Ciuman Dewa 6, Ghost's Doctor 7, Dragon's Fiance 1 by Kusakawa Nari (Elex Media 14 September 2011 manga)

Also, the premiere of Manhwa of the Year Chunchu (2003 winner), Kungfu Boy 5, the Premium or bunko edition, and V.B. Rose 8. (Bags and fashion accessories, anyone? *pokes @eveanna-san :D)

Dragon's Fiancé 1 (Elex Media)

Ryuu no Hanawazurai © Kusakawa Nari/Hakusensha
[First serialized in LaLa]
Published in Indonesia as Dragon's Fiancé by Elex Media

Shakuya got into "marriage politics" early, but almost as soon as, lost her fiancé Lushin Rakka to a sandstorm. Now Shakuya is engaged to Kwan and she's not complainin' except...Lushin chooses this time to reappear to wrest back his fiancée!

That's Elex's summary for Kusakawa Nari's Dragon's Fiancé. Let me continue with the one I wrote when I reviewed Ryuu no Hanawazurai's serial debut in (now defunct) HanaLaLa mangazine:

The amnesiac Lushin succeeds in returning to his hometown, guided by the clue of the rose tattoo on his hand, a tattoo that marks him as the rightful fiancé of Shakuya—who bears the tattoo's magical twin on her right hand. Following his presumed death, Lushin's engagement to Shakuya was dissolved, his position replaced by Kwan who (unlike Lushin when he was younger) is apparently the only person capable of keeping his cool even when the power of Shakuya's emotions force her into dragon mode. Shakuya professes to like Kwan more; the five gentian tattoos on her left hand versus the one rose tattoo on her right for Lushin prove this (the more the tattoos, the greater the supposed affection Shakuya holds for the tattoo's "owner"). Her honesty, however, only spurs to Lushin confess that he likes Shakuya.

To settle the matter of two bridegrooms, the mate capable of making more of his tattoos bloom on Shakuya's hand after a year will become her husband.

If you're interested in what I had to say back then (especially about Shakuya's Lushin tattoos), go here »Dragon's Fiancé, A love triangle decided by who's got more tattoos.

Dragon's Fiancé debuted in the Indonesian Hana to Yume and LaLa in 2008. It serialized until chapter 26 (compiled in RyuuHana volume 5) and is prolly one of the most-missed HanaLaLa serials after the magazine was axed last December. The English Two Flowers for the Dragon fared not much better: CMX Manga managed only six volumes (of seven) before the company folded. But as Elex recommends collecting the manga because it doesn't span that many volumes, I think it's safe to say that Dragon's Fiancé won't suffer Two Flowers's fate and emerge like Tong Li's traditional Chinese version, the 龍族花印記 volume 7 of which released January 2010.

As for the Vietnamese Gia tộc rồngAki Shichiban-san? Care to help me out with the name of the publisher and how many volumes? Thank you~ :) »Edit: Seven volumes published by Kim Dong; Sankyuu, Aki Shichiban-san, for the info ^^

In case you missed it, it is Shakuya, not her fiancés; who is the titular dragon. Yup, whenever Shakuya gets upset, she turns into a fearsome dragon.

The other premiere generating a lot of buzz is —

Chunchu by Kim SungJae & Kim ByungJin

Chunchu 1 (Elex Media)

Chunchu © Kim SungJae
& Kim ByungJin/Haksan

In a barbarous age, twins are born, one of whom, prophecy says, is the devil's spawn. The parents abandon one child, hoping for his swift death, but the forsaken one lives.

What happens now to the devil's son Chunchu? Well... saved from death by his mother, banished by his people, hunted by his brother, and tortured by the demons within. Living and fighting with a low-born warrior tribe who can never trust him, Chunchu lives a life of blood and violence, every day a struggle to survive. But something mysterious lurks within his cold exterior, something that could be awakened by the touch of a woman. (Thanks, Dark Horse, for teh lowdown on this 2003 Manhwa of the Year awardee [from Chunchu: The Genocide Fiend, Vol. 1 blurb].

Aside from Award-Winning Work, Prophecy, Twins, Baka-Updates Manga users tag ChunChu with the additional Royal Family (that's a hint, gotta be!) and Ssaurabi that Wiki explains is a Modern Korean compound which literally means ‘a father who fights’. Intrigued yet? Let me just warn you though that Chunchu is 15 volumes long, and is on HIATUS.

