Fairy Tail 12, 07-GHOST 4, Kekkaishi 11 (Elex Media 11 January 2012 manga)

Fairy Tail 12, 07-GHOST 4, Kekkaishi 11 (Elex Media)

Fairy Tail © Mashima Hiro/Kodansha [Serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine] · 07-GHOST © Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino/Ichijinsha [Serialized in Comic Zero-Sum] · Kekkaishi © Tanabe Yellow/Shogakukan [First serialized in Shonen Sunday]. Published in Indonesia as Fairy Tail, 07-GHOST and Kekkaishi by Elex Media

"Pray to the holy light!"

To prevent Zelf's resurrection, the Magic Council fires its super cannon Etherion. Elsa—who chooses to sacrifice her life to Gerald—and Natsu who stays behind with her in the Tower of Heaven are sitting (or standing) ducks for the coming apocalypse.

To add to Elex's synops, Jellal [Gerald] knows that the Council's attack could kill both him and the Fairy Tail wizards—and he isn't running away. What is he plotting? ponders Del Rey's Fairy Tail, Vol. 12: The Doomsday Weapon! preview, as does Pika's Fairy Tail, Tome 12 blurb except in French. Well, you already know the answer if you watched the anime, but if you didn't—and don't mind the   SPOILWiki doesn't stop short of revealing Jellal/Gerald's true agenda.

Fairy Tail volume 12 compiles chapters 92 to 100: Destiny, Pray to the Sacred Light, One Person, Sleeping Beauty Warrior, Meteor, A Life as a Shield, Dragon Force, Titania Falls and To Tomorrow! [*NOT Elex chapter titles]

For Fairy Tail installments beyond chapter 100, grab the latest Shonen Magz. Issue 01/2012 streets the same day as Fairy Tail 12 (ShoMagz 12/2011 actually shares the cover with volume 12.) Thirty Fairy Tail tankou have been released in Japan as of 16 December 2011. Volume 31 is scheduled for 17 February 2012.

Manga tankou previews resume after the release list.

Shonen Magz Issue 01/2012: School Rumble and Ninja Clan

Shonen Magz 01/2012 - FC: School Rumble

School Rumble
© Kobayashi Jin
[Weekly Shonen Magazine]

After 10 issues, Kobayashi Jin's kooky school comedy School Rumble again grabs the cover, which portends...whatever... but has to give way to Shigahaku's Ninja Clan (Shiinake no Hitobito), for the Featured series:

Yayoi, a ninja with a grudge against Utsuki and regards her as Shinobi Enemy #1, goes after Shina. Apparently, a secret duty comes with the position of "Master." Something intriguing.

Apart from School Rumble, Ninja Clan and Mashima Hiro's Fairy Tail, these serials also continue: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE by CLAMP, Beck by Harold Sakuishi, Vinland Saga by Yukimura Makoto, Ghost's Doctor by Sato Yuki, Kungfu Boy Legends by Maekawa Takeshi, Tokkyu! by Komori Yoichi & Kubo Mitsuro, Blazer Drive by Kishimoto Seishi and Code:Breaker by Kamijyo Akimine.

Collecting any of the above series? Reminding what's available by way of tankou (aside from Fairy Tail 12): Beck 30 (released 2011.12.28), Kungfu Boy Legends volume 10 (11.30), Ghost's Doctor 8 (10.12), Vinland Saga 7 (9.19), Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 17 (2010.10.27), Tokkyu! 15 (2010.10.06) and School Rumble 11 (2010.06.16) 12 (2010.09.22).

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2012.01.11)

  1. 07-GHOST vol 4 of 13+ by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino
  2. 07-GHOST 4 (Elex)

    by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino
    Ichijinsha Comic Zero-Sum, josei
    Volume 4 (chapters 18-23) first published in Japan 2007.05

    Double-first prize, 3rd Zero-Sum Comics Grand-Prix

    Other languages
    English 07-GHOST (Go! Comi: 7 volumes [dropped] and Chuang Yi Singapore: volume 9 per 2011.10), French (Kazé Editions: 07-Ghost Tome 6 shipped 2011.11.17; Tome 7 street date: 2012.01.02), German (EMA: Band 9 released 2011.11 • Band 10 per 2012.01)

    Related series
    07-GHOST CHILDREN (side story; one volume)

    A 07-GHOST Seal and Postcard Book was released by Gakken Marketing in 2009.09

    Anime: Studio DEEN's 25-episode adaptation, starring seiyuu Mitsuki Saiga (Teito Klein), Namikawa Daisuke (Mikage) and Hayami Sho (Ayanami), aired in Japan from April through September 2009. Since the TV series' end, mini-dramas have been released through limited edition genteiiban (DVDs).

