07-GHOST 5, One Piece 61, Ciuman Dewa 8 (Elex Media 22 February 2012 manga) [UPDATED]

07-GHOST volume 5 emerges the top manga DO WANT!, regardless that it releases the same day as the formidable Over two million copies sold! within three days of streeting in Japan One Piece 61. Go figure.

07-GHOST 5, One Piece 61 (Elex Media)

07-GHOST © Amemiya Yuki & Ichihara Yukino/Ichijinsha [Serialized in Comic Zero-Sum] · One Piece © Oda Eiichiro/Shueisha [Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump]. Published in Indonesia by Elex Media

Teito manages to pass the clergy examination, but the true test has just begun. With the Balsburg military determined to capture the bearer of the ‘Eye of Mikhail,’ and Teito's quest to regain his lost memories, Teito exchanges the sanctuary of the Church for a perilous journey to track down the seven Houses of God scattered all over Balsburg...

07-GHOST vol 5 collates Kapitel (chapters) 24 through 29: Light and Dark, Setting Off, Antwort, Slave Trader, The 6th District and Housen House. [*NOT Elex chapter titles]

One Piece vol 61 of 65+
By Oda Eiichiro

After reading Luffy's message, the Straw Hats work on their skills while biding their time till the appointed day of reunion. Two years hence, captain and crew reunite and set sail for the New World.

One Piece volume 61: Romance Dawn: For the New World compiles chapters 595 to 603: The Pledge, Spectrum, 3D2Y, Two Years Later, Nine Pirates, Island of New Beginnings, Romance Dawn: For the New World, Downward Ho! and Keep That in Mind. [*NOT Elex chapter titles]

The latest OP chapter compiled in tankoubon is 646: Frog bound in volume 65, published in Japan last 3 February.

Mangazines: Nakayoshi Gress! 02/2012 and Shonen Star 03/2012
Reinstating the Indonesian Nakayoshi 02/2012 that I prematurely reported as a 2.15 release. The most important developments on the NakaGress! front are the return of The Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu by Enue Kei & Hayamine Kaoru and [Update] the end of two series: A Gift for My Teacher by Yamada Daisy and Moro Orie's Angel or Devil?.

Meanwhile, Aso Haro's Play or Die Alice in Borderland nabs Shonen Star 03/2012's featured series spotlight, but Aoyama Gosho's Detektif Conan is splashed on the cover. Both are still serializing.

Scroll down for deets.

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2012.02.22)

  1. 07-GHOST vol 5 of 13+ by Amemiya Yuki & Ichihara Yukino
  2. 07-GHOST 5 (Elex)

    by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino
    Ichijinsha Comic Zero-Sum, josei
    Volume 5 (chapters 24–29) first published in Japan 2007.11

    Double-first prize, 3rd Zero-Sum Comics Grand-Prix

    Other languages
    English 07-GHOST (Go! Comi: 7 volumes [dropped] and Chuang Yi Singapore: volume 9 per 2011.10), French (Kazé Editions: 07-Ghost Tome 7 shipped 2012.01.02), German (EMA: Band 10 released 2012.01.12 • Band 11 street date: 2012.04)

    Related series
    07-GHOST CHILDREN (side story; one volume)

    A 07-GHOST Seal and Postcard Book was released by Gakken Marketing in 2009.09

    Anime: Studio DEEN's 25-episode adaptation, starring seiyuu Mitsuki Saiga (Teito Klein), Namikawa Daisuke (Mikage) and Hayami Sho (Ayanami), aired in Japan from April through September 2009. Since the TV series' end, mini-dramas have been released through limited edition genteiiban (DVDs).

    Audio drama: The 07-Ghost: Kamisama ni Todoku Koibumi drama CD was released in Japan in 2007. The second The Day of Retribution shipped June 2009 and the third 07-Ghost: The Top News Headlines came out October the same year. A special drama CD also streeted in 2009.

  3. Casting vol 6 of 8 by KITT & Park SangYong
  4. Casting 6 (Elex)

    Casting by KITT & Park SangYong
    Daewon C.I. Comic Champ, sonyun

  5. Ciuman Dewa (Kamisama Hajimemashita) vol 8 of 11+ by Suzuki Julietta
  6. Ciuman Dewa 8 (Elex)

    Kamisama Hajimemashita
    神様はじめました」 by Suzuki Julietta
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2010.12

    Other languages
    English Kamisama Kiss (VIZ Media: seven volumes per 2012.02.07 • volume 8 street date: 2012.04.03), French (Delcourt: Divine Nanami Tome 5 shipped 2012.02.08)

