Roman Club 2, The Breaker 1 by Jeon KeukJin & Park JinHwan, Full House: Love Continues 1 by Won SooYeon (m&c! 16 November 2011 manga and manhwa) [UPDATE]

It was a toss-up between leading with The Breaker or Full House: Love Continues (yup, that's Full House II). The Breaker will just have to settle for Above the Cut newbie spotlight later when I turn this MinimaList into the usual extended NikBabble™. Edit: No longer a MinimaList

Full House: Love Continues 1 (m&c!)

Full House II © Won SooYeon
Published in Indonesia as Full House: Love Continues by Gramedia/m&c!

Raider and Elli have been married a year yet they still act like they're on their honeymoon. What happens to all that lovey dovey bliss when Raider is implicated in an adulterous scandal with Sabina? How will Elli cope?

I've never read the prequel Full House nor watched its K-drama adapt; those two conditions plus two more reasons stop me from getting Full House: Love Continues: (1) Each volume retails for IDR 25,000—so you're looking at investing IDR 125,000 for the Full (House II) set—and (2) Peeps who've read it pan the first volume as average.

Not to be ungrateful *bows to m&c!* but rather than Full House II, I would've preferred Maerineun Uibakjoong—yes, that's Mary Stayed Out All Night—that was adapted into a K-drama like Full House. (Full House II likewise gets the live-action treatment, but you'll only see it from March 2012 onwards.)

Other Won SooYeon (or Won Soo Yeon; Sooyeon Won; Won Son Yeon; Won Su-Yeon; Won Suyeon; Woon Soo-yeon) manhwa include the angst, Bad Boy BL Let Dai (15 volumes) and the Romeo×Juliet-esque Elio and Yvette (10 volumes). I don't know if m&c! or any other Indonesian publisher ever licensed these series.

Word on The Breaker 1, however, has been positive with a capital P. What gives? Let's check out m&c!'s blurb:

The Breaker 1 (m&c!)

The Breaker © Jeon KeukJin,
Park JinHwan
Daiwon C.I. [Young Daiwon]
Published in Indonesia
by Gramedia/m&c!

High school student Lee Shi Woon is no stranger to oppression. The target of bullies with alarming frequency, Shi Woon witnesses Han Chun Woo in action and resolves to become the martial artist's disciple. Especially after he learns that Han Chun Woo inspires fear even in the world of Murim, home to the toughest fighters.

Additional deets there from Baka-Updates Manga, which goes on to say that Chun Woo is actually an English teacher (aren't they all? Cf. Faster than a Kiss). Chun Woo agrees to train Shi Woon if the many-times victim leaps off a bridge to prove his intent.

It turns out, however, that Chun-Woo and his powers are more than meets the eye. Shioon makes a grand entrance into the hidden world of martial arts, and he is about to be taught by the best there is!

That's Chun Woo on the cover, BTW. (Thanks, @regular_ARI-san ^^v)

Baka-Updates adds that Part 1 of 3 ends with Volume 10 (the final volume tally I use), followed by The Breaker: New Waves (one volume per October 2011, ongoing). Moar on other manhwa from Jeon KeukJin and Park JinHwan after the release list, but lemme just note that Park JinHwan created Archlord and that Jeon KeukJin is co-credited for Ruler of the Land (published by Elex).

Other m&c! debuts: Lost Seven 1, written by Nakashima Kazuki and illustrated by Ko Yasung (originally serialized in Comic Blade), and 2 × one-shot tankou: Cinderella's Wish, originally Ayumi Rin's Usotsuki na Kanojo (ex-Sho-Comi) and Love That I Should Have (Shite, Okeba Yokatta Koukai) by Mizutani Ai, first serialized in Cheese!. Previews after the release list.

There's also the latest in the Who? manhwa-bio seriesSteve Jobs. You can bet the late visionary's 2005 Standford commencement address is the highlight.

m&c! manga (2011.11.16)

  1. The Adventure of Yoshito-sama (Yoshito-sama!) vol 2 of 5+ by Shii Haruka
  2. [Premiere] Cinderella's Wish (Usotsuki na Kanojo) by Ayumi Rin
  3. Cinderella's Wish (m&c!)

    Usotsuki na Kanojo嘘つきなカノジョ
    by Ayumi Rin
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    This anthology first published in Japan 2011.01

  4. Eighty Eight (88 Eighty Eight) vol 3 of 4+ by Namiki Hiromi
  5. [Series Premiere] Lost Seven vol 1 of 4 by Nakashima Kazuki / Ko Yasung
  6. [Premiere] Love That I Should Have (Shite, Okeba Yokatta Koukai) by Mizutani Ai
  7. Love That I Should Have (m&c!)