    Audio drama: The 07-Ghost: Kamisama ni Todoku Koibumi drama CD was released in Japan in 2007. The second The Day of Retribution shipped June 2009 and the third 07-Ghost: The Top News Headlines came out October the same year. A special drama CD also streeted in 2009.

  3. Chunchu vol 4 of 15+ (Hiatus) by Kim SungJae & Kim ByungJin
  4. Chunchu 4 (Elex)

    by Kim SungJae & Kim ByungJin
    Haksan Booking, seinen

    Other languages
    English Chunchu: The Genocide Fiend (Dark Horse Comics: four volumes as at 2009.01), French (Tokebi: 15 volumes per 2005.10), German (Tokyopop Germany: Chonchu - Der Erbe des Teufelssteins 15: Abschlussband shipped 2010.05), Polish Chonchu: Syn Demona (Mandragora)

  5. Ciuman Dewa (Kamisama Hajimemashita) vol 7 of 10+ by Suzuki Julietta
  6. Ciuman Dewa 7 (Elex)

    Kamisama Hajimemashita
    神様はじめました」 by Suzuki Julietta
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2010.09

    Other languages
    English Kamisama Kiss (VIZ Media: six volumes per 2011.12.06 • volume 7 street date: 2012.02.07), French (Delcourt: Divine Nanami Tome 4 shipped 2011.11 • Tome 5 street date: 2012.02.08)

  7. The Dog's Magical Touch (Himitsu no Wantacchi) vol 3 of 3 by Anisaki Yuna [Finale]
  8. The Dog's Magical Touch 3 (Elex)

    Himitsu no Wantacchiヒミツのわんタッチ」 by Anisaki Yuna
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi Special, kodomo/shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2009.07

  9. [Premiere] Doraemon: Kelompok Penjelajah by Fujiko F. Fujio (edu-manga)
  10. Fairy Tail vol 12 of 30+ by Mashima Hiro
  11. Fairy Tail 12 (Elex)

    Fairy TailFAIRY TAIL
    by Mashima Hiro
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 12 (chapters 92-100) first published in Japan 2008.10

    Best Shounen Manga, 2009 Kodansha Manga Awards (tied with Katou Motohiro's Q.E.D.); Best Comedy Manga, 2009 Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation's Industry Awards

    Other languages/Serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Magz (ongoing)
    English Fairy Tail (Del Rey until volume 12; Kodansha Comics from volume 13 [2011.05], 16 volumes per 2011.11.08 • volume 17 street date: 2012.01.24), French (Pika Édition: Tome 20 shipped 2012.01.04 • Tome 3 street date: 2012.03.01), traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan: FAIRY TAIL魔導少年 29 released 2011.12.30), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: FAIRY TAIL #22 per 2010.10)

    The A-1 Pictures and Satelight anime co-production starring seiyuu Hirano Aya (Lucy Heartfilia), Kakihara Tetsuya (Natsu Dragneel), Nakamura Yuuichi (Gray Fullbuster) and Kugimiya Rie (Happy) continues to air (episode 112 aired 2012.01.07). The Animax Asia run premiered 30 September 2010. Anime OAVs have been bundled with the manga volumes: Fairy Tail: Yōkoso Fairy Hills! (with limited edition volume 26; 2011.04) and Yōsei Gakuen Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan (volume 27; 2011.06). The third OAV will release when volume 31 streets (2012.02.17).

    The Fairy Tail anime movie is expected to premiere on 18 August 2012.

    Fairy Megane, a one-shot crossover between Fairy Tail and Yoshikawa Miki's Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (AKA Flunk Punk Rumble), appeared in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2008. The Yōsei Gakuen Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan manga side story was released in the limited edition volume 27 as a separate booklet from the DVD.

    The official FAIRY TAIL+ fanbook released 2010.05 in Japan, the FAIRY TAIL A official animation book in 2011.01.

