Love in the Sky 3, Song for My Sweet Home 2, Secret Kiss by Aikawa Saki (m&c! 18 August 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

The Hella Long NikBabble™ Version

Ongoing Love in the Sky and Song for My Sweet Home remain top DO WANT! What distinguishes this m&c! advanced sked is the asplosion of new shoujo manga. Ten of 12 listed titles are debuts.

Love in the Sky 3 (m&c!)

Sora Log © Mitsuki Kaco/Shogakukan [First serialized in Betsucomi]
Published in Indonesia as Love in the Sky by Gramedia/m&c!

Aside from Aikawa Saki's Teacher Confesses to His Student Secret Kiss (that is NOT my favorite story in this antho, it's Your Love), Chocolate Magic premieres, the first in Mizuho Rino's Shokora no Mahou series (succeeding volumes are Shokora no Mahou ~Bittersweet~, Shokora no Mahou ~Creamy Sugar~ and Shokora no Mahou ~Dark Spice~). The Ciao horror series has been so successful, it even got an anime-adapt, Chocolat no Mahou: Meringue au Chocolat Kanashimi no Senritsu. If you're wondering who is Mizuho Rino-sensei » Takoyaki Princess.

m&c! also rolls out Ijime - If I Have Enough Courage or Ijime - Yuuki wo kudasai, the fourth in Igarashi Kaoru's best-selling Bullying! series (although no anime (yet), just light novels). If you lurve the Ijime universe (O.o), you'll have to wait a bit, maybe more, for the next Ijime - Shizuka na Kangoku, because even in Japan that Ijime - A Silent Prison volume only streets 1st September.

Moar newbies: Doctor's Gentle Love and Honey Love Dandy Teachers, both from Kawamaru Shin (manga-ka of Doctor's Naughty Kiss and Glasses Boys' Fans Club); Honey Love by Yagami Rina (My Beautiful Model); Invincible Lover by Konno Risa (I Love You, Sensei!); Lovely Lesson - Hair Make Episode, the last volume of Sakisaka Mea's Lovely Lesson makeover series; Ultra Z Class by Kosaka Mariko (Powerful Cheers!!); and A Witch Who Looks For Love by Kumaki Eri (Love is Sweet ).

Previews after the release list.

Cherry 56/2011 (m&c!)

The rest of the new shoujo manga debut in Cherry mangazine, Issue 56/2011: Sweet Dog's Stories by Hotta Atsuko that I think was originally Tengoku no Inu Monogatari (ex-ChuChu; Japan tankoubon release: 2004.11) and My Mysterious Neighbor by Nakajima Yuka, possibly Ciao's 2010-vintage Tonari no Obake-san (JP tankou: 2011.02). Also (I'm not sure), the local KOLONI comic, Sang Sayur by S Y S.

Hotta Atsuko is primarily known for the Tengoku no Inu Monogatari collection of doggie one-shots (six volumes so far, the latest Zutto, Zutto Issho ni per April 2011) , but Nakajima Yuka is also credited with the three-volume Waratte Himiko-san (published by m&c! as Smile, Himiko!) and Kirakira Hikare AKA Sparkling Charm. Her latest is Kokoro Curtain (JP release: 2011.07.29). S Y S, meanwhile, created Sejejak Mimpi: Romantika Odong-odong.

Unless Cherry finished off the three one-shots in Ichikawa Show's I Love Dog and You in Issue 55, that should still appear in this issue. I also assume that Always by Your Side by Nakamura Sayumi, Dawn Aria by Akaishi Michiyo, I am not a Maid! by Iwaoka Meme, My Lovely Class Leader by Nishimura Tomoko and Yomogi Loves Money? by Arai Kiyoko are still serializing. Telor Ceplok reader Lidya-san commented last month that Nanajima Kana's 7 Centi! wasn't finished yet, so perhaps we'll see its return in this issue, too. (Also, Lidya-san? Would you know which manga is on the cover? Thanks in advance ^^)

m&c! manga (2011.08.18)

  1. [Premiere] Chocolate Magic (Shokora no Mahou) by Mizuho Rino
  2. Chocolate Magic (m&c!)

