If first love gets a second chance... Winter Sonata anime premieres 20 September 2011 on Animax Asia

I assume Korean audio with Not!Japanese subtitles.

Winter Sonata The Animation ex-Animax Asia

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Winter Sonata The Animation premieres 20 September 2011, Tuesday, 550PM WIB (UTC+7), on Animax Asia with episodes 1 and 2 back-to-back. Succeeding individual eps air every weekday thereafter at 630PM (replacing Letter Bee).

Yoo Jin falls in love with Joon Sang as a young girl. After losing him in an accident, she decides to marry her childhood friend. However, Yoo Jin meets someone looking exactly like her lost love, putting her in a bind.
–Animax' synopsis

Can we say, Love Triangle? xDDDD

Not many deets on Winter Sonata The Animation beyond that it adapts the oh-so-popular, weepy ☆⌒(>。≪) Korean soap and that Choi JiWoo and Yon-sama (Bae YongJoon) reprise their live-action roles as YooJin and Kang JoonSang slash Lee MinHyung in the anime. Not that you really need moar, considering that most everyone has had at least a passing acquaintance with the source drama if not living under a rock or were toddlers when the drama debuted back in the (2002) day.

Well, whatever. Wiki's one-paragraph concession to the anime shares that it first aired on 17 October 2009 on Japan's SKY PerfecTV!, and that it spans 26 episodes. ANN's nominal entry includes the opening and ending themes, From the Beginning Until Now (처음부터 지금까지) by Ryu—also the original drama's theme—and BeLieve You by Yoon Ji.

After the double-episode premiere (which has an additional half-hour repeat sked obviously), Winter Sonata airs at 630PM WIB, with the first encore at 930PM the same day and following day replays at 130AM, 630AM, 1030AM, 230PM and 930PM.

Winter Sonata The Animation on Animax Asia: Airdates/airtimes (Episodes 1-5)

Date/Time 20 Sep 21 Sep 22 Sep 23 Sep 24 Sep
1am   1E      
130am   2E 3E 4E 5E
6am   1E      
630am   2E 3E 4E  
10am   1E      
1030am   2E 3E 4E  
2pm   1E      
230pm   2E 3E 4E  
550pm 1P        
620pm 2P        
630pm   3P 4P 5P  
9pm 1E        
930pm 2E 3E 4E 5E  

Source: Animax Asia; P: Premiere; E: Encore

Weekend replays of episodes 1-5 begin at 730am and 4pm on Saturday, 24 September, and on early Sunday morning, 25 September, starting 130am.

Airdates/airtimes (Episodes 6-10)

Date/Time 26 Sep 27 Sep 28 Sep 29 Sep 30 Sep 1 Oct
130am   6E 7E 8E 9E 10E
630am 5E 6E 7E 8E 9E  
1030am 5E 6E 7E 8E 9E  
230pm 5E 6E 7E 8E 9E  
630pm 6P 7P 8P 9P 10P  
930pm 6E 7E 8E 9E 10E  

For further schedules, check the Animax Asia website. I excerpt Animax episodes 1-10 synops below. May contain   [SPOILERS!]

Winter Sonata Episode Synopses

Episode 1: Prologue
A special Prologue episode.

Episode 2: Black and White Photo
Yoo Jin meets Joon Sang for The First Time when he transfers to her high school.

Episode 3: The Land of Shadows
Yoo Jin gets to know Joon Sang further as they have more frequent encounters in school.

Episode 4: The First Time
Joon Sang asks Yoo Jin out to see a movie, but Yoo Jin is disappointed when she discovers his real reason for asking her out.

Episode 5: A Promise That Can't Be Kept
Joon Sang gets into a car accident while rushing to meet Yoo Jin.

Episode 6: Was Seeing You Just a Dream?
Yoo Jin is on the verge of getting married when she sees someone who looks like Joon Sang on the streets.

Episode 7: The Woman Who Can't Forget Her First Love
Yoo Jin finally meets the person who looks like Joon Sang. His name is Min Hyung though and he has no recollection of Yoo Jin.

Episode 8: The Man Who Couldn't Remember Her
Min Hyung seems to have no recollection of Yoo Jin, although Yoo Jin is unable to get over his resemblance to Joon Sang.

Episode 9: Lie
Min Hyung is hospitalized and Yoo Jin tries to find out whether he is really Joon Sang.

Episode 10: Me, Inside This Forgotten Time
Min Hyung's condition takes a turn for worse at the hospital and the doctors try to revive him.

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