Detektif Conan 62, Kekkaishi 7, Kungfu Boy 3 Premium (Elex Media 13 July 2011 manga)

Excluded Library War: Love & War 4 because Elex moved it to the 20 July sked.

Detektif Conan 62 (Elex Media)

Meitantei Conan © Aoyama Gosho/Shogakukan [Serialized in Shonen Sunday]
Published in Indonesia as Detektif Conan by Elex Media

THUD! After waiting for ice ages, Conan finally returns to his real form, that of Kudo Shinichi. But in “growing up,” Shinichi runs into a glitch and...loses his memory? The shocking truth behind it is...?

I guess there's something to the banality that something too good to be true is. Especially as, Wiki adds, the amnesiac Shinichi becomes the prime suspect in an attempted murder.

Elex also promises that Detektif Conan 62 closes the blood-soaked shirt case, as well as discloses the trick to the murder of a female judoka's husband.

Kungfu Boy 3 of 18 (Premium) by Maekawa Takeshi

Chinmi hasn't gone home for a year, prompting Mei Lin to pay her kid brother a visit. Before she can reach Dairin Temple, however, Mei Lin is kidnapped by the Kokuen gang. Chinmi rushes to rescue his sister from the clutches of Zangi, the gang leader specializing in “Inner Power Catapult Kungfu,” but can Chinmi neutralize a power to crush an opponent's abdomen while leaving the body intact?

Shonen Magz 7/2011: The Return of Kungfu Boy Legends

An older Chinmi rejoins Shonen Magz's ranks with the resumption of Maekawa Takeshi's Kungfu Boy Legends in Issue 7/2011. More on this after the release list.

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2011.07.13)

  1. Bride of the Water God (Habaek-eui Shinbu) 2 of 15+ by Yun MiKyung
  2. Bride of the Water God 2 (Elex)

    Habaek-eui Shinbu하백의 신부
    by Yun MiKyung (also Yoon MiKyung)
    Seoul Cultural Publishers Wink, soonjung
    Volume 2 (chapters 8-13) first published in Korea 2006.10

    Other languages/serializations
    English Bride of the Water God (Dark Horse: eight volumes per 2011.05 • volume 9 street date: 2011.10.18), French L'épouse du dieu de l'eau (Editions Clair de Lune: Tome 4 shipped 2011.06 • Tome 5 street date: 2011.08.18)

  3. Detektif Conan (Meitantei Conan) 62 of 72+ by Aoyama Gosho
  4. Detektif Conan 62 (Elex)

    Meitantei Conan名探偵コナン
    by Aoyama Gosho
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 62 first published in Japan 2008.08

    Volume 62 chapters:
    642. False Friendship
    643. Wings of Icarus
    644. Retaliation
    645. Accidental Hit
    646. Village of Animosity
    647. The Lost Memory
    648. Kudo Shinichi's Homicide
    649. Shiragami-sama
    650. Endless tears
    651. True Identity
    652. The Thing She Really Wants to Ask
    *NOT Elex/Shonen Star chapter titles

    Best Shounen Manga, 46th Shogakukan Manga Awards (tied with Nishimori Hiroyuki's Cheeky Angel)

    Other languages/serializations
    Ongoing serialization in the Indonesian Shonen Star
    English Case Closed (39 volumes per 2011.07.12 • volume 40 street date: 2011.10.11), French (Kana: Détective Conan tome 65 ships 2011.08.26), Dutch (Kana), Spanish (Planeta DeAgostini Comics Spain), German and Swedish (Egmont), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi Singapore: 名侦探柯南 #71 per 2011.04)

    Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV (based on the TV series) and Detektif Conan Spesial (special editions by Aoyama-sensei's assistants that diverge from the main plot)

    Ongoing anime (episode 623 aired 2011.07.09), starring seiyuu Takayama Minami (Edogawa Conan) and Yamazaki Wakana (Mori Ran), at least 17 OAVs (Shonen Sunday Original animation, Magic File and Detective Conan Special: Secret of the Birth of Phantom Thief Kid), 15 animated films, and three live-action TV drama, including the prequel Detective Conan: Shinichi Kudo's Written Challenge - The Good-bye Prologue (Oguri Shun as Kudo Shinichi and Kurokawa Tomoka as Ran), the follow-up Shinichi Kudo Returns! Showdown with the Black Organization (Fujisaki Nao as Conan) and a third special Shinichi Kudo's Written Challenge! The Mystery of the Legendary Strange Bird (aired 2011.04.15 starring Mizobata Junpei as Kudo Shinichi)

  5. Doraemon 9 of 45 by Fujiko F. Fujio (Right-to-left edition)
  6. Doraemon 9 (Elex)

    Doraemonドラえもん」 by Fujiko F. Fujio
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi Comics, kodomo
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 1975.11
    Premiered in Indonesia: 1994 (left-to-right format)

