Dawn Aria 8, Mail Girlfriend 2, Takeru: Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil 3 (m&c! 28 December 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

The rest of m&c!'s covers and NikBabble™ later
Update: This thing wouldn't let me rest until I'd filled in the blanks :P

Dawn Aria 8 (m&c!)

Akatsuki no Aria © Akaishi Michiyo/Shogakukan [Serialized in Flowers]
Published in Indonesia as Dawn Aria by Gramedia/m&c!

Dedication to music finally allows Aria to pursue her dream of going abroad, and despite Nishimikado family opposition, Natsuo insists on accompaning Aria. But before Natsuo can even set sail, he is stabbed by his ex-fiancée Beniko.

Aria sets off, unaware of the tragedy that has befallen her husband. Upon her arrival in a foreign land, she is greeted by Tsukio in a state of distress.

We finally get Dawn Aria volume 8, even if we had to wait—oh, just over a year for it. Thank goodness Akaishi Michiyo's Taisho era josei manga also serializes in Cherry, otherwise... (cue ominous music here).

As for The girlfriend connected by e-mail

Mail Girlfriend vol 2 of 5
By Oshima Towa

Kakeru has been dating Haruka for a year, but their relationship appears to be going nowhere. In fact, they seem to be growing apart. In this kind of situation, can Kakeru refrain from taking comfort in the ‘arms’ of new online friend, Myuu?

Mail Girlfriend volume 2 compiles chapters 7 to 13: timeout, access point, security hole, cookie, response, buffer overrun and impedance. [Original Japanese titles]

New m&c! titles
m&c! introes three one-shot Betsucomi shoujo manga: The Flavor of Love by Taamo (Rifle Girl manga-ka), Love Drops by Konno Risa (Invincible Lover) and Yummy Love Cafe, the second in Washio Mie's popular Derakomi “Café love story” series (following Love Café). Previews behind the cut.

Cherry 60/2011 - Front cover: Suddenly in Love (m&c!)

Sweet Boy ni Goyoujin
© Konno Risa
Shogakukan [Betsucomi]
Published in Indonesia as
Suddenly in Love
by Gramedia/m&c!

Mangazines: Cherry 60/2011
Suddenly in Love by Konno Risa and Captured by Love by Ichikawa Show debut

m&c! adds Betsucomi manga to its Ciao/ChuChu/Sho-Comi/Flowers line-up. Cherry Issue 60 sees the premiere of Suddenly in Love, Konno Risa's Sweet Boy ni Goyoujin and while Ichikawa Show's Koakuma Lion is originally from Sho-Comi, it, too, debuts, retitled Captured by Love. The Childhood Friends, Tsundere, Christmas, Cool Boy, Unrequited Love Suddenly in Love and Childhood Friends, Modeling, Older Female/Younger Male, Childcare Captured by Love first chapter covers »here and »here.

As for other series still running in Cherry, I would assume: Dawn Aria by Akaishi Michiyo, I am not a Maid! by Iwaoka Meme, My Lovely Class Leader by Nishimura Tomoko and Yomogi Loves Money? by Arai Kiyoko. If I'm wrong and/or missed any title, please add/correct in the comments :)

m&c! manga (2011.12.28)

  1. Dawn Aria (Akatsuki no Aria) vol 8 of 13+ by Akaishi Michiyo
  2. Dawn Aria 8 (m&c!)

    Akatsuki no Aria暁のARIA
    by Akaishi Michiyo
    Shogakukan Flowers, josei
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2009.10

    Cherry (ongoing)

  3. [Premiere] The Flavor of Love (Onegai, Sensei) by Taamo
  4. The Flavor of Love (m&c!)

    Onegai, Senseiお願い、せんせい
    by Taamo
    Shogakukan Betsucomi and Deluxe Betsucomi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2008.07

  5. Images of You (Ginen Shounen) vol 2 of 4 by Goto Junpei
  6. Images of You 2 (m&c!)

    Ginen Shounen銀塩少年
    by Goto Junpei
    AKA Gelatin Boy
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday Super, shounen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2010.03

  7. [Premiere] Love Drops (Katakoi Drops) by Konno Risa
  8. Love Drops (m&c!)

