Until Death Do Us Part 8, Bloody Monday 6, Cesare 7 (Level Comics 19 September 2011 manga)

Dropped Aikawa Yu's Dark Edge vol.2 from the list because it got postponed to 9.28.

Until Death Do Us Part 8 (Level Comics)

Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made © Takashige Hiroshi & DOUBLE-S
Square Enix [Serialized in Young Gangan]
Published in Indonesia as Until Death Do Us Part by Elex Media/Level Comics

Haruka has a vision of a classmate's assassination and in trying to save the future victim, finds herself drawn into a gang war orchestrated by Edge Turus' protégé Komura. Hunted down by hired killers and finally cornered in an old building, Haruka and three other students brace for the worst, only to find an unlikely savior in the person of...Kilo. [Additions from Ki-oon's Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare, Tome 8 synopsis]

My question: Where is Mamoru while all this action is going down? (I guess I'll have to live with my curiosity until Until Death Do Us Part Volume 8: Trap streets on the 19th.)

Bloody Monday 6 of 11 by Ryumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji

BLOODY-X infects the THIRD-i command center. Fujimaru races to decrypt the Shikimura file forwarded to Mrs. Munakata for an anti-virus. Meanwhile, hiding underneath the terrorists' truck, Kano refuses to back down from tracking the criminals to their lair.

Chuang Yi's Bloody Monday: Season 1, Vol.6 synop teases by saying Fujimaru is finding it impossible to decode the Shikimura file. Let's join the CY blurb in a chorus: Impossible...? For Fujimaru?

Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula (Level Comics)

Yugo: Shimokita Hantou-hen
© Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
Kodansha [ Evening ]
Published in Indonesia as
Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula
by Level Comics

New Level titles: Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula

Yugo is shocked by partner Kogure's implication in extortion cases involving the yakuza. He investigates and learns that the case is linked to both the yakuza and an anti-Japan group out of North Korea. What makes strange bedfellows of organized crime and a high-ranked official wanted by the Japanese police? More importantly, can Yugo save Kogure from the crossfire?

Shimokita Peninsula is the first arc of the Yugo II side stories and its 9.19 appearance answers the question I posed when the main Yugo The Negotiator series concluded in June 2010: Is Level also licensing Yugo II? The implications of this premiere ought to make "Yugo is the ult bishie!" Andrea Tezumo-sensei (The Fifth Columnist) delirious. ^^

The side stories span at least eight arcs (they're still ongoing). The first Yugo: Shimokita Hantou-hen is succeeded by Kitakyushu Tsushima-hen; Tokyo Tanegashima-hen; Osaka-hen (two volumes); Yokohama Yokosuka-hen (two volumes); Toyako Summit-hen (two volumes); Philippines Oda-Hen (three volumes); and most recently, Taiwan-hen (volume 1 published 2011.06).

Level Comics manga (2011.09.19)

  1. Bloody Monday 6 of 11 by Ryumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji
  2. LC: Bloody Monday 6

    Bloody Mondayブラッディ・マンデイ
    by Ryumon Ryou & Megumi Kouji
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 6 first published in 2008.07

    Other languages
    English Bloody Monday: Season 1 (Chuang Yi: volume 8 per 2010.08 and Kodansha Comics: Bloody Monday one volume per 2011.08 • volume 2 street date: 2011.10.25), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 11 volumes, concluded), traditional Chinese 血色星期一 (Tong Li Taiwan; 11 volumes) and French (PIKA Édition: Tome 7 shipped 2011.09.07)

    Related series
    Bloody Monday 0 (one volume; 2009.05) and sequels Bloody Monday Season 2 - Zetsubou no Kou (AKA Bloody Monday Season 2 ~Pandora no Hako~, eight volumes as at 2011.05.17) and Bloody Monday - Last Season (began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine 2011.07.14; volume 1 streets 2011.10.17 in Japan)

    Kodansha published Bloody Monday: Seinaru Chi no Shukusai... Hajimaru!! under its KPC (Platinum Comics) imprint on 2011.07.27.

    An 11-episode live-action renzoku aired from October through December 2008 on TBS, followed by a second season, Bloody Monday Season2 ~Pandora no Hako~ (January to March 2010, nine episodes). Actor/singer Miura Haruma returned as protagonist Fujimaru Takagi/Falcon in the sequel.

  3. Cesare: The Creator of Destruction (CESARE: Il Creatore che ha distrutto) 7 of 8+ by Souryo Fuyumi
  4. Haruka 17 volume 13 of 19 by Yamazaki Sayaka
  5. LC: Haruka 17 vol.13

    Haruka 17はるか17」 by Yamazaki Sayaka
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 13 first published in Japan 2006.10

    A 10-episode live-action drama starring Hirayama Aya (Miyamae Haruka) aired on TV Asahi from July to September 2005.

  6. Honey Hunt 6 of 6+ (Hiatus) by Aihara Miki
  7. LC: Honey Hunt 6

    Honey HuntHoney Hunt
    by Aihara Miki
    Shogakukan Cheese!, shoujo
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2009.12
    Series on hiatus at volume 6

    Other languages
    English Honey Hunt (VIZ Media (six volumes per 2010.12), French (Marvel Panini France: Tome 6 shipped 2010.08), traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 獵夢甜心 ~ Honey Hunt 6 released 2010.07)

  8. K2 volume 9 of 15+ by Mafune Kazuo
  9. LC: K2 vol.9

    K2K2」 by Mafune Kazuo
    Kodansha Evening, seinen
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2008.08

  10. The Ravages of Time (Huo Feng Liao Yuan) 12 of 42+ by Chan Mou
  11. LC: The Ravages of Time 12

    Sanguozhi Qunxiongzhuan: Huo Feng Liao Yuan火鳳燎原
    by Chan Mou
    AKA Fiery Phoenix Burns Steppes
    Tong Li New Youth, seinen

    Other languages/serializations
    Simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 火凤燎原 42 released 2011.09.05), Japanese (Media Factory 三国志群雄伝 火鳳燎原 9 per 2009.12), Vietnamese Hỏa Phụng Liêu Nguyên. The manhua is also published in Mainland China, Korea and Thailand.

