Soul Eater 9, Dawn of The Arcana 2, Angel Heart 9 (Level Comics 3 August 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

Updated with manga covers and Level editor resources, and I still can't lead with Loki-chan and Dawn of the Arcana 2 because of Maka & Co. :P

Soul Eater 9 (Level Comics)

Soul Eater © Ohkubo Atsushi/Square Enix [Serialized in Shonen Gangan]
Published in Indonesia by Elex Media/Level Comics

Showdown between SPSS and Arachnophobia on Lost Island!

To prepare for battle against the Arachnophobia Syndicate, the SPSS or the Death Weapon Meister Academy drills its students in soul resonance. But Maka, Kid and Black Star's training isn't going so well. Meanwhile, Arachnophobia is on the move to snatch Brew, the magical chaos Madogu.

Can Maka et al. succeed in synchronizing their souls' wavelengths before they have to face Arachnophobia?

Soul Eater editor Lenny-san marvels at how SPSS's best and brightest achieve Awesome! soul resonance.

Soul Eater 9 compiles chapters 32 through 35 (and the interstitial Special between chapters 32 and 33): The Corner of The Room, The Legend of the Holy Sword Special, A Class Full of Rivalry and ‘Brew’ Tempest (Parts 1 and 2). [*NOT Level's chapter titles]

Dawn of The Arcana 2 of 7+ by Toma Rei

Nakaba's words after the jousting tournament so thrills Caesar, he ditches all plans to kill his red-haired wife. For her part, Nakaba finds herself reluctantly attracted to hubby's gentle(r) side. How will Nakaba reconcile her emerging feelings for Caesar with her loyalty to Loki — Loki who plans to use Nakaba's Arcana of Time against Belquat's royal family?

Can Caesar seduce Nakaba over to his side? See for yourself in Dawn of the Arcana 2 and confirm what editor Adisti-san sez about the awkwardness between Nakaba and Caesar leaving anyone exasperated enough to Grrrr! >w< under his or her breath (at the very least), or shove Nakaba into Caesar's waiting arms to relieve the frustration. (For a Caesar × Nakaba WAFF tease, go »here.)

But enuf Caesar-centrism. I say —

Dawn of the Arcana 2 detail (Level Comics)

Reimei no Arcana © Toma Rei/Shogakukan [Serialized in Cheese!]
Published in Indonesia as Dawn of The Arcana by Level Comics

Team Loki for-EVAH!
(He's got cute ears and an evil plan, what moar d'ya want?)

Wonder if Level plans to license the Reimei no Arcana light novel published in Japan last February? *pokes Adisti-san* :D

European comics/BDs

Marsupilami - Mars Si Hitam (Level Comics)

Le Marsupilami, tome 3:
Mars le noir

© Franquin, Batem
& Yann/Marsu Production
Published in Indonesia as
Marsupilami -
Mars Si Hitam

by Elex Media

Four ROMICs or bande dessinée release, including Franquin, Batem & Yann's Marsupilami - Mars Si Hitam that editor Adis-san notes is populated by not just your regular yellow-and-black marsupilami, but also a charcoal-furred variety ;). Mars, the Black One dubbed "The Troublemaker" faces extermination at the hands of goons hired by the company that plans to build a road through Palombi forest.

There's also Franquin's solo flight Spirou & Fantasio - Para Perompak Keheningan that includes The Quick Super aside from the Pirates of Silence title story. Fantasio, sent to Incognito City to sniff out sensational news, not only fails to locate Count Champignac, he also ends up kidnapped. But before he goes missing, he and Spirou are shocked to learn that...marsupilami can talk??

Sez Spirou editor Niken-san: We'd previously thought Marsupilami can only go ‘Houba-houba’; in this volume, we learn that the keeyoot critter has the makings of a sparkling conversationalist ^_^

(The other BDs are Jojo - Papa Pulang by André Geerts, in which Jojo and grandma trek all over France, just for Jojo to see his dad, and Lucky Luke - Dalton Bersaudara Bertobat by Morris & Goscinny, in which Luke's arch foes, the Daltons, actually...repent!?

Level Comics manga (2011.08.03)

  1. Angel Heart 9 of 33 by Hojo Tsukasa
  2. LC: Angel Heart 9

    Angel Heartエンジェル・ハート
    by Hojo Tsukasa
    Coamix (Shinchosha) Comic Bunch, seinen
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2003.12

    Related series
    City Hunter (Adapted from; 35 of 35 volumes), Angel Heart 2nd Season (sequel; one volume per 2011.03)
    Reissued by Coamix under the ZENON Collection label from 2010.09 (18 volumes per 2011.05)

    Other languages
    French (Génération Comics and Panini Comics)

    Adapted into anime by TMS, starring seiyuu Kamiya Akira as Saeba Ryo and Kawasaki Mao as Shan-In Glass Heart Lee. Fifty episodes adapting manga volumes 1 to 18 aired in Japan from October 2005 to September 2006.