    Katakoi Drops片恋ドロップス
    by Konno Risa
    Shogakukan Betsucomi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2010.08

  9. Mail Girlfriend (Mel Kano.) vol 2 of 5 by Oshima Towa
  10. Mail Girlfriend 2 (m&c!)

    Mel Kano.メルカノ。
    by Oshima Towa
    Shogakukan Sunday GX, seinen
    Volume 2 (chapters 7–13 + Afterword) first published in Japan 2008.04

  11. Takeru: Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil (Takeru - SUSANOH Mashō no Ken yori) vol 3 of 4 by Nakashima Kazuki & Karakara Kemuri
  12. Takeru: Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil 3 (m&c!)

    Takeru - SUSANOH Mashō no Ken yori
    by Nakashima Kazuki & Karakara Kemuri
    Mag Garden Comic Blade Zebel, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2006.11

    Related series
    Oguna - Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil (one-volume prequel; Japan release: 2007.06)

    Other languages
    English takeru: Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil (TOKYOPOP: four volumes)

  13. [Premiere] Yummy Love Cafe (Oishii Koi Café) by Washio Mie
  14. Yummy Love Cafe (m&c!)

    Oishii Koi Café美味しい恋カフェ
    by Washio Mie
    Shogakukan Deluxe Betsucomi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2010.11

    Related series
    Washio Mie's "Café love story" series including Kare ga Café ni Iru no nara (Japan release: 2009.11, published by m&c! as Love Café) and Café ni wa Amai Wana (Flower Comics: 2011.09)

[Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details.]

Magazines (2011.12.28)

  • Cherry Issue 60/2011 (Indonesian Ciao/ChuChu/Sho-Comi/Betsucomi/Flowers)

AMERO comics (2011.12.28)

  • [Premiere] Monika dan Kawan-kawan: Putri Duyung di Taman Bermain Monika by Mauricio De Sousa (MSP)

Hong Kong manhua (2011.12.28)

Soul Eater 13, Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima, Giant Killing 10 (Level Comics 28 December 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

The rest of Level's covers and NikBabble™ to follow...whenever :P Update: "Whenever" cometh in January

Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima (Level Comics)

Yugo: Tokyo Tanegashima-hen © by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
Kodansha [Serialized in Evening]
Published in Indonesia as Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima
by Elex Media/Level Comics

As is obvious from the lead pix, we get the third Yugo II arc, Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima:

Yugo is suddenly arrested by "old acquaintances" Kamijo and Omaki. They grill him about the case of an aerospace researcher's abducted wife, whose kidnappers specifically asked for Yugo to negotiate on their behalf. Apparently the case is connected with the rocket launch of an intel satellite.

One wrong move and Japanese-American relations could sour... fast.

Telor Ceplok contributor Lina-chan gives Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima an 8 of 10 in the comments and considers it a definite collectible, especially for Yugo fans. (Yoo, hoo! Andrea Tezumo-sensei... :D)

Soul Eater vol 13 of 20+
By Ohkubo Atsushi

The infiltration team led by the witch Medusa manage to sneak into Baba Yaga's castle, headquarters of the sprawling organization Arachnophobia. The reunion between Ox and Kim has finally arrived, but things have changed greatly since Kim's brainwashing by the morality machine, switching Kim's allegiance to Arachne. Black*Star chooses this moment to return to the stage, stronger and more determined than ever to dispatch Samurai Mifune!

Soul Eater 13 compiles chapters 49 through 52: Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle (Parts 4-7). [ *NOT Level's chapter title(s)]

Level Comics manga (2011.12.28)

  1. Giant Killing vol 10 of 21+ by Tsujitomo & Tsunamoto Masaya
  2. LC: Giant Killing 10

    Giant KillingGIANT KILLING
    by Tsujitomo and Tsunamoto Masaya
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2009.04

    34th Kodansha Manga Award for General Manga

    Studio DEEN's 26-episode anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Seki Tomokazu (Tatsumi Takeshi), Okiayu Ryotaro (Murakoshi Shigeyuki), Mizushima Takahiro (Tsubaki Daisuke) and Ono Daisuke (Yoshida Luigi) aired between April and September 2010 on NHK.