    Shokora no Mahouショコラの魔法
    by Mizuho Rino
    AKA The Magic of Chocolate
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2009.07

    Related series
    Sequels: Shokora no Mahou ~Bittersweet~ (Japan release: 2010.03), Shokora no Mahou ~Creamy Sugar~ (JP: 2010.11) and Shokora no Mahou ~Dark Spice~ (2011.04) and Shokora no Mahou Dakkuwāzu Shokora Kioku no Meiro (Shogakukan Junior Bunko; JP release: 2011.07).

    Anime OAV Chocolat no Mahou: Meringue au Chocolat Kanashimi no Senritsu (two episodes bundled with Ciao's April and May 2011 issues)

  3. [Premiere] Doctor's Gentle Love (Dr. no Fureru Yubisaki) by Kawamaru Shin
  4. Doctor's Gentle Love (m&c!)

    Dr. no Fureru YubisakiDr.の触れる指先
    by Kawamaru Shin
    AKA Doctors touch me gently
    Shogakukan Flower Comics, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2010.07

  5. [Premiere] Honey Love (Mitsukoi Honey) by Yagami Rina
  6. Honey Love (m&c!)

    Mitsukoi Honey蜜恋 HONEY
    by Yagami Rina
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2010.08

  7. [Premiere] Honey Love Dandy Teachers (Mitsu-Ai Host Juku) by Kawamaru Shin
  8. Honey Love Dandy Teachers (m&c!)

    Mitsu-Ai Host Juku蜜・愛ホスト塾
    by Kawamaru Shin
    Shogakukan Deluxe Betsucomi, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2009.03

  9. [Premiere] Ijime - If I Have Enough Courage (Ijime - Yuuki wo kudasai) by Igarashi Kaoru
  10. Ijime - If I Have Enough Courage (m&c!)

    Ijime - Yuuki wo kudasai
    by Igarashi Kaoru
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2010.10

    In the Ijime series: Ijime - Hitoribocchi no Tatakai (Japan release: 2007.04; published by m&c! as Ijime - The Lonely War), Ijime - Ikijigoku kara no Dasshutsu (JP: 2008.04; published by m&c! as Ijime - Escape from Hell on Earth), Ijime - Mienai Akui (JP: 2008.11; published by m&c! as Ijime - The Invisible Malice) and Ijime - Shizuka na Kangoku (Japan street date: 2011.09.01)

    Light novel collaborations with Takeuchi Masami under the Ciao Novels imprint: Ijime Mō Namida wa iranai (Japan release: 2009.03) and Ijime - Makenai Yuuki (JP: 2009.09). These were published by m&c! as Ijime - No Need to Cry and Ijime - Undefeated Guts last January. m&c! has yet to publish a third light novel from the same duo, Ijime - Shin no hoshi o shinjite (Japan street date: 2011.09.01).

  11. [Premiere] Invincible Lover (Muteki Kareshi) by Konno Risa
  12. Invincible Lover (m&c!)

    Muteki Kareshi無敵カレシ
    by Konno Risa
    Shogakukan Betsucomi, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2008.10

  13. Love in the Sky (Sora Log) 3 of 4 by Mitsuki Kaco
  14. Love in the Sky 3 (m&c!)

    Sora Logソラログ
    by Mitsuki Kaco
    Shogakukan Betsucomi, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2010.02

  15. [Premiere] Lovely Lesson - Hair Make Episode (Lovely Lesson: Hair Make Hen) by Sakisaka Mea
  16. Lovely Lesson - Hair Make Episode (m&c!)