  12. Juvenile Remix (Maou - Juvenile Remix) vol 8 of 10 by Isaka Kotaro & Osuga Megumi
  13. Juvenile Remix 8 (Elex)

    Maou - Juvenile Remix
    by Isaka Kotaro & Osuga Megumi
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2009.04

    Other languages
    English Maoh: Juvenile Remix (VIZ Media: eight volumes per 2011.12.13 • volume 9 street date: 2012.02.14), French (Kurokawa Le prince des ténèbres Tome 10 shipped 2011.02), traditional Chinese (Chingwin)

  14. Kekkaishi vol 11 of 35 by Tanabe Yellow
  15. Kekkaishi 11 (Elex)

    Kekkaishi結界師」 by Tanabe Yellow
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 11 (chapters 96-105) first published in Japan 2006.02

    Winner, 52nd Shogakukan Manga Awards for the Shounen category

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Star (ongoing)
    English Kekkaishi (VIZ Media: 29 volumes per 2011.12.13 • volume 30 street date: 2012.02.14), French (PIKA Édition: Tome 27 shipped 2011.06 • Tome 28 street date: 2012.02.15), German (Carlsen Comics: Band 18 released 2011.11 • Band 19 street date: 2012.07.03), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi: 结界师 #35 released 2011.11), traditional Chinese (Rightman Publishing Limited Hong Kong and Tong Li Taiwan), Italian (Planet Manga), Malaysian (PCM Comics), Korean (Bookbox), Spanish (Editorial Ivrea Spain), Vietnamese (Kim Dong)

    Sunrise's 52-episode anime adaptation, starring seiyuu Yoshino Hiroyuki (Sumimura Yoshimori) and Saitou Rie (Yukimura Tokine), aired in Japan from October 2006 to February 2008. The anime aired on Animax Asia from 15 February to 27 April 2011.

    An official TV animation guide book (released 2006.12 under the Shonen Sunday Comics Special imprint) and two official strategy guides for Wii and Nintendo DS (Wonderlife Special: 2007.06 (Nintendo DS), 2007.11 (Wii))

  16. Lum, The Invader Girl (Urusei Yatsura) vol 32 of 34 by Takahashi Rumiko
  17. Lum, The Invader Girl 32 (Elex)

    Urusei Yatsura新装版 うる星やつら
    by Takahashi Rumiko
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    New edition (shinsoban) volume 32 released in Japan 2008.02

    Winner, 26th Shogakukan Manga Awards, Shounen/Shoujo category

    Other languages
    English (VIZ Media), French and Spanish (Glenat)

    A 195 episode-anime adaptation by Kitty Films, starring seiyuu Hirano Fumi (Lum) and Furukawa Toshio (Moroboshi Ataru), that aired from October 1981 through March 1986 on Fuji TV, 11 OAVs and six theatrical movies.

  18. Mokke vol 6 of 9 by Kumakura Takatoshi
  19. Mokke 6 (Elex)

    Mokkeもっけ」 by Kumakura Takatoshi
    Kodansha Afternoon, seinen
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2006.11

  20. My First Mr. Akuno (Hajimete no Aku) vol 6 of 11+ by Fujiki Syun
  21. My First Mr. Akuno 6 (Elex)

    Hajimete no Akuはじめてのあく
    by Fujiki Syun
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2010.08

    Other Serializations
    Serialized in Shonen Star (ongoing)

  22. Natsume Yujincho vol 2 of 13+ by Midorikawa Yuki
  23. Natsume Yujincho 2 (Elex)

    Natsume Yuujinchou夏目友人帳
    by Midorikawa Yuki
    Hakusensha LaLa DX, then LaLa (starting 2008), shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2006.08

    First Manga Taishō finalist (2008)

    Other languages/serializations
    Serialized in the Indonesian HanaLaLa (only until chapter 9 [ex-volume 9] in Issue 55/2010)
    English Natsume's Book of Friends (VIZ Media: 10 volumes as of 2011.12.06 • volume 11 street date: 2012.02.07), French (Delcourt: Le Pacte des Yôkai Tome 11 shipped 2011.11), traditional Chinese (Tong Li: 妖怪連絡簿 12 released 2011.12.19)

    Adapted into anime by Brains Base, featuring seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi as Natsume Takashi and Inoue Kazuhiko as Nyanko-sensei. Thirteen episodes of Natsume Yūjin-Chō aired between July and September 2008; the second Zoku Natsume Yūjin-Chō season, also 13 episodes, aired from January to March 2009. The third 13-episode Natsume Yūjin-Chō San anime premiered 4 July and ended 27 September 2011. The fourth season Natsume Yūjin-chō Shi premiered 2 January 2012. It, too, spans 13 episodes.