  12. Tokyo 23 Vol. 3 of 3 by Hashimoto Eiji and Arashida Takeshi [Finale]
  13. LC: Tokyo 23 vol. 3

    by Hashimoto Eiji and Arashida Takeshi
    Coamix (Shinchosha) Comic Bunch, seinen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan in 2009.02

    The live-action TOKYO23: Survival City, starring Yagira Yuya (Arai Noboru) and Hongō Kanata (Komori Dan) aired from September to October 2010 in Japan on WOWOW.

  14. Until Death do us Part (Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made) 8 of 15+ by Takashige Hiroshi & DOUBLE-S
  15. LC: Until Death Do Us Part 8

    Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made
    by Takashige Hiroshi & DOUBLE-S
    Square Enix Young Gangan, seinen
    Volume 8 (Parts 58-65) first published in Japan 2008.11

    Other languages
    French (Ki-oon: Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare tome 14 shipped 2011.08), traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan: 終極感應 13 per 2011.06.09 and Jade Dynasty Hong Kong), Korean (Haksan: 죽음이 두 사람을 갈라놓을 때까지 12 released 2011.06.17)

  16. [Premiere] Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula (Yugo: Shimokita Hantou-hen) by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
  17. LC: Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula)

    Yugo: Shimokita Hantou-hen
    勇午 下北半島編
    by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
    Kodansha Evening, seinen
    First published in Japan 2004.09

    Related series
    Part of the Yugo II side stories that include Yugo: Kitakyushu Tsushima-hen (2005.05); Yugo: Tokyo Tanegashima-hen (2006.03); Yugo: Osaka-hen (Volume 1 per 2006.10, volume 2: 2007.02); Yugo: Yokohama Yokosuka-hen (V1: 2008.01 - V2: 2008.02); Yugo: Toyako Summit-hen (V1: 2008.09 - V2: 2009.05); Yugo: Philippines Oda-Hen (V1: 2010.02 - V3: 2010.08), Yugo: Taiwan-hen (V1: 2011.06)
    Main story: Yugo (22 volumes)

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European comics/BDs (2011.09.19)

  1. Leonard - Jenius Sejati (Léonard, Tome 2: Léonard est toujours un génie) by Turk - De Groot (Le Lombard)
  2. Yakari dan Beruang Hantu (Yakari, Tome 24: Yakari et l'ours fantôme) by Derib + Job (Le Lombard)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 19 September 2011 (release schedule) and Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² Manga and manhua retail for IDR 18,500 except Cesare 7, Haruka 17 Vol.13, and Until Death Do Us Part 8 (IDR 19,500) and Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula (IDR 22,000). ROMIC (BDs) Leonard - Jenius Sejati and Yakari dan Beruang Hantu are priced at IDR 30,000/volume.
² Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).

Featured series

☆ Cesare: The Creator of Destruction 7 of 8+ by Souryo Fuyumi

Christmas Eve finally arrives and with it, Cesare and Giovanni's opportunity to preside over a mass with Raffaele. Inside the church, Cesare happens on the tomb of Heinrich VII and turns to Professor Landino for an account. What insights can a 400-year old tale afford Cesare's conception of dualism?

Eight Cesare tankou have been released in Japan as of October 2010, so if Level scrambles, we might be able to catch up with the original.

Speaking of all caught up —

Honey Hunt 6 of 6+ by Aihara Miki

Q-ta comes clean about his romance with Yura on TV, and viewers chime in with their support. Mizorogi, too, relents on Q-ta × Yura, albeit with certain conditions. And then Yura finds herself alone...in her bedroom...with Q-ta.

Just one addition c/o VIZ' Honey Hunt, Volume 6 to (sorta) tie up loose ends: What will Haruka do when he has the chace to tell Yura his true feelings?

☆ Tokyo 23 Volume 3 of 3 by Hashimoto Eiji and Arashida Takeshi [Finale]

Dan finally cracks the mystery of the X game, but not before the deadly sport claims Dan's new friend Hajime as its latest casualty. With Noboru's help, Dan disseminates the ultimate game cheat to remaining gamers, but X is relentless in its swath of fatal attrition. Can Dan and Noboru track down the game's brainiac Machiavelli before they, too, lose their bracelets and their lives?

Nope, I don't think it's going to be a good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest scenario. Or will it? Only the third and last Tokyo 23 can tell.

Other 19 September 2011 highlights

  • Haruka 17 Vol. 13 by Yamazaki Sayaka: Haruka's real age is outed, but at least one good thing comes out of it: Haruka and Tsubasa get back together. The media, however, exploits their renewed closeness to bring Haruka down. Can Haruka regain her good name and sponsor support?
  • K2 Vol. 9 by Mafune Kazuo: Professor Soma's involvement with the manufacture of cloned organs haunts the doctor enough to try to protect Kazunari from the organization that wants to harvest Kazunari's cells. He places himself in front of Kazunari as a shield and...
  • The Ravages of Time 12 by Chan Mou: Cao Cao attacks Xuzhou. Liu Bei lends his strength to Xuzhou under the banner of truth and humanity, but his participation doesn't avert the killing of Xuzhou head, Tao Qian. But before either Cao Cao or Liu Bei can emerge victorious, troops of war god Lu Bu make use of the conflict to occupy Cao Cao territories.

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