    Lovely Lesson: Hair Make Hen
    ラブリー・レッスン ヘアメイク編
    by Sakisaka Mea
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2007.05

    Related series
    Lovely Lesson (Japan release: 2006.03; published by m&c! in 2007.08.14) and Lovely Lesson: Chuukyuuhen (JP: 2006.11; ID release: ?)

  17. [Premiere] Secret Kiss by Aikawa Saki
  18. Secret Kiss (m&c!)

    Secret Kissシークレット・キス
    by Aikawa Saki
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2007.11

  19. Song For My Sweet Home (Tadaima no Uta) 2 of 3+ by Fujimoto Yuuki
  20. [Premiere] Ultra Z Class (Ultra Hanamaru Z-gumi!!) by Kosaka Mariko
  21. Ultra Z Class (m&c!)

    Ultra Z ClassウルトラはなまるZ組!!!
    by Kosaka Mariko
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2009.06

  22. [Premiere] A Witch Who Looks For Love (Majo wa Koi ni Hen Shiteru) by Kumaki Eri
  23. A Witch Who Looks For Love (m&c!)

    Majo wa Koi ni Hen Shiteru
    by Kumaki Eri
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    First published in Japan 2010.02

mangazine (2011.08.18)

  • Cherry 56/2011 (Indonesian Ciao/ChuChu/Sho-Comi/Flowers)

Hong Kong manhua (2011.08.18)

  1. Long Hu Men - The Next Level 6: Licik Vs. Gila by Tony Wong (Jade Dynasty)
  2. Chinese Heroes: Sang Legenda 2 of 2: Pertarungan Penentuan by Tony Wong (Jade Dynasty) [Finale]

[RE-STO] Restocked (2011.08.18)

¹ Source: m&c! (release schedule and covers)
² All GN, including restocks, retail for IDR 16,500 each, except manhua Long Hu Men - The Next Level 6 (IDR 70,000) and Chinese Heroes: Sang Legenda 2 (IDR 95,000). Cherry 56/2011 carries an IDR 27,500 SRP.


Love in the Sky 3 of 4 by Mitsuki Kaco

When I'm anxious, I remember this starry sky...

Hikaru and Asou have become inseparable, but will their closeness endure when they meet Yui on a night Asou accompanies Hikaru home?

Now for some levity —

Song For My Sweet Home 2 of 3+ by Fujimoto Yuuki

As the eldest daughter in the Hanadera family, Himawari spends her days taking care of her four brothers after their parents pass away. But there are little joys to be had in between taking over parental duties. The family goes on a summer vacation, the highlight of which is entering a contest with the super grand prize of...meat!

New titles - continued

Chocolate Magic by Mizuho Rino

Chocolate Magic (m&c!)

Shokora no Mahou
© Mizuho Rino
Shogakukan [Ciao]
Published in Indonesia as
Chocolate Magic
by Gramedia/m&c!

Welcome to Chocolat Noir. I sell chocolates that fulfill even your darkest desires. Are you willing to pay the price?

Chocolate Magic is the first volume of the bittersweet and mysterious Shokora no Mahou horrror series. So expect m&c! to also issue sequels Shokora no Mahou ~Bittersweet~ (Japan release: 2010.03), Shokora no Mahou ~Creamy Sugar~ (JP: 2010.11) and Shokora no Mahou ~Dark Spice~ (2011.04). I don't know if m&c! will also publish Chocolat no Mahou -Dacquoise Chocolat's Memory no Meiro, the Shogakukan Junior Bunko written by Hozumi Riku (JP release: 2011.07.14), but with the Ijime light novels precedent, the possibility is not zero percent.

Other Mizuho Rino manga
Before Mizuho Rino hit it big with Shokora no Mahou (it's so beloved, Ciao had to bundle an anime OAV—Chocolat no Mahou: Meringue au Chocolat Kanashimi no Senritsu—in its April and May 2011 issues), Mizuho Rino-sensei created the considerably lighter Takoyaki Princess, compiled into one volume in Japan 2008.12 (released in Indonesia last January).