  3. Red Eyes vol 15 of 15+ by Shindo Jun
  4. LC: Red Eyes 15

    red Eyesred Eyes」 by Shindo Jun
    Kodansha Magazine E-no, shounen
    Volume 15 first published in Japan 2011.03

    Other languages
    French, German and Italian (Panini Comics)

  5. Soul Eater vol 13 of 20+ by Ohkubo Atsushi
  6. LC: Soul Eater 13

    Soul Eaterソウルイーター
    by Ohkubo Atsushi
    Square Enix Shonen Gangan, shounen
    Volume 13 (chapters 49–52) first published in Japan 2008.10

    Related series
    First appeared as one-shots in two Gangan Powered special editions (Summer and Fall 2003) and Gangan Wing's 26 November 2003 issue. (Regular Monthly Shonen Gangan serialization commenced May 2004.)

    Other languages
    English Soul Eater (Yen Press: seven volumes as of 2011.10 • volume 8 street date: 2012.02.28), French (Kurokawa: Tome 18 per 2011.12.08 • Tome 19 street date: 2012.03.08), German (Carlsen Comics: Band 14 shipped 2011.12.16 • Band 15 street date: 2012.02.08) and traditional Chinese (Sharp Point Press Taiwan: SOUL EATER噬魂者 18 released 2011.08)

    Related series
    Soul Eater Not! (spin-off; began serialization in Shonen Gangan 2011.01.12; volume 1 released in Japan 2011.09.22)

    Manga volumes 1 to 12 adapted to anime by BONES. Fifty-one episodes starring seiyuu Omigawa Chiaki (Maka Alban) and Uchiyama Kouki (Soul Eater) aired in Japan from April 2008 to March 2009.

    Square Enix bundled an audio drama, Soul Eater (Vol. 1): Special Social Studies Field Trip, with an artbook in August 2005. The drama CD featured different actors (Takeuchi Junko as Maka; Hoshi Souichirou as Soul Eater); only Kobayashi Yumiko reprised her Black☆Star role in the TV series.

  7. [Premiere] Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima (Yugo: Tokyo Tanegashima-hen) by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
  8. LC: Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima

    Yugo: Tokyo Tanegashima-hen
    勇午 東京・種子島編
    by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
    Kodansha Evening, seinen
    First published in Japan 2006.03; Kodansha Manga Bunko reissue: 2011.09

    Related series
    Part of the Yugo II side stories that include Yugo: Shimokita Hantou-hen (2004.09), published by Level Comics as Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula; Yugo: Kitakyushu Tsushima-hen (2005.05), released as Yugo in Tsushima, Kitakyushu; Yugo: Osaka-hen (Volume 1 per 2006.10, volume 2: 2007.02); Yugo: Yokohama Yokosuka-hen (V1: 2008.01 - V2: 2008.02); Yugo: Toyako Summit-hen (V1: 2008.09 - V2: 2009.05); Yugo: Philippines Oda-Hen (V1: 2010.02 - V3: 2010.08), Yugo: Taiwan-hen (V1 2011.06 - V2: 2011.10.21)
    Main story: Yugo (22 volumes)

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European comics/BDs (2011.12.28)

  • Leonard: Jenius Selamanya (Léonard, Tome 5: Génie a toute heure) by Turk - De Groot (Le Lombard)

Postponed title(s)
Suske & Wiske: Setengah Havelaar by Willy Vandersteen (pending new street date)

Nodame Cantabile 25 of 25, Yozakura Quartet 2, Yakitate Japan 25 (Elex Media 28 December 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

T'is the season of hectic—I need a holiday from the holidays—but I managed to sneak away to post this MinimaList. Artwork and NikBabble™ when I can next snatch another time window. Update: Snatched enuf albeit very, VERY belated

のだめカンタービレ 25 (JP cover)

Nodame Cantabile © by Ninomiya Tomoko/Kodansha
[First serialized in Kiss]
Published in Indonesia by Elex Media Komputindo

Even if Chiaki is still wrasslin' with White Rose until the last dress rehearsal, on D-Day, the performance stuns the audience with perfection. Chiaki, too, gets a sweet surprise smack in the middle of The Magic Flute opera.

