Vampire Knight 14, Otomen 11, S.A 17 of 17 (Chuang Yi 16 August 2011 English manga) [UPDATE2]

Update: Reinstated the penultimate Go for Giratina! Pokémon D & P Adventure (volume 7) because it properly belongs here. Sawry for the on/offing. (Simplified Chinese Meitantei Conan (#72) and Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi (#43) still all systems green.)

Otomen 11, S.A 17 of 17, Vampire Knight 14 (Chuang Yi)

Otomen © Kanno Aya/Hakusensha [Serialized in Bessatsu Hana to Yume] · S.A Special A © Minami Maki/Hakusensha [First serialized in Hana to Yume] · Vampire Knight © Hino Matsuri/Hakusensha [Serialized in LaLa] . Published in Singapore as Otomen, S.A and Vampire Knight by Chuang Yi

For the latest in Asuka-chan adventures, Kei × Hikari Exit, stage left! and moar Kaname and Yuki angst, scroll down. Chuang Yi previews after the release list. No Metal Fight Beyblade Explosive Guidebook deets, but then CY didn't provide any beyond the cover, SRP (SGD 9.90) and ISBN (978-981-4341-03-5).

Chuang Yi English manga (2011.08.16)

  1. [Premiere] Metal Fight Beyblade Explosive Guidebook - The Complete Collection
  2. Otomen 11 of 13+ by Kanno Aya
  3. Otomenオトメン(乙男)」 by Kanno Aya
    Hakusensha Bessatsu Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 11 first published in Japan 2010.09

    Other versions/languages
    Alternative English Otomen (VIZ Media: 11 volumes per 2011.08.02 • volume 12 street date: 2012.02.07), Indonesian (Elex Media: volume 11 per 2011.02), French (Delcourt: Tome 11 shipped 2011.03 • Tome 12 street date: 2011.10.12), German (Carlsen Verlag: Band 6 ships 2011.08.26 • Band 7 street date: 2011.10.28), Spanish (Planeta DeAgostini) and traditional Chinese (Tong Li, titled 乙男 -粉紅系男孩)

    Live-action adaptation starring Okada Masaki (Asuka) and Kaho (Ryo) aired on Fuji TV from 1 August to 3 November 2009.

  4. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure (Pokémon DP) vol.7 of 8 by Ihara Shigekatsu
  5. Pokémon DPポケモンD・P」 by Ihara Shigekatsu
    Shogakukan CoroCoro Comics, shounen
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2009.05

    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl anime series (aired from 2006.09 to 2010.09)

    Other languages
    Alternative English Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! (eight volumes per 2010.11)

  6. S.A (S.A Special A) 17 of 17 by Minami Maki [Series Finale]
  7. S.A Special AS・A スペシャル・エー」 by Minami Maki
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 17 first published in Japan 2009.06

    Other languages
    Alternative English S.A (VIZ Media: 17 volumes), French (Tonkam: Tome 15 per 2011.07 • Tome 16 street date: 2011.09.07), German (Carlsen Comics: Band 16 ships 2011.08.26 • Band 17 street date: 2011.10.28), traditional Chinese (Ever Glory Taiwan: S.A 特優生 17 per 2009.11), Indonesian (m&c!: 17 volumes).

    A 24-episode anime adaptation by AIC x Gonzo aired on Chiba TV from April to September 2008, starring seiyuu Goto Yuko (Hanazono Hikari) and Fukuyama Jun (Takishima Kei). A Valentine's special drama CD was released earlier than the anime (February 2007) and had a different cast (Asano Masumi as Hikari and Suzumura Kenichi as Kei.) Two succeeding drama CDs (June and August 2008 release) cast the anime actors.

  8. Vampire Knight 14 of 14+ by Hino Matsuri
  9. Vampire Knightヴァンパイア騎士」 by Hino Matsuri
    Hakusensha LaLa, shoujo
    Volume 14 (chapters 64-68) first published in Japan 2011.06

    Other languages/serializations
    Alternative English Vampire Knight (VIZ Media: 12 volumes per 2011.06 • volume 13 street date: 2011.10.04), Indonesian (Elex Media: volume 7 per 2011.07; formerly serialized in HanaLaLa), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 吸血鬼骑士 #13 released 2011.03), traditional Chinese (Ever Glory Taiwan: 吸血鬼騎士 13 shipped 2011.02), Italian and Portuguese (Panini Comics), French (Marvel Panini France tome 13 shipped 2011.05), German (Carlsen Comics Vampire Knight Band 11 released 2011.06 • Band 12 street date: 2011.11.18; serialized in Daisuki)

    Studio DEEN's 13+13-episode anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Horie Yui (Cross Yuki), Miyano Mamoru (Kiriyu Zero) and Kishio Daisuke (Kuran Kaname), aired on Japan's TV Tokyo from April through July 2008 (first season) and October through December 2008 (second season as Vampire Knight Guilty). The anime spanned manga chapters 1 through 46.