Doctor's Gentle Love by Kawamaru Shin

Hakusan University Hospital virtually overflows with bishieful doctors: there's the surgical genius Dr. Godhand. You think you'll fall in love when touched by those hands? Then there's Dr. Smile, the dermatologist with the deadly grin. You think you'll swoon when he turns on the full smile wattage? Last, but not the least, is Dr. Iceman — not only kewl on the outside but concealing surprising 90% depths beneath.

So, choose!

The Betsucomi Flower Comics Doctor's Gentle Love AKA Doctors touch me gently is the latest standalone set in Kawamura Shin's Hakusan University Hospital-verse. Previously, there were Dr. wa Ijiwaru na Kiss de (published in Japan 2007.12; released by m&c! as Doctor's Naughty Kiss), Dr. wa Sotto Dakishimeru (JP: 2006.09; retitled Gorgeous Doctors by m&c!) and Dr. wa Amai Kiss wo Suru (JP: 2005.07) as A Kiss from a Doctor (m&c!) and Love Remedy (Chuang Yi English edition).

Other Kawamaru Shin manga
Aside from the Hakusan doctors series and Mitsu-Ai Host Juku retitled Honey Love Dandy Teachers below, m&c! published the megane-troped Maruhi Megane Danshi Kurabu (Japan release: 2007.11; released as Glasses Boys' Lovers), Moe Megane Danshi Kurabu (JP: 2009.12; retitled Glasses Boys' Fans Club) and the independent but still bespectacled Houou Gakuen Shikkoubu (JP: 2008.09; renamed The Executives of Houou Academy). m&c! also released Himitsu, Himitsu (JP: 2006.12) as Just Between You and Me.

While Kiss Me Dr. (JP: 2005.01) has Dr. in the title, I don't think the eponymous Sensei works in Hakusan nor do I know under what title m&c! released it (prolly as Kiss Me Doctor, if it did). Also don't know if m&c! ever published Suki Hani ~Scandalous Honey~ (2004.10) or Amai Himitsu Amai Shigeki (2004.06), or the apparently movie-based Kono Mune Ippai no Ai wo (JP: 2005.10), but these comprise the early Kawamaru Shin backlist.

Her latest is Majo no Koi wa Kindan to Haitoku de Tsukurareru (JP: 2010.12) that despite the forbidden and immoral witch's love in the title is another doctor-starrer.

Honey Love by Yagami Rina

"Every woman can transform into a beauty."

What a load of crap, thinks Yuni. Because of her chubby cheeks, Yuni endures a lot of jeers in school. One day, bishie brothers Hiroto and Yamato tell Yuni to enter a beauty audition. Wanting to make herself over into Cute for Hiroto, Yuni complies.

I mentioned the Beauty Transformation Mitsukoi Honey, Honey Love's original Sho-Comi title, in my My Beautiful Model (Emperor Limited alias Koutei Gentei) babble last month and whaddayaknow, we get it this month.

Other Yagami Rina manga
So might as well mention (again) the other outstanding manga in the hopes that m&c! will expedite their release: the Transfer Student, Vampire Bloody Kiss (Japan release: 2011.04) and the Kissed by a Devil Yogoto Akuma to Kiss o Suru (2010.12). Prolly will take months before we see Dekiai Oresama Tailor (Japan street date: 2011.08.26).

I don't hold out much hope getting the Boy Friend Younger Than Me shoujo smut Kareshi Toshishitakei (2009.11) and I'm not sure m&c! published Kimi o Omou Toki (JP: 2008.11) that Yagami Rina-sensei illustrated and vira-sensei wrote. If you know, please leave a comment.

Before Honey Love and My Beautiful Model, m&c! published Goodbye but I Love You, originally Sayonara demo Aishiteru, that I say suffers in comparison with the also twin-POV'd I Hate You But I Love You by Fujiwara Yoshiko.