But what about Nodame?

Well, just like Chiaki, Nodame, too, receives a delightful gift in the Nodame Cantabile finale, which means everyone who invested in our couple and the kooky cast supporting them can close their personal Nodame Cantabile chapter with goony grins and/or satisfied sighs :) (Telor Ceplok contributor Lina-chan in the comments gives the finale a 9 of 10 ♥ and deems it a Must-Have in your manga library.)

Two titles tied for the first runner-up DO WANT! — Yakitate!! Japan vol 25 and Yozakura Quartet vol 2. Find their previews below the release list.

Shonen Star 23/2011 ☆ Dr. Koto by Yamada Takatoshi

Shonen Star 23/2011 - FC Dr. Koto

Dr. Koto Shinryoujo
© Yamada Takatoshi
[Young Sunday Comics]

In the latest chapter of Yamada Takatoshi's Dr. Koto

Dr. Koto's guilt over having neglected his family melts after he calls his mom and she tells him she doesn't blame him at all. The mood on Koshiki island, too, lightens. In contrast to the levity, Nurse Hoshino's attitude changes, after she discovers a lump in her chest...

These serials also run in the Indonesian Shonen Sunday: ARAGO by Arai Takahiro, Defense Devil by Youn InWan & Yang KyungIl, The World God Only Knows by Wakaki Tamiki, Alice in Borderland by Aso Haro, Wild Life by Fujisaki Masato, Magi by Ohtaka Shinobu, Kekkaishi by Tanabe Yellow, Detektif Conan by Aoyama Gosho and My First Mr. Akuno by Fujiki Syun.

(Still waiting on the premieres of Arakawa Hiromu's Silver Spoon and Mitsuda Takuya's Buyuden.)

Collecting the tankou? Reminding most recently released volumes: Dr. Koto 8 (2011.11.02), Detektif Conan 64 (10.26), Kekkaishi 10 (10.19), Wild Life 20 (9.28), My First Mr. Akuno 5 (8.15) and Defense Devil 5 (8.10).

The next issue of Shonen Star streets on the 4th of January 2012.

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2011.12.28)

  1. Beck vol 30 of 34 by Harold Sakuishi
  2. Beck 30 (Elex)

    BECKBECK」 by Harold Sakuishi
    Kodansha Monthly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 30 first published in Japan 2007.06

    Winner, 2002 Kodansha Manga Awards in the Shounen category (tied with Nonaka Eiji's Cromartie High School)

    Serializations/Other languages
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Magz (ongoing)
    English BECK:Mongolian Chop Squad (TOKYOPOP: till volume 12), French (Akata/Delcourt: 34 volumes per 2010.03), Italian (Dynit), German (Tokyopop Germany; lapsed) and traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan)

    Anime adaptation (till manga volume 11) by Madhouse featuring seiyuu Namikawa Daisuke (Tanaka Yukio/Koyuki), Ueno Yuuma (Minami Ryuusuke) and Saiki Miho (Minami Maho). Twenty-six episodes aired from October 2004 to March 2005 on TV Tokyo.

    A BECK live-action film directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko, starring Mizushima Hiro (Ryuusuke) and Satoh Takeru (Koyuki), premiered 4 September 2010 in Japan.