    Also adapted into audio drama, the drama CDs given away with LaLa issues: LaLa Treasure Drama CD (2007.10); LaLa Excellent Drama CD (2008.11); and LaLa Double Premiere Drama CD (2009.05). Another drama CD comes as a furoku in the September 2011 issue.

    The Natsume Yujincho Official Fan Book - Natsume and Friends was released 5 January 2009 and a notebook reproduction of Natsume YujinchoNyanko-sensei Yūjinchō Natsume Yūjin-chō Kōshiki Nyan Book—was published 3 July of the same year.

  24. Princess & The 3 Beasts (Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono) vol 4 of 4 by Miyuki Mitsubachi [Finale]
  25. Princess & The 4 Beasts (Elex)

    Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono
    姫君と三匹の獣」 by Miyuki Mitsubachi
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2011.04

  26. Shinagawa Cat Story (Shinagawajuku Nekogatari) vol 3 of 4+ by Nishida Kana
  27. Shinagawa Cat Story 3 (Elex)

    Shinagawajuku Nekogatari品川宿 猫語り
    by Nishida Kana
    Shonen Gahosha Neko Panchi, doubutsu manga
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2010.09

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Mangazines (2012.01.11)

  • Shonen Magz Issue 01/2012 (Indonesian Shonen Magazine)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 11 January 2012 (release schedule) and Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All manga and manhwa retail for IDR 16,500 except Doraemon: Kelompok Penjelajah (IDR 18,500 each). Shonen Magz 01/2012 is priced at IDR 30,000/issue.
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).

Featured ongoing series

07-GHOST vol 4 of 13+
By Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino

Ayanami and the Black Hawks storm District 7. Although Teito survives an encounter with a Wars, Michael falls into enemy hands.

Padding: As more of Teito's memories start to return, he becomes ever more determined to recover the ‘Eye’ and what he had lost. The clergy exam is finally underway, and his first challenge beckons. [from Chuang Yi's 07-GHOST Vol.4 summary]

07-GHOST volume 4 spans Kapitel (chapters) 18 to 23: Nightmare (9), Nightmare (10), Songs for Souls' Repose~Requiem~, The Morning of the Bishop Exam, The Final Door and The Bridge of Tribulation [*NOT Elex's titles]. Kapitel 18–21 correspond to anime episodes 19–21, IDs 07 Ghost Wiki.

Ciuman Dewa vol 7 of 10+
By Suzuki Julietta

Nanami leaves Tomoe behind and heads off for Izumo alone! There she meets the supreme deity Okuninushi, who tells Nanami to purify the gates of hell, supposedly tainted by high-level youkai. Nanami can't refuse if she wants the god, the creator of the "Izumo ticket test," to apologize to Kayako.

But can Nanami finish her assignment without Tomoe's help?

Ten Kamisama Hajimemashita volumes have been compiled in Japan as of September 2011. The 11th tankou streets 20 January 2012.

Juvenile Remix vol 8 of 10
By Isaka Kotaro & Osuga Megumi

Ando Junya, the minute you come within 20 paces, prepare to share your brother's fate!

Master, one of Grasshopper's higher-ups, eyes Junya for extermination. But an unexpected development screws up plans. Who is the man Junya sees, and what is he up to?

Kekkaishi vol 11 of 35
By Tanabe Yellow

Karasumori's kekkaishi repulse Kokuboro's attack but are powerless to prevent Shishio Gen's death at the hands of Kaguro. Yoshimori shrugs off grief long enough to train to avenge Gen. Masamori and his Yagyou troops descend upon Karasumori to help defend the sacred land from another upcoming assault...

Later, Yoshimori allows himself to be captured by Kokuboro to find and defeat Kaguro, Pika's Kekkaishi, Tome 12 synops highlights.

Kekkaishi 11 consists of chapters 96 to 105: Funeral, Together, A Passage to Kokuboro, The Crows of Backyard Mountain, The Members of the Night Troop, Skirmishes, Resurgence, Interception, Kokuboro's Hostage and Fighting Alone [*NOT Elex chapter titles]. If you want more recent Kekkaishi chapters, check out the latest Shonen Star. The next issue is scheduled for 18 January.