Other debuts—another manhwa series, Be Good by Kim GiJung & Shin InChol that eludes even Gugel (save for hits pointing to Elex's version), the Crayon Shinchan World Heritage edu-manga Warisan Dunia and the Doraemon Movie Nobita Dalam Dunia Misteri mangafication—are previewed Below the Cut, as are top DO WANT! Ciuman Dewa (Kamisama Hajimemashita) volume 6, Ghost's Doctor (Youkai no Oishasan) 7 and the above-mentioned Kungfu Boy Premium 5.

Mangazines: Shonen Magz 9/2011 and Shonen Star 16/2011

Shigahaku's Ninja Clan (Shiinake no Hitobito) premieres in Shonen Magz Issue 9 of 2011, and while no new serials appear in Shonen Star 16 to replace just-concluded Appearance of the Yellow Dragon by Tamura Mitsuhisa, Magical Iroha by Inoue Kazurou returns. [moar (waaay) below]

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2011.09.14)

  1. [Series Premiere] Be Good 1 of 6+ by Kim GiJung & Shin InChol (Orange Agency)
  2. [Series Premiere] Chunchu 1 of 15 (Hiatus) by Kim SungJae & Kim ByungJin
  3. Chunchu 1 (Elex)

    by Kim SungJae & Kim ByungJin
    Haksan Booking, seinen

    Other languages
    English Chunchu: The Genocide Fiend (Dark Horse Comics: four volumes as at 2009.01), French (Tokebi: 15 volumes per 2005.10), German (Tokyopop Germany: Chonchu - Der Erbe des Teufelssteins 15: Abschlussband shipped 2010.05), Polish Chonchu: Syn Demona (Mandragora)

  4. Ciuman Dewa (Kamisama Hajimemashita) 6 of 10+ by Suzuki Julietta
  5. Ciuman Dewa 6 (Elex)

    Kamisama Hajimemashita
    神様はじめました」 by Suzuki Julietta
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2010.05

    Other languages
    English Kamisama Kiss (VIZ Media: four volumes per 2011.08 • volume 5 street date: 2011.10.04), French (Delcourt: Divine Nanami Tome 2 shipped 2011.06 • Tome 3 street date: 2011.09.14)

  6. [Premiere] Crayon Shinchan - Warisan Dunia by Usui Yoshito
  7. Crayon Shinchan -  Warisan Dunia (Elex)

    Crayon Shin-chan no Manga Sekai Isan Omoshiro Bukku (Crayon Shin-chan no Nandemo Hyakka series)
    クレヨンしんちゃんのまんが世界遺産おもしろブック (クレヨンしんちゃんのなんでも百科シリーズ)
    by Usui Yoshito (Futabasha)
    First published in Japan 2009.07

    Related series
    Part of the Crayon Shin-chan no Nandemo Hyakka seriesクレヨンしんちゃんのなんでも百科シリーズ」 that also includes Crayon Shin-chan no Manga Mono no Kazoe-kata Zukan Kokugo no Benkyō ni! Kazoku de tsukaeru! and Crayon Shin-chan no Manga Uchū no Fushigi Naze Nani Bukku Chikyū ya Uchū ga yoku wakaru (both released 2011.07), Crayon Shin-chan no Manga Shizen Kansatsu Naruhodo Bukku Shizen no Shikumi ga yoku wakaru (JP: 2011.04), Crayon Shin-chan no Manga Sansū Hirameki Bukku (2011.02), Crayon Shin-chan no 47 Todōfuken Naruhodo chizu-chō (2010.12), Crayon Shin-chan no Manga Sekai no Kuni Omoshiro Bukku (JP: 2005.07; published by Elex as Crayon Shinchan: Jalan-Jalan Keliling Dunia) and at least 19 more titles.
    Crayon Shin-chan (main story, 50 volumes)

  8. Doraemon 12 of 45 by Fujiko F. Fujio (Right-to-left edition)
  9. Doraemon 12 (Elex)

    Doraemonドラえもん」 by Fujiko F. Fujio
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi Comics, kodomo
    Volume 12 first published in Japan 1976.11
    Premiered in Indonesia in left-to-right format (vintage ca. 1994)

    Best Children's Manga, 27th Shogakukan Manga Awards, Grand Prize, the first Osamu Tezuka Culture Award (1997) and the Excellence Award, Japan Cartoonists Association Awards (1973)