    Guidebooks: BECK The Guidebook Complete Edition (Japan release: 2010.08); BECK Live! -Festival & Movie Guide- (2010.07); BECK At Last 33 1/3 (2008.10); BECK Music Guide (2005.10); BECK Volume 00 The Guidebook (2004.03); BECK Volume 0 The Guidebook (2002.11)

  3. Bride of the Water God (Habaek-eui Shinbu) vol 7 of 16+ by Yun MiKyung
  4. Bride of the Water God 7 (Elex)

    Habaek-eui Shinbu하백의 신부
    by Yun MiKyung
    Seoul Cultural Publishers Wink, soonjung
    Volume 7 first published in Korea 2008.09

    Other languages/serializations
    English Bride of the Water God (Dark Horse: nine volumes per 2011.11.01 • volume 10 street date: 2012.01.31), French L'épouse du dieu de l'eau (Editions Clair de Lune: Tome 5 shipped 2011.08 • Tome 6 street date: 2012.01.19)

  5. The Dog's Magical Touch (Himitsu no Wantacchi) vol 2 of 3 by Anisaki Yuna
  6. The Dog's Magical Touch 2 (Elex)

    Himitsu no Wantacchiヒミツのわんタッチ」 by Anisaki Yuna
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi Special, kodomo/shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2008.08

  7. More a Flower than a Flower (Hana Yori mo Hana no Gotoku) vol 2 of 9+ by Narita Minako
  8. New Kobochan (Shin Kobo-chan) vol 13 of 22+ by Ueda Masashi
  9. New Kobochan 13 (Elex)

    Shin Kobo-chan新コボちゃん
    by Ueda Masashi
    Houbunsha Manga Time Comics, seinen/4-koma
    Volume 13 first published in Japan 2008.07

  10. Nodame Cantabile vol 25 of 25: Encore Opera Edition by Ninomiya Tomoko [Finale]
  11. Nodame Cantabile 25 (Elex)

    Nodame Cantabileのだめカンタービレ
    by Ninomiya Tomoko
    Kodansha Kiss, josei
    Volume 25 first published in Japan 2010.12

    Best Shoujo Manga, 2004 Kodansha Manga Awards

    Other languages
    English Nodame Cantabile (Del Rey: 16 volumes per 2009.07), French (Pika Édition: Tome 13 shipped 2011.08), traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 交響情人夢 25 released 2011.01)

    The Nodame Illustrations collection was released in Japan 2011.04.

    Adapted into an award-winning live-action TV series starring Ueno Juri (Nodame) and Tamaki Hiroshi (Chiaki Shinichi) that aired from October to December 2006 on Fuji TV, followed by a four-hour sequel TV special, Nodame Cantabile New Year's Special in Europe (4-5 January 2008), and two live-action movies: Nodame Cantabile Saishū Gakushō Zen-Pen (Japan premiere: 2009.12.19) and Nodame Cantabile Saishū Gakushō Kou-Hen (2010.04.17).

    The first season of the Nodame Cantabile anime aired in Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block from January to June 2007. The 11-episode second season Nodame Cantabile: Paris Chapter ran from October to December 2008. An OAV was bundled with the limited edition manga volume 22 released 10 August 2009. The third season Nodame Cantabile: Finale aired from January to March 2010. Seiyuu Kawasumi Ayako and Seki Tomokazu played protagonists Nodame and Chiaki in all three seasons.

  12. A Tale of The Cat Painter (Nekoe Jubei Otogizoshi) vol 2 of 4+ by Nagao Maru
  13. A Tale of the Cat Painter 2 (Elex)

    Nekoe Jubei Otogizoshi
    猫絵十兵衛 御伽草紙」 by Nagao Maru
    Shonen Gahosha Neko Panchi, josei
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2009.09

    Other languages
    English Edo Nekoe Jubei Otogizoshi (JManga)

  14. Yakitate!! Japan vol 25 of 26 by Hashiguchi Takashi
  15. Yakitate!! Japan 25 (Elex)

    Yakitate!! Japan焼きたて!!ジャぱん
    by Hashiguchi Takashi
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 25 (chapters 223–231 + Gaiden) first published in Japan 2007.01

    Best Shounen Manga, 49th Shogakukan Manga Awards (tied with Arakawa Hiromu's Fullmetal Alchemist)

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Star (concluded)
    English Yakitate!! Japan (VIZ Media: 26 volumes per 2011.04), French (Delcourt/Akata; Yakitate Ja-Pan !! un pain c'est tout tome 26 per 2010.01), Spanish (Editorial Ivréa Spain), German (EMA) and traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 新鮮出爐﹗日式麵包王 26 released 2007.06)

    Sunrise's 69-episode anime adaptation starring seiyuu Kobayashi Yumiko as Azuma Kazuma aired from October 2004 to March 2006 on TV Tokyo.