My First Mr. Akuno vol 6 of 11+
By Fujiki Syun

Elex sez —

My First Mr. Akuno spills over with the “sweet-and-sour” of youth, a comedy guaranteed to make you LOL. Lots of pretty girls—and, of course, ecchi leches—and weird items that won't look out of place in Dora*mon!

Dora*mon. *snort*

As in Kekkaishi's case, grab a Shonen Star if you want the latest My First Mr. Akuno chapters here.

Eleven Hajimete no Aku tankou have been compiled in Japan as of November 2011. Volumes 12 and 13 are expected to street on 18 January and 17 February 2012 respectively.

Natsume Yujincho vol 2 of 13+
By Midorikawa Yuki

Natsume's friends press him to join a test of courage at an old school building destined for demolititon. Initially reluctant, Natsume eventually relents, only to find out that participants are vanishing one after another. Soon, only Natsume and a committee member Sasada are left. Just as Natsume suspected, a certain yokai is disrupting the game, unwilling to permit the building demolition.

Need I remind you that the fourth season of the Natsume Yujincho anime is currently airing in Japan? (Wish Animax would air it, too, along with the first to third seasons...)

Other 11 January 2012 highlights

  • Chunchu vol 4 by Kim SungJae & Kim ByungJin: Lieutenant General Homuhae conceals his despair over the murder of his family behind gritty determination. He suspects General Sinji of having committed the crime, but this is just Major General Dam Hwang Kwon's ruse to trigger war... Does even more guilt await the lieutenant general?
  • Doraemon: Kelompok Penjelajah (Elex)
  • Doraemon: Kelompok Penjelajah by Fujiko F. Fujio (edu-manga): The Explorers stand ready to protect the history of science and invention! Doraemon and Nobita traverse space and time, defending the world's great inventors from mad scientist, Dr. High Man.
  • The Dog's Magical Touch vol 3 of 3 by Anisaki Yuna: Mao's bestfriend Asuka falls prey to bullying, and Mao resolves to find out who's behind the secret site that encourages students to pick on schoolmates they don't like. Nuu, Daisuke, Asuka and Sawajiri join Mao in trying to uncover the identity of the site's creator, Dragon.
  • Lum, The Invader Girl vol 32 by Takahashi Rumiko: Asuka enrolls in an exclusive girls' school boasting Japan's best anti-male security system. This makes the androphobe feel like she's found heaven on earth. But a physical test held by Tomobiki High's principal compromises the security system?!
  • Mokke vol 6 by Kumakura Takatoshi: Shizuru leaves her sister to move into a new school dormitory. The siblings must now face the spirits only they can see on their own. In the dorm, Shizuru finds someone she feels is good friend material, but...
  • Princess & The 3 Beasts vol 4 of 4 by Miyuki Mitsubachi: Violet and the 3 Beasts pursue the "King of 100 Treasures" to Fergus where they meet someone privy to Karas' past, who then divulges the secret of the rare "Silver Flower." Violet finally realizes the journey's real purpose, but with understanding comes the recognition that soon she must bid the three thieves farewell...
  • Shinagawa Cat Story vol 3 by Nishida Kana: A new student, Mitsuru, joins Ayano's class. While Ayano is delighted at having a new friend, since the transfer student arrived, things have gone missing: a classmate's pretty pen, mom's sake cup, even Mrs. Kishida's cat. But could clever, polite, lacks-for-nothing Mitsuru really be the thief?

Still not enuf? Here are the other 11 January 2012 manga and manhwa

Level Comics: Hotaru's Light 14 · Agatha Christie: The Secret of Chimneys and Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile by François Rivière · Hikayat Genji 13 of 13 · Psychometrist Eiji 25 of 25 · A Spirit of the Sun 13 · Happy Hello Work at Age 21 v5 · Jormungand 5 · Tomo'o 13 · Smurf: Smurfin · Smurf Magang · Pensmurf Perhiasan · Tanguy & Laverdure: Skuadron Bangau Putih

m&c!: Electric Daisy 9 · Beast Lover 1 and 2 of 2 by Motomi Kyousuke · Love Button 5 · Flower of Queen 3 · Born To Cook 10 · Chocolate Magic - Bittersweet by Mizuho Rino · The Story of Wang Fenglei Season 2 Book Seven | Reprints: Café de Romance by Miyawaki Yukino · Figure Star by Nagareda Masami · Hijiri, The Boy Next To Me by Yagami Chitose · My Rival Is My Love by Shiumi Saki

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