Honey Love Dandy Teachers by Kawamaru Shin

Welcome to DT cram school where the student populace is entirely female, and the teachers all handsome, charismatic and elegant. Yeah, much like hosts of a popular host club. The highest scorer scores private lessons for herself.

Can you handle the exclusive attention? Especially when your private tutor shrugs off his jacket after hours?

Aside from Honey Love Dandy Teachers, this ex-Deluxe Betsucomi also contains the Beast and Kiss one-shot.

For other Kawamaru Shin manga, go »here.

Ijime - If I Have Enough Courage by Igarashi Kaoru

Have you ever put yourself in a bully victim's place? What kind of oppression would you suffer? Don't think you won't ever be bullied. Don't kid yourself...

If I understood the Japanese summary correctly, Ijime - Yuuki wo Kudasai brought Ijime sales topping 950,000 copies. I guess lotsa readers empathize. From the same blurb, I discovered that there is Mirai e no shokuzai (Atonement for the Future) epilogue supposed to be included in this volume.

Ijime - Yuuki wo Kudasai represents the fourth Ijime manga; the predecessors that contributed to that fantastic sales figure are Ijime - Hitoribocchi no Tatakai (Japan release: 2007.04; published by m&c! as Ijime - The Lonely War), Ijime - Ikijigoku kara no Dasshutsu (JP: 2008.04; published by m&c! as Ijime - Escape from Hell on Earth) and Ijime - Mienai Akui (JP: 2008.11; published by m&c! as Ijime - The Invisible Malice). With the release of Ijime - Shizuka na Kangoku (Japan street date: 2011.09.01), we can safely assume that sales will exceed the one million mark.

The quoted figure prolly doesn't include Igarashi Kaoru's Ijime light novel collaborations with Takeuchi Masami under the Ciao Novels imprint: Ijime Mō Namida wa iranai (Japan release: 2009.03) and Ijime - Makenai Yuuki (JP: 2009.09), published as Ijime - No Need to Cry and Ijime - Undefeated Guts last January. m&c! hasn't published the third light novel from the same duo, Ijime - Shin no hoshi o shinjite: it only releases in Japan the first of September.

Other Igarashi Kaoru manga
Outside Ijime, m&c! published Gakuen Crisis! (Japan release: 2010.03; retitled School Crisis!), the two-volume Miku Pure Voice (JP volume 2 per 2003.02; Miku's Pure Voice double-launched 2010.01), the Music as bullying remedy Owaranai Uta wo Utaou! (JP: 2006.06; A Neverending Song released 2009.06) and Yuki Loves Yell (JP: 2002.03).

Igarashi Kaoru is also credited with these titles, but I don't know what they released as here: Lovely Decoration!! (JP: 2005.02), Mahou Teki ・ Girl Friend (two volumes per 2004.06), Bakuretsu Utahime 21 (2001.10) and the Idols/the Based on a true story Yukinko! (2001.01). Again, if you know, please leave a comment.

She also topbills Ciao Horror Comics anthologies Akumu no kan e yōkoso (Welcome to the House of Nightmares; 2005.06) and Anata no Shiranai Sekai (2004.07). She shares credit with Arai Kiyoko for Nemurenu Yoru no Monogatari (2002.07), in which she contributes the Kuroi neko one-shot.

Invincible Lover by Konno Risa

Ayumi is Oumi High's kendo club manager and works tirelessly so that the club can regain its former glory. To this end, she scouts kendōka Mutou as trainer. While Mutou's kendo skills are mind-blowing, so is his "Who are you? So troublesome" attitude.

So how come Ayumi's heart pounds when she faces this fierce guy?

Nik sez... While I deem Muteki Kareshi competent, I've read it before...under a different title. :P (Yup, that's how generic it is.) Still, I rate the main Invincible Lover a 7 of 10 and the other one-shots, Rain Colored Love (about Aiko who falls at first sight for a guy kind enough to lend her an umbrella on a rainy day) and I'm no Match for You, both 7.25 of 10.