  16. Yozakura Quartet (Yozakura Shijuusou ~Yozakura Quartet~) vol 2 of 11+ by Yasuda Suzuhito
  17. Yozakura Quartet 2 (Elex)

    Yozakura Shijuusou ~Yozakura Quartet~
    夜桜四重奏 ヨザクラカルテット
    by Yasuda Suzuhito
    Kodansha Shonen Sirius, shounen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2007.03

    Other languages
    English Yozakura Quartet (Del Rey: five volumes per 2009.09), traditional Chinese (Sharp Point Press Taiwan: 夜櫻四重奏 (10) released 2011.12.09)

    A 12-episode anime produced by Nomad, starring seiyuu Kaji Yuuki (Hiizumi Akina), Fukuen Misato (Yarizakura Hime), Fujita Saki (Nanami Ao) and Sawashiro Miyuki (Isone Kotoha), aired from October to December 2008, followed by the Yozakura Quartet ~Hoshi no Umi~ OAVs (three DVDs released between October 2010 and September 2011)

    Shooting Star Carnaval Side: Yozakura Quarter Yasuda Suzuhito Illustrations artbook (published in Japan 2011.06)

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Postponed title(s)
The Knight in the Area vol 2 (pending new street date)

Magazines (2011.12.28)

  • Shonen Star Issue 23/2011 (Indonesian Shonen Sunday)


Yona The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 4, School Babysitters 2, Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 16 (m&c! 21 December 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

m&c! has covers and synopses if you don't wanna gamble on me filling in this MinimaList's blanks. Update: I now have my own version, belated though it is.

Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 16 (m&c!)

Shanaou Yoshitsune: Genpei no Kassen © Sawada Hirofumi
Kodansha [Serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine]
Published in Indonesia as Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War by Gramedia/m&c!

Yoritomo defies Yoshinaka for threatening Lord Houou to issue an edict quelling Yoritomo. At the banks of River Rokujou, Yoshinaka challenges the Supreme Commander of the Shadow Forces Yoshitsune to a one-on-one duel.

I apologize for any misinterpretations of Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 16's original Indonesian synopsis; whatever I know of the Genpei War, Wiki supplied. I'm a bit more confident, though, with my adapt of m&c!'s Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 4 blurb:

Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn vol 4 of 7+
By Kusanagi Mizuho

"A legend tells of Four Dragon Warriors sworn to serve and protect the first king of Kouka, the Scarlet Dragon God."

Yona, Haku and Yun journey in search of the legendary Dragon Warriors. They find the White Dragon who joins their quest. He possesses the power to detect the other dragons but upon the group's arrival at the village of the Blue Dragon, the Blue Dragon is nowhere to be found...

New m&c! manga
Three shoujo one-shot tankou street: Tokyo Rock Boy by Kikuchi Kamaro (My Very Dear Bad Boy manga-ka), originally Tokyo Rock Shounen first serialized in Betsucomi; ex-Sho-Comi Stylist of Love (Yubisaki de Koi, Somaru) by Sakisaka Mea (Lovely Lesson - Hair Make Episode); and Ciao serial Diamond Step by Iwaoka Meme (I am not a Maid!), retitled Ice Dancing with You. Must thank tweep, manga translator Nishi-san, for identifying Stylist of Love as Yubisaki de Koi, Somaru. (m&c!'s version has a different front cover; the original Japanese cover was demoted to first page — don't ask me why.)

I preview this newbie trio after the release list.