    Related series
    Doraemon Plus (sequel; 5 of 5 volumes), Daichouhen Doraemon (side story; 24 of 24 volumes); Dorabase: Doraemon Chouyakyuu Gaiden (spin-off; 22 volumes as at 2011.05, ongoing) and The Doraemon's Special (spin-off; 12 volumes)

    A 52-episode anime adaptation by Nippon TV (1973.04 - 1973.09), a 1,787-episode series by Shin-Ei Animation (broadcast on TV Asahi from 1979.04 - 2005.03), a 2005 adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation and Studio Pierrot (premiered 2005.04.15; 300+ episodes) and numerous movies

  10. Doraemon: Gadget Cat from The Future 9 of 10 by Fujiko F. Fujio
  11. Doraemon: Gadget Cat from the Future 9 (Elex)

    Doraemon: Gadget Cat from the Future
    ドラえもん 日本語訳付
    by Fujiko F. Fujio
    Shogakukan Shogakukan English Comics, kodomo
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2004.08

    Related series
    Doraemon (main story; 45 volumes)

  12. [Premiere] Doraemon Movie: Nobita Dalam Dunia Misteri (Eiga Doraemon Nobita no Daimakyō) by Fujiko F. Fujio
  13. Doraemon Movie: Nobita Dalam Dunia Misteri (Elex)

    Eiga Doraemon Nobita no Daimakyō
    映画ドラえもん のび太の大魔境
    by Fujiko F. Fujio
    Shogakukan no Terebi Ehon series, kodomo
    First published in Japan 1988.01

    Based on the 1982 Doraemon movie, Nobita and the Haunts of Evil

  14. [Series Premiere] Dragon's Fiancé (Ryuu no Hanawazurai) 1 of 7 by Kusakawa Nari
  15. Dragon's Fiancé 1 (Elex)

    Ryuu no Hanawazurai龍の花わずらい
    by Kusakawa Nari
    Hakusensha LaLa, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2006.01

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized until chapter 26 (compiled in tankoubon #5) in the Indonesian HanaLaLa (magazine discontinued per December 2010)
    English Two Flowers for the Dragon (CMX: six volumes per 2010.06, cancelled), traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan: 龍族花印記 7 per 2010.01), Vietnamese as Gia tộc rồng

  16. Ghost's Doctor (Youkai no Oishasan) 7 of 15 by Sato Yuki
  17. Ghost's Doctor 7 (Elex)

    Youkai no Oishasan妖怪のお医者さん
    by Sato Yuki
    Kodansha Magazine Special, Shonen Sirius and Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2008.06

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Magz (ongoing)
    English Yokai Doctor (Del Rey: three volumes per 2009.08), traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 妖怪醫生 15 released 2011.06)

  18. Inazuma Eleven 5 of 10 by Yabuno Tenya
  19. Inazuma Eleven 5 (Elex)

    Inazuma Elevenイナズマイレブン
    by Yabuno Tenya
    Shogakukan Corocoro Comic, shounen
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2010.02
    The manga ends in Monthly CoroCoro Comic's October 2011 issue.

    Best Children's Manga, 34th Kodansha Manga Awards (2010)

    Based on LEVEL-5's soccer RPG game, from which an Oriental Light and Magic anime, starring seiyuu Takeuchi Junko as Mark Evans (Endou Mamoru), Nojima Hirofumi as Axel Blaze (Gouenji Shuuya), Yoshino Hiroyuki as Jude Sharp (Yuuto Kidou) and Miyano Mamoru as Shawn Frost (Shirou Fubuki), was also adapted. The TV series premiered 2008.10.05 on TV Tokyo and its sequel, Inazuma Eleven GO, aired episode 14 on 2011.08.03; the Inazuma Eleven: Saikyō Gundan Ogre Shūrai sequel premiered 2010.12.23 in Japan, with Inazuma Eleven GO's movie sequel Inazuma Eleven GO: Kyūkyoku no Kizuna Griffon slated to premiere 2011.12.23.

  20. Katsu! 13 of 16 by Adachi Mitsuru
  21. Katsu! 13 (Elex)

    Katsu!KATSU!」 by Adachi Mitsuru
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 13 (chapters 118-127) first published in Japan 2004.07

    Re-released in 8 volumes in Japan from 2009.07 to 2010.02.