    Shite, Okeba Yokatta Koukai
    by Mizutani Ai
    Shogakukan Cheese!, shoujo
    This anthology first published in Japan 2010.11

  8. Roman Club vol 2 of 6 by Amano Kozue
  9. Roman Club 2 (m&c!)

    Rouman Kurabu浪漫倶楽部
    by Amano Kozue
    Mag Garden (originally Square Enix, serialized in Shonen Gangan) shounen
    Volume 2 reissued in Japan 2005.08 under the Blade Comics imprint
    (First published in 1996.06 by Square Enix)

m&c! manhwa (2011.11.16)

  1. [Series Premiere] The Breaker vol 1 of 10 by Jeon KeukJin & Park JinHwan
  2. The Breaker 1 (m&c!)

    The Breaker브레이커 (THE BREAKER)
    by Jeon KeukJin & Park JinHwan
    Daiwon C.I. Young Daiwon, seinen
    Volume 1 first published in Korea 2007.08

    Related series
    Sequel: The Breaker: New Waves (one volume per 2011.10.31, ongoing)

  3. [Series Premiere] Full House: Love Continues (Full House II) vol 1 of 5 by Won SooYeon
  4. Full House: Love Continues 1 (m&c!)

    Full House IIFULL HOUSE 풀 하우스 2부
    by Won SooYeon
    AKA Full House 2: Ally & Ryder's Second Story
    Chulganil (TBC), josei
    Volume 1 first published in Korea 2005.11

    Related series
    Prequel: Full House (16 volumes)

  5. [Premiere] Komik Biografi: Who? Steve Jobs by Kim Wonsik & Studio ChungBi

m&c! manhua (2011.11.16)

[Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details.]

[RE-STO] Restocked - Individual volumes (2011.11.16)

¹ Source: m&c! (release schedule and covers)
² All manga retail for IDR 16,500 each, manhwa (including restocks) at IDR 19,900 with the exceptions of The Breaker 1 and the restocked Female Wolf's BOY volume 11 (IDR 18,500); Full House: Love Continues 1 (IDR 25,000); and Komik Biografi: Who? Steve Jobs (IDR 75,000). The Story of Wang Fenglei Season 2 Book Five manhua is priced at IDR 95,000/volume.

New titles - continued

Cinderella's Wish
By Ayumi Rin

Eager to look and sound experienced before her friends, Marie pretends to know everything about lurve. Pal Manami is so taken in by Marie's act, he proposes to her. Panicked, Marie runs to Yamato for some quickie pre-date and how do girlfriends act advise. Yamato agrees, but his consult comes with strings attached!

Five other Sho-Comi one-shots join title story Cinderella's Wish. They are Tiramisu's Lover, Lovely Words, Love After School, Be With You and Forbidden Smile!

Other Ayumi Rin manga
Before publishing Cinderella's Wish or Usotsuki na Kanojo, m&c! issued Love Class (originally Renai Kyoushuujo, also serialized in Sho-Comi; Flower Comics tankou release: 2008.12) and Salon For a Broken Heart or Shitsuren Biyoushitsu (FC: 2009.09).

I don't think/not sure whether m&c! licensed Kiss Yori mo Ijiwaru (first serialized in Sho-Comi; Flower Comics tankou per November 2006), but chances are slim that it ever picked up shoujo smut Hoshii no wa, Anata Dake (also ex-Sho-Comi; FC: November 2007).

Lost Seven vol 1 of 4
By Nakashima Kazuki / Ko Yasung

A chance encounter with a young girl in the woods results in the exile of seven young men from their home, one of them even cursed with "wanderlust." But the seven men of the Bry tribe pay their punishment no heed and together combat an evil queen and one Sepiroth Glass.

The girl's name? Snow White. (So the "Seven" are the dwarves? LOL!) But "charming" or "light-hearted" are the farthest words to describe Lost Seven:

After a vicious battle to regain Snow White's kingdom that leaves the princess gravely injured, the evil queen unleashes her wrath, and the unthinkable comes to pass when two of the seven mysteriously disappear, leaving behind five bereft buddies who have no idea what has become of their comrades.

And thus begins the plight of Tanlou and his friends ...

So shares Cireus-Scanlations.

Baka-Updates Manga users tag Lost Seven Demons, Witches, Sword and Sorcery, Time Skip, Fairy Tale, Heroes, Bromance. The shounen fantasy adventure debuted in 2008 in Comic Blade and was compiled in four volumes by March 2010.

Other Ko Yasung manga
Ko Yasung (or Ko Ya-Seong) worked with Arad Avi and Fujisaku Jun'ichi on The Innocent, which, like his Lost Seven collaboration with Nakashima Kazuki, also serialized in Blade and was published in one tankou in June 2011. Before Lost Seven, s/he worked solo on the supernatural action/fantasy Stigmata (three Blade Comics volumes between 2006.12 and 2007.08).