[Holiday restocks]
If you missed some of The Best m&c! Mini-series (Namida Usagi!), now's your chance to make up.

m&c! manga (2011.12.21)

  1. The Adventure of Yoshito-sama (Yoshito-sama!) vol 3 of 5+ by Shii Haruka
  2. Eighty Eight (88 Eighty Eight) vol 4 of 4 by Namiki Hiromi [Finale]
  3. [Premiere] Ice Dancing with You (Diamond Step) by Iwaoka Meme
  4. Ice Dancing with You (m&c!)

    Diamond Stepダイアモンド・ステップ
    by Iwaoka Meme
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2010.11

  5. School Babysitters (Gakuen Babysitters) vol 2 of 4+ by Tokeino Hari
  6. Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War (Shanaou Yoshitsune: Genpei no Kassen) vol 16 of 17+ by Sawada Hirofumi
  7. [Premiere] Stylist of Love (Yubisaki de Koi, Somaru) by Sakisaka Mea
  8. Stylist of Love (m&c!)

    Yubisaki de Koi, Somaru指先で恋、染まる
    by Sakisaka Mea
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2010.11

  9. [Premiere] Tokyo Rock Boy (Tokyo Rock Shounen) by Kikuchi Kamaro
  10. Tokyo Rock Boy (m&c!)

    Tokyo Rock Shounen東京ロック少年
    by Kikuchi Kamaro
    Shogakukan Betsucomi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2009.10

    Related series
    Adapted from Nousatsu Rock Shounen (three of three volumes published between 2006.02 and 2011.05), in turn the sequel to the 2005 Betsucomi one-shot Nousatsu Rock Star. Nousatsu Beat de Utawasete (2008.12) is a side story.

  11. Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) vol 4 of 7+ by Kusanagi Mizuho

m&c! manhwa (2011.12.21)

  1. The Breaker vol 2 of 10 by Jeon KeukJin & Park JinHwan
  2. The Breaker 2 (m&c!)

    The Breaker브레이커 (THE BREAKER)
    by Jeon KeukJin & Park JinHwan
    Daiwon C.I. Young Daiwon, seinen
    Volume 2 first published in Korea 2007.12

    Related series
    Sequel: The Breaker: New Waves (volume 1 per 2011.10 • volume 2 street date: 2011.12.28)

  3. Full House: Love Continues (Full House II) vol 2 of 5 by Won SooYeon
  4. Full House: Love Continues 2 (m&c!)

    Full House IIFULL HOUSE 풀 하우스 2부
    by Won SooYeon
    AKA Full House 2: Ally & Ryder's Second Story
    Chulganil (TBC), josei
    Volume 2 first published in Korea 2006.01

    Related series
    Prequel: Full House (16 volumes)

Ceres 3, GTO Shonan 14 Days 4, Nurse Aoi 19 (Level Comics 21 December 2011 manga) [UPDATED]

Make Gugel happy and help me out by providing your own babble; RL only allows a MinimaList for nau~ Update: Babble, babble, babble :D

Ceres 3 and GTO Shonan 14 Days 4 (Level Comics)

Ayashi no Ceres © Watase Yuu/Shogakukan [First serialized in Sho-Comi] · GTO Shonan 14 Days © Fujisawa Toru/Kodansha [First serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine]. Published in Indonesia as Ceres: A Heaven's Fairy Tale and GTO Shonan 14 Days by Elex Media/Level Comics

"Weird is my normal."

Once transformed into Ceres, Aya has to accept that strange things tend to happen around her. This time, at school, Aya faces a series of mysterious fires. Do the blazes have anything to do with Aya's awakened Tennyo powers?

Let's hope Yuuhi is up to saving Aya when she needs it in Ceres 3, this Level release's top DO WANT!

Meanwhile, in the other Most Wanted manga

GTO Shonan 14 Days vol 4 of 9
By Fujisawa Toru

Onizuka stops Seiya from shooting mom's boyfriend, but not for long. Twins from Smile Duck show up, collecting on certain "promise."

What's this promise all about? See GTO Shonan 14 Days 4 for answers.