    Best Children's Manga, 27th Shogakukan Manga Awards, Grand Prize, the first Osamu Tezuka Culture Award (1997) and the Excellence Award, Japan Cartoonists Association Awards (1973)

    Related series
    Doraemon Plus (sequel; 5 of 5 volumes), Daichouhen Doraemon (side story; 24 of 24 volumes); Dorabase: Doraemon Chouyakyuu Gaiden (spin-off; 22 volumes as at 2011.05, ongoing; ID volume 20 scheduled 20 July 2011) and The Doraemon's Special (spin-off; 12 volumes)

    A 52-episode anime adaptation by Nippon TV (1973.04 - 1973.09), a 1,787-episode series by Shin-Ei Animation (broadcast on TV Asahi from 1979.04 - 2005.03), a 2005 adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation and Studio Pierrot (premiered 2005.04.15; 300+ episodes) and numerous movies

  7. Dream Eater Merry (Yumekui Merry) 3 of 7+ by Ushiki Yoshitaka
  8. Dream Eater Merry 3 (Elex)

    Yumekui Merry夢喰いメリー
    by Ushiki Yoshitaka
    Houbunsha Manga Time Kirara Forward, seinen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2009.11

    J.C. Staff's 13-episode anime adaptation starring seiyuu Okamoto Nobuhiko (Fujiwara Yumeji) and Sakura Ayane (Merry Nightmare) aired in Japan between January and April 2011.

  9. I Hate You More Than Anyone (Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai) 7 of 13 by Hidaka Banri
  10. I Hate You More Than Anyone 7 (Elex)

    Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai
    by Hidaka Banri
    AKA Akiyoshi Family Series 5
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2000.01

    Related series
    Akiyoshi Family Series 1-4 (Pacar 365 Hari, For Endless Love, Stay the Same, Let Me Hear the Lyric), Oki ni Mesu Mama? (one volume prequel released 2010.09) and Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki (alternate story serialized in Hana to Yume; tankoubon release: 2011.08.19).

    A Hidaka Banri artbook, Hitsuji no Namida/Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai Hidaka Banri Gashuu, was released 2004.03.

    Other languages
    English I Hate You More Than Anyone (CMX: nine volumes per 2010.03; cancelled)

  11. Inuyasha 53 of 56 by Takahashi Rumiko
  12. Inuyasha 53 (Elex)

    Inuyasha犬夜叉」 by Takahashi Rumiko
    Full title: Sengoku Otogizoushi Inuyasha
    (InuYasha, A Feudal Fairy Tale)
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 53 (chapters 519-528) first published in Japan 2008.04

    Indonesian Shonen Star (ongoing)

    Other languages
    English Inuyasha (VIZ Media: 56 volumes per 2011.01), French (Kana tome 43 shipped 2011.04 • tome 44 street date: 2011.08.26), Dutch (Kana), Spanish (Glénat Spain, Grupo Editorial Vid Mexico, LARP Editores Argentina), Italian (Star Comics), German (EMA, 56 volumes), Portuguese (Editora JBC Brazil), Swedish (Egmont Kärnan), Polish (Egmont Polska), traditional Chinese (Chingwin), Vietnamese (NXB Trẻ), Korean (Haksan)

    Adapted into anime by Sunrise: the first season, based on volumes 1 through 36 and spanning 167 episodes, aired on Yomiuri TV from October 2000 until September 2004. The sequel, Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen, which picks up from volume 36 until series end, premiered October 2009 with seiyuu Yamaguchi Kappei, Yukino Satsuki, and Morikawa Toshiyuki reprising their roles as Inuyasha, Kagome, and Naraku. The sequel ended 2010.03.29.

    At least four originally-conceived anime features have also been released: Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001.12), The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass (2002.12), Swords of an Honorable Ruler (2003.12) and Fire on the Mystic Island (2004.12). A prequel special Inuyasha Meguri Au Mae no Unmei Koiuta aired 2004.04.19 in Japan.

    An Inuyasha novel Shōsetsu InuYasha written by Tomoko Komparu and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi was published in 2004.12 under the Shonen Sunday Comics Special imprint.

  13. Katsu! 12 of 16 by Adachi Mitsuru
  14. Katsu! 12 (Elex)

    Katsu!KATSU!」 by Adachi Mitsuru
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 12 (chapters 108-117) first published in Japan 2004.04

    Re-released in 8 volumes in Japan from 2009.07 to 2010.02.

