La Corda d'Oro 16, Afterschool Charisma 6, World Embryo 8 (Chuang Yi 4 October 2011 English manga) [UPDATED]

Update: It's Pokémon D & P Adventure vol. 8 of 8. Not volume 7.

The simplified Chinese side (still) groans under the weight of Shonen Jump heavies Bleach (#51) and ONE PIECE (#63).

La Corda d'Oro 16, Afterschool Charisma 6, World Embryo 8 (Chuang Yi)

Houkago no Charisma © Suekane Kumiko/Shogakukan [Serialized in Ikki] · Kiniro no Corda © Kure Yuki/Hakusensha [First serialized in LaLa] · World Embryo © Moriyama Daisuke/Shonen Gahosha [Serialized in Young King Ours]. Published in Singapore as Afterschool Charisma, La Corda d'Oro and World Embryo by Chuang Yi

Unless Chuang Yi changes its mind and/or plays shuffle, manga listed here street this week. The penultimate Go for Giratina! Pokémon D & P Adventure volume 7 also moves here from 8.16. »Edit: Nope, it stays where it is. Look for previews below the release list, but lemme just cat grin here about the Extreme RenKaho friendliness of La Corda d'Oro volume 16 :3

Chuang Yi English manga (2011.10.04)

  1. 07-GHOST vol.9 of 12+ by Amemiya Yuki / Ichihara Yukino
  2. 07-Ghost07‐GHOST」 by Amemiya Yuki / Ichihara Yukino
    Ichijinsha Comic Zero-Sum, josei
    Volume 9 (chapters 48-54) first published in Japan 2009.11

    Double-first prize, 3rd Zero-Sum Comics Grand-Prix

    Other languages
    Alternative English 07-GHOST (Go! Comi: 7 volumes, dropped), French (Kazé Editions: Tome 5 shipped 2011.09.22 • Tome 6 street date: 2011.11.17), Indonesian (Elex Media: premiered 2011.07.06)

    Related series
    07-GHOST CHILDREN (side story; one volume)
    A 07-GHOST Seal and Postcard Book was released by Gakken Marketing in 2009.09

    Anime: Studio DEEN's 25-episode adaptation, starring seiyuu Mitsuki Saiga (Teito Klein), Namikawa Daisuke (Mikage) and Hayami Sho (Ayanami), aired in Japan from April through September 2009. Since the TV series' end, limited edition genteiiban have been bundled with the DVDs.

    Audio drama: The 07-Ghost: Kamisama ni Todoku Koibumi drama CD was released in Japan in 2007. The second 07-Ghost: Seventh District shipped February 2009 and a third special drama CD streeted the same year.

  3. Afterschool Charisma (Houkago no Charisma) vol.6 of 6+ by Suekane Kumiko
  4. Houkago no Charisma放課後のカリスマ」 by Suekane Kumiko
    Shogakukan Ikki, seinen
    Volume 6 first published in 2011.06

    Other languages
    Alternative English Afterschool Charisma (VIZ Media: three volumes per 2011.06 • volume 4 street date: 2011.10.18; serialized in IKKI online (latest chapter 26 posted 2011.09.29). Published in traditional Chinese by Taiwan Tohan.

  5. La Corda d'Oro (Kiniro no Corda) vol.16 of 17 by Kure Yuki
  6. Kiniro no Corda金色のコルダ」 by Kure Yuki
    Hakusensha LaLa, LaLa DX, and LaLa Special, shoujo
    Volume 16 first published in Japan 2010.12

    Adapted from Koei's Kin'iro no Corda role-playing game (part of the Neoromance series also including the Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, and Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ games).

    Outstanding Debut Award, Hakusensha Athena Newcomers' Awards (2006)

    Other languages/serializations
    Alternative English La Corda d'Oro (VIZ Media: 14 volumes per 2011.09.06 • volume 15 street date: 2012.03.06), simplified Chinese (also by Chuang Yi: 金色琴弦 #10 released 2008.10.29), Indonesian (Elex Media (formerly serialized in HanaLaLa; volume 8 street date: 2011.10.12), French (Editions 12 bis: La corde d'or tome 6 shipped 2010.10)

    Yumeta's 25+1-episode La Corda d'Oro ~primo passo~ anime adaptation aired in Japan from October 2006 through March 2007, followed by the La Corda d'Oro ~secondo passo~ special (two episodes released 2009.03.26 and 2009.06.05). The cast included seiyuu Takagi Reiko (Hino Kahoko), Taniyama Kishô (Tsukimori Len), Itou Kentarou (Tsuchiura Ryotaro), Morita Masakazu (Hihara Kazuki), Kishio Daisuke (Yunoki Azuma), Fukuyama Jun (Shimizu Keiichi), Satou Akemi (Fuyuumi Shoko), Ishikawa Hideo (Kanazawa Hiroto), Konishi Katsuyuki (Ousaki Shinobu) and Miyano Mamoru (Kaji Aoi, La Corda d'Oro ~secondo passo~).

