! Dodgeball Fighters) 6 of 10 by Murakami Toshiya & Saito Muneo
  9. がんばれ!ドッジファイターズ 6

    Ganbare! Dodgeball Fighters
    by Murakami Toshiya & Saito Muneo
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi Comics, kodomo
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2004.10

  10. Doraemon: Gadget Cat from The Future 7 of 10 by Fujiko F. Fujio (Shogakukan English Comics)
  11. Hero Tales (Juushin Enbu Hero Tales) 3 of 5 by Huang Jin Zhou & Arakawa Hiromu
  12. 獣神演武 3

    Juushin Enbu Hero Tales
    獣神演武 HERO TALES
    by Huang Jin Zhou & Arakawa Hiromu
    Square Enix, Gangan Powered and Shonen Gangan, shounen
    Volume 3 (chapters 8-11) first published in Japan 2008.09

    Other languages
    English Hero Tales (Yen Press: four volumes per 2010.10 • volume 5 street date: 2011.10.25; serialized in Yen Plus), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 兽神演武 #3 per 2010.06).

    A 26-episode anime adaptation produced by Studio Flag aired in Japan between October 2007 and March 2008, starring seiyuu Suzumura Kenichi and Ginga Banjou as the Two Noble Spirits Taitou and Keirō, and Sakurai Takahiro, Tai Yuuki, Koyama Rikiya, Hayami Sho and Kaida Yuko as the Five Divine Warriors Ryūkō, Hyōsei, Koyō, Shōkaku and Rinmei.

  13. Topeng Kaca Deluxe (Glass no Kamen) 14 of 24+ by Miuchi Suzue »Ex-6.28
  14. Topeng Kaca 14 Deluxe (Elex)

    Glass no Kamenガラスの仮面 白泉社文庫
    by Miuchi Suzue
    Hakusensha Bessatsu Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Bunko volume 14 first published in Japan 1994.09

    Glass no Kamen tankoubon (47 volumes per 2011.07.26)

    Three anime and two seasons of a live-action drama

  15. Wazabo 5 of 6+ by Soyama Kazutoshi
  16. わざぼー 5

    Wazaboわざぼー」 by Soyama Kazutoshi
    Shogakukan Corocoro Dragon, shounen
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2010.06

  17. Wild Life 18 of 27 by Fujisaki Masato
  18. Wild Life 18 (Elex)

    Wild Lifeワイルドライフ」 by Fujisaki Masato
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 18 (chapters 150-158) first published in Japan 2006.06

    Indonesian Shonen Star (ongoing)

  19. Yakitate!! Japan 22 of 26 by Hashiguchi Takashi
  20. Yakitate!! Japan 22 (Elex)

    Yakitate!! Japan焼きたて!!ジャぱん
    by Hashiguchi Takashi
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 22 (chapters 193-202) first published in Japan 2006.04

    Best Shounen Manga, 49th Shogakukan Manga Awards (tied with Arakawa Hiromu's Fullmetal Alchemist)

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Star (concluded)
    English Yakitate!! Japan (VIZ Media: 26 volumes per 2011.04), French (Delcourt/Akata; Yakitate Ja-Pan !! un pain c'est tout tome 26 per 2010.01), Spanish (Editorial Ivréa Spain), German (EMA) and traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 新鮮出爐﹗日式麵包王 26 released 2007.06)

    Sunrise's 69-episode anime adaptation starring seiyuu Kobayashi Yumiko as Azuma Kazuma aired from October 2004 to March 2006 on TV Tokyo.

Mangazines (2011.07.06)

  • Shonen Star 12/2011 (Indonesian Shonen Sunday)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 6 July 2011 (release schedule) and Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All manga retail for IDR 16,500 except Crayon Shinchan 7 (IDR 21,800), Crayon Shinchan: Jalan-Jalan Keliling Dunia (IDR 25,800), Doraemon: Gadget Cat from The Future 7 (IDR 25,000) and Topeng Kaca 14 Deluxe (IDR 24,000). Shonen Star 12/2011 retails for IDR 30,000/issue.
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).


