Prepare yourself for his awakening | 07 Ghost anime premieres 12 July 2011 on Animax Asia

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The English 07-GHOST manga volume 8 is out on 5 July, the Indonesian volume 1 on the 6th. Now, go watch the anime.

07 Ghost ex official アニメ「07-GHOST」公式サイト

07-Ghost © Yuki Amemiya, Yukino Ichihara, ICHIJINSHA, 07-GHOST Project
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07 Ghost premieres 12 July 2011, Tuesday, 630PM WIB (UTC+7), on Animax Asia and airs every weekday thereafter. It replaces Lucky Star.

With his mastery of the magical art of Zaiphon, Teito Klein gets drawn into an ancient battle that may shed light on his own mysterious past.
Animax synopsis

I actually wanted to title this post Ho Yay, Incoming! because, as TV Tropes points out, you will run into a LOT of homoeroticism in 07-Ghost, especially between Teito and Mikage: Only halfway through the first episode, they slept in the same bed, and this was merely the beginning of it. Very Fujo-friendly, in other words. (Thought I'd get that—warning?—out of way :D)

The 25-episode anime adaptation by Studio DEEN, directed by Takamoto Nobuhiro (Starry Sky, Hatenkou Yugi), aired in Japan from April to September 2009, with seiyuu Saiga Mitsuki as Teito Klein, Hayami Sho as Ayanami, Kiuchi Hidenobu as Father (Bishop), Takahashi Hiroki as King (of Raggs), Suwabe Junichi as Frau, Miyata Kouki as Labrador, Chiba Susumu as Castor and Namikawa Daisuke as Mikage. Suzuki Yuki performs the opening theme, Aka no Kakera (緋色のカケラ), while Noria sings the Hitomi no Kotae (瞳のこたえ) ED.

Amemiya Yuki- & Ichihara Yukino's award-winning bishounen, conspiracy, magic, military, religion josei manga serializes in Comic Zero-Sum. Volume 12 is expected to street in Japan on 25 July. As noted above, there is an English version (published by Chuang Yi Singapore) and the Indonesian Elex Media edition debuted on 6 July. Kazé Editions publishes a French version (tome 4 shipped last June).

07-Ghost on Animax Asia: Airdates/airtimes (partial)

Date/Time 12 July 13 July 14 July 15 July
130AM   EP1 (E) EP2 (E) EP3 (E)
630AM   EP1 (E) EP2 (E) EP3 (E)
1030AM   EP1 (E) EP2 (E) EP3 (E)
230PM   EP1 (E) EP2 (E) EP3 (E)
630PM EP 1 (P) EP2 (P) EP3 (P) EP4 (P)
930PM EP 1 (E) EP2 (E) EP3 (E) EP4 (E)

Source: Animax Asia; P: Premiere; E: Encore

Weekend replays of episodes 1 to 4 begin at 230PM on Saturday, 16 July, and on Sunday, 17 July, at 12AM and 1230PM.

For further schedules, check the Animax Asia website.

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