    A La Corda d'Oro drama was bundled with three other LaLa series (Oniichan to Issho, Ryuu no Hanawazurai, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) in the LaLa Tokimeki Drama CD given away with the April 2007 issue.

  7. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure (Pokémon DP) vol.8 of 8 by Ihara Shigekatsu [Finale]
  8. Pokémon DPポケモンD・P」 by Ihara Shigekatsu
    Shogakukan CoroCoro Comics, shounen
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2009.11

    Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl anime series (aired from 2006.09 to 2010.09)

    Other languages
    Alternative English Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! (eight volumes per 2010.11)

  9. World Embryo vol.8 of 8+ by Moriyama Daisuke
  10. World Embryoワールドエンブリオ」 by Moriyama Daisuke
    Shonen Gahosha Young King Ours, seinen
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2011.06

    Other languages
    French (Kazé Manga: Tome 7 per 2011.09.15), traditional Chinese (Ever Glory Taiwan: World Embryo 救世之繭 5 released 2009.10), Italian (J-POP)

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Chuang Yi simplified Chinese manga (2011.10.04)

  1. Bleach #51 of 52+: Love me Bitterly, Loth me Sweetly by Kubo Tite
  2. ONE PIECE #63 of 64+ by Oda Eiichiro

¹ Source: Chuang Yi Coming Soon advisories (English and simplified Chinese) per 3 October 2011.
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Chuang Yi English manga previews

07-GHOST vol.9 of 12+ by Amemiya Yuki / Ichihara Yukino

07-GHOST 9 (Chuang Yi)

In his homeland of Raggs, Teito learns that he is ‘Pandora's Box’. His journey takes him to the next God House in the Fourth District – the House of Krat. It is here that fate takes a hand when he meets Oka, a girl who looks like an angel. They both feel a strange sense of affinity to each other, but before they can find out why, they are attacked and captured by a Wars. What is the significance of their meeting?

ISBN: 978-981-4341-71-4
SRP: SGD 8.90

07-Ghost vol. 9 consists of chapters 48 through 54: Chance Meeting, Paradise of Oblivion (1–4), Prophet and JOKER. [*NOT Chuang Yi's titles]

Latest 07-GHOST tankou in Japan: 12 (released 2011.07)

Afterschool Charisma vol.6 of 6+ by Suekane Kumiko

Kai, a member of the ‘Strikers’ and a graduate of St. Kleio, tells the students about the previous generation of clones. He relates how they struggled with reality and their identities, and how he came to realise that death was the only way to release them from their suffering. Shiro and his friends are greatly disturbed by Kai's story. Elizabeth meets someone she does not expect to see, and ends up leaving St. Kleio together with Hitler and the scarred Kai...

ISBN: 978-981-4341-70-7
SRP: SGD 8.90

La Corda d'Oro vol.16 of 17 by Kure Yuki

After Tsuchiura is proclaimed the winner of the piano section at the concours, Kahoko gets a strange feeling that she needs to talk to Tsukimori the night before her turn at the violin section, and her gut instinct is proven accurate when Tsukimori inadvertently reveals a shocking piece of news to her that night. In the face of this revelation, how will Kahoko keep her thoughts off of Tsukimori, and focus on the concours before her? With his impending departure, what will Tsukimori do about the promise he might not be able to keep...?

ISBN: 978-981-4341-55-4
SRP: SGD 8.90

The Kiniro no Corda finale volume 17 released July 2011 in Japan.

Pokémon D & P Adventure vol.8 of 8 by Ihara Shigekatsu

Pokémon D&P Adventure 8 (Chuang Yi)

If Hareta and his new rival Koya cannot agree on how to rescue Cyrus and a group of mind-controlled Pokemon, they might never get saved! Then Koya is attacked by a long-lost Pokemon friend...And when finally gets his chance to battle the legendary Pokemon Giratina, two unexpected allies arrive to fight by our hero side!

