There's only Heart...and Heart is an Awesome Power *straight face* | Anime Letter Bee Reverse premieres 20 January 2012 on Animax Asia

So just how awesome a power is Heart?

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In Letter Bee and its sequel Letter Bee Reverse that premieres 20 January 2012, Friday, 10PM WIB (UTC+7) on Animax Asia, Heart allows you to fire Frickin' Laser Beams and kill armor bugs. (Thanks, TV Tropes.)

k, back to what Animax sez:

Lag and the other Letter Bees continue their mission to deliver their precious letters to even more perilous destinations. Adding to their troubles is the emergence of a sinister organization with the goal of eliminating the Bees. Can Lag and his friends survive this threat?
–Animax synopsis

Letter Bee Reverse is the second half of the Letter Bee Complete Special Animax kicked off last December, but the first season actually premiered August last year. TV Tropes warns that Studio Pierrot's Tegami Bachi Reverse anime Overtook The Manga, leading to several events to play out a bit different while still telling the same story.

Look forward to Seeing *snort* Letter Bee Lag Seeing (seiyuu Sawashiro Miyuki) again, along with Lag's Dingo Niche (Fujimura Ayumi) and Defected to the Other Side Gauche Suede/Noir (Fukuyama Jun). In episode one, Promise, Niche brings Lag (shot by Noir in Letter Bee's series finale The Ones Unable to Become Spirits) back to the Letter Bee HQ. After his recovery, Lag reports that Gauche has lost his memory (part of his Heart) and made off with the letter Lag was supposed to deliver. Bee Hive Master Lloyd Largo explains that Marauders like Gauche/Noir work for Reverse, an anti-government group.

Letter Bee director Iwanaga Akira also helmed Letter Bee Reverse and series composition likewise remained under Akahoshi Masanao. The second season also spans 25 episodes and originally aired on TV Tokyo from October 2010 to March 2011. Reverse features four theme songs. The first OP is Chiisana Mahou by Stereopony, the second, Yakusoku by Suga Shikao. The two EDs are Wasurenagusa by Piko (eps 1–13) and Perseus by Yamazaru (ep 14 onwards).

As for the source manga, Asada Hiroyuki's Tegami Bachi has been compiled in 13 volumes as of November 2011. It continues to serialize in Jump SQ.

Letter Bee Reverse premieres this 20 January 2012, Friday, 10PM WIB on Animax and airs week nights thereafter.

Partial episode list and Animax synopses:
Episode 1 (2012.01.20 10P premiere)
The unconscious Lag is carried by Niche back towards the Bee Hive.

Episode 2 (1.23 10P premiere)
Underpants and Bread
Lag and Connor split up to search for Niche.

Episode 3 (1.24 10P premiere)
The Hydrangea-colored Picture Letter
Lag ponders over what to write in the letter bullet for Gauche.

Episode 4 (1.25 10P premiere)
Lighthouse of Illusions in the Wilderness
Lag is working on repairs for an imagery lighthouse situated in the desert.

Episode 5 (1.26 10P premiere)
Reverse World
Lag inadvertently finds a letter regarding the leader of Reverse, Lawrence.

Episode 6 (1.27 10P premiere)
The Little Girl Doll
Lag gets a day off from work and decides to ask Sylvette for advice on writing the letter bullet.

Episode 7 (1.30 10P premiere)
Film Noir
Lag finds Noir's empty cartridges and attempts to fire a shindan to reveal Noir's heart.

Episode 8 (1.31 10P premiere)
Blue Notes Blues
Lag and Niche head to Blue Notes Scale where they find frozen gaichuu.

Update: Episodes 9–21 »here

Reverse episodes replay the following day at 2AM and 7PM. The five-episode back to back weekend marathon starts from 730AM and then again at 4PM on Sundays, but specifically for this 22nd January, Letter Bee Reverse EP1 airs at 930AM and 6PM, following Letter Bee episodes 22–25.

For further schedules, please check Animax Asia or your program guides.

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