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Level Comics manga (2011.12.21)

  1. Ceres: A Heaven's Fairy Tale (Ayashi no Ceres) vol 3 of 14 by Watase Yuu
  2. LC: Ceres: A Heaven's Fairy Tale 3

    Ayashi no Ceres Tenkuu Otogizoushi
    妖しのセレス 天空お伽草子」 by Watase Yuu
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 1997.07

    Winner, 43rd Shogakukan Manga Awards in the Shoujo category

    Reissues/Other languages
    Reissued in seven Shogakukan Bunko from 2005.11 to 2006.02
    English Ceres: Celestial Legend (VIZ Media: (14 volumes per 2006.02), French (Editions Tonkam: Ayashi no Ceres: Un conte de fée céleste: 14 volumes per 2002.01), German (EMA), Spanish (Glènat España: Ceres: La Leyenda Celestial), Italian (Play Press: La fiaba del cielo), Vietnamese Truyền Thuyết Thiên Nữ

    Studio Pierrot's 24-episode anime adaptation aired in Japan on WOWOW from April to September 2000, with seiyuu Kakazu Yumi as Aya Mikage, Iwao Junko as Ceres, Konishi Katsuyuki as Tooya, Itou Kentarou as Yuuhi, Chiba Susumu as Aki, Miki Shinichiro as Mikagi and Sugita Tomokazu as Mikage Kagami.

    Light novels written by Nishizaki Megumi and illustrated by Watase Yuu: Ayashi no Ceres Episode of Tooya (one volume Palette bunko: 2000.06); Episode of Shuro (Palette bunko: 2000.09); Episode of Aki (Palette bunko: 2001.01); and Episode of Miku (Palette bunko, three volumes from 2001.06 to 2001.08)

    Sequel: Ayashi no Ceres Gaiden (side story included as furoku for Sho-Comi #18; also compiled in Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden vol 6)
    Watase Yuu Postcard Book Fushigi Yuugi Ayashi no Ceres Imadoki! (Japan release: 2001.01)

  3. GTO Shonan 14 Days vol 4 of 9 by Fujisawa Toru
  4. LC: GTO Shonan 14 Days 4

    GTO Shonan 14 Days
    by Fujisawa Toru
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2010.07

    Related series
    Prequels: Shounan Junaigumi! AKA GTO: The Early Years (31 of 31 volumes); Bad Company (1 of 1 volume); and GTO (25 of 25 volumes)

    Other languages
    Simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: volume 4 per 2010.10), English GTO 14 Days in Shonan (Vertical: Volume 1 street date: 2012.01.31)

  5. Last Inning vol 10 of 31+ by Nakahara Yu, Kamio Ryu
  6. LC: Last Inning 10

    Last Inningラストイニング
    by Nakahara Yu, Kamio Ryu, Katou Kiyoshi (Supervisor)
    Shogakukan Big Comic Spirits, seinen
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2006.07

  7. Nurse Aoi (Ns' Aoi) vol 19 of 32 by Koshino Ryo
  8. LC: Nurse Aoi 19

    Ns' AoiNs’あおい」 by Koshino Ryo
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 19 first published in Japan 2008.06

    Jury Recommended Work for Story Manga, 12th Japan Media Arts Festival

    Ns' Aoi - Those Days (side story; 2 of 2 volumes)

    Live-action renzoku starring Ishihara Satomi (Misora Aoi) aired on Fuji TV from January to March 2006, followed by a special in September the same year.

European comics/BDs (2011.12.21)

  1. Ric Hochet: Ric Hochet vs Sherlock (Ric Hochet, Tome 44: Ric Hochet contre Sherlock) by Tibet - A.P. Duchâteau (Le Lombard)
  2. Smurf: Smurf dan Telur Ajaib (L'oeuf et les Schtroumpfs, Tome 4) by Peyo (Dupuis)
  3. Smurf: Smurf Liar (Le Schtroumpf Sauvage, Tome 19) by Peyo (Le Lombard)

Postponed titles and new street dates
Le Scrameustache: Penyihir Ursa Mayor by Gos & Walt and Smurf: Smurf Hitam (both postponed to 2012.01.11)

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