ISBN: 978-981-4341-98-1
SRP: SGD 8.90

Pokémon D & P Adventure 8 contains chapters The Birth of the Greatest Tag Team?!, Kōya's Sad Reunion, Enter the Distortion World!!, Hareta's Fierce Battle!! and Gathering of the Legendary Pokémon! There's also a special chapter, Hareta's Future. [*NOT Chuang Yi's chapter titles]

World Embryo vol.8 of 8+ by Moriyama Daisuke

Three months have passed since Mission ‘Tower of Rubble’, which had ended in widespread destruction. Members of F.L.A.G. have been lying low, but the Jinki users have not yet given up hope. Just as they finish exterminating yet another batch of Kanshu, they detect massive kensei vibes from the spot where the Tower of Rubble used to be. For better or for worse, the truth behind the source of infection is about to be revealed, as the story takes us back to where it all began – Hatsumi Island.

ISBN: 978-981-4341-74-5
SRP: SGD 9.90

Simplified Chinese manga: Bleach and ONE PIECE

Bleach #51 and ONE PIECE 63 (Chuang Yi)

Bleach © Kubo Tite/Shueisha [Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump] · One Piece © Oda Eiichiro/Shueisha [Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump]. Published in Singapore by Chuang Yi

Bleach #51 of 52+: Love me Bitterly, Loth me Sweetly by Kubo Tite


ISBN: 978-981-4372-00-8
SRP: SGD 5.50

For my own reference (I don't read Chinese, simplified or otherwise), dragging in an alternative summary from Wiki:

Revealed as a former member from Xcution, Tsukishima attacks their hideout, being against their objective. However, he retreats after comfronting his former comrades as well as Ichigo and Chad. In order to continue training to recover his powers, Ichigo starts having one-on-one fights with Ginjō in a dimension created by Xcution member Yukio and assisted by Orihime who heals him every time he is wounded.

Bleach 51: Love me Bitterly, Loth me Sweetly compiles chapters 442–450: Battlefield Shallows, Otherfield Abyss, Dirty Boots Dangers, The Rising, The Dark Beat, The Dark Beat 2, Load, Loading To Lie, Not Be a Drug and Blind Solitude. [*NOT Chuang Yi's chapter titles]

The Japanese Bleach 51 released last August. Volume 52 End of Bond is expected to street in Japan on 4 October—wait, that's today, too :D

ONE PIECE #63 of 64+ by Oda Eiichiro

鲁夫和白星公主一起溜出硬壳塔,共同前往“海之森”。鲁夫在那里见到了吉贝尔,但吉贝尔口中鱼人岛根深蒂固的悲哀历史是什么...?以大秘宝《ONE PIECE》为巡航目标的海洋冒险传奇,等你前来一探究竟!

ISBN: 978-981-4341-91-2
SRP: SGD 5.50

And again, Wiki's alternative:

Vander Decken, a fishman with the power of the Target-Target Fruit, and Hody Jones, a leader of a pirate crew seeking supremacy, join forces to start the complete destruction of Fishman Island. Meanwhile, Luffy befriends the island's princess Shirahoshi. Luffy and most of the Straw Hats flee and eventually regroup with Jimbei. They learn that Jimbei released Arlong into the East Blue, and also learn of the island's history. Sixteen years ago, Jimbei and Arlong were former members of the Sun Pirates, a pirate group led by Fisher Tiger. The Sun Pirates eventually became infamous. However, Tiger discovered an enslaved girl named Koala and they travel to his hometown. Unfortunately, Tiger died after being attacked by the Marines on a trap and refused a blood treatment. Jimbei eventually became the Sun Pirates' captain, and Arlong - frustrated with this action - decided to go his separate ways. Meanwhile, Otohime tried to help ban discrimination against fishmen and humans, but was killed and since had her three sons protect her daughter Shirahoshi.

ONE PIECE #63: Otohime to Taigā (JP release: 2011.08) collects chapters 615–626: The Curse of Target-Target, Anniversary of Revenge, The Major Incident on Coral Hill, Proposal, At the Ocean Forest, The Longed-For Amusement Park, Otohime and Tiger, The Pirates of the Sun, Pirate Fisher Tiger, Queen Otohime, Noninherited Will and The Three Neptune Brothers. [*NOT Chuang Yi's titles]

Next Japanese One Piece 64 is penciled in for 4 November 2011.

Next Chuang Yi release schedule: 18 October 2011 (Tuesday)

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