GTO Shonan 14 Days 2, Team Medical Dragon 18, Bambino 13 (Level Comics 10 August 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

Skipped GTO 4 this sked, per Elex's more recent (15 August) advisory.

GTO Shonan 14 Days 2 (Level Comics)

GTO Shonan 14 Days © Fujisawa Toru/Kodansha
[Serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine]
Published in Indonesia by Elex Media/Level Comics

Updated with Level artwork and editor resources (not the only one babbling here :D)

Thorn-up-Onizuka's-side Katsuragi apparently just craves attention, not getting any from her father. Even when she's actually kidnapped, Pops doesn't lift a finger, thinking it's all a bluff. What else is Onizuka to do, but save Katsuragi in his own inimitable way...

Level editor Adisti-san observes that Katsuragi's problems are outed in the second GTO Shonan 14 Days. Whether that's what leads to the heart-pounding chase on the streets of Shonan, you'll have to GET! volume 2 to confirm ^_^

Team Medical Dragon 18 of 25 by Nogizaka Taro/Nagai Akira

Professor Takeo's daughter-in-law is rushed to the operating room after an accident. Professor Takeo orders surgical team head Izaka to prioritize his in-law's life, even as the mother insists that the doctor save her baby. At a crucial moment, Akira appears to assist in the operation. Will she choose to uphold the mother's wishes, or that of the Professor?

Team Medical Dragon editor Lenny-san promises that we also understand why Akira affects callous all this time.

Lenny-san also likens the medical drama supervised by Yoshinuma Mie-sensei to the House TV series that stars an unconventional and misanthropic medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey. (Thanks, Wiki.) I get unconventional medical genius, but misanthropic? Really? (I don't read TMD because Ryu-chan scares me ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶).

Bambino! 13 of 15 by Sekiya Tetsuji

To pay for the bottle of wine he broke, Ban decides to accept Coyote's offer to "cook for the Mafia." But can Ban satisfy the palates of the Italian mafiosi? Or will he end up rueing his decision?

Talk about living dangerously. Ganbare, Ban-chan! p(^^)q

European comics/ROMICs: Dangerous Skies!

Tanguy & Laverdure - Bahaya Di Angkasa (Elex Media)

Tanguy et Laverdure,
tome 3: Danger dans le Ciel

© Charlier & Uderzo/
Published in Indonesia as
Tanguy & Laverdure -
Bahaya Di Angkasa

Topping the bande dessinée Do Want! list is Jean-Michel Charlier & Albert Uderzo's Tanguy & Laverdure - Bahaya Di Angkasa (Tanguy et Laverdure, tome 3: Danger dans le Ciel). Tanguy and Laverdure are assigned to Creil's squadron 1/10, also known as the Cigognes or Storks squadron, and pilot the SMB2 (Super Mystère B2) fighter-bomber. Their first mission: patrolling the airspace of Melun-Villaroche military base, declared a No-Fly zone to test a highly-classified French aircraft. One night, a secret transmission is intercepted around Melun-Villaroche; Tanguy scrambles and is forced to chase an enemy reconnaissance jet in the skies above the Seine.

Boule & Bill - Sirkus Keren! (Boule et Bill, tome 29: Quel cirque!) by Verron Laurent also streets this week. Here we see that Bill is not only a cute cocker spaniel, but also a...gardener!? (He buries bones in the hope that they will grow into more bones.)

Rounding out the BD trio is Yakari - Yakari dan Si Tanduk Bercabang (Yakari, tome 23: Yakari et les cornes fourchues) by Derib + Job, in which Yakari and Little Thunder race to save a baby antelope trapped in a wildfire.

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Level Comics manga (2011.08.10)

  1. Bambino! 13 of 15 by Sekiya Tetsuji
  2. LC: Bambino! 13

    Bambino!バンビ~ノ!」 by Sekiya Tetsuji
    Shogakukan Big Comic Spirits, seinen
    Volume 13 (chapters 132-142) first published in Japan 2008.08

    Best Seinen/General Manga, 53rd Shogakukan Manga Awards, tied with Kuromaru- & Natsuhara Takeshi's The Black Swindler (Kurosagi).

    Related series
    Bambino! Secondo (sequel; eight volumes as at 2011.08.30)

    An 11-episode live-action adaptation starring Matsumoto Jun (Shogo Ban) and Kitamura Kazuki (Yonamine Tsukasa/Yona-san) aired on NTV from April to June 2007. The TV series reaped four awards at the 53rd Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor (Matsumoto Jun), Supporting Actor (Kazuki Kitamura), Best Director and a Special Award.