  7. Crows vol 22 of 26 by Takahashi Hiroshi
  8. Crows 22 (Elex)

    Crowsクローズ」 by Takahashi Hiroshi
    AKA Crows: Busou Sensen Reimeihen
    Akita Shoten Monthly Shounen Champion, shounen
    Volume 22 first published in Japan 1997.01

    Related series
    Main story: Crows Gaiden (three volumes: 1, 2 (Sono Go no Crows) and 3 (Zoku - Crows Gaiden))
    Sequel: Worst (28 volumes as of 2012.01.06)
    Spin-offs: Crows Zero (nine volumes per 2010.08); Crows Gaiden: Linda Linda (two volumes); Suzuran Danshi Koukou Nyuugaku Annai (one volume)

    Two live-action prequel movies: Crows ZERO (Japan theatrical release: October 2007) and Crows ZERO II (April 2009), directed by Miike Takashi and starring Oguri Shun (GPS leader Takiya Genji) and Yamada Takayuki (Serizawa Tamao)

  9. Dorabase (Dorabase: Doraemon Chouyakyuu Gaiden) vol 21 of 23+ by Mugiwara Shintaro & Fujiko F. Fujio Production
  10. Dorabase 21 (Elex)

    Dorabase: Doraemon Chouyakyuu Gaiden
    ドラベース ドラえもん超野球外伝
    by Mugiwara Shintaro & Fujiko F. Fujio Production
    Shogakukan CoroCoro Comic, kodomo
    Volume 21 first published in Japan 2010.11

    Related series
    Doraemon (main story; 45 volumes)

  11. Kisah Edo di Abad 21 (Chotto Edo Made) vol 4 of 6 by Tsuda Masami
  12. Kisah Edo di Abad 21 vol 4 (Elex)

    Chotto Edo Madeちょっと江戸まで
    by Tsuda Masami
    Hakusensha LaLa, shoujo
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2010.10

    Other languages
    Traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan: 江戶夢時代 4 released 2011.03 and Jonesky Limited Hong Kong: 現代江戶少女 vol 4 per 2011.02.)

  13. La Corda D'Oro (Kiniro no Corda) vol 9 of 17 by Kure Yuki
  14. La Corda D'Oro 9 (Elex)

    Kiniro no Corda金色のコルダ」 by Kure Yuki
    Hakusensha LaLa, LaLa DX and LaLa Special, shoujo
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2007.10

    Adapted from Koei's Kin'iro no Corda role-playing game (part of the Neoromance series also including the Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, and Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ games).

    Also contains the Kiniro no Corda 2 (La Corda d'Oro 2) and Kiniro no Corda 3 (La Corda d'Oro 3) stories.

    Spin-Off: Bodai Kiryou no Aria AKA Lindel Hall no Aria (serialized in Lala beginning 2011)

    Outstanding Debut Award, Hakusensha Athena Newcomers' Awards (2006)

    Other languages/serializations
    Formerly serialized in the Indonesian HanaLaLa (discontinued upon the magazine's closure)
    English La Corda d'Oro (VIZ Media: 14 volumes per 2011.09 • volume 15 street date: 2012.03.06) and Chuang Yi Singapore: 17 volumes as of 2011.12), simplified Chinese (also by Chuang Yi: 金色琴弦 #10 released 2008.10.29), French (Editions 12 bis: La corde d'or tome 6 shipped 2010.10)

    Yumeta's 25+1-episode La Corda d'Oro ~primo passo~ anime adaptation aired in Japan from October 2006 through March 2007, followed by the La Corda d'Oro ~secondo passo~ special (two episodes released 2009.03.26 and 2009.06.05). The cast included seiyuu Takagi Reiko (Hino Kahoko), Taniyama Kishô (Tsukimori Len), Itou Kentarou (Tsuchiura Ryotaro), Morita Masakazu (Hihara Kazuki), Kishio Daisuke (Yunoki Azuma), Fukuyama Jun (Shimizu Keiichi), Satou Akemi (Fuyuumi Shoko), Ishikawa Hideo (Kanazawa Hiroto), Konishi Katsuyuki (Ousaki Shinobu) and Miyano Mamoru (Kaji Aoi, La Corda d'Oro ~secondo passo~).

    A La Corda d'Oro drama was bundled with three other LaLa series (Oniichan to Issho, Ryuu no Hanawazurai, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) in the LaLa Tokimeki Drama CD given away with the April 2007 issue.