Other Konno Risa manga
Before publishing Konno Risa's Flower Comics debut Muteki Kareshi or Invincible Lover, m&c! introduced the manga-ka to Indonesia with Sensei Datte Otoshigoro ♥ (Japan release: 2009.06), retitled I Love You, Sensei!

That implies we can can still look forward to these Betsucomi standalones: the Beware the Sweet Boy Sweet Boy ni Goyoujin (JP: 2011.03) and the love triangle romance Katakoi Drops (2010.08).

Konno Risa's latest Betsucomi serial to graduate to tankou is Suki ni Natte mo Ii desu ka (Japan street date: 2011.08.26).

Lovely Lesson - Hair Make Episode by Sakisaka Mea

Girls who walk into the shop and salon at 109 walk out with grace and confidence, especially if they met Yuri and Makoto. In makeup genius Makoto's hands, even the unruliest hair or most acne-ridden complexion are no problem. Makoto believes that every girl has a look uniquely hers, and she will do her best to bring that out!

Lovely Lesson - Hair Make Episode not only compiles the Lovely Lesson - Hair and Make-up Guide, it also throws in one-shots Honey Coming!, Nightingale Meromero and Queen's Dog. [*NOT m&c!'s titles]

Yuri and Makoto's beauty tutorials began in Lovely Lesson (Japan release: 2006.03; published by m&c! in 2007.08). Lovely Lesson: Chuukyuuhen (JP: 2006.11) followed, but I don't know m&c!'s title nor when/if it was issued.

Other Sakisaka Mea manga
What I do know are the more recent (also Sho-Comi) Sakisaka Mea manga m&c! published: Tora wa Amaku Kiba de Kamu (two volumes released in Japan per 2010.05; retitled My Tiger Boy) and Kawaii dake ja Moto Tarinai! (two JP volumes as at 2009.09; released here as Cute! Cute! Cute!).

Additional completed Sho-Comi series (aside from Lovely Lesson) are Gal Kadou (JP volume 3 of 3 per 2009.03) and Himekei Doll (volume 4 of 4: 2008.04).

Standalones include the One More Time One More Chance Teacher/Student, Sick Girl Mabataki suru Tabi, Koi o Suru (JP: 2011.02), the Unexpected encounter in a beauty salon Yubisaki de Koi, Somaru (2010.11), both sports-troped but unrelated Saikyou Ace, Mai (2006.01) and 18 Eighteen (2005.10) and the manga-bio Ueto Aya Monogatari (2005.06).

She shares billing for the 2010.07-released Neko kare kūru with Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu's Minami Kanan and contributed to Geki Ai Motto Motometai, the Sho-Comi Pink Label smut omnibus published in Japan 2005.12. Sakisaka Mea, however, top-bills Koisuru Honey Coming!, the 2006.07 Flower Comics antho.

Her most recent Flower Comics is the Cold Male Lead, Coworkers Douzo, Meshiagare (Japan street date: 2011.08.26).

Secret Kiss by Aikawa Saki

Koizumi Wakana is always on the receiving end of cram school teacher Toudo-sensei's scolding, so imagine her shock when he proposes to her. Wakana agrees, even though she's not really sure if she likes Toudo-sensei back. Wakana buys a clue when she gets jealous of another girl hovering around Sensei.

Nik sez... I've only been waiting for this Aikawa Saki standalone for ice ages, but it's not antho christener Secret Kiss what's got me all doki-doki. That honor goes to the one-shot that closes the volume. Why? Because Your Love or Kimikoi is only my fave Botched Confession When They Were Little Kids story. Kyun~ Despite the Big Mis(understanding), I wub Your Love to the tune of 8.5 of 10 ♥. Kyun~ again.