    Two drama CDs preceded the TV series. The first was Track 2 of the LaLa Kirameki Drama CD, produced for LaLa's 29th anniversary and given away as a freebie with the magazine's September 2005 issue. The second Vampire Knight Midnight CD-Pack (LaLa Oubosa Zenin Service CD Vampire Knight (Midnight CD Pack)) was exclusively released for mail order in 2006. The drama CDs feature the same cast as the anime's, with the exception of characters Headmaster Cross Kaien (Koyasu Takehito in the drama; VK anime sound director Gôda Hozumi in the anime), Hio Shizuka (Sonoda Keiko in the drama; Orikasa Fumiko in the anime) and Sayori Wakaba (Ueda Kana in the drama; Mizuno Risa in the anime).

    Two Hino Matsuri-illustrated light novels were written by Fujisaki Ayuna. The Vampire Knight: Ice Blue no Tsumi and Vampire Knight: Noir no Wana side stories released in Japan 2008.04.05 and 2008.10.03 respectively. Chuang Yi published the first novel in English as Vampire Knight: Ice Blue Sin in July 2010. Marvel Panini France's Vampire Knight: Coeur de glace also shipped the same month. Carlsen published the German version as Vampire Knight: Eisblaues Verbrechen in November 2009, following that up with the second Noir's Trap novel (retitled Vampire Knight: Tiefschwarzer Hinterhalt) in May 2010.

    The official fanbook, Vampire Knight Fanbook: Cross, containing character and story information and details from Hino-sensei's storyboard, was published in November 2008 in Japan. (German Vampire Knight: X Official Fanbook released by Carlsen; VIZ Media launched the Vampire Knight Official Fanbook in October 2010.)

    The Vampire Knight artbook 「樋野まつりイラストレーションズ-ヴァンパイア騎士(ナイト)-」 streeted concurrently with volume 12 in Japan (2010.07.05).

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Simplified Chinese manga (2011.08.16)

  1. 名侦探柯南 (Meitantei Conan) #72 of 73+ by Aoyama Gosho
  2. 史上最强之弟子兼一 (Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi) #43 of 43+ by Matsuena Syun

¹ Source: Chuang Yi release schedule per 15 August 2011
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Chuang Yi previews - English manga

Otomen 11 of 13+ by Kanno Aya

ISBN: 978-981-4323-89-5
SRP: SGD 8.90

The school trip to the Greater Edo theme park turns into a disaster when a landslide cuts everyone off from the outside world! Now, teachers and students alike will have to learn how to forage and cook... from Asuka! Will Kasuga even allow him such free rein? Back in school, Suzaku Ohji, the final ‘assassin’, prepares for a Valentine's showdown against Asuka for the position of manliest man in Ginyuri! But amid all the clamour, Asuka appears to have become smitten by a mysterious new otomen who is quite the poet...?

Pokémon D & P Adventure vol.7 of 8 by Ihara Shigekatsu

ISBN: 978-981-4341-76-9
SRP: SGD 8.90

Pokémon D&P Adventure 7 (Chuang Yi)

Go for Giratina!

Hareta's father urges him to hurry up and find the legendary Pokémon Giratina. But someone else is on the trail! Then Cyrus goes missing. Is he in need of a rescue? Plus a Pokémon is born!

Pokémon D & P Adventure 7 contains chapters Look for Giratina!, A Clash!! Hareta vs. Charon, The Anger of the Legendary Pokémon Heatran, Hareta's Excellent New Partner.... Minun?! and Charon Must Be Stopped! [*NOT Chuang Yi's chapter titles], as well as the Extra Chapter/Bonus Story: Return to Hareta's Home Forest!