  15. New Kobochan (Shin Kobo-chan) vol 15 of 23+ by Ueda Masashi
  16. New Kobochan 15 (Elex)

    Shin Kobo-chan新コボちゃん
    by Ueda Masashi
    Houbunsha Manga Time Comics, seinen/4-koma
    Volume 15 first published in Japan 2009.02

  17. One Piece vol 61 of 65+ by Oda Eiichiro
  18. One Piece 61 (Elex)

    One PieceONE PIECE
    by Oda Eiichiro
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    Volume 61 (chapters 595–603) first published in Japan 2011.02

    Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize finalist (2000-2002)

    Other languages
    English One Piece (VIZ Media: 60 volumes as of 2012.01.03 • volume 61 street date: 2012.03.06), French and Dutch (Glenat: French Tome 60 shipped 2012.01.04 • Tome 61 street date: 2012.03.07), Spanish (Planeta DeAgostini Comics Spain, Editorial Toukan Mexico, LARP Editores S.A. Argentina), Italian (Editions Star Comics), German, Danish and Swedish (Carlsen Comics: German Band 61 per 2012.01.30 • Band 62 street date: 2012.04.30), Portuguese (Conrad), traditional Chinese (Tong Li: ONE PIECE~航海王~ volume 64 released 2012.01.09), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi Singapore: volume 63 released 2011.10)

    Adapted into a couple of OAVs before a full anime TV series that has aired over 500 episodes and is still ongoing (seiyuu Tanaka Mayumi plays Monkey D. Luffy; episode 535 aired in Japan 2012.02.12). At least 11 animated movies have also been released, the eleventh Straw Hat Chase premiered 19 March 2011 in Japan.

    A series of light novels based on the anime, at least five art books and five guidebooks. The fifth fanbook One Piece Blue Deep streets 2012.03.02.

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Mangazines (2012.02.22)

  1. Nakayoshi Gress! Issue 02/2012 (Indonesian Nakayoshi)
  2. Shonen Star Issue 03/2012 (Indonesian Shonen Sunday)

¹ Sources: Elex STO 22 February 2012 (release schedule) and Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All manga and manhwa are priced at IDR 16,500 each except 4-koma New Kobochan 15 (IDR 15,000). Mangazines Nakayoshi Gress! 02/2012 and Shonen Star 03/2012 retail for IDR 30,000/issue.
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).

Featured ongoing series

Ciuman Dewa vol 8 of 11+
By Suzuki Julietta

The Kami Convention has kicked off, but what is Nanami doing, detouring to hell with the human Kirihito!? Can Nanami get herself out without Tomoe's assistance?

Kisah Edo di Abad 21 vol 4 of 6
By Tsuda Masami

The Edo Period never ended and the Bakufu still holds the reins of power 450 years later. Sobi, a third-year middle schooler, now lives with her brother Kiou in the main house. One school day, a fellow commoner pupil Keiji collapses in front of Michisato. What will the future heir to the shogun do to help Kenji?

La Corda D'Oro vol 9 of 17
By Kure Yuki

Kahoko struggles to hone her abilities even with a magical violin stripped of its powers. But no magical help means Kahoko's music sounds different, much to everyone's consternation. Hihara, too, is flustered but that has more to do with his feelings for Kahoko.

With the final selection looming, what can Hihara do to stabilise his feelings for Kahoko before they completely ruin his performance? asks Chuang Yi's La Corda d'Oro Vol.9 blurb, which adds that Kaho-chan and Hihara-senpai aren't the only ones in trouble: When Tsukimori's accompanist walks out on him just before the final selection, Tsuchiura actually offers to stand in for him!

Sparks will fly, you think? (As if they weren't already :D)

Other 22 February 2012 manga and manhwa

  • Casting vol 6 by KITT & Park SangYong: Plummeting grades and fear of his parents finding out stop Kang Woo from flying to Africa. His nightmare comes true when his parents suddenly return to Korea. Kang Woo wracks his brain for a way to hide his abysmal school performance, but mom accidentally discovers his report card...
  • Crows vol 22 by Takahashi Hiroshi: Harumichi and friends return to their now peaceful city, little expecting the appearance of Kanayama Jo alias King Joe from Housen Academy and Nakajima Shinsuke from the Kuro-taki Alliance, freshmen capable of putting an end to Boya Harumichi, Furukawa Osamu, Kuno Ryushin and Bitoh Tatsuya's glory days as the four Sky Kings.
  • Dorabase vol 21 by Mugiwara Shintaro & Fujiko F. Fujio Production: The Doras make it into the final eight, but on their way to the baseball diamond, Great Doras' coach Doranosuke confines them, causing the Doras' disqualification for exceeding the time limit. Kuroemon and pals protest the out-and-out cheating, but will it do any good?

Mangazines - continued
Nakayoshi Gress! 02/2012 The Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu returns

Nakayoshi Gress! 02/2012 - FC: Angel or Devil?

