Full Metal Panic Sigma 5, La Corda d'Oro 15, Pokémon Arceus and the Jewel of Life by Mizobuchi Makoto (Chuang Yi 4 August 2011 English manga) [UPDATED]

Also, the simplified Chinese edition of Initial D volume 42.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 5, La Corda d'Oro 15, Pokémon Arceus and the Jewel of Life, 头文字D #42 (Chuang Yi)

Full Metal Panic! Σ © Gatou Shouji and Ueda Hiroshi/Kadokawa Shoten [Serialized in Dragon Age]; Kiniro no Corda © Kure Yuki/Hakusensha [First serialized in LaLa]; Pokemon Arceus Chōkoku no jikū e © Mizobuchi Makoto/Shogakukan (Tentoumushi Coro Coro Comics); Initial D © Shigeno Shuichi/Kodansha [Serialized in Young Magazine ]. Published in Singapore as Full Metal Panic Sigma, La Corda d'Oro, Pokémon Arceus and the Jewel of Life and 头文字D by Chuang Yi

In a nutshell (since I'm so late :P): Sosuke risks losing everything in Full Metal Panic Sigma 5 and Tsukimori has promises...he might not be able to keep in La Corda d'Oro 15. We also get the mangafication of Pokémon Arceus and the Jewel of Life, the third movie in the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl trilogy that beat Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance and Case Closed: The Raven Chaser as Japan's highest grossing animated film of 2009. (More substantial Chuang Yi previews after the cut.)

Chuang Yi English manga (2011.08.04)

  1. Full Metal Panic Sigma (Full Metal Panic! Σ) 5 of 15+ by Gatou Shouji and Ueda Hiroshi
  2. Full Metal Panic! Σフルメタル・パニック!Σ
    by Gatou Shouji and Ueda Hiroshi, Shikidouji (Original Character Design)
    Kadokawa Shoten Dragon Age, shounen
    Volume 5 (chapters 18-22) first published in Japan 2007.05

    Adapted from the Full Metal Panic light novels, beginning from the fourth Owaru Day by Day, the basis of the Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid anime); Full Metal Panic! (Prequel); Full Metal Panic! Comic Mission (Side Story)

  3. La Corda d'Oro (Kiniro no Corda) 15 of 17 by Kure Yuki
  4. Kiniro no Corda金色のコルダ」 by Kure Yuki
    Hakusensha LaLa, LaLa DX, and LaLa Special, shoujo
    Volume 15 first published in Japan 2010.10

    Adapted from Koei's Kin'iro no Corda role-playing game (part of the Neoromance series also including the Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, and Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ games).

    Outstanding Debut Award, Hakusensha Athena Newcomers' Awards (2006)

    Other languages/serializations
    Alternative English La Corda d'Oro (VIZ Media: 13 volumes per 2011.03 • volume 14 street date: 2011.09.06), simplified Chinese (also by Chuang Yi: 金色琴弦 #10 released 2008.10.29), Indonesian (Elex Media (formerly serialized in HanaLaLa), French (Editions 12 bis: La corde d'or tome 6 shipped 2010.10)

    Yumeta's 25+1-episode La Corda d'Oro ~primo passo~ anime adaptation aired in Japan from October 2006 through March 2007, followed by the La Corda d'Oro ~secondo passo~ special (two episodes released 2009.03.26 and 2009.06.05). The cast included seiyuu Takagi Reiko (Hino Kahoko), Taniyama Kishô (Tsukimori Len), Itou Kentarou (Tsuchiura Ryotaro), Morita Masakazu (Hihara Kazuki), Kishio Daisuke (Yunoki Azuma), Fukuyama Jun (Shimizu Keiichi), Satou Akemi (Fuyuumi Shoko), Ishikawa Hideo (Kanazawa Hiroto), Konishi Katsuyuki (Ousaki Shinobu) and Miyano Mamoru (Kaji Aoi, La Corda d'Oro ~secondo passo~).

    A La Corda d'Oro drama was bundled with three other LaLa series (Oniichan to Issho, Ryuu no Hanawazurai, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) in the LaLa Tokimeki Drama CD given away with the April 2007 issue.

  5. [Premiere] Pokémon Arceus and the Jewel of Life (Pokemon Arceus Chōkoku no jikū e) by Mizobuchi Makoto (Complete)
  6. Pokemon Arceus Chōkoku no jikū eポケモン アルセウス超克の時空へ」 by Mizobuchi Makoto
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi Coro Coro Comics, kodomo
    This volume first published in Japan 2009.07

    Based on the 2009.07 Pokémon Arceus and the Jewel of Life movie that originally premiered in Japan 2009.07.18 as Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Arceus: To the Conquering of Space-Time.

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Simplified Chinese manga (2011.08.04)

  • 头文字D (Initial D) #42 of 43+ by Shigeno Shuichi

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Chuang Yi previews

Full Metal Panic Sigma 5 of 15+ by Gatou Shouji and Ueda Hiroshi

ISBN: 978-981-276-228-3
SRP: SGD 8.90

Leonard's sinister warning starts off a series of events that push Kaname and Sosuke down the path of no return. Now that Amalgam is serious about taking out MITHRIL, the duo find that they have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Melida Island transforms into a battlefield overnight, and the odds are stacked highly against the crew of TDD-1. There is no hero's respite for the cornered Sosuke. He must now choose between the few important things in his life, or risk to lose them all in one fell swoop.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 5 collects Missions 018-022: Time To Countdown, 5 Minutes' Run Way, Soldier's Corridor, Big One Shot and Big One Percent. [*NOT Chuang Yi's chapter titles]

La Corda d'Oro 15 of 17 by Kure Yuki

ISBN: 978-981-4341-37-0
SRP: SGD 8.90

Tsukimori's preparations for his studies abroad are almost complete, yet he remains unsure of his feelings for one person: Kahoko Hino. A chance encounter by the school entrance leads to them hanging out together, stopping by a few places along the way. When Kahoko makes a surprising request, will Tsukimori finally realise what his true feelings are? How will he come to terms with these feelings, knowing he's about to leave her behind? And what will happen when Kahoko asks him to make a promise he cannot keep...?

Pokémon Arceus and the Jewel of Life by Mizobuchi Makoto

ISBN: 978-981-4323-05-5
SRP: SGD 8.90

Arceus is back for revenge! Dialga, Palkia and Giratina must join forces to help Ash, Dawn and their new friends Kevin and Sheena stop Arceus from destroying humankind. But it may already be too late!

Next Chuang Yi release: 16 August 2011 (Tuesday)

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