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Star (concluded)
    French (Pika Édition: 16 volumes)

  15. Kekkaishi 7 of 35 by Tanabe Yellow
  16. Kekkaishi 7 (Elex)

    Kekkaishi結界師」 by Tanabe Yellow
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 7 (chapters 56-65) first published in Japan 2005.05

    Best Shounen Manga, 52nd Shogakukan Manga Awards

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Star (ongoing)
    English Kekkaishi (VIZ Media: 26 volumes per 2011.06.14 • volume 27 street date: 2011.08.09), French (PIKA Édition: tome 27 shipped 2011.06.15), German (Carlsen Comics: Band 17 released 2011.05 • Band 18 per 2011.11.18), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 结界师 #34 released 2011.07.05), traditional Chinese (Rightman Publishing Limited HK and Tong Li Taiwan), Italian (Planet Manga), Malaysian (PCM Comics), Korean (Bookbox), Spanish (Editorial Ivrea Spain), Vietnamese (Kim Dong)

    Sunrise's 52-episode anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Yoshino Hiroyuki (Sumimura Yoshimori) and Saitou Rie (Yukimura Tokine), aired in Japan from October 2006 to February 2008. The anime aired on Animax Asia from 15 February to 27 April 2011.

    An official TV animation guide book (released 2006.12 under the Shonen Sunday Comics Special imprint) and two official strategy guides for Wii and Nintendo DS (Wonderlife Special: 2007.06 (Nintendo DS), 2007.11 (Wii))

  17. Kungfu Boy Premium (Tekken Chinmi) 3 of 18 by Maekawa Takeshi
  18. Kungfu Boy 3 Premium (Elex)

    Tekken Chinmi鉄拳チンミ (講談社漫画文庫)
    by Maekawa Takeshi
    AKA Ironfist Chinmi
    Kodansha Manga Bunko, shounen
    Bunko volume 3 first published in Japan 2002.08

    1987 Kodansha Manga Awardee for the Shounen Category

    Related series
    Sequels: New Kungfu Boy (20 volumes), Kungfu Boy Legends (11 volumes per 2011.6.17 in Japan); serialized in Shonen Magz) and side story Chinmi Other Story (3 volumes per 2010.04; serialized in Shonen Magz; Chinmi Other Story: Chinmi & Shie Fan released 2011.06.28)

  19. Masked Rider Spirits (Kamen Rider Spirits) 16 of 16 by Ishinomori Shotaro and Muraeda Kenichi [Finale]
  20. Masked Rider Spirits 16 (Elex)

    Kamen Rider Spirits仮面ライダーSPIRITS
    by Muraeda Kenichi (Art), Ishinomori Shotaro (Original story)
    AKA The Legend of Masked Riders
    Kodansha Magazine Z, seinen
    Volume 16 (chapters 93-96) first published in Japan 2009.04

    Related series
    Kamen Riders (main story) · Shin Kamen Rider Spirits (sequel; four volumes as at 2011.04) · Kamen Rider Spirits - Uketsugareru Tamashii (adapted from; two volumes)

  21. Mystery Bride 5 of 5 by Huh KookHwa & Kim SuJin [Finale]
  22. Mystery Bride 5 (Elex)

    Jeongchebulmyeong Saesaegsi [Unknown New Bride]정체불명새색시
    by Huh KookHwa & Kim SuJin
    Haksan Party, soonjung
    Volume 5 first published in Korea 2008.10

    Other languages/serializations
    English Pig Bride (Yen Press: five volumes per 2010.07; serialized in Yen Plus)

  23. Pirates & The Mermaid (Kaizoku to Ningyo) 3 of 4+ by Kiuchi Tatsuya

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Mangazines (2011.07.13)

  • Shonen Magz 7/2011 (Kodansha Shonen Magazine)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 13 July 2011 (release schedule) and Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² Manga and manhwa are priced at IDR 16,500/volume except Kungfu Boy 3 Premium (IDR 24,000). Shonen Magz 7/2011 retails for IDR 30,000/issue.
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).


♡ Bride of the Water God 2 of 15+ by Yun MiKyung

Soah's getting used to life in the Water Kingdom, especially when she has visits from the yummy Mui to look forward to. When she stumbles on Mui's secret, however, Soah just has to confirm the truth—whether Mui and Habaek are one and the same—for herself, and sets up to test them.

And, as Dark Horse's Bride of the Water God, Vol. 2 blurb points out, She has to be careful, though, so she doesn't anger the moody gods-including her powerful, new husband!

☆ Inuyasha 53 of 56 by Takahashi Rumiko

Magatsuhi, wounded in combat against Sesshomaru, possesses Kohaku, pitting him against Inuyasha and allies who will do everything in their power to stop Magatsuhi from seizing Kohaku's Shikon no Tama shard.

Inuyasha 53 compiles chapters:
519. Magatsuhi's Shadow
520. An Important Event in Life
521. Shadow
522. Possession
523. Sango's Wish
524. Awakening
525. Release
526. Unreturned Spiritual Powers
527. Lifeless
528. From Now On.
[*NOT Elex/Shonen Star's chapter titles]

☆ Kekkaishi 7 of 35 by Tanabe Yellow

Kokuboro, a mysterious ayakashi organization, sets its sights on Karasumori, sending assassins in broad daylight to Yoshimori and Tokine's school. Can our kekkaishi and their new comrade Gen defend the sacred land?

