Private High School for Beautiful Girls 3 of 3 and Stand UP!!!! 1 by Kumagai Kyoko ~ 3L shoujo manga out naaaw

Street date: 28 July 2011, according to Angelzon.

Far as I can see, 3L credits Stand Up!!!! to Komagai Kyoko but we already know the manga-ka as Kumagai Kyoko (Sky Blue Ageha), so using the latter spelling. The original Japanese tankou also romanizes her name with a "u." And of course, this isn't Elex's shounen Stand Up! (one exclamation mark), which ended last July.

3L Comics: Private High School for Beautiful Girls 3 of 3 by Yokoyama Mayumi, Stand UP!!!! 1 by Kumagai Kyoko

Shiritsu! Bijinzaka Joshi Koukou © Yokoyama Mayumi/Shogakukan
[First serialized in Betsucomi]
Stand UP!!!! © Kumagai Kyoko/Shogakukan [First serialized in Sho-Comi]
Published in Indonesia as Private High School For Beautiful Girls and Stand Up!!!! by Tiga Lancar Comic/3L

As Private High School For Beautiful Girls wraps —

Expelled from her old school, Nonomiya En transfers to Bijinzaka Girls' High School, which requires students to behave like princesses. The verdict is still out on whether her peers see Nonomiya as their deliverer or their enemy.

And when the love chips are down, whom will Nonomiya choose? Her old buddy Youhei or her new boyfriend Chihiro?

Now would be a good time to ask 3L about Yokoyama Mayumi's next up Bijinzaka Girls' High School Returns! Private High School For Beautiful Girls is (still) rated for   [DEWASA] or Mature audiences only.

☆ I preview the Teen-rated Stand Up!!!! after the release list.

3L shoujo manga (2011.07.28)

  1. Private High School For Beautiful Girls (Shiritsu! Bijinzaka Joshi Koukou) 3 of 3 by Yokoyama Mayumi Finale
  2. Shiritsu! Bijinzaka Joshi Koukou私立!美人坂女子高校
    by Yokoyama Mayumi
    Shogakukan Betsucomi, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2004.10

    Related Series
    Zoku! Bijinzaka Joshi Koukou AKA Bijinzaka Girls' High School Returns! (sequel; two volumes per 2011.07)

  3. [Series Premiere] Stand Up!!!! 1 of 2 by Kumagai Kyoko
  4. Stand UP!!!!Stand UP!!!!」 by Kumagai Kyoko
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2010.08

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¹ Source: Angelzon.com
² All manga retail for IDR 16,500.

Stand Up!!!! 1 of 2 by Kumagai Kyoko

Makoto is the perfect son of a respectable family. Yuki is a genius. Yoshima excels at sports. And Hinako? Well, she's been friends with them since childhood.

One day, this graffiti is written on the school wall: Kill Makoto! So the four start looking for the culprit, and just when they think they know who did it...the principal starts acting suspicious.

Aside from Childhood Friends, Reverse Harem, Baka-Updates Manga users add Glasses, Student Council, Short Boy, Weak Female Lead to the Stand Up!!!! tag list. And from Stand UP!!!! 2's Onzōshi to no moe moe LOVE (Moe Moe LOVE with Scion) hint, I speculate that the canon couple is Makoto × Hinako.

Other Kumagai Kyoko manga
Aside from Stand Up!!!! (which is her second most recent series) and Sky Blue Ageha, 3L has also published Kumagai Kyoko's Ichigo Jikan, Houkago Orange and Inventive Princess series. I don't know if 3L ever got around to licensing Ojousama no Gohoubi (JP release: 2006.07).

She also contributed to the Flower Comics Inu kare kyūto omnibus (2010.07), along with Ikeyamada Go (I Love You, Suzuki kun!!), and top-billed the Sho-Comi Girls Collection Onnanoko wa Koi o Suru to Mousou Shichaun desu. (2010.12) with Minase Ai (Namida Usagi ~Tears of First Love~). Her latest series is the ghostly Ayakashi Hisen currently serialized in Sho-Comi.

Till the next Tiga Lancar release ^^/

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