Other Nakashima Kazuki manga
I already babbled about Nakashima Kazuki-sensei's backlist last October, but really, there's just one property you need to remember: Gurren Lagann :D (Oh, OK, Takeru: Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil, too.)

Love That I Should Have
By Mizutani Ai

En has liked Maru ever since junior high. Although she feels they share something special, she has never screwed up the courage to tell him what she feels, and without him ever clueing in, they graduate and enter into different high schools.

Six years on, now in university, En attends a social mixer and as Evil Flowers reveals, a boy with the same name as her past crush asks for her number.

Baka-Updates Manga users tag ex-Cheese! magazine Shite, Okeba Yokatta Koukai Clumsy Protagonist, First Love, Popular Male Lead.

Five stories comprise the Mizutani Ai omnibus: Love That I Should Have, The Happiness I Come to Know, After School is Kissing Time, Tell Me You Love Me and My Friend's Boyfriend.

Other Mizutani Ai manga
Love That I Should Have or Shite, Okeba Yokatta Koukai isn't the first Mizutani Ai manga m&c! has published. Previously, there was Sky, originally Sora, written by Chaco (Flower Comics Special tankou: 2007.09) and The Gift from Heaven or Ten Kara no Okurimono (Flower Comics: 2008.01).

That only leaves the three-volume Sensei to Issho ni Nete? AKA Stay with me, the Older Female/Younger Male, Student-Teacher romance serialized in Cheese! and Cheese! Zoukan (three Flower Comics volumes between 2009.04 and 2010.01) and Oikakete mo Chikazukuite mo (FC: 2008.07).

Mizutani Ai-sensei's ongoing serial in Cheese! is the Break-up, Romance Dame Koi Mihonchou.

Continued from Above the Cut

Other Park JinHwan and Jeon KeukJin manhwa
Before teaming up with Jeon KeukJin on The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves, Park JinHwan produced the six-volume Archlord. His current series, also a collaboration (with writer Yoon JaeHo and artist Jo SeungYeop), is the mecha, ecchi, gender bender Beast 9, ongoing serialization in Haksan's Booking (one volume per July 2011).

Jeon KeukJin or Jeon GeukJin works with Yang JaeHyun on Ruler of the Land and joined forces with manhwa-ga Uhm HyeJin on the discontinued at three volumes Fighting! Guidance.

Featured ongoing series

Roman Club vol 2 of 6
By Amano Kozue

Welcome to the Roman Club! We remain committed to helping restless spirits, be they wild cats, trees, even snowmen (or women)!

Other 16 November 2011 highlights

  • The Adventure of Yoshito-sama vol 2 by Shii Haruka: Yoshito's problems multiply like rabbits. Not only does he have to deal with soldier of fortune Takaro and a pair of oniwaban, he also gets lost in the mountains (of course, he runs into a bear) and has to face an amnesiac Sabimaru and a Mystery Girl. Yoshito-sama's life has definitely left normal!
  • Eighty Eight vol 3 by Namiki Hiromi: Touhou's ice hockey club returns from its Golden Week retreat with Nagano Technical School. While idling some time away playing soccer, Sano gets an invite to join the soccer club. Does Sano accept?

Still not enuf? Here are the other 16 November 2011 manga and manhwa

Elex Media: Inuyasha 55 · Kungfu Boy 7 Premium · Q.E.D. 38 · Animal Doctor 9 · Bride of the Water God 6 · Palette of 12 Secret Colors 5 · Smash! 5 · Topeng Kaca 19 Deluxe · Adventure of Cat Mix Toraji 4 · Blooming Youth 8 · Be Good 3 (Ex-10.19) · Detektif Conan Movie: The Time Bombed Skyscraper - Last · Metal Fight Beyblade 3 · Doraemon Movie: Nobita di Dunia Setan by Fujiko F. Fujio · Lindbergh 2
Paket (Value sets): Our Dear Tamura-kun, Vols. 1-4 · Penguin Revolution, Vols. 1-7 · The Puppet Master Lin, Vols. 1-8 · Raiders, Vol 1-4 · The Real Fake Princess, Vols. 1-5 · The Recipe For Gertrude, Vols. 1-4 · Red Haired Snow White, Vols. 1-4 · Roadside Angel, Vols. 1-4 · Tena on S-string, Vols. 1-4

Level Comics: Until Death Do Us Part 9 · Air Gear 25 · Psychometrist Eiji 24 · Black Lagoon 9 · Blood Alone 2 · Dolls of God 5 · Giant Killing 9 · Smurf - Wisata Para Smurf · Boule & Bill - Boule & Bill Bertanding · Lanfeust of Troy - Kastil Azur Emas · Ric Hochet - Attila's Triangle and Ric Hochet - Teror Topeng Kematian by Tibet - A.P. Duchateau

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