Meanwhile, Yoshimori's elder brother Masamori is promoted to the Council of 12, the Urakai's highest echelons.

Kekkaishi 7 compiles chapters:
56. Curtain Call
57. Prince of Central East High
58. Kimiya Hachioji
59. Karasumori's No. 1
60. Grandpa's Night
61. Council of Twelve
62. Forever...
63. Declaring War
64. Negotiation
65. Black Fire.
[*NOT Elex/Shonen Star chapter titles]

♡ Pirates & The Mermaid 3 of 4+ by Kiuchi Tatsuya

Hisui and shipmates once again save someone swept out to sea, a pirate named Elijah. A grateful Elijah offers them a job: to steal a jewel believed to be the key to an even greater treasure, the Mermaid's Tear.

Does the legendary jewel have anything to do with Hisui's real identity?


Masked Rider Spirits 16 of 16 by Ishinomori Shotaro and Muraeda Kenichi

Who's the mysterious flutist? Who plays the melody of victory that summons the hero of justice? Wisdom, strength, courage and love — Masked Rider Stronger Jo Shigeru.

Masked Rider Spirits 16 collects chapters 93 through 96: Warrior of Justice, The One Who Will Rule, Mixture and The Fang of Dual Sovereignty. [*NOT Elex Media titles]

Mystery Bride 5 of 5 by Huh KookHwa & Kim SuJin

Mu Yeon succeeds in winning over Si Jun's grandfather, quashing the last objection to her marrying Si Jun.

Of course, Dodo and her mother's crimes are exposed and the scheming pair obtains appropriate “reward” before Mystery Bride wraps.

Other 13 July highlights

  • Doraemon 9 by Fujiko F. Fujio: Nobita worries that he has no precious collection to his name, not even a stamp collection. What he has is a box of bottle caps. Doraemon has the brilliant idea of making bottle caps trend, and spreads... a virus?
  • Dream Eater Merry 3 by Ushiki Yoshitaka: Dream demon Landsborough infiltrates the human world, aggravating both Merry and Engi. They can't kill him because he's holding his human vessel hostage. How can they get rid of Landsborough?
  • I Hate You More Than Anyone 7 by Hidaka Banri: Kazuha's confusion grows when she hears from Saki-sensei that he and his brother Maki detest each other. Kazuha thought that she was getting closer to Maki, so how come he's never mentioned Saki and the enmity between them? [Adapted from CMX's I Hate You More Than Anyone, Vol. 7 blurb]
  • Katsu! 12 by Adachi Mitsuru: Fearsome senior high boxers gather in Nagasaki, but who would've thought that the star attraction would be Katsuki (the girl)? One slip of the lip from Misaki, and the inter-high becomes the focus of all eyes.

Shonen Magz 7/2011: Chinmi is Back! (Again...)

You know that Kungfu Boy Legends continues the saga of Chinmi, now a Kungfu master who has disciples of his own, with the task of saving an abducted princess still ahead of him. In this ShoMagz installment, however, Chinmi returns to Dairin Temple. What gives?

The other Shonen Magz continuing their serial runs (and their latest tankou released) are:

I guess (because I don't have an Issue 7 cover on hand) that Amagi Seimaru & Sato Fumiya's Kindaichi Case Files gives way to Kungfu Boy Legends, and Maekawa Takeshi's Chinmi Other Story side story disappears because the Chinmi Other Story: Chinmi & Shie Fan tankou streeted 28th June. I don't know the schedule for the next Kungfu Boy Legends (volume 9 was released 2010.09.22).

Still not enuf? Here are the other 13 July 2011 manga and manhwa

Level Comics: X Blade 5 · Half an Apple 12 · Red River 8 · Sky of Love 6 · Air Gear 23 · Glass Chair 7 · Cesare 6 · Giant Killing 5 · Dolls of God 4 · Devil Devil 3 · Fist of The Blue Sky 5 · Shadow Skill 4 · Zipang 7 · Smurf - Pensmurf Kartu · Jojo - Nenek Jagoan

m&c!: Love So Life 5 · Love Button 2 · Ultramix Collection 2 of 2 · Seiyuu-Ka! Lovely Voice 2 · Crazy Girl Shin Bia 3 · Idol's Love Story 4 · Last Summer Cinema 1 Miyako Ritsu · Perfect Love Project 4 · Meet the Banchou 7 · The Love Helper by Shigano Iori · My Lovely Class Leader 1 by Nishimura Tomoko · Bittersweet High School 1 by Park SunKyung · Secret 8

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