GTO 4, Bloody Monday 5, Psychometrist Eiji 23 (Level Comics 15 August 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

We get twice the manga releases this week (on the 15th and the 18th) owing to the upcoming Idul Fitri holiday.

GTO 4, Bloody Monday 5, Psychometrist Eiji 23 (Level Comics)

GTO © Fujisawa Toru/Kodansha · Bloody Monday © Ryumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji/Kodansha · Psychometrer Eiji © Ando Yuma & Asaki Masashi/Kodansha. First serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Published in Indonesia as GTO, Bloody Monday and Psychometrist Eiji by Elex Media/Level Comics

Had Level also skedded The Drops of God 7 on the 15th, we would've gotten a Kibayashi Shin-sensei (Agi Tadashi/Ryumon Ryou/Ando Yuma) trifecta. Ah, well, Onizuka's been waiting since last week to street, so see ya later, Shizuku.

GTO 4 of 25 by Fujisawa Toru

Onizuka gains more fans, and it only took an adventure with Murai and pals (and some rumbles on Tokyo streets) to accomplish the feat. But Miyabi and her BFFs can't stand seeing students side with Onizuka. They hatch up a plan to ruin Onizuka's (good?) name, using Tomoko, the last word in ‘slow.’

Bloody Monday 5 of 11 by Ryumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji

Chuang Yi's English Bloody Monday: Season 1 Vol.5 blurb opens with: Experience has never been Fujimaru's strong suit, and nothing could have brought that point closer to home than his failure to open fire at Hosho. This single act of hesitation thus set off a whole series of crises...

Lemme pick up with Level's version:

Hosho shoots Otoya and takes Haruka hostage. With his sister's life once again on the line, Fujimaru demands a meeting with the terrorist top brass. Who should appear before Fujimaru but a youth no older than Fujimaru himself?

Psychometrist Eiji 23 of 25 by Ando Yuma & Asaki Masashi

A student goes up in flames after MELA goads high school students into a killing spree. Suspicion falls on Shokichi, present at the scene. Shokichi flees, prompting Eiji to give chase.

Can Eiji clear Shokichi of the murder charge? Find out in Psychometrist Eiji volume 23. Btw, if you're slightly worried that we're already on volume 23 of 25, don't be. There's a Psychometrer sequel that began serialization in Young Magazine last April, and Level will prolly license that reboot, too.

Level Comics manga (2011.08.15)

  1. ARMS 22 of 22 by Minagawa Ryouji & Nanatsuki Kyouichi [Finale]
  2. LC: ARMS 22

    by Minagawa Ryouji & Nanatsuki Kyouichi
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 22 first published in Japan 2002.06

    Best Shounen Manga, 44th Shogakukan Manga Awards

    Other languages
    English Project ARMS (VIZ Media: 22 volumes, French (Kana: 22 volumes), Italian (Panini Comics/Planet Manga), German (Planet Manga), traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan).

    TMS's 26-episode anime adaptation aired between TV Tokyo April and September 2001, starring seiyuu Canna Nobutoshi (Takatsuki Ryo), Takayama Minami (Kuruma Kei), Ueda Yuji (Tomoe Takeshi) and Miki Shinichiro (Shingu Hayato). The Project ARMS: The 2nd Chapter sequel (episodes 27-52) broadcast from October 2001 through March 2002.

  3. Bloody Monday 5 of 11 by Ryumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji
  4. LC: Bloody Monday 5

    Bloody Mondayブラッディ・マンデイ
    by Ryumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 5 first published in 2008.04

    Other languages
    English Bloody Monday: Season 1 (Chuang Yi: volume 8 per 2010.08 and Kodansha Comics: Bloody Monday volume 1 street date: 2011.08.23), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 11 volumes, concluded), traditional Chinese 血色星期一 (Tong Li Taiwan; 11 volumes) and French (PIKA Édition: six volumes per 2011.06 • Tome 7 street date: 2011.09.07)

    Related series
    Bloody Monday 0 (one volume; 2009.05) and sequels Bloody Monday Season 2 - Zetsubou no Kou (AKA Bloody Monday Season 2 ~Pandora no Hako~, eight volumes as at 2011.05.17) and Bloody Monday - Last Season (began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine 2011.07.14)

    An 11-episode live-action renzoku aired from October through December 2008 on TBS, followed by a second season, Bloody Monday Season2 ~Pandora no Hako~ (January to March 2010, nine episodes). Actor/singer Miura Haruma returned as protagonist Fujimaru Takagi/Falcon in the sequel.