  3. Devil Devil 4 of 15 by Miyoshi Yuuki
  4. LC: Devil Devil 4

    Devil Devilデビデビ」 by Miyoshi Yuuki
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 4 (chapters 28-37) first published in Japan 1999.06

    Other languages
    French (PIKA Édition: 15 volumes per 2005.10), German (Planet Manga)

  5. GTO Shonan 14 Days 2 of 7+ by Fujisawa Toru
  6. LC: GTO Shonan 14 Days 2

    GTO Shonan 14 Days
    by Fujisawa Toru
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2009.12

    Related series
    Prequels: Shounan Junaigumi! AKA GTO: The Early Years (31 of 31 volumes); Bad Company (1 of 1 volume); and GTO (25 of 25 volumes)

    Other languages
    Simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: volume 4 per 2010.10), English GTO 14 Days in Shonan (Vertical: Volume 1 street date: 2012.01.31)

  7. Jio 17 of 19 by Kishimoto Seishi
  8. LC: Jio 17

    Jio666~サタン~」 by Kishimoto Seishi
    Square Enix Shonen Gangan, shounen
    Volume 17 first published in Japan 2007.06

    Volume 17 chapters:
    65. The Ruins' Traps!
    66. Heart
    67. Brothers Face Off! Memories of the Scars!
    68. Father's Thoughts
    [*NOT Level's chapter titles]

    Other languages
    English O-Parts Hunter (VIZ Media: 19 volumes), French (Kurokawa: 19 volumes) and Italian (JPOP)

  9. Karakuri Circus 4 of 43 by Fujita Kazuhiro
  10. LC: Karakuri Circus 4

    Karakuri Circusからくりサーカス
    by Fujita Kazuhiro
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 4 (chapters 27-36) first published in Japan 1998.09

    Other languages
    French (Delcourt: Karakuri Circus Tome 21 per 2007.12)

  11. Kowloon's Seekers (Shin Kijou no Kowloon) 3 of 3 by Aoki Tomo & Nagasaki Takashi [Finale]
  12. LC: Kowloon's Seekers 3

    Shin Kijou no Kowloon真 机上の九龍 下
    by Aoki Tomo & Nagasaki Takashi
    AKA Shin Kijou no Kuryuu
    Shinchosha Comic Bunch, seinen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2009.09

    Related series
    Prequel: Kijou no Kowloon (one volume published under Shogakukan's Big Comics Special imprint; 2002.12)

  13. Love Affair (Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta) 10 of 12+ by Miyasaka Kaho
  14. LC: Love Affair 10

    Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta
    僕達は知ってしまった」 by Miyasaka Kaho
    AKA We Experienced the Affair
    Shogakukan Cheese!, shoujo
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2010.08

    Other languages
    German (Egmont Manga & Anime: Lebe deine Liebe Band 10 released 2011.07 • Band 11 street date: 2011.10), French (Marvel Panini France: A Romantic Love Story Tome 10 per 2011.06)

    The Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta ~ Kare to Kanojo to Aitsu no Himitsu light novel written by Takase Yunoka was released under the Flower Comics Lululu novels label on 2011.07.26.

    The official Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta Kōshiki Fanbook (JP release: 2011.07)

  15. Officer Monju (Seigi Keikan Monju) 9 of 11+ by Miyashita Hiroki
  16. LC: Officer Monju 9

    Seigi Keikan Monju正義警官モンジュ
    by Miyashita Hiroki
    Shogakukan Sunday GX, seinen
    Volume 9 first published in Japan in 2010.03

    Other languages
    French (Kana: Monju, au service de la justice Tome 8 per 2011.02 • Tome 9 street date: 2011.09.23), traditional Chinese (Taiwan Tohan: 正義警官毛九 volume 7 per 2011.06)

  17. Shattered Knife (Oboreru Knife) 8 of 12+ by George Asakura
  18. Team Medical Dragon (Iryuu -Team Medical Dragon-) 18 of 25 by Nogizaka Taro/Nagai Akira
  19. LC: Team Medical Dragon 18

    Iryuu -Team Medical Dragon-医龍
    by Nogizaka Taro, Nagai Akira, Yoshinuma Mie (Medical Supervision)
    Shogakukan Big Comic Superior, seinen
    Volume 18 (chapters 141-149) first published in Japan 2008.07

    Winner, Best Seinen/General Manga, 50th Shogakukan Manga Awards.

    Other languages
    French (Glénat: Tome 17 shipped 2011.07 • Tome 18 street date: 2011.10.19)

    Three seasons of the live-action adaptation, starring Sakaguchi Kenji (Asada Ryutaro), aired on Fuji TV (Season 1: April to June 2006; Season 2: October to December 2007; Season 3: October to December 2010). The first season won the Best Drama award at the 49th Television Drama Academy Awards.