S.A 17 of 17 by Minami Maki

ISBN: 978-981-4341-69-1
SRP: SGD 8.90

Getting Kei's grandfather and Ms. Midori to travel to Australia for a ‘wonderful secret‘ is harder than it seems, yet Hikari and Kei must manage it for the sake of their relationship! Back at Hakusenkan, the end of term examinations has ended, and S.A begins organising the annual Summer Recreation Programme! But in light of their enthusiasm for the upcoming event, Hikari has difficulty breaking some bad news to them. Takishima becomes suspicious of her behaviour, but can he get the bad news out of her before it's too late, in the final volume of S.A?

Vampire Knight 14 of 14+ by Hino Matsuri

ISBN: 978-981-4341-36-3
SRP: SGD 8.90

After drinking Kaname's blood, Yuki experiences the time of the ancestors through his memories. She sees the strife that he was caught up in, but also the woman who was his companion, and realises that his affection for her ran deep. What will Yuki do when she finally awakens from the past? Meanwhile, Sara continues to turn more human girls into her slaves and sets her plan into motion. In response, Kaname finally makes his move, but at what cost?!

Vampire Knight 14 compiles 64th through 68th Nights: A Proposition at the End of a Thousand Nights, The Vicious Princess, Once More From the Beginning, A Sword That Cuts Everything and Why? [*NOT Chuang Yi's chapter titles]

Simplified Chinese manga

名侦探柯南 #72 and 史上最强之弟子兼一 #43 (Chuang Yi)

Meitantei Conan © Aoyama Gosho · Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi © Matsuena Syun. First published by Shogakukan, both serialized in Shonen Sunday. Published in Singapore as 名侦探柯南 and 史上最强之弟子兼一 by Chuang Yi

名侦探柯南 (Meitantei Conan) #72 of 73+ by Aoyama Gosho

ISBN : 978-981-4341-51-6
SRP: SGD 5.50

Here's Chuang Yi's synopsis:

柯南(新一)终于向小兰告白了吗…?解开启示录的暗号,伦敦篇终于结束!252代表有需要帮助的求救者!事件! 米花大学惨叫病房事件!本集还收录少年侦探团大显身手的纸牌的真相篇!

Here's a not-quite equivalent version from Wikipedia:

Conan is able to locate Hades in the crowd and apprehends him before the bomb is detonated. He receives another antidote to the APTX 4869 from his parents and is able to return to Japan. The Detective Boys play in an abandoned warehouse when a small earthquake occurs. They hear an unknown person in the warehouse banging the code 252 on the walls, indicating they need help. Originally deducing someone got trapped by the earthquake, they discover that two kidnappers posing as construction workers. With the assistance of Okiya Subaru, they are able to apprehend the kidnappers and reveal the kidanappe to be Agasa. Later, a kid who is known to be an obsessive liar tells the Detective Boys his home has been invaded but is taken away by his parents. They decide to investigate to see if the boy is telling the truth. After concluding the boy is telling the truth, the invaders, who were posing as the boy's parents, corner the Detective Boys. Conan, having deduced the boy was telling the truth, had called the police to apprehend the criminals. A wealthy woman hires Kogoro to investigate threatening letters she received. While celebrating her birthday, a black out occurs and the Kogoro's employer is found dead.

From the same source, Meitantei Conan 72's chapters 752 to 762: A Troublesome and Difficult Case, A Person in Need of Rescue, A Dangerous Game of Hide-and-seek, Communications Code, A Terrible Death, Moving Corpse, Fake Feet, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Horsehair Crab from Lake Suwa, The Truth of the Karuta Cards and The Guardian of Time.

Meitantei Conan 72 released in Japan 2011.06; Volume 73 is scheduled for 16 September.

史上最强之弟子兼一 (Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi) #43 of 43+ by Matsuena Syun

ISBN : 978-981-4341-57-8
SRP: SGD 5.50

Chuang Yi's synopsis:


Don't have the English version of the 史上最强之弟子兼一 #43 preview (but then, as I noted with volume 42, if you're reading the Chinese version, you don't really need it, do you? :D). Instead, providing volume 43's Battles 398-407 titles: Spirit Of Disciple, Screams Of The Heart, The Grand Conclusion, Broken Soul, The Depths of The Heart, Those Forced To Stand Up, The Absolute Basics, The Conclusion, The Path Of Power and Farewell To The Death God. (If you're paying attention, yes, they're the same titles I wrote under volume 42; miscopypasta'ed :P)

The Japanese Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi 43 streeted last May in Japan.

Next Chuang Yi release: 6 September 2011 (Tuesday)

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