Images of You 3, Lost Seven 3, Princess Gal Paradise 4 (m&c! 25 January 2012 manga) [UPDATED]

Update: See the Cherry 61 section.

Images of You 3 (m&c!)

Ginen Shounen © Goto Junpei/Shogakukan [First serialized in Shonen Sunday Super]
Published in Indonesia as Images of You by Gramedia/m&c!

Matataki's worst fears come true: the photo of Mirai and Koda presaged Mirai dating Matataki's rival. At the same time, one of Matataki's works wins a contest. The award-winning picture, "Purple Dawn," is one Matataki has always wanted to show Mirai.

By accident, Matataki and Mirai run into each other at the photo exhibition. Can Matataki's "feelings" derail the "future"? See the penultimate Images of You (volume 3) for the answer.

New m&c! titles

Distance to a Kiss (m&c!)

Kiss made no Kyori
© Yoshinaga Yuu
Shogakukan [Betsucomi]
Published in Indonesia as
Distance to a Kiss
by Gramedia/m&c!

m&c! launches a new Yoshinaga Yuu shoujo mangaDistance to a Kiss—originally Kiss made no Kyori, first serialized Betsucomi:

Yuzuha loves Kaji, the good friend of her twin Suguru. The trio grew up together and despite abundant opportunity—Kaji frequently spends time in Yuzuha's home—she has never told him how she feels. But once Kaji enters high school and becomes the school idol, Yuzuha finds it even harder to approach him, let alone 'fess up. How can Yuzuha hurdle the widening distance between them?

You can find the list of Yoshinaga Yuu manga released earlier than the Childhood Friends, Unrequited Love Distance to a Kiss if you scroll down. m&c! hasn't exactly been stingy when it comes to licensing Yoshinaga Yuu titles. [Continued...]

Mangazines: Cherry 61/2012: First Love Promise by Ichikawa Show Cherry 61/2012
Moar new titles in the first Cherry of the year: Heart Curtain, Jumping Ponytail!—AND the one-shot that nabs the cover: First Love Promise by Ichikawa Show. The Childhood Promise, First Love First Love Promise was originally Hatsukoi no Itazura初恋の悪戯」 that first appeared in Sho-Comi. The tankou published in Japan in June 2011 actually compiles four one-shots, so look forward to Smile, Hobby Hobby and Shou-Shou Space in succeeding issues. [Continued...]

m&c! manga (2012.01.25)

  1. [Premiere] Distance to a Kiss (Kiss made no Kyori) by Yoshinaga Yuu
  2. Distance to a Kiss (m&c!)

    Kiss made no Kyoriキスまでの距離
    by Yoshinaga Yuu
    Shogakukan Betsucomi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2010.11

  3. Images of You (Ginen Shounen) vol 3 of 4 by Goto Junpei
  4. Images of You 3 (m&c!)

    Ginen Shounen銀塩少年
    by Goto Junpei
    AKA Gelatin Boy
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday Super, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2010.08

  5. Lost Seven vol 3 of 4 by Nakashima Kazuki / Ko Yasung
  6. Princess Gal Paradise (Himegal Paradise) vol 4 of 5+ by Wao Akira
  7. Princess Gal Paradise 4 (m&c!)

    Himegal Paradise姫ギャル・パラダイス
    by Wao Akira
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2011.07

    Related series
    Side story: Himegal Yoroshiku (published by m&c! as Himegirl Attack)

Hong Kong manhua (2012.01.25)

[Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details.]

Mangazines (2012.01.25)

  • Cherry Issue 61/2011 (Indonesian Ciao, ChuChu, Sho-Comi, Flowers, Betsucomi)

Reprints and Restocks
The next batch of m&c! reprints includes: Crazy Love Game by Nanajima Kana, Mama Trouble by Kohara Yuko, Say You Love Me (Sukitte Senwa Nakya Gurechauzo) by Jinna Mai and Whistle In The Heart (Heart ni Whistle) by Miyawaki Yukino.

Restocked (Individual volumes) —

¹ Sources: m&c! (release schedule and artwork/synopses).
² All manga, including reprints and restocks are priced at IDR 16,500 each except: restocked Call from the Grave and Eli (IDR 20,000); Casting Prod': Jalan Menjadi Bintang and Casting Prod': Reality Show (IDR 25,000) and Flower Rhapsody! (IDR 12,500). Manhua Pedang MahaDewa: Future 5 carries an IDR 95,000 SRP, while Cherry 61/2011 is priced at IDR 27,500/issue.

New m&c! titles - continued
Other Yoshinaga Yuu manga
Before Distance to a Kiss or Kiss made no Kyori, m&c! published Yoshinaga Yuu's Koibito wa 16-sai, retitled My Boyfriend in 16, and Hatsukoi Hakusho as First Love Stories. In her reviews, Telor Ceplok manga critic Lina-chan gave these titles a 7 of 10 and 8 of 10♥ respectively.

Even earlier than the above two, m&c! published Kataomoi no Mukougawa (as One sided Love) and Tsumi Koi (Sinful Love).

The only thing m&c! hasn't published (yet) is Yoshinaga Yuu's current Betsucomi serial, the Countryside, Glasses, Transfer Student Kimi to Koi o Shitta (two Flower Comics tankou compiled from 2011.04 to 2011.08).

Featured ongoing series
Lost Seven vol 3 of 4
By Nakashima Kazuki / Ko Yasung

Rose and Tanrou run into one of the Bry tribal warriors who apparently survived, and now views them as foes. A clash proves inevitable. Meanwhile, Rose's memories slowly return.

What terrible power does Rose hide? Perhaps the penultimate Lost Seven will tell us? :P

Other 25 January 2012 highlights

  • Princess Gal Paradise vol 4 by Wao Akira: Himeko's pedestrian life as a student of Gal-overrun Cho-Shibuya High refashions into Exciting with the transfer of Tochiotome, a beautiful, cross-dressing boy who busies himself with style and love. Despite missing her chance to upgrade from unrequited, Himeko doesn't give up, and this time, she undergoes Tochiotome-esque style exercises in...a flea market!?

Mangazines - continued
Cherry 61/2012
I'm 99.99% sure that Heart Curtain was originally Kokoro Curtainココロカーテン」 by Nakajima Yuka, whose other ex-Ciao series—My Mysterious Neighbor or Tonari no Obake-san—also shows up—actually, concludes, in Issue 61 with the Niji's Memory extra. The certainty percentage plunges for Jumping Ponytail!, which I speculate is Mori Chikako's gymnastics-troped Tonderu! Ponytail 「とんでる!ポニーテール」, first serialized in Ciao and Ciao DX. If I'm wrong on either or both counts, the comment box below is all yours. «Update: I was right on both counts.

I was also right about Christmas Joy and Naughty Lion. They're one-shots off the Betsucomi and Sho-Comi manga that debuted in the last Cherry, Konno Risa's Suddenly in Love (Sweet Boy ni Goyoujin) and Ichikawa Show's Captured by Love (Koakuma Lion). Christmas Joy or Usotsuki Christmas is a Suddenly in Love Extra Episode, while Naughty Lion (Ijiwaru Lion) is a one-shot off Captured by Love.

Series still running in Cherry:

Capping this issue is the ongoing local series, AquaPasto by Gleison A. (episode 2).

Still not enuf? Here are the other 25 January 2012 manga

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