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European comics/BDs (2011.08.10)

  1. Boule & Bill - Sirkus Keren! (Boule et Bill, tome 29: Quel cirque!) by Verron, Roba (Dargaud)
  2. Tanguy & Laverdure - Bahaya Di Angkasa (Tanguy et Laverdure, tome 3: Danger dans le Ciel) by Charlier & Uderzo (Dargaud)
  3. Yakari - Yakari dan Si Tanduk Bercabang (Yakari, tome 23: Yakari et les cornes fourchues) by Derib + Job (Le Lombard)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 10 August 2011 (release schedule) and Level Comics, Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All manga are priced at IDR 18,500 each except Kowloon's Seekers 3 (IDR 19,500). ROMIC Boule & Bill - Sirkus Keren!, Tanguy & Laverdure - Bahaya Di Angkasa and Yakari - Yakari dan Si Tanduk Bercabang retail for IDR 30,000/volume.
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).


☆ Kowloon's Seekers 3 of 3 by Aoki Tomo & Nagasaki Takashi

Tsukueda Kyu decides to seek his own past, little realizing that his quest will set in motion events that culminate in a bitter truth. He manages to uncover the identity of the Kowloon Ripper, his mother's killer, with the help of the eight guardian clones created by Prof. Moro, but...

Editor Lenny-san guarantees a moving Kowloon's Seekers finale, or at the very least, answers to your questions about Kyu + Rabbi's past.

Love Affair 10 of 12+ by Miyasaka Kaho

Yukito and Kotori break up after a big fight, but still continue to harbor feelings for each other. Yukito is the first to give in. He invites Kotori to a date at the local festival, and Kotori accepts, resolved to confess her love for Yukito once more. How will Yukito take Kotori's confession redux?

What do you think? :P

On a related note, I wonder if Level plans to license Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta ~ Kare to Kanojo to Aitsu no Himitsu — the light novel authored by Takase Yunoka and released by Shogakukan's Flower Comics Lululu novels label just last 26 July? If you also Do Want!, vote for the resumption of Elex's J-novel line. [»Direct link to poll, if you're already an LXO member.]

Shattered Knife 8 of 12+ by George Asakura

Ko's delinquency reaches new heights as the atmosphere between Natsume and Otomo grows increasingly awkward. Natsume tries to photograph Otomo for the class yearbook and at first, Otomo looks annoyed by Natsume's picture-taking. So, how come he...?

Forget awkwardness. As Shattered Knife editor Adisti-san points out, the distance between Natsume and Otomo is shrinking. Fast. Does this mean bye-bye, Ko? For sure, Natsume has mixed feelings and Otomo—what are you doing!?

Other 10 August highlights

  • Devil Devil 4 by Miyoshi Yuuki: Demons preying on Sword multiply by the second. Hell even sends Sword's good buddy Shiva Garland after him. Sword's sitch grows dire when demon exterminator Ranfu also shows up, bent on finishing off Sword.
  • Jio 17 by Kishimoto Seishi: Jio and friends get split up after a giant Demon Recipe swallows them. The creature apparently serves as Zenom's headquarters and resting place of ancient ruins. The booby-trapped leftovers pose a deadly threat but not as much as the Four Zenom Kings who await Jio & Co.
  • Karakuri Circus 4 by Fujita Kazuhiro: Masaru and Shirogane take a different tack while hauling around the shadow of vanished Narumi. However, their pursuers don't let up; in fact, they even resort to crazier kidnapping. Along comes the Nakamachi Circus, but what's its agenda? And can Masaru rescue the friends he unwittingly dragged into danger?
  • Officer Monju 9 by Miyashita Hiroki: Monju, Shino and Junpei are invited to Kyoto to represent Japan in the Japanese/American robot cultural exchange. The American robot rep is Handman operated by genius David. But something's seriously strange about the event that later becomes a terrorist target. Can Monju and Handman handle the unknown menace?

Still not enuf? Here are the other 10 August 2011 manga and manhwa

Elex Media: Wild Life 19 · Dr. Koto 6 · Defense Devil 5 · Spiral: The Bonds of Reason 14 · Bride of the Water God 3 · Real 10 · Mixim 11 Vol.4 · Vinland Saga 6 · Claymore 16 · Demon King 34 · Doraemon 11 · Lum, The Invader Girl 30 · Shonen Star 14/2011 · Shonen Magz 8/2011

m&c!: Love Button 3 · My Life 5 of 5 · Crab Kiss 5 · Cherry is Everywhere 2 of 2 · Meet the Banchou 8 · My Lovely Class Leader 2 · Spray King 1 by Mikuni Shin · Princess Gal Paradise 2 · Dewa Iblis Awan Api II No. 1 by Tony Wong

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