  5. Brave Story (Brave Story - Shinsetsu) 5 of 20 by Miyabe Miyuki and Ono Yoichiro
  6. LC: Brave Story 5

    Brave Story - Shinsetsu
    by Miyabe Miyuki and Ono Yoichiro
    AKA Brave Story: A Retelling of a Classic
    Shinchosha Comic Bunch, seinen
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2004.12

    Adapted from Miyabe Miyuki-sensei's Brave Story light novel, post its winning the Batchelder Award (for Most Outstanding children's book originally published in a foreign language in a foreign country and subsequently published in English).

    Other languages
    English Brave Story (TOKYOPOP: five volumes; the Brave Story novel was published by VIZ Media 2009.11), French (Kurokawa: Tome 20 shipped 2011.02) and traditional Chinese (Tong Li)

  7. Eternal Sabbath (ES) 5 of 8 by Souryo Fuyumi
  8. LC: Eternal Sabbath 5

    ESES」 by Souryo Fuyumi
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2004.01

    Other languages/Reissues
    English ES (Del Rey: eight volumes), French (Glénat: eight volumes), Italian (Editions Star Comics)
    Re-released in five bunko volumes (2006.10 - 2007.02)

  9. Giant Killing 6 of 20+ by Tsunamoto Masaya & Tsujitomo
  10. LC: Giant Killing 6

    Giant KillingGIANT KILLING
    by Tsunamoto Masaya & Tsujitomo
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2008.07

    34th Kodansha Manga Award for General Manga

    Studio DEEN's 26-episode anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Seki Tomokazu (Tatsumi Takeshi), Okiayu Ryotaro (Murakoshi Shigeyuki), Mizushima Takahiro (Tsubaki Daisuke) and Ono Daisuke (Yoshida Luigi) aired between April and September 2010 on NHK.

  11. GTO 4 of 25 by Fujisawa Toru »EX 8.10
  12. LC: GTO 4

    GTOGTO」 by Fujisawa Toru
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 1997.11

    Best Shounen Manga, 1998 Kodansha Manga Awards

    Other languages
    Bilingual Japanese/English (Kodansha International, three volumes per 1999.12), English GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (TOKYOPOP: 25 volumes), French (PIKA Édition: 25 volumes), Italian (Dynamic Italia), German (EMA), Polish (Waneko), Swedish (Schibsted Förlagen Sverige AB; serialized in Manga Mania), traditional Chinese (Tong Li)

    Related series
    Prequels: Shounan Junaigumi! AKA GTO: The Early Years (31 of 31 volumes) and Bad Company (1 of 1 volume) and GTO Shonan 14 Days (sequel, seven volumes as at 2011.09.16, ongoing)

    A live-action GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka TV series, starring Sorimachi Takashi (Onizuka Eikichi) and Matsushima Nanako (Fuyutsuki Azusa) telecast from July to September 1998 on Fuji TV and Kansai TV (followed by GTO Drama Special; 1999.08.28 and GTO: The Movie; 1991) and Studio Pierrot's 43-episode Great Teacher Onizuka anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Takagi Wataru as Onizuka, that aired between June 1999 and September 2000.

  13. Half an Apple (1/2 no Ringo) 13 of 14 by Koyama Yukari
  14. LC: Half an Apple 13

    1/2 no Ringo1/2の林檎」 by Koyama Yukari
    Kodansha Kiss, josei
    Volume 13 first published in Japan 2009.03

  15. Kyoko Karasuma's Case Files (Karasuma Kyouko no Jikenbo) 7 of 9+ by Hiroi Ohji & Kozaki Yusuke
  16. LC: Kyoko Karasuma's Case Files 7

    Karasuma Kyouko no Jikenbo
    by Hiroi Ohji & Kozaki Yusuke
    AKA Kyoko Karasuma - Detective of the Asakusa Police Department
    Gentosha Comic BIRZ, seinen
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2008.12

    Other languages
    French (Taifu Comics: Kyoko Karasuma, Inspecteur à Asakusa tome 8 per 2010.10 • tome 9 street date: 2011.10.13), German (Carlsen Comics: Kyoko Karasuma: Detective of the Asakusa Police Department latest - Band 9), Russian (Comix-ART)

  17. Psychometrist Eiji (Psychometrer Eiji) 23 of 25 by Ando Yuma & Asaki Masashi
  18. LC: Psychometrist Eiji 23

    Psychometrer EijiサイコメトラーEIJI
    by Ando Yuma & Asaki Masashi
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 23 first published in Japan 2000.06

    Other languages
    French Psychometrer Eiji (Kana/Dargaud: 25 volumes), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi Singapore 感应少年 Eiji: 25 volumes), traditional Chinese (Tong Li)

    Re-released in 12 bunko volumes (2003.06 to 2003.11)

    Psychometrer (sequel; began serialization in Young Magazine No. 22-23 (street date: 2011.04.25); Psychometrer Eiji - Silent Stalker (KPC (Kodansha Platinum Comics); one volume: 2011.07.20); Psychometrer Eiji - Tokei Shikake no Ringo (KPC one volume: 2011.06); Psychometrer Eiji - Satsujin Oni Mebius (KPC one volume 2011.05)
    Kunimitsu (spin-off; 27 volumes)