Meanwhile, I rate the other short We are young slightly lower — 8.0 of 10. Which still means lurve. I heart how Yayoi restrains herself in front of boyfriend Junya so that he won't dump her for being too clingy, while Junya worries that Yayoi doesn't love him because she doesn't express it.

The three-chaptered Secret Kiss passes with a grade of 6.75.

Other Aikawa Saki manga
I've already enumerated the Aikawa Saki manga m&c! has published »here—yup, including Secret Kiss—but if you can't be bothered to click, reiterating: Love Me (originally Renai Joujou; JP release: 2006.12), 16 Life (JP volume 2 of 2: 2010.07), (forever wub) You Can't Disappear From Me or Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai (JP volume 4 of 4: 2009.11), Love After School (Houkago, Sensei to Koi ni Ochiru; JP release: 2010.05) and My Prince or Ore-sama Ouji (JP: 2008.04).

Also reiterating that Imma still wait for the Ex-BF/love triangled heart-heart-heart! Kimi to Koi no Tochuu (three volumes released in Japan from November 2010 to May 2011) and The Morning After the Night Before and She gets a Possessive Yakuza Heir for a Lover Iinchou no Himegoto (AKA The Committee Chairman's Secret; two volumes published between June and September 2008).

Aikawa Saki-sensei is reportedly working on the stars a cosplaying meganekko Naisho no Jikan that unfortunately resembles My Sweet Kaicho Too. Much!

Ultra Z Class by Kosaka Mariko

High school student Hinata finds it extremely difficult to study. Bad grades get her placed in a special remedial class, Class Z. She only has five classmates, none of which seem interested in befriending her. Hinata wants to get back to the regular class, but how?

Other Kosaka Mariko manga
Prior to releasing Ultra Hanamaru Z-gumi!!, m&c! published Powerful Cheers!! (JP release: 2008.02; Indonesian version came out January 2011). Both are Ciao manga. I don't think m&c! (or any other Indonesian publisher, for that matter) has released the also ex-Ciao Karuta card game-troped Manten Iroha Komachi (JP: 2008.07) nor Kosaka Mariko's collaboration with Nakahara An, Kirarin Revolution: Kirari to Akarihen, published by Tentoumushi Comics Special in 2008.02.

A Witch Who Looks for Love by Kumaki Eri

Witch Ruby dreams of a boyfriend like Hikaru, the love interest in her favorite romance drama. Ruby departs for the human world to pursue Hikaru, but finds out that it ain't gonna be that easy. Especially when she always flubs her magical incantations!

Aside from the title story, Majo wa Koi ni Hen Shiteru contains Suki tte ienai! and Cute Complex!!

Other Kumaki Eri manga
As far as I know, m&c! has only published Majo wa Koi ni Hen Shiteru (JP release: 2010.02) and Vampire no Okiniiri (JP: 2009.07; retitled (no-name) Love is Sweet ♥). Her latest standalone is Oujisama ni Onegai! (JP: 2011.07).

Still not enuf? Here are the other 18 August 2011 manga

Elex Media: Alice Academy 16 · Natane 1 Deluxe by Adachi Mitsuru · Yozakura Quartet 1 by Yasuda Suzuhito · Absolute Peace Strategy 3 · Topeng Kaca 16 Deluxe · Animal Doctor 8 · Global Garden 8 of 8 · Mokke 4 · Kojiro 1 by Muraeda Kenichi · Blooming Youth 5 · Metal Fight Beyblade 1 by Adachi Takafumi · New Kobochan 9 · Hitohira 6 · Shonen Star 15/2011

Level Comics: Oh Butterfly Oh Flower 5 · X Blade 6 · Red River 9 · Glass Chair 8 of 8 · A Spirit of the Sun 12 · RRR 3 · Exit 6 · Smurf - Salad Smurf · Cubitus - Wisata Kuliner Dunia · Leonard - Si Jenius by Turk - De Groot

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