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Star (concluded)
    French (Pika Édition: 16 volumes)

  22. Kungfu Boy Premium (Tekken Chinmi [Bunko]) 5 of 18 by Maekawa Takeshi
  23. Kungfu Boy 5 Premium (Elex)

    Tekken Chinmi鉄拳チンミ (講談社漫画文庫)
    by Maekawa Takeshi
    AKA Ironfist Chinmi
    Kodansha Manga Bunko, shounen
    Bunko volume 5 first published in Japan 2002.09

    1987 Kodansha Manga Awardee for the Shounen Category

    Related series
    Sequels: New Kungfu Boy (20 volumes), Kungfu Boy Legends (11 volumes per 2011.06 in Japan); serialized in Shonen Magz, ongoing) and side story Tekken Chinmi Gaiden (3 volumes per 2010.04; serialized in Shonen Magz; Chinmi Other Story: Chinmi & Shie Fan released 2011.06)

  24. Lum, The Invader Girl (Urusei Yatsura) 31 of 34 by Takahashi Rumiko
  25. Lum, The Invader Girl 31 (Elex)

    Urusei Yatsura新装版 うる星やつら
    by Takahashi Rumiko
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    New edition (shinsoban) volume 31 released in Japan 2008.02

    Winner, 26th Shogakukan Manga Awards, Shounen/Shoujo category

    Other languages
    English (VIZ Media), French and Spanish (Glenat)

    A 195 episode-anime adaptation by Kitty Films, starring seiyuu Hirano Fumi (Lum) and Furukawa Toshio (Moroboshi Ataru), that aired from October 1981 through March 1986 on Fuji TV, 11 OAVs and six theatrical movies.

  26. Princess & The 3 Beasts (Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono) 3 of 4 by Miyuki Mitsubachi
  27. Princess & The 3 Beasts (Elex)

    Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono
    姫君と三匹の獣」 by Miyuki Mitsubachi
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2010.08

  28. V.B. Rose 8 of 14 by Hidaka Banri
  29. V.B. Rose 8 (Elex)

    V.B. RoseV・B・ローズ」 by Hidaka Banri
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2006.12

    Other languages/serialization
    Serialized until chapter 56 in HanaLaLa (discontinued)
    English V.B. Rose (TOKYOPOP: 12 volumes per 2011.04), traditional Chinese (Ever Glory Taiwan: V.B.R 絲絨藍玫瑰 14 per 2009.10)

    A V.B. Rose drama CD was released in Japan in 2006.12, starring seiyuu Mizuki Nana as Shiroi Ageha, Sakurai Takahiro as Arisaka Yukari, and Suwabe Junichi as Kuromine Mitsuya.

    The Hana to Yume Comics Special V.B. Rose Illustration Fan Book streeted in Japan 2009.05

[Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details.]

Mangazines (2011.09.14)

  1. Shonen Magz 9/2011 (Indonesian Shonen Magazine)
  2. Shonen Star 16/2011 (Indonesian Shonen Sunday)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 14 September 2011 (release schedule) and Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² Manga and manhwa are priced at IDR 16,500 each except Crayon Shinchan - Warisan Dunia (IDR 25,800), Doraemon: Gadget Cat from The Future 9 (IDR 25,000), Doraemon Movie: Nobita Dalam Dunia Misteri (IDR 48,000) and Kungfu Boy Premium 5 (IDR 24,000). Shonen Magz 9/2011 and Shonen Star 16/2011 retail for IDR 30,000/issue.
² Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).


Ciuman Dewa 6 of 10+ by Suzuki Julietta

Before I get into Elex's Ciuman Dewa 6 blurb, some backgrounder c/o VIZ's Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 6 (street date: 6 December 2011):

Every year, kami from all over Japan gather in Izumo for a sort of divine convention. One of Mikage's friends comes to the shrine to invite Nanami to the retreat, but it turns out most of the other kami and Tomoe don't want her to go.

Picking up with Elex's version:

Just to attend the general assembly, Nanami has to compete against Kayako, the girl dubbed "The Living God from Kyoto." Not only must Nanami win the entry ticket, she also has to stop Kayako from filching Tomoe!

☆ Ghost's Doctor 7 of 15 by Sato Yuki

Delighted, also a little embarrassed, and then a volume 7 surprise! Even I'm amazed that I produced this many volumes. I'm very grateful to you all. But I still want to draw more ghosts. So, I will be overjoyed if you keep Kuro company a little while longer...
–Sato Yuki

Yup, Elex reverts to another short missive from the manga-ka for the back cover blurb of Ghost's Doctor 7. Sato Yuki-sensei should also be elated because Youkai no Oishasan continues to serialize in the Indonesian ShoMagz.