☆ Hero Tales 3 of 5 by Huang Jin Zhou & Arakawa Hiromu

Ryuukou gains the black armor and transforms into Black Ryuukou; Laila is consumed by hatred and changes into Black Laila.

If that Komikologi July summary doesn't satisfy, here's what Yen Press's Hero Tales, Vol. 3 blurb sez:

Sneaking into the palace and meeting with the emperor has given Taitou renewed hope for the country, but it has also drawn soldiers to Touyuu Temple. As Taitou and the others escape, Ryuushou stays behind to hold off the attackers. His sacrifice buys some time, but they don't get far before Taitou finds himself face-to-face with Keirou and a contingent of Genrou-Tou soldiers. Though Taitou's skills have improved, he is still no match for his rival. Once again, someone is left behind as Taitou makes his escape. As the number of victims in Hagun's wake grows, will Taitou's resolve falter or will he continue to move forward?

Hero Tales 3 collects chapters chapters 8-11: Jaw of the Wolf, Jaw's Night, Separated People and Black Dragon. [*NOT Elex's chapter titles]

☆ Topeng Kaca 14 of 24+ Deluxe by Miuchi Suzue

Tsukikage Chigusa shares a stage with Himekawa Ayumi! Maya accidentally sees a poster for their drama and learns that an audition is being held for Ayumi's co-star. Maya joins the audition to chase after the dream of the “Crimson Angel”!

This Topeng Kaca Deluxe is sub-titled Winter Constellation (1).

☆ Yakitate!! Japan 22 of 26 by Hashiguchi Takashi

The results of the pizza match are out and winner is...?! But traps still await a wary Azuma who has come this far, defeating foe after strong foe. Can Azuma and Pantasia defy destiny? Raise that hammer of justice upon those cruel adversaries!

For specificity comparison —

The pizza-making competition continues as Pantasia opponent Marco makes a pizza so tasty it'll turn even the toughest bread-battle judges into baby birds. In order to compete, Azuma's seafood-based concoction must also have the power to turn man into bird—or at least amphibian! When the contest progresses to pastries, Azuma's unpleasant opponent Yukino uses her supernaturally cold hands and a multi-layered con job to reverse all of Pantasia's fortune. Will Azuma's dreams disappear into thin air? [From VIZ Media's Yakitate!! Japan, Vol. 22 blurb]

You don't need the latter YJ synopsis if you followed the series to The End in Shonen Star.

Other ongoing series

  • Dodge Fighters 6 by Murakami Toshiya & Saito Muneo: The Fighters are one step closer to the Nationals, but as the fourth round gets underway, Taro still can't (or won't) ditch his habit of intercepting the enemy's ball. Of course, Ruina has reason to worry!
  • Wild Life 18 by Fujisaki Masato: Hosho decides to help Tessho, even following Tessho on his zoo rounds, but disguised as a zoo keeper. Who would've thought Hosho's disguise would be revealed...inside the lion's den??

I didn't luck into a Wazabo 5 summary.

Still not enuf? Here are the other 6 July 2011 manga and manhwa

Level Comics: The Bride's Stories 2 · Hikayat Genji 10 · Chocolat 7 of 7 · Hellsing 7 · Lost Man 2 · Rainbow 22 of 22 · Iliad 4 · New Comic Bomber 7 · Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy 6 · Jepang Tenggelam 14 · K2 Vol.8 · Tomo'o 12 · Marsupilami - Bayi dari Ujung Dunia · Spirou & Sang Ahli Waris · Boule & Bill - Geng Bill · Johan & Pirlouit - Negeri Terkutuk · Yakari - Yakari dan Burung Salju

m&c!: Sky Blue Beach 6 of 6 · Let Me Kiss You by Shiraishi Yuki · My Own Princess 5 · Say Say Say 3 · Pedang MahaDewa - Forestory V -God of The Gods 2

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