Goong 23, Next to You 5, Idol's Love Story 11 (m&c! 1 February 2012 manhwa and manga)

OK, who remembers where Goong last left off? Let's see some hands. Well...? I'm waiting...

Goong [Palace Story] 23 (m&c!)

Goong © Park SoHee/Seoul Cultural Publishers
[First serialized in Wink]
Published in Indonesia as Goong [Palace Story] by Gramedia/m&c!

LOLz. Don't worry if you need a refresher on what Shin×ChaeKyeong were last up to. Comes with the territory of waiting over a year for releases xD. In any case, I come bearing the Goong [Palace Story] 23 blurb—what? Sometimes I need to shamelessly plug :D

Yul's Monarchy Domination Plan crashes and burns as the King finally reveals past indiscretions. Fearful of what a desperate Yul might do, ChaeKyeong leaves Shin behind at the villa that was supposed to be her "prison." As fate would have it, ChaeKyeong runs straight into...

Park SoHee's long-running series ended last December with the release of volume 27. (Yup, that's how long we waited; when m&c!'s volume 22 released, status still stood at 24 volumes, ongoing.)

Previewing Idol's Love Story 11, the other DO WANT! soonjung manhwa (there's only two :P), after the release list. Namba Atsuko's Next to You shoujo manga edged ILS out of second place.

Next To You vol 5 of 8+
By Namba Atsuko

When the pain of her unrequited love for Kyousuke tops unbearable, Nina finds solace in Miyake's gentleness. And when Miyake invites her out—for the first and last time—Nina resists letting Miyake go...

Miyake×Nina shippers, knock yourselves out. *looks in Lina-chan's direction* :D

Eight Tonari no Atashi volumes have been published in Japan as of October 2011. The ninth JP tankou streets the day before Valentine's.

m&c! manga (2012.02.01)

  1. My Kingdom (Ore-sama Kingdom) vol 4 of 6+ by Yagami Chitose
  2. My Kingdom 4 (m&c!)

    Ore-sama Kingdomオレ様キングダム
    by Yagami Chitose
    AKA Kings of My Love
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2011.04

  3. Next to You (Tonari no Atashi) vol 5 of 8+ by Namba Atsuko
  4. Next to You 5 (m&c!)

    Tonari no Atashi隣のあたし
    by Namba Atsuko
    Kodansha Betsufure, shoujo
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2010.08

m&c! manhwa (2012.02.01)

  1. Goong [Palace Story] vol 23 of 27 by Park SoHee
  2. Goong [Palace Story] 23 (m&c!)

    Goong궁(宮)」 by Park SoHee
    Seoul Cultural Publishers Wink, soonjung
    Volume 23 first published in Korea 2010.07

    Other languages
    English Goong: The Royal Palace (12 volumes per 2011.09 • volume 13 street date: 2012.05.22), French (Samji Editions: Palais Tome 13 per 2012.01.13), Japanese (Shinshokan: らぶきょん LOVE in景福宮 Un Poco Comics volume 26 per 2011.11 • volume 27 street date: 2012.02.26)

    Live-action Princess Hours, starring Yoon EunHye (ChaeKyeong), Joo JiHoon (Shin), Kim JeongHoon (Yul) and Song Ji Hyo (HyoRin) aired in Korea from January to March 2006. The Goong S spin-off aired on the same MBC network from January to March 2007.

  3. Idol's Love Story (Idol School of Noble's Story) vol 11 of 15 by Han YuRang

Hong Kong manhua (2012.02.01)

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[RE-STO] Restocked - Individual volumes

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Featured ongoing series
Idol's Love Story vol 11 of 15
By Han YuRang

A paparazzi exposé, incriminating photos a certainty, shoots down any chance Lang Land and Ian had at keeping their relationship under wraps. How will their parents take it, especially their mom who's the ult in Ian possessive?

More importantly, how will Psycho!Ian turn this glitch into his advantage?

I speculate that the sm*t promised in Idol's Love Story 10 will remain just that — a promise, destined for unfulfillment, not only because Lang Land and Ian's 'rents get confirmation of the sibcestuous relationship, but also because Lang Land's ex, Jang Gun, is the May I run interference? cover of volume 11 :P

Other 1 February 2012 highlights

  • My Kingdom vol 4 by Yagami Chitose: Nono's excitement over the school beach excursion turns to despair, after finding out only students with good grades can go. Nono received embarrassing marks in all subjects, bar none.

Still not enuf? Here are the other 1 February 2012 manga and manhwa

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Note: Possibility of Ouran High School Host Club Vols. 1–8 and Hell Girl Vols. 1–9 postponement to 2012.02.22

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