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European comics/BDs (2011.08.15)

  1. Lucky Luke - Calamity Jane (Lucky Luke, tome 30: Calamity Jane) by Morris & Goscinny (Dupuis)
  2. Rantanplan - Si Anjing Penjara (Rantanplan, tome 12: Bêtisier 4) by Morris (Lucky Comics)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 15 August 2011 (release schedule) and Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All manga retail for IDR 18,500 each except Eternal Sabbath 5 (IDR 20,000). ROMICs Lucky Luke - Calamity Jane and Rantanplan - Si Anjing Penjara are priced at IDR 30,000/volume.
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).

Featured series

☆ ARMS 22 of 22 by Minagawa Ryouji & Nanatsuki Kyouichi

Ryou, Hayato and Takeshi scramble to stop Bandersnatch and Keith White once and for all. What awaits these ARMS test subjects in their final battle?

Before they can end their long ordeal, Ryou, Hayato and Takeshi first have to dispatch modulated Arms who will do anything to ensure that Bandersnatch finishes its countdown to destruction.

Nik sez... Now that the nano-machines, cybernetic assassins, powerful telekinetic opponents, secret organization dedicated to bringing forth the next evolution of humankind...kids whose arms transform into grotesquely deformed superweapons Arms has concluded (quotes are from VIZ's Project Arms, Vol. 22: The Last Revelation: Return summary), I really should start it. I know, I know, I've been saying that but I really should read this Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-inspired series, if only to redeem my Anything-Alice! creds. (I should prolly start Pandora Hearts, too, but one manga TBR at a time.)

☆ Eternal Sabbath 5 of 8 by Souryo Fuyumi

Mine tries to comfort Akiba (Shuro) after Detective Hotta's death, only to find herself kissed by Akiba. Her ambivalence escalates when Akiba confesses his attraction to her.

Nik sez... If you're not reading ES (like me), the above blurb might need some explainin', especially Mine's confusion. Or it might not. Still I can't resist saying t'is because neuroscientist Mine thought she only considered the genetically-engineered Akiba her most promising lab rat. Del Rey's ES Vol. 5: Mystery Man sums up the good doctor's quandary: Is her fascination with Shuro purely intellectual, or is she experiencing more than just a passion for research? ^^

☆ Giant Killing 6 of 20+ by Tsunamoto Masaya & Tsujitomo

ETU's mainstay attacker Natsuki Yotaro recovers from his injury. His ability to score goals even in the tightest defense has allowed ETU to evade demotion to second division. The entire team welcomes Natsuki back, except Sera, who only sees Natsuki as jeopardizing Sera's place on the team, especially with ETU's reliance on one-forward formation. Can Sera maintain his position as a striker?

Half An Apple 13 of 14 by Koyama Yukari

We can overcome any difficulty, especially if it's to make people precious to us happy!

Shindo pushes through with divorce after discovering that Natsuko was never pregnant. Driven to revenge against Shindo who has discarded her, Natsuko uses Takeuchi's new drug to hurt Hikaru.

Nik sez... I guess the question on everyone's mind is: Do Hikaru and Shindo get back together? Check the penultimate Half an Apple to see if it provides the answer.

Other 15 August highlights

  • Brave Story 5 by Miyabe Miyuki and Ono Yoichiro: Wataru and Book's battle continues to rage, with Book growing increasingly out of control under the influence of the dragon contract. Mina jumps into the fray and stops the fight. Meanwhile, the specter of war looms between the North and South kingdoms.
  • Kyoko Karasuma's Case Files 7 by Hiroi Ohji & Kozaki Yusuke: Kyoko corners Kano at his hideout, but Kano doesn't back down from his threat to wipe Tokyo out with a nuclear bomb. Will the central government yield to Kano's demand for a free Tohoku?

Still not enuf? Here are the other 15 August 2011 manga

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m&c!: Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 15 · Kitchen Palette 1 by Takada Rie · Seiyuu-Ka! Lovely Voice 3 · Kumpulan Cerita Terbaik Miiko 4 · Namida Usagi ~Tears of First Love~ 3 · Perfect Boy Falls in Love by Shiumi Saki · The Impeccable Twins Final Chapters 19 · Love, Romance and the World 1 by Sugiyama Miwako · Flower of Queen 2 · My Dearest Pochi 1 by Tachibana Yutaka · Pudding in Love 3 · Love at Sakura Dormitory by Morita Yuki · Moon Fighters 1 by Lee YoungYou · Vanilla Frosting 2 of 2 · Real Masjid · Pedang Maha Dewa 4 Amazing Weapons - The Lost Blade 3

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