Kamika Akumaka
© Moro Orie/Kodansha
Published in Indonesia
as Angel or Devil?
by Elex Media

As noted, The Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu (Meitantei Yumemizu Kiyoshirou Jiken Note) resumes this issue with Vol. 11 Boneka Tak Bisa Tertawa: the Professor and the triplets strike again, this time in Marine village. Moro Orie's Angel or Devil? (Kamika Akumaka), however, lands the front cover as it concludes this issue. Kizuna, now aware of her past, tries to find happiness.

Meanwhile, in Moro Orie's other (ongoing) shoujo manga, What Makes Two of Us (Futari no Himitsu.) chapter 2, Kiki swaps bodies with Igarashi Teppei! How will she cope with her new life as a boy—Takumi's best friend even—when she's still crushing on Takumi?

The other Nakayoshi pals that appear in Issue 02/2012, according to the cover:

  • Your Melody (Kimi no Neiro) by Fukushima Haruka: Cerita 11 Changed Girl: Tsubakiya dismisses Neiro as nothing more than a flirt, dispensing lurve to all and sundry.
  • Arisa by Ando Natsumi: Chapter 31 Waktu yang Hilang: Arisa still doesn't remember anything; Tsubasa tries to help by revealing their shared memories.
  • A Gift For My Teacher (Senseini Ageru.) by Yamada Daisy: [Finale]: A star named Azami shines in the sky. A beautiful star symbolizing the love of its discoverer. Azami guesses the one who discovered it is...
  • Love is the Devil (Amai Akuma ga Warau) by Toriumi Pedoro: Devil & Lesson 9 I could not tease the devil who tempting [sic] me: If there's love, jealousy must follow, mustn't it? Haruru reveals she's engaged; how will Isshin react?
  • Little Shugo Chara! (Shugo Chara-chan!) by PEACH-PIT & Mizushima Napthalene: Who is the enemy of summer?
  • SGC! Survival Game Club! (Sabagebu!) by Matsumoto Hidekichi: Want to know what the heck is the BB bullet? The ammo so difficult to make, it requires high-level patience?
  • Hell Girl Return (Jigoku Shoujo Return) by Eto Miyuki & Jigoku Shojo Project: A kind football coach suddenly commits suicide by drowning in the river? Impossible! Someone must've set him up...

Toyama Ema's XX Me! (Watashi ni xx Shinasai!!) doesn't appear on the front cover, but this NakaGress! promises for Mission.27 Shigure's Resolve: It looks like Shigure has gotten SERIOUS with Yukina. (Kyaaaa~!)

Kami Kami Kaeshi, also by Toyama Ema, doesn't show up on the cover line-up either, but I speculate its absence is pro tem, similar to how Animal Official (1-nen 5-kumi Ikimono Gakari) by Haruka Fukushima, missed the roll call for past issues because of hiccups on the Japan side. (Both Kami Kami Kaeshi and 1-nen 5-kumi Ikimono Gakari are still ongoing.)

Shonen Star Issue 03/2012 ☆ Alice in Borderland and Detektif Conan

Shonen Star 03/2012 - Front cover: Detektif Conan

Meitantei Conan © Aoyama Gosho
Shogakukan [Shonen Sunday]

All participants have chosen and stand ready at their respective positions, all trying to guess what monster will come forth, from where, and how to deal with it and end the game. The demon soon appears and guns down the participants one by one, including Arisu and Karube!

Joining Arisu (Alice) and Conan in this issue are these Shonen Sunday stars:

ARAGO by Arai Takahiro
Defense Devil by Youn InWan & Yang KyungIl
The World God Only Knows (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai) by Wakaki Tamiki
Buyuden by Mitsuda Takuya
Magi by Ohtaka Shinobu
Dr. Koto (Dr. Koto Shinryoujo) by Yamada Takatoshi
Kekkaishi by Tanabe Yellow
Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji: Silver Spoon) by Arakawa Hiromu
My First Mr. Akuno (Hajimete no Aku) by Fujiki Syun
Wild Life by Fujisaki Masato

Latest manga volumes
Collecting the tankou? Latest Elex volumes: Defense Devil volume 6, My First Mr. Akuno 7 and Wild Life 21 (2012.02.08 release), Kekkaishi 12 (per 2012.02.01) and Detektif Conan 65 and Dr. Koto 9 (1.04).

Still not enuf? Here are the other 22 February 2012 manga and manhwa

Level Comics: Judge 1 by Tonogai Yoshiki · Iliad 9 · Dark Edge 3 · Jormungand 6 · Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None · Leonard: Kucing Pengacau · Scrameustache: Planet Dua Bulan · Yakari: Misteri Tebing

m&c!: The Breaker 4 · Mail Girlfriend 3 · Moon Fighters 3 · Long Hu Men Poster Collection by Tony Wong · She, Between He And Me by Morita Yuki · Monika dan Kawan-Kawan: Danau Awet Muda by Mauricio De Sousa

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