  3. Dawn of The Arcana (Reimei no Arcana) 2 of 7+ by Toma Rei
  4. LC: Dawn of The Arcana 2

    Reimei no Arcana黎明のアルカナ
    by Toma Rei
    Shogakukan Cheese!, shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2009.09

    Other languages
    English Dawn of the Arcana (VIZ Media: Volume 1 street date: 2011.12.06), French (Kazé Editions: L'Arcane de l'aube: Tome 2 per 2011.06 • Tome 3 street date: 2011.09.15)

    The Reimei no Arcana -Hajimari no Koku-黎明のアルカナ-始まりの刻-」 light novel was published in Japan in 2011.02 under Shogakukan's Flower Comics Lululu Novels label

  5. Iliad 5 of 15 by Uoto Osamu & Toshusai Garaku
  6. LC: Iliad 5

    by Uoto Osamu & Toshusai Garaku
    Shogakukan Big Comics, seinen
    Volume 5 (8 episodes/chapters 33-40) first published in Japan in 2004.04

  7. Miso-Com (30 Kon Miso-com) 10 of 13+ by Yonezawa Rika
  8. LC: Miso-Com 10

    30 Kon Miso-com30婚 miso‐com
    by Yonezawa Rika
    Kodansha Kiss, josei
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2010.05

    Other languages
    Traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 待嫁熟女 11 per 2011.02)

  9. Soul Eater 9 of 19+ by Ohkubo Atsushi
  10. LC: Soul Eater 9

    Soul Eaterソウルイーター
    by Ohkubo Atsushi
    Square Enix Shonen Gangan, shounen
    Volume 9 (chapters 32-25 + Special) first published in Japan 2007.05

    Related series
    First appeared as one-shots in two Gangan Powered special editions (Summer and Fall 2003) and Gangan Wing's 26 November 2003 issue. (Regular Monthly Shonen Gangan serialization commenced May 2004.)

    Other languages
    English Soul Eater (Yen Press: six volumes per 2011.06 • volume 7 street date: 2011.10.25), French (Kurokawa Tome 16 per 2011.07 • Tome 17 street date: 2011.10.13), German (Carlsen Comics Band 12 ships 2011.08.26 • Band 13 street date: 2011.10.28) and traditional Chinese (Sharp Point Press: 噬魂者 17 per 2011.03)

    Related series
    Soul Eater Not! (side story; began serialization in Shonen Gangan 2011.01.12)

    Manga volumes 1 to 12 adapted to anime by BONES. Fifty-one episodes starring seiyuu Omigawa Chiaki (Maka Alban) and Uchiyama Kouki (Soul Eater) aired in Japan from April 2008 to March 2009.

    Square Enix bundled an audio drama, Soul Eater (Vol. 1): Special Social Studies Field Trip, with an artbook in August 2005. The drama CD featured different actors (Takeuchi Junko as Maka; Hoshi Souichirou as Soul Eater); only Kobayashi Yumiko reprised her Black☆Star role in the TV series.

  11. Tokyo 23 Vol. 2 of 3 by Hashimoto Eiji and Arashida Takeshi
  12. LC: Tokyo 23 vol. 2

    by Hashimoto Eiji and Arashida Takeshi
    Coamix (Shinchosha) Comic Bunch, seinen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan in 2008.12

    The live-action TOKYO23: Survival City, starring Yagira Yuya (Arai Noboru) and Hongō Kanata (Komori Dan) aired from September to October 2010 in Japan on WOWOW.

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European comics/BDs (2011.08.03)

  1. Jojo - Papa Pulang (Jojo, N°9: Le Retour de papa) by André Geerts (Dupuis)
  2. Lucky Luke - Dalton Bersaudara Bertobat (Lucky Luke, tome 26: Les Dalton se rachètent) by Morris & Goscinny (Dupuis)
  3. Marsupilami - Mars Si Hitam (Le Marsupilami, tome 3: Mars le noir) by Franquin, Batem & Yann (Marsu Production)
  4. Petualangan Spirou & Fantasio - Para Perompak Keheningan (Spirou et Fantasio, tome 10: Les Pirates du silence) by Franquin (Dupuis)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 3 August 2011 (release schedule) and Level Comics, Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All manga retail for IDR 18,500 except Angel Heart 9 (IDR 19,500) and all ROMICs are priced at IDR 30,000 each, except Jojo - Papa Pulang and Petualangan Spirou & Fantasio - Para Perompak Keheningan (IDR 38,000/volume).
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).


☆ Tokyo 23 Vol.2 of 3 by Hashimoto Eiji and Arashida Takeshi

Dan meets Noboru after receiving a bracelet and an invitation to participate in the X Cross Game that promises its winner a 100 million yen cash prize. Dan and Noboru realize it's a game of attrition, what with the fatal elimination of several players. Will they escape the same deadly fate?

Comments Tokyo 23 editor Nickyta-san on the penultimate volume: Facts will out, as does a new character who plays a key role in the game. If you're wondering Whois???, see »here for Mr. *cough*X*cough* who knows something about the bracelet and the X Cross Game.

Other 3 August 2011 highlights

  • Angel Heart 9 by Hojo Tsukasa: No wonder Xiang Ying hasn't paid Xin Hong much attention; she doesn't understand love at all. But the return of artist Yoshiki Natsume, apparently Makimura Kaori's first love, changes all that.
  • Iliad 5 by Uoto Osamu & Toshusai Garaku: An Atlantean artifact is excavated from a site in Sardinia, Italy, but the discoverer, Profesor Genma, disappears along with his find. Using tracer abilities, Demel tracks the professor. Demel and Iriya must race against time, if they are to save the diabetic professor, snatched without his medication.
  • Miso-Com 10 by Yonezawa Rika: Emi's work partner Yuze makes fun of Emi's unrequited love for Kuroki, but he seems to have her best interests at heart. Why else would he make a move to change stubborn Emi's mind (and heart)? And what's this blind date that calculating Choko has lined up?

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