☆ Kungfu Boy 5 of 18 Premium by Maekawa Takeshi

Chinmi has to master the "one hit attack" if he seriously wants to become a disciple of Tourin Temple's Master Yosen. Chinmi gets the chance to show off his earnestness when he faces a foreign sailor named Strainer. Can Chinmi defeat the boxer?

V.B. Rose 8 of 14 by Hidaka Banri

Despite his confession, Nacchan asks Ageha to act like normal because nothing has really changed. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Arisaka also 'fesses up and...

We get The Kiss ^^

New titles - continued

Other Kusakawa Nari manga
Elex published Kusakawa Nari's standalone Meguru Kakuutei (Japan release: 2004.04) as Overhead Cottage in August 2007. Before Dragon's Fiancé or Ryuu no Hanawazurai "ended" in HanaLaLa, Elex issued Juuni Hizoku no Palette (Japanese volumes 1-6 released between 2004.11 and 2009.01) as Palette of 12 Secret Colors (latest Elex volume 4 released mid-June) and followed that up with Gertrude no Recipe (Japanese volume 1-2 bunko release: 2011.01) as The Recipe for Gertrude (latest Elex volume 4 of 5 per 1st June).

Kusakawa Nari-sensei's current LaLa/LaLa DX serial is the Cats, Debt-troped Yashio to Mikumo (three volumes released in Japan as at July 2011).

Other Kim ByungJin manhwa/manga
Reportedly after dropping Chunchu, Kim ByungJin (also Kim HyungJin) worked on Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI: The Out of Orders (also in collaboration with Kim SungJae, eventually cancelled), and then on Jackals, serialized in Young Gangan, with Murata Shinya (7 of 7 bound volumes released in Japan per 2008.10). Kim ByungJin's one-volume Valhalla - Honda Tadakatsu Den was issued by Square Enix in 2010.09.

Be Good 1 (Elex Media)

Be Good 1 of 6+ by Kim GiJung & Shin InChol

Wanting to change his past, a middle-aged man decides to repeat senior high. Huge and older than he looks Kanghun pretends to be an 18yo high school student. He runs into trouble quickly — with delinquent Tongsu whom Kanghun suspects is his son...

Can't find the original manhwa, so you'll hafta settle for Elex's (sparse) deets and cover.

Crayon Shinchan - Warisan Dunia by Usui Yoshito

Here, Shinchan takes you on a romp of World Heritage sites, Borobudur in Indonesia, among them. I assume this edu-manga comes complete with "color commentary." :)

Crayon Shinchan - Warisan Dunia or Crayon Shin-chan no Manga Sekai Isan Omoshiro Bukku is part of the Crayon Shin-chan no Nandemo Hyakka encyclopedia series (going by gugel's romanization of クレヨンしんちゃんのまんが世界遺産おもしろブック (クレヨンしんちゃんのなんでも百科シリーズ)). But for sure the series also includes Crayon Shinchan: Jalan-Jalan Keliling Dunia that Elex issued last July (Crayon Shin-chan no Manga Sekai no Kuni Omoshiro Bukku; JP: 2005.07), and at least 23 more titles.

Doraemon Movie: Nobita Dalam Dunia Misteri by Fujiko F. Fujio

Bored, Giant and Suneo ask Nobita to find them an alien world, and with Doraemon's help, they discover it in deepest Africa. Nobita also meets a weird dog named Peko that acts like a human!

This latest Doraemon Movie manga adapts the 1982-vintage Doraemon: Nobita and the Haunts of Evil or Eiga Doraemon Nobita no Daimakyō film.

Other 14 September 2011 highlights

  • Doraemon 12 by Fujiko F. Fujio: There are cakes that can make its owner resemble his or her beloved pet, but how come Doraemon looks like...a mouse?
  • Inazuma Eleven 5 by Yabuno Tenya: At the national Football Frontier, Royal Academy suffers a tragic defeat before it can challenge Mark and the Raimon team. To whom did Royal Academy lose? (The Inazuma Eleven manga ends in the October issue of Monthly CoroCoro Comic; I'm assuming the volume 10 I found (street date: 2011.10.28) is the last tankou. If it's not...*shrugs*)
  • Katsu! 13 by Adachi Mitsuru: The Interhigh is all abuzz with Misaki's confession — "The girl I like is Katsuki." So now all Japan focuses its eyes on Misaki and Katsuki, the girl. Meanwhile, Katsuki the boy has trouble putting away his opponent, and lands on the ropes!
  • Lum, The Invader Girl 31 by Takahashi Rumiko: Lum, Ataru and Shinobu are trapped in a sub-dimension after using the "destiny key" rabbit Inaba dropped. There the three gaze in horror at their future selves. It's a future they can't accept! What else to do but take a trip to their desired tomorrow?
  • Princess & The 3 Beasts 3 by Miyuki Mitsubachi: Jack Hound returns! What does he mean to accomplish by whispering to Violet "the Felux plains" and "the death of the King"?


Shonen Magz 9/2011 premieres Ninja Clan by Shigahaku

Shonen Magz 9/2011 - FC Ninja Clan

Shiinake no Hitobito
© Shigahaku/Kodansha
[Monthly Shonen Magazine]

A female ninja goes on a mission to locate her master, little knowing that he refuses to have a shinobi retainer trailing him. What happens now?

Ninja Clan or Shiinake no Hitobito continues to serialize in Kodansha's Gekkan Shounen Magazine. Volume 1 (from where Shonen Magz 9's cover comes) was first released in Japan October 2009; volume 6, last April.

Baka-Updates users file Shiinake no Hitobito under Devoted Followers, Past Plays a Big Role, promise, in addition to the obvious Ninja. Promise apparently has something to do with Moon Village ninja Utsuki's It's been 7 years, master greeting to Todai-bound hero Haruhiko. [From Nigihana's Shiinake no Hitobito description, excerpted by Baka-Updates Manga]

Aside from the premiering Ninja Clan, these Absolutely Kewl ShoMagz manga also continue their serial runs:

Latest volume compilations
Ghost's Doctor 7 streets 14 September (same day as ShoMagz 9); Vinland Saga 6 released 10 August; Fairy Tail 10 per 20 July; Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 17 (2010.10.27); Tokkyu! 15 (2010.10.06); Kungfu Boy Legends 9 (2010.09.22); and School Rumble 11 (2010.06.16). Harold Sakuishi's BECK—absent from Issue 9's cover line-up— came out with volume 26 last 15 August.

Shonen Star 16/2011 ☆ Wild Life and Magical Iroha

Shonen Star 16/2011 - FC Wild Life

Wild Life © Fujisaki Masato
Shogakukan [Shonen Sunday]

Per above-mentioned, you can enjoy the adventures of middle-schooler Naoki and his daughter from the future Iroha again in Shonen Star 16 with the resumption of Magical Iroha, but Tessho gets top billing, with Wild Life nabbing the cover and main featured serial spot:

The mysterious death of the deer is finally explained, thanks to Tessho's hard work. Apparently, the deer suffered from copper poisoning. What will Tessho do to save the remaining wildlife?

Joining Fujisaki Masato's Wild Life and Inoue Kazurou's Magical Iroha are these Shonen Sunday stars:

Latest volume compilations
Wild Life 19 released 10 August, as did Dr. Koto 6 and Defense Devil 5. Detektif Conan 63, Kekkaishi 8 and My First Mr. Akuno 5 streeted last 15 August. Inuyasha 53 came out 13 July and still missing from the cover line-up Takkoku!!! 2 followed a week later (20 July).

Still not enuf? Here are the other 14 September 2011 manga and manhwa

Level Comics: The Drops of God 7 · Soul Eater 10 · Team Medical Dragon 19 · Magister Negi Magi 27 · Angel Heart 10 · Basara 19 · Jormungand 4 · Blade of Immortal 18 · Lost Man 4 · New Comic Bomber 8 · Blue Seal 2 · Officer Monju 10 · Over Rev 20 · Lucky Luke - Kavaleri ke 20 · Spirou & Fantasio - Tora Torapa by Fournier · Jojo - Tuan Serba Tahu

m&c!: Love So Life 6 · Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 1 by Kusanagi Mizuho · Crazy Girl Shin Bia 5 · Idol's Love Story 6 · My Pearl Girl 1 by Saito Ken · Crab Kiss 6 · My Own Princess 7 · My Perfect Private Teacher by Shiraishi Yuki · Princess Gal Paradise 3 · Perfect Love Project 6 · I've Loved You Since So Long by Kayoru · Bittersweet High School 2 · Sayaka, The Unbeatable Yankee Girl by Wao Akira · Pedang MahaDewa -Forestory V- God of The Gods 3 · The Story of Wang Fenglei II No. 3

Iamque opus exegi,
~niki DBA 30uɐlnɯɐnɥ (花木蘭03)
Mistress of Adoxography


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